Okay, so Justin Bieber says "like" a lot, does it really matter?

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Justin Bieber, America's latest pop sensation. It seems like so many people have a caught the "Bieber fever." From tween girls to middle aged moms, Justin Bieber has an abundance of fans from all over the world. Above, I have posted a clip of an interview Justin Bieber did with Jay Leno. Leno and Bieber discuss his upcoming projects and the other typical interview topics. Below it, I have also posted a clip that tallies Bieber saying "like" 63 times during the interview. If you watched this interview without hearing anything about it first, what would you think? Let's examine the context. He's just shy of 17 years old, he is not an adult, and probably does not have his high school diploma yet. Personally, I am not at all surprised by anything said by Bieber. A good number of Americans today say like very often in daily conversation. This fact does not justify "like" being used in an excessive fashion, but as annoying as it may be the word is commonly used in many casual conversations. Let's examine the circumstances. Jay Leno is a talk show legend so Bieber's nerves may have contributed to his use of the word. In addition, Bieber was getting interviewed not giving a speech. If Bieber was giving a prepared speech to an audience, his frequent use of the word would be inappropriate, but not in the interview setting. In many instances, Bieber was discussing things he actually likes. How many synonyms of the word "like" can one person be expected to come up with on the spot. Many of the times Bieber did use the word excessively, but under the circumstances he did not do anything out of ordinary. I am in no way justifying the frequent use of the word "like," but give the poor boy a break. I think that Americans should be focusing their energy on more important issues. I wouldn't say I have the Bieber fever, but I definitely enjoy his music and am listening to it as I speak.

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You defended Justin Bieber very well by making the point that it wasn't a speech so people shouldn't be so critical, alongside the other factors. I like how you ended the blog with something that is related to the topic of Bieber, but doesn't deal with his interview. Especially about Amerians focusing their time on more important things, because that is obviously what needs to be done.
You could split your paragraph up so it doesn't seem too long to the reader.


I really liked this blog, probably because I completely agree. A lot of people make fun of Justin Bieber but he really is just a kid right now and he deserves a break. I definitely agree that America should be focusing on so many other issues. The media gives way too much attention to the wrong things. This was a really good blog, you made a lot of good points. I really like that you not only posted the video of the "like" tally but also part of the interview itself. "Like" is used by so many people and it really doesn't sound that bad in the normal interview.

Sounds like you have noticed something here about class distinctions: Bieber is using a type of discourse that is somewhat typical for American teenagers. "The establishment" (or older, perhaps snobbier, Americans) has taken him to task for something he will probably outgrow anyway. Nice insight.

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