Memory Game - Version 4

Home Page

From your "memory Game" home page, create a link to this 4th version of the project.

Version 4 of the project will be a modifications of Version 3 with the following modified and additional functionality.


By now your code has grown, but should still be easy for another 421 student to understand. You must modularize and include a comment at the beginning of each function explaining what that function does. Choose meaningful identifiers. Also, your global variables should belong to appropriate JavaScript objects, for example, card, or grid, or game, etc.


The latest version of your project must be in your drop folder not later than noon on Tues, Feb., 19.
Collate and staple a signed and dated copy of the integrity statement and your MG_v4.html file. This is due at the beginning of class on Tues, Feb., 19.
MG4 Rubric.pdf contains a complete rubric for this assignment. Please print a copy, put your name on it, and turn it in with your hardcopies. Do not staple it to the other pages.