Indicators of Quality Childcare

Parents who rely on childcare for their children while they work want what is best for their children. However, very often, parents cannot differentiate quality childcare from mediocre or poor childcare. In fact, 95% of parents believe their children attend quality childcare but in reality only 15% of children attend quality childcare. There is some information on the web about quality childcare but it is often hard to understand because the wording is confusing or unclear. Please take your time and learn more about what the differences are between quality childcare and typical childcare. This web site is set up like a tutorial covering the 5 indicators of quality childcare: Space and Furnishings, Personal Care Routines, Activities, Interaction, and Program Structure. For each indicator you will be given two descriptions, you task is to label the description that is high quality. If you select the correct indicator you will be prompted to the next screen however, if you select the incorrect indicator then you will be taken to a page that describes quality childcare and the relation to that indicator. Please read the descriptions carefully and good luck! Continue