EMch 400:  Advanced Strength of Materials and Design

Fall 2002


Design Project


Instructor:  Cliff J. Lissenden

Office Location:  111 Earth-Engineering Sciences Building

Phone:  863-5754

Office Hours:  M-F 10:00-11:30

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Text:  Advanced Mechanics of Materials, Boresi, Schmidt, and Sidebottom, 1993, 5th Edition.

Course Description

The strength of a material refers to when it will fail.  Normally engineers design things not to fail (notable exceptions include the top of a soda can, break away bolts, the crumple zone of a car, and perforated paper).  This course applies the mechanics of materials to design structural components.  The field of mechanics deals with the way different types of media (solids and fluids) respond to external stimuli (e.g., loads).  This is an advanced course in mechanics because it builds on the elementary mechanics of materials course (EMch 13), which is a prerequisite. 

Academic Integrity:  All university rules are expected to be followed.  No cheating!


EMch 400 & EMch 500: These are different courses and here is how.  (1) The expectations and grading schemes are different.  (2) EMch 500 has a comprehensive final exam and some different test questions.  (3) EMch 500 has some more in-depth homework problems.  (4)  EMch 400 students and EMch 500 students have different roles for the design project.