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On Wednesday, November 4th, I went to the Palmer Museum to see the visiting artist Kimsooja. From seeing her in the art 21 lecture I knew of her, but I didn't really know why she did what she did. To me, her are is more of an experiment than an art work. While I can see the artistic beauty in her works, I feel that ANYTHING could potentially be viewed in an artist way. For me, Kimsooja's work, Needle Woman is a study of the human population and each person's reaction to her as a stationary being. I find this work to be intriguing and interesting but I don't quite understand it as an artwork. I am glad that I got to see Kimsooja and hear her talk about her works. It really clearified things such as the Bottari works. I like her works in which she sews the random used pieces of clothing together in various shapes. Even after listening to her talk, I am still not quite sure how I feel about Kimsooja's works. I better understand the meaning behind them but I still don't quite get it.

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Beats by Dr. ,Bests by dre studioDre headphones were gifted to the entire team prior to United’s record-setting 19th league title.’

‘Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney holds up the Premier League trophy while sporting his red Beats by Dr. Dre Studio headphones.

Thanks for the heads up Carlos

About HTC 
HTC Corporation (HTC) is one of the fastest growing companies in the mobile phone industry. By putting people at the center of everything it does, HTC creates innovative devices that better serve the lives and needs of individuals. The company is listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange under ticker 2498. For more information about HTC, please visit

“Beats has found a unique way to harness popular culture in a manner that is unlike any other brand today,” said Peter Chou, CEO of HTC Corporation. “It’s an exciting brand that has been built around providing something very special, and we believe our strategic partnership will provide customers with unbeatable sound on HTC phones. We obsess over every detail of a consumer’s mobile experience and audio is a critical part of that experience.”

While we’re not going to give them a thumbs up for going with the Black Eyed Peas in this spot, we will give them props for making one heck of an Android partnership that should help propel this platform that we love even further.  No other phone manufacturer on the planet has anything even close to this.


HTC® and Beats™ have been working together to create superior mobile audio experiences for consumers, which will result in a line of HTC devices integrated with Beats sound innovations, available this fall.

Video and presser after the jump.  

HTC took us through a bit of a whirlwind yesterday when they announced that they would be making a “major” announcement this morning, followed by rumors that that announcement would end up having to do with their partnership with Beats by Dre.  It all quickly became official after the Beats crew dropped us a line through Tumblr, but now it’s 100% on thanks to the press release from HTC and this sweet promo video.

Beats Electronics will continue to operate autonomously with Iovine as Chairman and Luke Wood as President & COO with its current business partnerships that include Monster Cable Products Inc., Hewlett-Packard and Chrysler Group LLC. Iovine will also continue serving as Chairman of Interscope Geffen A&M Records.

“The HTC and Beats by Dr. Dre partnership is an opportunity for two world-class companies to redefine the smart phone industry and define the future,” said Jimmy Iovine, Chairman of Beats by Dr. Dre and Chairman and CEO of Interscope Geffen A&M Records which is a division of Universal Music Group and a stakeholder in Beats. “For Beats by Dr. Dre, this represents a critical step in our continued mission to clean up the destruction of audio caused by the digital revolution; and reengineer how sound is delivered so that the consumer feels the music the way that the artist intended.”

Oh, we should also point out that the two companies have been working together behind the scenes for some time and are planning to release their first Beats integrated devices this fall.  HTC Vigor with Beats anyone?  Sign me up.

Strategic HTC investment to result in Beats integrated HTC phones this Fall

HTC is known for unifying content, services and devices into unique mobile experiences. And Beats is known for its unique consumer brand appeal and ability to reproduce the full spectrum of sound captured in professional recording studios, allowing consumers to hear music the way the artist intended. Bringing these two great brands together will create superior mobile music and sound experiences, while accelerating HTC’s entry into the youth and accessories markets globally.

“Our customers have clearly responded to Beats and HTC, and Best Buy is proud to feature their products in our stores,” said Brian J. Dunn, CEO, Best Buy. “We are committed to offering innovative and entertaining technologies that help consumers enhance their lives. Our customers expect that from us. The unique HTC Sense experience and the great sound of Beats provide prime examples of that focus.”

