Clayton O. Ruud                                                                             9116 E. Sprague Ave.

Professor Emeritus                                                                        Spokane, WA 98902     

Pennsylvania State University                                                      E-mail                              



Washington State University, B.S. Metallurgy

San Jose State University, M.S. Materials Science

University of Denver, Ph.D., Metallurgy


PROFESSIONAL INTERESTS                         

Continuing my professional activity in retirement through offering my services as an expert witness.


Investigating the causes of failure in products and materials due to processing and or application; and the correlation of material characteristics with mechanical properties and fracture.


Teaching the manufacturing processing of materials (machining, welding, forming, coating, etc.) including failure and material property concerns.





The Pennsylvania State University, October 1979 to July 2005

Taught graduate and undergraduate manufacturing process and senior manufacturing design practicum courses in Manufacturing Engineering and Manufacturing Management. Supervised graduate students in Manufacturing Engineering and Management, Co-developer and co-director of an integrated business and engineering masters degree program in manufacturing management.


Periodically consulted to industry or served as an expert witness in manufacturing practices, product defects, and materials and product failures.


Conducted research in materials processing, characterization, modeling, and nondestructive materials evaluation.  Principal investigator for research in material property analysis in metals and ceramics, x-ray diffraction, eddy current and ultrasonic nondestructive characterization of metallic alloys to predict mechanical and forming properties; and modeling of elastic and plastic response of metals to manufacturing processes.



The University of Denver, Denver, Colorado, August 1970 to October 1979, Denver Research Institute, Senior Research Scientist

Taught graduate and undergraduate courses in the Engineering College and directed graduate student research including Ph.D. and M.S.  Managed a materials analysis laboratory and developed contract and grant support. Facilities in the laboratory included x-ray diffraction and fluorescence, transmission and scanning electron microscopy, electron microanalysis and sophisticated petrographic and metallurgical microscopes. Research included failure and fracture analysis of metallic structures.




FMC Corporation, San Jose, California, 1964 to 1967, Research Engineer

Conducted materials analysis and manufacturing process research, and supervised material failure analysis studies.   Supervised a terminal ballistics laboratory conducting research in fabrication and failure analysis of composite materials for armor.


Aerospace and Basic Metals Industries, 1957 to 1964

Seven years experience as an engineer in research and development in the manufacturing processing of metallic products and components.



Boeing Outstanding Educator Award, 1998

IR 100 Award Winner, For One of the Most Significant Technological Advances of 1982 Society of Professional Engineers, 1989 New Product Award Honorable Mention

Pennsylvania Society of Professional Engineers Governors Award for the Best Small Company New Engineering Product of 1988

Fellow of the American Society of Metals

Who's Who in Technology, 1988 to present

Who's Who in the West, 1978 and 1979

Who's Who in Frontiers of Science Technology, 1994 to present

Who’s Who in Science and Engineering, 2000 to present

Who's Who in America, 1992 to present

Who's Who in Finance and Business, 35th Edition

Who's Who in American Education, 7th Edition

Who's Who in the World, 23rd Edition

American Men and Women of Science, 17th and following editions

IUCr World Directory of Crystallographers

Series of International Symposia in Nondestructive Characterization of Materials, Founder, Chairman

International Centre for Diffraction Data Certificate of Significant Contributions of Patterns to the Powder Diffraction File, 1984, 1986, 1987

National Academy of Science, "Safe Drinking Water Committee," Turbidity Subcommittee Chairman, 1976 and 1977

Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Member

American Society for Metals, Member, Chair of 1991 Residual Stress Conference

Materials Research Society, Member

Sigma Xi, Member

International Center for Diffraction Data Member, Past Chair of Educational Committee

American Society for Testing Materials, Affiliate Member, Committee E28

X-Ray Spectrometry, Past Editorial Committee

Advances in X-Ray Analysis, Past Editor

Nondestructive Characterization of Materials 11 thru VIl, Editor

Registered Professional Engineer, State of Colorado, 10214



Eleven U. S. and International Patents



Over one hundred and thirty Engineering and Scientific Publications.




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