Charles W. Abdalla

Associate Professor of Agricultural Economics
The Pennsylvania State University

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112 Armsby Building
University Park, PA 16802
Telephone: 814-865-2562
Fax: 814-865-3746
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2462 W. Whitehall Rd
State College, PA 16801
Telephone: 814-867-4186

Dr. Abdalla's research and extension programs address public choices about natural resources and the environment. Recent studies include: the economic assessment of institutions for managing water resources; measuring groundwater values; and implications of industrialization of the U.S. food system for environmental policy design. His extension programs provide knowledge about current environmental issues and policies to local and state audiences. Recent programs have focused on local groundwater protection; implications of federal and state environmental legislation, land use changes at the rural-urban interface; and strategies for dealing with the external effects of an intensifying animal agriculture sector.

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Associate Professor of Agricultural Economics, Pennsylvania State University, 1991 - present.

Visiting Fellow, Resources for the Future, 1992 - 1993.

Assistant Professor of Agricultural Economics, Pennsylvania State University, 1985 - 1991.


Ph.D. Agricultural Economics, Michigan State University, 1985.

M.A. Economics, Michigan State University, 1983.

M.S. Agricultural Economics, Michigan State University, 1982.

B.S. Environmental Resource Management, The Pennsylvania State University, 1979.


National Research Council, Water Science and Tech. Board, Value of Groundwater Committee, 1994-97.

Chair, National Public Policy Education Committee, Farm Foundation/USDA Extension Service, 1994.

Chair, AAEA Distinguished Extension Program Award Committee, 1995-97.

Member, Editorial Board, Review of Agricultural Economics, 1997-present.

Co-Chair, Task Force on Land Use and Rural-Urban Interface Issues, Farm Foundation 1997- present.


Abdalla, C. W. and J. D. Shaffer. Politics and Markets in the Articulation of Preferences for Attributes of the Rapidly Changing Food and Agricultural Sectors: Framing the Issues. Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics, 29(1) 57-71 (July 1997).

Abdalla, C. W. Cost Sharing as a Public Policy Tool. Proceedings of the North American Conf. on Animal Agriculture and the Environment: Nutrients, Pathogens and Community Relations, J. Popow, ed. NRAES.. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University. Pp. 299-307 (1996).

Abdalla, C. W. and T. W. Kelsey. Breaking the Impasse: Helping Communities Cope with Change at the Rural-Urban Interface. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation, 51:462-466 (Nov./Dec. 1996).

Abdalla, C. W., L. E. Lanyon and M. C. Hallberg. What We Know about Historical Trends in Firm Location Decisions and Regional Shifts?: Policy issues for an Industrializing Animal Agriculture Sector. American Journal of Ag. Economics. 77(5) 1229-1236 (Dec. 1995).

Abdalla, C. W. Groundwater Values from Avoidance Cost Studies: Implications for Policy and Future Research. American Journal of Ag. Economics 76(5) 1062-1067 (Dec. 1994).

Carriker R. R. and C. W. Abdalla. Agriculture and Water Quality Policy. 1995 Farm Bill Policy Options and Consequences. College Station, TX: Texas Ag Extension, pp. 127-132, 1994.

Abdalla, C. W., Roach, B. A., and D. J. Epp. Valuing Environmental Quality Changes Using Averting Expenditures: An Application to Groundwater Contamination. Land Economics 68(2):163-169, (May 1992).

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