Our main research focus had been investigating properties of exotic superconductors, where we had been looking to better understand the high temperature superconductor (HTS) phase diagram. Of particular interest was determining how the superconducting phase is linked to the pseudogap in the phase diagram. We believe the key to understanding their relationship lies in observing spectroscopic changes in local density of states on the same atomic resolved location as a function of temperature -- a novel ability made possible by our custom instrument.

For an introduction to that topic aimed at a general (non-physicist) audience, we have written some
background material , as well as a brief overview for the MIT Physics Department's annual journal Physics@MIT

Now that our group has moved from MIT to PSU we are broadening our focus to a range of exotic
materials and phenomena. Stay tuned for more information once our instrument is back online
(after significant modifications and, we hope, improvements)!

For a more detailed introduction, see our bibliography of well written papers, review articles and theses as well as our list of publications



Last Updated:
Feb 4, 2014