digital literacy readings and resources

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Presentations from AASL/ ACRL Panel on K-16 Information Literacy (at Annual 2010 ALA Conference):

Dr. David Loertscher's presentation:  Academic & School Librarians:  Building a New Generation of Smart Teachers and Learners Together

Karen Lemmon's presentation:  Information Literacy in Elementary School

Valerie Diggs' presentation:

Ellysa Cahoy's presentation:  Building Digital Literacies Through Classroom Multimedia Assignments

Additional Resources:

Student-created nutrition PSA video

Media Commons at Penn State:  Nutrition 360 Project

Nutrition 360 grading rubric (as well as other course-related materials)

Alexander, Bryan and Alan Levine.  Web 2.0 Storytelling: Emergence of a New Genre.  EDUCAUSE Review (November/December 2008): 40-56.

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