Sample Assignments

ENGL 004 Introductory Essay (Harrington)
ENGL 202C Group Project (Connerty)
ENGL 202C Correspondence Exercises (Connerty)
ENGL 202C Formal Reports (Connerty)
ENGL 202C Research Exercises (Connerty)
ENGL 202C E-Portfolio Assignment (Connerty)
ENGL 015 "The Stone Reader" Assignment (Cross)
ENGL 015 Sample Essay Assignments (Wright)
ENGL 015 First Day Writing Sample (Roecklein)

Sample Exercises

Parts of Argument Exercises

Argument Boxes
"Clueless" Argument
Best/Worst Teacher
Language of Argument
Online Argument
Claim Game
Unusual Claims
How a Claim Becomes a Law
Claim Rank I
Claim Rank II
Claim Rank III
Order of Reasons
One Claim, One Source, Different Evidence
Evidence from the Experts
Evidence Match
Film Evidence
TV Evidence
Research Database
Warrants: Martians and Vegetarians
Shared Warrants
Claim and Reason: Where's the Warrant?
Handey Warrants
Rewriting Proverbs
Warrants in Advertising

Problem Statement Exercises

Problem Statement Boxes
Problem Statement Template
Sample Problem Statements
Problem Statements in Coming Attractions
Label Problem Statements
Rearranging Problem Statements
Incomplete Problem Statements
Missing Problem Statements
Imagined Problem Statements
Problem Problem Statements
Bad Assignment/Good Problem
Tangible vs. Conceptual Problems
Status Quo Surveys
Status Quo Database

Paragraph and Sentence Level Exercises

What You Already Know: Coherence and Cohesion
Characters and Actions through Fairy Tales
Characters: Insiders & Outsiders
Missing Characters: Who's Responsible?
Confusing Characters and Actions: Car Recall Letter
Characters: Legal Responsibility
Characters and Actions: Working from Magazines
Nominalization Translation
Nominalization: What is it?
Old Information: Who Needs It?
Old to New: Making Sense of New Information
Old to New/Topic & Stress/Short to Long: Samples to Revise
Topic and Stress Variation
Topic Strings: Sample Passages
Yes, Minister
Clarifying and Confusing: On the Job
Wired for Coherence


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Problem Statement Exercises

Paragraph & Sentence Level Exercises


Sample Assignments
Argument Exercises

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