The Mathematics Quilt

1984. Hand pieced and hand appliqued. Hand quilted. Two pieces; each piece is 68 inches by 46 inches.

I made this quilt in two pieces in 1984, intending to use them as wall hangings until 1988. I intended to put the pieces together into a bed quilt that my son could take to college with him. Ah, well. He took the pieces with him -- each fits exactly on top of a single bed -- and used them in layers. The quilt is still in two pieces. The pieces currently reside in northern California.

The Mathematics Quilt consists of 48 different blocks, each representing a mathematics concept. Many of the blocks represent diagrams I have drawn on the chalkboard in my mathematics classes. The quilting on the sashing is also mathematical: the curves are cycloids.


bug path ellipse tessellation
inverse cotangent parallelogram area trig functions
level curves of
hyperbolic paraboloid
Pythagorean theorem proof log and exponential functions
sum of squares golden rectangle and spiral

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