The University of Wisconsin

      Proseminar in Buddhist Studies (the Bibliography for which was later altered slightly and
      adopted as the Ph.D.
  Reading List for the Buddhist Studies Program). With Richard H.

     Naropa Institute

      Introductory Sanskrit
      Buddhist Sanskrit
      Seminar in Indian Buddhism
      Buddhist Ethics
      Faculty Seminar in Vinaya Literature

     The University of Calgary

      Graduate Seminar on The Development of American Buddhism

     The Pennsylvania State University

      Introduction to World Religions
      Introduction to Religions of the East
      Introduction to Hinduism
      Introduction to Buddhism
      Primitive Buddhism
      East Meets West: A Study of Chögyam Trungpa and Carlos Castaneda
      Buddhism in America
      Readings in Buddhist Texts
      Theravaada Buddhism: Meditation and Ethics
      Seminar in Buddhist Meditational Systems
      Seminar in the History of Buddhist Thought
      Seminar in Indian Buddhist Sectarianism
      Seminar in Buddhism in America
      Seminar in Hindu and Buddhist Ethics
      Seminar on Hinduism and Buddhism in America
      Sanskrit Tutorial
      Sport as Religion: The Meeting of Sacred and Profane
      Sport as a Humanistic Discipline
      Introduction to Religions of the East Correspondence Course (for which I also wrote the Study


      Utah State University  


      Introduction to Religious Studies

      Introduction to Buddhism

      Seminar on Buddhism in the West