Memory Game - Version 1

Before reading this document, please read MemoryGame Overview.

You will create a NetBeans project named MemoryGame to hold ALL (incremental) versions and of this project and experimental code related to it.

Find three sets of at least 15 related images, what we will call a "theme." Also, find or create a 16th image for the "card back" image. To simplify the display of images in a grid, all images of a given theme should be the same or nearly the same size. You can use a utility like ___ to resize images.

Create an HTML file, MG_v1a.html, to display your name, "Memory Game - Version 1a", and a 4x4 HTML table containing the images and card back image for one of your themes. Do the same for your other themes in files MG_v1b.html and MG_v1c.html.


Your project must be in your drop folder not later than noon on Thurs, Jan., 17.

A signed and dated copy of the integrity statement, your MG_v1a.html file, and a screen shot of the output produced by MG_v1a.html. This is due at the beginning of class on Thurs, Jan., 17.