Associate Professor of Mathematics

Phone Number: 898-6310

Office: Benson 83

The office is located in the Benson Building, in the hallway opposite to the School of Science Office.

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My Erdos number is 6: Paul Erdos -> Samuel James Taylor ->
Rafael V. Chacon -> Mustafa A. Akcoglu -> Robert E. Bradley ->  Patricia Allaire ->Antonella Cupillari

My Mathematical Family Tree: Karl Weierstrass and Leopold Kronecker -> Mathias (Matyas) Lerch  (1885)->
                                               Otakur Boruvka (1926) -> Frantisek Wolf (1931) -> Theodore Gamelin (1963) ->
                                               Michael Range (1971) -> Antonella Cupillari (1984)

My current research interests are history of mathematics and mathematics education.

Recipient of The Guy W. Wilson Award for Excellence in Advising in 1994.

Recipient of the MAA Allegheny Mountain Section Award for Distinguished College or University Teaching in 2008.



Laurea, Mathematics, University of L'Aquila, Italy, 1978

M.A., Mathematics, State University of New York at Albany, 1980

Ph.D., Mathematics, State University of New York at Albany, 1984


Career at Penn State Erie

Assistant Professor, 1984

Associate Professor, 1992


Research Work

1.                  Books

Cupillari, A.  The Nuts and Bolts of Proofs.  The most current edition is the fourth one, published by Academic Press (2011).

The first edition was published by Wadsworth, Inc., CA (1989) , the second  and third editions by Harcourt/Academic Press (2000 and 2005).

Cupillari, A.  A Biography of Maria Gaetana Agnesi, an Eighteenth-Century Woman Mathematician: With Translations of Some of Her Work from Italian into English.  Mellen Press (2008)   

2.            Students' Projects Supervised

3.             Other Published Material

Cupillari, A.  A Small Boundary for H¥ on a Strictly Pseudoconvex Domain.  Proceedings of the American Mathematics Society. 95(3):396-402 (1985).

Cupillari, A.  Some Ideas for Teaching the Concept of Function to College Students in an Elementary Algebra or Finite Mathematics Course.  New York State Mathematics Teachers' Journal.  85(2):119-121 (1988).

Cupillari, A.  Realistic Word Problems and the College Remedial Student.  New York State Mathematics Teachers' Journal. 39(1):16-19 (1989).

Cupillari, A., R.P. Hostetler and R.T. Tauber.  Attitudes Toward Mathematics:  Male/Female Differences in Three Grade Levels.  New York State Mathematics Teachers' Journal..  165-172 (1992).

Cupillari, A.  n!, Roots, Limits, and Products.  PRIMUS. 3(4):437-441 (1993).

Cupillari, A.  A Parable on Conics.  Pennsylvania Council of Teachers of Mathematics 1995 Yearbook: Teaching Mathematics with a Focus on Learning,  pp. 14-18.  (Drs. M.K. Heid and G.W. Blume, eds.), Penn State University Press (1996).

Cupillari, A.  and A. Khalilollahi.  Interaction of Fluids and Mathematics: A Classroom Study.  PRIMUS.  8(3):229-239 (1998).

Cupillari, Antonella.  Rolle’s Theorem in a Can.  New York State Mathematics Teachers’ Journal. 49(1):11-14 (1998).

Cupillari, A. and A. Khalilollahi.  An Application of Fluid Dynamics in the Calculus Classroom.  Proceedings of the North Central Section Annual Meeting of the American Society for Engineering Education.  pp. 217-221 (April 1999).

Cupillari, A. and P. Allaire.  Artemas Martin: An Amateur Mathematician of the Nineteenth Century and His Contribution to Mathematics.  The College Mathematics Journal. 31(1):22-34 (2000).

Cupillari, A. and P. Allaire. The Wittenberg Articles: Artemas Martin on Averages. History of Undergraduate Mathematics in America. Proceedings of a Conference held at The United States Military Academy. West Point, N.Y. 209-218 (2001)

Cupillari, A.  What's in a Sign?  Pennsylvania Council of Teachers of Mathematics 2001 Yearbook: The Role of Representation in the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics,  pp. 59-62.  (Drs. M.K. Heid, G.W. Blume, M.S. Smith, eds.), Penn State University Press (2003).

Cupillari, A.  Another Look at the Rules of Differentiation.  PRIMUS.  14(3):193-200 (2004).

Cupillari, A. and P. Allaire.  Probability Problems in Two Early American Mathematical Journals.  Proceedings of the the IX Midwest History of Mathematics Conference. 79-84 (2004).

Cupillari, A. and J. Pflueger.  Temperance Arithmetic. Proceedings of the IX Midwest History of Mathematics Conference. 73-78 (2004).

Cupillari, A. and E. DeThomas. Unmasking the Witchy Behavior of the Runge Function. Mathematics and Computer Education.  41(2):143-156 (2007).




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