1. Evaluate implementation of Title IX in area colleges

2. Attitude survey toward the police.

a. by adult members of community

b. by youth

3. Evaluate local television news.

4. Monitor progress of bills in City Council.

5. Observe and compare two county court cases (one civil and one criminal)

6. Prepare a local government agency profile.

7. Survey of sexual harassment policies of area institutions.

8. Evaluate public school expenditures and policies (on male and female athletics)

9. Survey the Letters to the Editors of area newspapers.

10. Conduct a community survey of attitudes toward community service (contrast age, sex, occupation, education, region, political beliefs, etc.).

11. Interview the leader of one of the following organizations. Obtain their views on the following items:

· the major issues confronting their organization

· their major accomplishments over the past decade

· their optimism/pessimism for the future

· their views on President Clinton, Governor Ridge

· their views on Pennsylvania's policies and programs on their issues

· major problems and challenges/how to overcome

A. York Chamber of Commerce - Tom Donley

B. Manufacturers Association of York - Walt Reamer

C. PA AFL-CIO - Mike George

D. Chief of Staff - Mrs. Ridge's Office - Lucy Gnazzo

E. Singel Associates - Mark Singel

F. Kline Knopf - Ernie Kline

G. Democratic State Legislators - Ivan Itkin, Mike Veon, Senator Roy Afferbach

H. Lobbyist - PA Hardwood Lumber Association - Kent Fox

I. Aide to State Senator Vince Fumo - Paul Dlugolecki


K. National Organization of Women

L. Common Cause - Barry Kaufman

M. PA Human Rights Commission - Homer Floyd

N. Your state representative or senator

O. PA Conservation Corp - Lou Scott

P. Lobbyist - PA Bankers Association - Frank Pinto

Q. Crispus Attucks Association

R. York City Council - Lee Smallwood

S. PA Sierra Club - Jeff Schmidt

T. PA Public Interest Coalition

U. League of Women Voters

V. Mayor of Harrisburg - Steve Reed

W. `Lobbyist for Penn State University

X. Lobbyist PA Restaurant Association - Michael McGovern

Y. Director, Governor's Executive Secretariat - Barbara Costanzo

Z. Nelson Damschroder - businessman on impact of environmental regulations


* all projects must include one of Chuck Kennedy's analytical formats



"The hallmark of a good citizen: vote, pay taxes, obey the law, but most important, get involved." Governor Jim Hunt, North Carolina