Scanning Tunneling Microscopy of High Temperature Superconductors: A Bibliography

The scanning tunneling microscope has been used to perform research across a wide variety of fields. The study of high temperature superconductivity has resulted in an almost incomprehensible number of publications over the past two decades. Where can a beginner gain a reasonable introduction to the study of high temperature superconductors by STM? Below we list a select few of our favorite publications, with an eye towards the big picture and readability. Note that we don't necessarily agree with the conclusions drawn in these papers, but rather appreciate the quality of the presentation of information and find them to be very helpful as introductions to the material.

Review Papers

  • [Link] Scanning tunneling spectroscopy of high-temperature superconductors by Řystein Fischer et al. RMP 79, 353 (2007).
  • [Link] Angle-resolved photoemission studies of the cuprate superconductors by Andrea Damascelli, Zahid Hussain, and Z.-X. Shen, RMP 75, 473 (2003).
  • [Link] The pseudogap in high-temperature superconductors: an experimental survey by T. Timusk and B. Statt, RPP 62,61 (1999).
  • [Link] Doping a Mott insulator: Physics of high-temperature superconductivity by P.A. Lee, N. Nagaosa & X-G Wen, RMP 78, 17 (2006).


  • [Link, PDF] Jenny Hoffman (JC Davis group): A Search for Alternative Electronic Order in the High Temperature Superconductor Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+δ by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy

Specific Topics

Two Gaps/Competing Order

Note that there is vast literature on this. These are just recent brief and more extended background and some recent experimental evidence for competing order (there is also evidence against -- we'll get around to mentioning some good ones in a bit)


  • [Link] Gaps and Our Understanding, Andy Millis, Science 314, 1888 (2006).
  • [Link] Two gaps make a high-temperature superconductor?, S. Hüfner et al., Report on Progress in Physics 71, 062501 (2008).
  • [Link] Modeling the Fermi arc in underdoped cuprates, M.R. Norman et al., PRB 76, 174501 (2007).
  • Raman Spectroscopy

  • [Link] Two energy scales and two distinct quasiparticle dynamics in the superconducting state of underdoped cuprates, M. Le Tacon et al., Nature Physics 2, 537 (2006).
  • [Link] Breakpoint in the evolution of the gap through the cuprate phase diagram, W. Guyard et al. PRB 77, 024524 (2008).

  • [Link] Distinct Fermi-Momentum-Dependent Energy Gaps in Deeply Underdoped Bi2212. K. Tanaka et al. Science 314, 1910 (2006).
  • [Link] Abrupt onset of a second energy gap at the superconducting transition of underdoped Bi2212. W.S. Lee et al. Nature 450, 81 (2007).
  • STM

  • [Link] Imaging the two gaps of the high-temperature superconductor Bi2Sr2CuO6+x. M.C. Boyer et al, Nature Physics, 3, 802 (2007).