Almost Amish

2000. Hand and machine pieced; hand quilted. 72 inches square.

I made this quilt as a wallhanging for my daughter, using blocks that I received in 1993-1995. Marion Adam made the center star for me as a gift when she returned to Germany. The other blocks came from block exchanges on QuiltNet.

This is the back of the quilt.

Those who made the exchange blocks:

The three-inch blocks: Joanne Bramley, Pennsylvania; Michele Breault, Missouri; Pauline Charles, Pennsylvania; Janeen Crowley, Illinois; Anabeth Dollins, Pennsylvania; Kim Fath, Illinois; Karen Gott, North Dakota; Marla Sue Greenspan, Illinois; Linda Hinesley, Indiana; Andrea Koziol, Ohio; Marylouise Lindsey, Texas; Beth Marsh, Ohio; Tricia Nguyen, Michigan; Jeanine Peterson, Texas; Erin Render, Illinois; Diane Routt, Australia; Anneke Schoone, Holland; Margreta Silverstone, Maryland; Judy Stratbucker, Nebraska; Gayle Surette, Rhode Island; Sue Traudt, Connecticut; Vivian Turner, California.

The twelve-inch blocks: Mary Beth Bellah, Virginia; Lynn Bormann, Colorado; Sharon Breeggemann, Minnesota; Anabeth Dollins, Pennsylvania; Anne Louise Gockel, New York; Kathy O'Meara Magnuson, Illinois; Maggie Pepe, Pennsylvania; Valmai Copeland, New Zealand; Denise Sobering, Maryland; Sue Williams, Minnesota.

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