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Facilitating the Process of Developing Competitive Research Proposals

Dr. Alicia Knoedler works with faculty and offices across Penn State to facilitate research program development and development of large, multidisciplinary grant proposals. She directs faculty teams as they develop university-wide, multi-university, interdisciplinary research proposals.

Part of this process involves...

  • Cultivating relationships and providing guidance to both faculty and administrators related to research proposal development
  • Recommending time line strategies
  • Creating and gathering supporting documents
  • Writing of non-technical portions of proposals
  • Developing letters of support, coordinating matching funds (internal and external to include industry and state funds), developing budget templates
  • Supervising University's limited grants submissions program
  • Assisting with long-range planning and implementation of a University-wide plan to target federal, foundation, and industrial research sponsors to increase research funding
  • Monitoring and analyzing federal, foundation, and industrial funding opportunities
  • Initiating and managing relationships with program sponsors

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