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    Biographical Brief

    Chuck Kennedy is an instructor of Political Science at Penn State York. He is a former Peace Corp Volunteer (Sierra Leone, West Africa, 1963-65) and a graduate of St. Francis College (B.A. 1963), University of New Mexico (M.A. 1969). He has worked toward his Ph.D. at West Virginia University.



    He was Special Assistant to the Secretary of State in West Virginia. In this role he was responsible for all press relations and the direction of Secretary of State James R. McCartney's election campaign in 1976.



    He was appointed to the Schreyer Institute for Innovative Learning in 1995 for his creative use of education simulations. In 1996, he as appointed to Project Vision for his efforts with computer simulation.


    Kennedy has written several articles and delivered papers on his "Reinventing Teaching in the Classroom of the Future: The Political Science Laboratory".(1)


    POLITICAL SCIENCE 1 AMERICAN NATIONAL GOVERNMENT welcomes the students to the world of electronic interactive learning. It is offered as part of Penn State's Project Visions.


    The course focuses on an analysis of public policy, political institutions and the nature of leadership in the contemporary United States. Various policies will be examined in the context of the U.S. political culture, the constitutional framework, and the structural, functional relationship within the U.S. national government. There will be thorough analysis of the concepts of power, influence, leadership, decision-making, conflict and consensus.


    The Political Science classes at Penn State York have been transformed into a Political Science Laboratory emphasizing the innovative techniques of "active and collaborative" learning.


    The various techniques of active collaborative learning have included:





    In conjunction with the Schreyer Institute for Innovations in Learning, a distance learning project has been conducted between Penn State York and Penn State Worthington Scranton. Simulations involving extensive negotiations were conducted between two classes at the two campuses. All negotiations were conducted via e-mail and the four formal class sessions were conducted via teleconference using Penn State's Picture Tel facilities
  • Current Activities: Two current activities are the BULLETS & BALLOTS simulation with Penn State Worthnton Scranton and the URBAN SPRAWL colloquy with area high school students



    Textbook for Political Science 1: American National Government taught by Charles L. Kennedy through the use of simulations.


    The textbook is American Government & Politics Today, 1995-96: Interactive CD-ROM Edition. By Stefen W. Schmidt, Mack C. Shelley, II, and Barbara A. Bardes, West Educational Publishing, 620 Opperman Drive, P.O. Box 64779, St Paul, MN. 55164-0779.ISBN O-314-04729-8.


    This format is an opportunity to read, hear, watch, and interact with American government. See and hear Martin Luther King, Jr. deliver portions of his "I have a Dream" speech... See and hear Linda Brown discuss school segregation 40 years after the landmark Brown v. Board of Education case... An interactive feature shows you immigration patterns for the previous 70+ years and challenges students to project future immigration patterns for four different groups... In addition to the basic text, the CD-ROM contains photos, graphics, animations, audio interactive exercises, quizzes that provide instant feedback and 45 minutes of video clips that bring your textbook to life.


    If you wish to use a conventional textbook, it is:


    American Government & Politics Today: The Essentials - 1996-97 Edition. By Stefen W. Schmidt, Mack C. Shelley, II, and Barbara A. Bardes, West Educational Publishing, 620 Opperman Drive, P.O. Box 64779, St Paul, MN. 55164-0779.ISBN O-314-04729-8.


    For assignments, activities, and schedule - see SYLLABUS.

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