I.      Research
	a.      Map projection
		i.	Ortho Photos
   		ii.	Historical maps
  		iii.	USGS maps
   		iv.	Transportation maps
	b.      Historical
   		i.	 Discussions with stake holders
   		ii.	 Written material
   			1.     Historical Society materials and documents
   			2.     Latrobe public library
   			3.     St. Vincent College Library
   			4.     Special Collections-Paterno Library
   			5.     US Census Data
  	c.      Development of Public Transportation
   		i.	Department of Transportation
   		ii.	Historical Society material and documents
   		iii.	Pattee/Paterno Library
   	d.      Existing conditions/site analysis
   		i.	Onsite research and analysis
   			1.     Connection
  			2.     Access
   			3.     Circulation Patterns
   			4.     Nodes
   		ii.	Zoning

II.      Proposed Project and Activities
   	a.      Map of Downtown
   		i.	Emphasizing important features, neighborhood, nodes, etc
   		ii.	Historical summary/connections
   		iii.	Walking tour of the town
   	b.      Signage of Logo Design
   		i.	Mural ideas
   		ii.	Way finding signage
   		iii.	Gateway Signage
   		iv.	Example-precedents
   	c.      Gateways
   		i.	Location of proposed gateways on master plan
   		ii.	Detailed plan of mock gateway
   		iii.	Sketches of proposed gateways
   		iv.	Example-precedents 
   	d.      Redevelopment of Nodes
   		i.	Proposed connections
   		ii.	Proposed improvements
   			1.     Bridge concept for Legion Keener Park
   			2.     Edible Landscaping
   	e.      Development of Vacant Spaces
   		i.	Proposed uses and activities
   			1.     Community gardens
   			2.     Park
   			3.     Youth/Daycare Center with playground
   		ii.	Detailed site designs for some of the lots
   	f.      Streetscape Improvement
   		i.	Neighborhood identity
   		ii.	Detail of proposed streetscape on Lloyd Street
   		iii.	Aesthetic improvements
   			1.     Planters on walls
  			2.     Lighting
   			3.     Street trees
   			4.     Benches
   			5.     Trash receptacles
   	g.      Proposed Activities
   		i.	Community gatherings
   		ii.	Entertainment

III.       Precedent Example
   	a.     Signage, type and design
   	b.     Mural ideas
   	c.      Gateways
   	d.      Reuse of abandoned lots
   	e.      Streetscape ideas
   	f.      Activities for the town/neighborhood
   	g.      Sources for funding

IV.      Master Plan  
  	a.     Existing Condition    	
		i.	Connection    	
		ii.	Access    	
		iii.	Circulation Patterns   		
		iv.	Node    
	b.      Proposed Conditions    	
		i.	Connection    		
			1.      Neighborhood and Downtown    		
			2.      Neighborhood across Lloyd Street   			
			3.      Neighborhood and Legion Keener Park    		
			4.      Connections between nodes    	
		ii.	Access    		
			1.     Define entrance from Route 30    		
			2.     Define entrance from Route 981    	
		iii.	Circulation Patterns    		
			1.     Define pedestrian routes    		
			2.     Define bike Routes    		
			3.     Redefine vehicular pattern with new parking arrangements    	
		iv.	Nodes  	
		v.	Signage

V.      Final Product
   	a.      Book
   		i.	Comprehensive Master Plan with existing and proposed conditions
   		ii.	Detailed information on all proposed projects and activities
   		iii.	Examples of precedents
   		iv.	List of possible funding sources
 	b.      Power Point Presentation