Lesson Six: Location and Numbers 1-10

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The accusative suffix for each noun is given in parentheses. Some sample sentences:


Here are some sample sentences to help you:

Note: a location like szálloda or étterem or iroda could in theory take either ban/ben or hoz/hez/höz (and their counterparts), depending on the meaning. If you say 'a szállodában' you mean specifically inside the hotel. But 'a szállodánál' means at the hotel, just in front of the entrance or something. So you would tell a taxi driver to take you 'a szállodához' unless you want him to walk you inside the hotel.

Now answer the question: Honnan jössz?

Numbers 1 to 10

Here is how you count to ten in Hungarian:

After numbers or any quantifier (a lot, some, a few, how many, etc..) the noun always appears in singular.

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