Albert F. Niessner, Jr. 

Mr. Niessner maintains an office on the University Park Campus at:

Room 464, the ARL Building

University Park, Pa.  16804

Office Phone: 814-863-4118

Home Phone: 814-234-6931

Fax: 814-234-0451



Current PH Entry

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Senior Research Associate served ARL for 32 years.

Albert F. Niessner Jr., senior research associate, has retired from the Applied Research Laboratory after 32 years of service.

In 1959, Niessner began his career a staff engineer at HRB Singer Inc., where he specialized in signal processing for radar and communication signals in reconnaissance systems.

He came to the Applied Research Laboratory in 1966, where he developed specializations in the areas of system design and signal processing for sonar and radar systems, system design with embedded computer systems and signal processing of underwater acoustic signals.

During the next three decades, Niessner’s efforts in these areas led, in part, to the development of two advanced systems now in use in the U.S. Navy fleet and to the development of three prototype acoustic guidance systems that used the best electronic and computer technology available.

Niessner holds two degrees in electrical engineering: a bachelor Of science degree from Penn State and a master of science degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he was awarded the Schlumberger Fellowship.

He is the recipient of the 1975 ARL Technical Achievement Award and has published in the U.S. Navy Journal of Underwater Acoustics.

Currently, Niessner is the webmaster for the State College Radio Control Club. In retirement, he plans to re-establish his radio controlled model aircraft hobby.

Note: The above notice was taken from the February 11, 1999 Penn State INTERCOM

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