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From the exterior appearance of this restaurant, customers might believe that the cuisine was either Middle Eastern, Indian, Asian, or a combination of these.

In fact, looking at the dress of these customers, it appears that they are not in agreement as to the theme or interior decor.

Welcome to Molly Murphy's House of Fine Repute. The menu is based on beef items, with baked potatoes or French Fries. A salad bar is available. Desserts are extra. Please note the variety of materials used in this dining room.

What type of experience will these people be having? Again, note the variety of materials used in the interior design.

This is the cocktail lounge area. The kegs are hanging from the ceiling, as are the drapes. Can you locate an exit?

In this section, note the Tiffany lamp, the mirrors on the ceiling, the shingled hut, and the boat, complete with motor and driver. Would you enjoy your meal in this booth? What would be happening in this area? Find the exit sign. Would most customers find it quickly?

Continuing with our tour, note the tennis rackets and coconut trees. The sign states, "Not responsible for falling coconuts." Do you recall what the exterior architecture is? Does this area fit with that architecture?

And we have arrived at the salad bar. Please note the sneeze guard. And you may want to think about how you would keep the rest of the car clean. Now that the tour is finished, be prepared to respond to:
1. What type of customers would be in this restaurant?
2. What occasions would prompt customers to dine here?
3. What psychological needs of customers are met in this restaurant?

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