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I am a Chowla Research Assistant Professor at the Department of Mathematics of Penn State University (hosted by Nigel Higson).

Previously, I was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the School of Mathematical Sciences of Tel Aviv University (hosted by Joseph Bernstein).

I did my PhD at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology under the direction of Ehud Moshe Baruch, Ady Mann, and Joseph L. Birman

(Follow the link for a photo of the four of us from that time). My CV can be found here.


My main fields of interest include Representation Theory of Lie Groups: Classical theory, geometric methods and applications.


If you are interested in giving a talk on our GAP seminar, send me a message.


During the fall of 2015 I'll be teaching MATH140, for course info please go to Angel.


Contact Info:

Department of Mathematics

309 McAllister Building

Pennsylvania State University

University Park, PA 16802