Memory Game - Version 2

Before reading this document, please read MemoryGame Overview.

You will create an HTML page, MG_v2.html, containing a title, two drop-down lists, a button, and an output "div". You will also need a "style" and a "script" tag in the document head.

The first drop-down list will allow the user to choose one or your photo image themes; an empty theme will be the default.

The second drop-down list will allow the user to choose a grid size; the options will be the default (nothing), 4x4, 4x4, 5x4, and 6x5.

The button will contain the text, "Display Images."

When the user interacts with any of the input objects on your HTML page, output an informative message in the output "div". Rather than describe these messages, I have four screen shots that show sample outputs for various user interactions. Notice that this phoase of the project does not atually show any images - it merely gets all the user input and verifies that this input is valid.

A) The user is examining the options for grid size.

B) The user has chosen a theme and then clicked the "Display Images" button.


C) The user has chosen a grid size and a different them and then clicked the "Display Images" button.

D) etc....



The latest version of your project must be in your drop folder not later than noon on Thurs, Jan., 24.

A signed and dated copy of the integrity statement, your MG_v2.html file, and a screen shot similar to the last of the above shots. This is due at the beginning of class on Thurs, Jan., 24.