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I am a Chowla Research Assistant Professor at the Department of Mathematics of Penn State University (hosted by Nigel Higson). Previously, I was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the School of Mathematical Sciences of Tel Aviv University (hosted by Joseph Bernstein). I did my PhD at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology under the direction of Ehud Moshe Baruch, Ady Mann, and Joseph L. Birman

My CV can be found here.


My main fields of interest include Representation Theory of Lie Groups: Classical theory, geometric methods and applications to Physics. Currently I'm studying various applications of algebraic families of Harish-Chandra modules and classification and contractions of symmetry algebras of superintegrable systems.



If you are interested in giving a talk on our GAP seminar, send me a message.


Contact Info:

Department of Mathematics

309 McAllister Building

Pennsylvania State University

University Park, PA 16802