Amy L. Freeman received her Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management from Washington State University. She completed her Master of Science degree in Architectural Engineering at The Pennsylvania State University. As a Penn State graduate student, her assistantship included the coordination of the first tutorial center designed for minority Engineering students in the College of Engineering. Fifteen years later, she became the director of that program and is currently Assistant Dean of  Engineering Diversity, advocating for multicultural students and women in Engineering. (Click here to view Professional Resume.)

Along the way, Amy Freeman has served the interests of underrepresented students and the field of Engineering in many capacities. She was a business owner for four years providing subcontracting and project management services for various clients in the Northeast. On a larger scale, she was employed by Rockwell International where she operated as an Industrial Engineer and, later, as a Construction Engineer at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation.

As an educator, she served the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education for 10 years directing retention programs for Bloomsburg University, and as Director of Human and Cultural Diversity for Lock Haven University. She has developed and taught art workshops for children, literacy programs for the elderly, and has provided direction for youths in the juvenile justice system. She has also assisted in job training for incarcerated women completing apprenticeships in the construction trades. She is a member of numerous support organizations that focus on the needs of students in Science and Engineering such as the Gem Consortium and the National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering.

She has spoken at schools, churches and correctional institutions, and received a commendation from the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission for her contribution to African Americans in the city of Williamsport and Lycoming County. Her poetry was twice featured in ESSENCE Magazine. She has published two books of poetry and is co-author of, “Intercultural Marriages and Child Rearing,” published in an anthology of research papers on multicultural families in the United States entitled, Diversity in America: A Vision of the Future, by Farmer.

Ms. Freeman has traveled internationally including Europe, Canada, Mexico, The People’s Republic of China, Jamaica, Morocco and the Pacific Islands. As a speaker and an educator, she emphasizes the need to learn as much as possible about others and the world around us.




829 Seibert Road

Bellefonte, PA 16823

(814) 353-3376





                The Pennsylvania State University          Architectural Engineering,         Master of Science        1991


                Washington State University                    Construction Management        , Bachelor of Science   1982





The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA                                                     2005-present

                Assistant Dean of Engineering Diversity


The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA                                                          2000-2005

                Director, Multicultural Engineering Program


Lock Haven University, Lock Haven, PA                                                                                      1992-2000

                Director, Human and Cultural Diversity


Freeman-Cripe Consulting Services, Lock Haven, PA                                                               1988-1992



The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA                                                          1985-1986

Coordinator, Tutoring Service for Engineering Students


Rockwell International, Hanford Operations, Hanford, WA                                                     1982-1985

Construction Engineer




Freeman, A.L., Cripe, J.T (2003). Intercultural Marriages and Child Rearing in E. Farmer,

J Rojewski & B. Farmer (Eds.) Diversity in America: A Vision of the Future, Kendall/Hunt


Freeman, A.L., Persaud, A. (2005) Academic Summer Enhancement (ASE) Program

Conference Proceedings, National Association of Minority Engineering Programs


Persaud, A., Freeman, A.L. (2005). PreFirst Year in Science and Engineering (PreF)Program

Conference Proceedings, National Association of Minority Engineering Programs





Academic Summer Enhancement Program                                                                                     2002-2004

Created, initiated and implemented this 4 week residential summer bridge program designed especially for the retention of underrepresented  Campus College Engineering students at 17 Penn State locations across the commonwealth of Pennsylvania.


PreFirst Year in Science and Engineering Program                                                                    2000-2005

                Planned and implemented residential summer bridge program for underrepresented first year scholars. Program includes 6 weeks of professional development, intensive Calculus, Chemistry and Physics review. This 14 year old program has consistently demonstrated high retention rates and academic performance of the participants.


NASA Kennedy Internship Development (NASA KID) Program                                                 2003-2004                                                               

Created, initiated and implemented this 7 month long professional development program for students interested in technical topics supported by NASA. Students attended  a series of professional development workshops followed by a tour of NASA Kennedy in the Spring semester. In the Summer, students were welcomed as interns at NASA Kennedy.


Ronda, Spain and Tangiers, Morocco, through Lock Haven University of PA                      2000

                Planned and implemented year-long program which prepared 10 African American and Latino students for a four week tour of Spain and Morocco which focused on the history of those countries and the impact on Hispanic and African people in North America.


Hong Kong and The Peoples Republic of China                                                                                  1997

Independently toured The Peoples Republic of China and Hong Kong  two months prior to the end of British rule there. Observations included political contrasts between the two related societies and speculative information regarding the anticipated governmental changes that would take place in Hong Kong later that year.




Collaborators and Co-Editors

John Cripe, Computer  Programmer

                Academic Computing Center, The Pennsylvania State University

Edgar Farmer, Professor of Education

                College of Education, The Pennsylvania State University

Cynthia Freeman-Fail, Director, Diversity Initiatives,

                College of Earth & Mineral Sciences, The Pennsylvania State University

Rick McClintic, Director of Co-operative Education in Engineering

                College of Engineering,  The Pennsylvania State University

Henry McCoullum, Director, Diversity Initiatives

                Eberly College of Science, The Pennsylvania State University

Anita Persaud, Associate Director, Multicultural Engineering Program

                College of Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University


            Thesis Advisors

Terry Engelder, Professor of Geosciences

                The College of Earth and Mineral Sciences, The Pennsylvania State University

Z. T. Bieniawski, Professor of Mineral Engineering

                The College of Earth and Mineral Sciences, The Pennsylvania State University

                Francois Grobler, Assistant Professor of Architectural Engineering

The College of Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University