Interoffice Memorandum:

TO: Esther Grassian, Chair, ACRL Instruction Section

FROM: Barbara Conant, Planning Committee

DATE: July 1, 1996

RE: 1995-96 Strategic Plan Analysis

Attached are two spread sheets that comprise, in part, the annual report of the Planning Committee. These documents reflect the activities of the Section's standing committees and task forces for 1995-96. The first sheet reflects the goals that each of the committees has identified for the next year. The second serves as a summary report for the Section in that it looks at the total number of activities devoted to each subgoal and objective.

Although the 1992 Strategic Plan is soon to be revised, it is important to note that this planning document has served the Section well. While it helped to shape the activities undertaken by the various committees, it also serves as a measure by which the Section can determine how its efforts were expended.

As you will note, in 1995/96, the goal that received the most attention was GOAL V (to promote the health, diversity, and viability of the BIS section through membership growth, membership services, and cooperation with other organizations that share common concerns.) (53). GOAL I (To contribute to the total professional development of bibliographic instruction librarians.) produced the next largest number of activities (32). GOAL III (To promote and speak for the interests of academic librarians involved in bibliographic instruction) and GOAL IV (To promote study, research, and publication relevant to bibliographic instruction in academic and research libraries.) generated 23 and 22 activities, respectively. GOAL II (To enhance the capability of bibliographic instruction programs and librarians in academic and research libraries to serve the needs of users.) produced the fewest (16) number of activities.

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