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To stay on track, please participate in 3-4 hrs. of research by Oct. 31st.


Important Dates:
Sept 29 Final Exam Conflict Filing Period begins
Oct 5 Exam 1 Q & A Review – 2:15-3:30 pm in 102 Forum
Oct 6 Exam 1 (in class)
Oct 19 Final Exam Conflict Filing Period ends

Nov 2 Daylight Savings Time ends

Nov 9 Exam 2 Q & A Review – 2:15-3:30 pm in 102 Forum


Nov 10 Exam 2 (in class)
Nov 14 Late Drop deadline
Nov 23-29 Thanksgiving break
Dec 12 All extra credit due
Dec 14 Final Exam Q & A Review – location and time TBA
Dec 16 Final Exam - 12:20-2:20 pm in 102 Forum






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Students who come to class and who are actively engaged do the best. Complete these fill-in-the-blank notes during class. There is room for you to add your own thoughts, examples, and ideas. for an A DO. Here you can find a bunch of helpful study tools: exam study sheets, example questions, study tips, and videos about the best way to study for this course.

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+ Grade calculator      

+ Research Participation Credit calculator

+ I have another edition of the Myers textbook