The students working on the project were asked to state their expectations of what the towns of Irwin and Latrobe would be like, previous to the first trip. Here’s some of the thoughts:

“…to see, hear, smell, and feel the communities in which we will work.” - Mary

“I’ve seen photos of Latrobe and Irwin; they appear to be quaint, charming towns. But what really makes them tick?” - Mary

“…the typical image of a small town: the town square surrounded by little shops, friendly faces, and a well-manicured garden area.” - Kyle

“Main Street and the major downtown area of the cities would be a good place to start, and their connection to the Lincoln Highway.” - Michele

“I wish to find out about the connection between the Lincoln Highway and these two communities, and how the highway affected the development of the communities.” - Ishih

“I want to experience Irwin and Latrobe as a visitor, to see what attracts me there.” - Ishih

“I think the people we meet with will all be happy to see us and anxious to find out how we can help change things with the towns that could help improve them.” - Maia

“In my mind this town would be quaint and well kept.” - Kyle

“I worked on a master plan design project a few years ago in Pittsburgh. However, the steel industry was then in the past and we were trying to remedy the site left behind. It was a very negative impact. This time I hope it will be positive.” - Leslie

“As for my expectations, I’m not really sure.” - Leslie