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Course Overview
There are more than 70,000 media and communications companies in the United States. By far most are small enterprises, and thousands of these were launched by young entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship in the information age is creative, innovative, risky, sometimes difficult but always more fun than working in the corporate world for "big media." The goal of Comm493 is to foster the entrepreneurial spirit of each student. Created by Professor Anne Hoag, the course is for students of film/video, telecommunications, advertising/PR, journalism, media studies and information technology who want to develop their sense of risk-taking, creativity and self-discipline for venture creation. Students bring to life their ideas for businesses in fields as diverse as videogaming, television, radio and music, film production and distribution, publishing, telecommunications, advertising and information technology. In the course of a semester, students create a business plan for a communications-oriented business, product or service. The process involves creativity, research and budgeting.