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Graduate Teaching Seminar




Course Objectives and Format:


ENGR 588 is intended to help new teaching assistants in the College of Engineering become more effective in their teaching.  The course will be conducted in an action-oriented, discussion format.  Since we all learn by doing, students will have opportunities both in class and via assignments to try out what we discuss in class.  Class participation is expected, and a portion of the grade will be tied to in-class participation.


An important component of this course is an in-class observation of one or more actual class/lab sessions for which the student is responsible.  Prior to observation, the student will be required to submit a lesson plan for that session (learning goals, problems to solve, theories to understand, etc.).  A consultation will follow each observation.  More details on scheduling observations and consultations will be discussed in class.


Grading Scale:

The course grade is based upon completion of assignments, class attendance, and participation.  An A will be earned if all assignments are completed in a professional and high-qualitye manner, and attendance and participation is satisfactory.  The student is allowed one excused absence without penalty.  Subsequent or unexcused absences will result in a drop of one-half letter grade.


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