The Bill Cowher Appearance Improvement Page

Becuase of the recent retirement of Bill Cowher, this website is now obsolete. Due to its overwhelming popularity, however, I have decided to keep it active as a tribute to Coach Cowher. It will remain up indefinitely, or until Cowher becomes the next coach of the Cleveland Browns.

As a die-hard Cleveland Browns fan stuck in the heart of Steeler country, it is my "duty" to spread my hatred of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Back in the 70's, there were many Steeler players to hate (Bradshaw, Harris, Lambert, etc.).   Nowadays, though, the most "hateable" Steeler is their lovely(?) coach, Bill Cowher.   Take your best shot at improving his looks.  Just click on the image and drag.  You can't make him look any worse!    For an extra tough challenge, try making him look normal by doing some "plastic surgery" on his chin.

(If you had a Java-capable browser, you'd see a really cool applet here.) 

In a recent poll,   Steeler fans considered Bill Cowher to be the 2nd sexiest man alive, next to Myron Cope.

Click below to hear Bill Cowher's comments about this site.

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This webpage has now made it onto National News (if you consider the Altoona Mirror Newspaper to be "national" news, that is).    Click here to read the article.

Steelers fans and Browns fans have finally agreed on something (other than the fact that Art Modell is a jerk and that the correct word is POP, not SODA) -- this web page is a hit!  Here are some miscellaneous comments about this site (most are real):

  • "Brilliant!  I haven't had this much fun since Turkey Jones dropped Terry Bradshaw on his head back in the 70's." -- anonymous
  • "When are you gonna do an Art Modell page?" -- MANY people have suggested this one
  • "Your [sic] a looser [sic] and your page is dum [sic]"  -- illiterate Steeler fan
  • "Hmm - Haw.  Ya Brownie fans are quite clever."  -- Myron Cope
  • "How many superbowl rings do YOU have?"  -- anonymous Steeler fan [my response:  zero, the exact same number that YOU personally have]
  • "This site is very mean. What did Bill Cowher ever do to you?"  -- anonymous Steeler fan

Now playing . . . The Pennsylvania Polka.  All yins (yunz? youns?) Stiller fans can now put on your tennashoes, grab your can of  "Arn City" beer, and dance along with the music.

This page brought to you by Steeler-hater David Salvia.   Disclaimer: This website is all in fun. If you want to email me with praise for this site, go ahead. If you want to email me with some funny comments or clean trash-talking, go ahead. If you want to email some vulgar comments, however, please don't bother. I won't read/respond to rude/vulgar emails.

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