Project Mission Statement:

To strengthen Irwin’s commercial core and reinforce its identity through downtown revitalization and the establishment of Irwin as a destination within the region; and to celebrate the borough’s history and heritage through a focus on the sites and events that have influenced Irwin’s development.

Project Goals:

• Establish stronger connections to North Irwin and Route 30
• Strengthen gateways into Irwin
• Improve streetscaping and building facades along main street
• Consider adaptive re-uses for businesses within the downtown
• Explore possibilities for additional greenspace and parks
• Celebrate the ethnic diversity of Irwin’s past
• Increase signage within the area that includes a uniform logo for the community
• Create a walking tour for the community
• Establish Irwin as a destination within the area

Project Tasks:
   	Obtain maps 
   	Historical research 
   	Precedent studies 
   	Research funding sources 
   	Existing conditions analysis e
   	Obtain census data
Schedule of Tasks:
   	February 11 – Begin research
   	February 18 – Have maps of the area
   	February 20 – Progress Meeting
   	February 25 – Field Trip 
   	March 1 – Complete research
   	March 1-28 – Design Phase
   	March 8-15 – Spring Break
   	March 18 – Field Trip 
  	March 29 – Community Presentation

Final Products:

Comprehensive booklet and Powerpoint presentation