Levi Struss Judah P. Benjamin : Politician
Gregory Goodwin Pincus : "The Pill" Carl Djerassi : Chemist
"Father of the Pill"
  Ernestine Rose :  Women's Rights Steven Spielberg : Film Maker
Albert Einstein : Scientist Shawn Green : Baseball
Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster : Superman Creators Henry Kissinger : Diplomat
Barbra Streisand : Entertainer Jerry Lewis : Entertainer
Hank Greenberg : Baseball Harry Houdini : "America's greatest magician"
Arlen Specter :  Senator Sid Luckman : Football
Lillian D. Wald : Nurse and Reformer Arthur Goldberg : Supreme Court Justice
Irving Berlin : Songwriter Emile Berliner : Inventor
Janas E. Salk : Polio Vaccine Albert Sabin : Polio Vaccine
Samuel Goldwyn : Motion picture producer and  industry pioneer Admiral Hyman George Rickover : Nuclear Powered Navy


Suggested reading if you have a further interest in Jewish-Americans and their many contributions to our way of life.

    Jewish Heroes and Heroines of America
    Seymour "Sy" Brody, 1996

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