Taoyuan, Taiwan & Santa Monica, CA – August 11, 2011 – HTC Corporation,beats by dre Headphones sale, a global designer of mobile devices, today announced a strategic partnership and investment with Beats™ Electronics LLC, the company redefining the audio market with its iconic Beats by Dr. Dre™ audio experience. The two fast-growing brands will focus on bringing high performance sound to HTC phones.

About Beats Electronics LLC

Established in 2006, Beats Electronics is the brainchild of legendary artist and producer Dr. Dre and Chairman of Interscope Geffen A&M Records Jimmy Iovine, who set out to develop a new type of headphone with the capability to reproduce the full spectrum of sound that musical artists and producers hear in professional recording studios. For more information, please visit

,beats by dre pro

‘Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney holds up the Premier League trophy while sporting his red Beats by Dr. Dre Studio headphones.

Beats by Dr. Dre headphones were gifted to the entire team prior to United’s record-setting 19th league title.’

Thanks for the heads up Carlos

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Ten Practical kidney recipes
(1) dog kidney 1 on, chopped, cooked, roasted crushed to fine every night, 3 grams, wine delivery service, twice daily.

(2) live loach put water in the meat to be drained of intestinal secretions after the wash. Heat the pan, put a few slices of ginger, the loach fry until golden, about 3 bowls of water, put the shrimp 50 grams of fresh soup daily for 1 second.

(3) pig stomach, wash, will Cistanche 10 Faulkner into the pig stomach, tied up after the water boiled, meat Decoction daily for 1 second.

(4) pigeons 1, to hair and internal organs, medlar 24 grams of refined yellow 50 grams of cooked stew or steam, 2 times a day service.

(5) 2 pigeon eggs, cooked, peeled, plus longan, medlar each 75 grams, Schisandra 10 grams, a bowl, add boiling water, sugar taken twice daily.

(6) Sparrow 2 eggs, shrimp 15 g, dodder seed, medlar, 9 grams, put a bowl, add water, steamed food, 2 times a day.

(7) salty walnut 9 grams, 6 grams of psoralen, a total of mashed, with salt water delivery service, one time, this side effect kidney Gujing.

(8) Cordyceps plus amount of crystal sugar stew, or longan, walnuts, dates served steamed, with the effect of the kidney essence.

(9) a turtle, pig spinal cord 200 grams. To the two flavor add ginger, onion, pepper, the amount, Dunshu, meat soup. This side has Ziyin marrow, Gushen Yijing effect.

(10) leek seeds 10 grams, 50 grams of rice, leek seeds cooked with slow fire, and rice, a little fine salt, put in casserole with 500 ml of water, rice porridge cooked to open. Daily temperature for 2 times. This side has the kidney yang, just left vent effect.

In addition, the daily life of the kidney helpful food: shrimp, mussels, catfish, beef, donkey meat, oysters, quail, snake, pigeon, dog, etc..

more food than food, to ensure strong kidney, away from the tired, energetic man to do that is so simple!

kidney ten natural food ( practical) Bangzhongbang

1 medlar

2 seafood, abalone, octopus, sea cucumbers, oysters, oysters

3 seaweed, fish, shrimp

4 leeks, green onions, garlic

5 walnut, walnuts, pine nuts, chestnuts, sunflower seeds, peanuts

6 honey, lotus seeds, lotus required, Holland Ye

7 kidney, liver, tripe, pig marrow

8 quail, pigeon, chicken, eggs, mutton, dog

9 black sesame seeds, black beans , litchi

10 malt oil

Ten kidney damage / renal adverse food Bangzhongbang

1 crude cottonseed oil (rural land Zhayoufang fried and steamed pressed without adequate system of seed oil, black taste of the bitter)

2 tobacco, alcohol, drink tea
3 celery, water chestnut blue (kale)

4 melon

5 lotus, almond

6 shoots

7 sheep brain, pig brain , rabbit meat

8 black fungus

9 caltrop

10 hemp seed (Moraceae plant marijuana dry ripe fruit)

Ten natural kidney herbs Bangzhongbang

1 ginseng

2 deer, deer antler, deer blood
3 yam, chrysalis, Gecko

4 Tianma, fleece-flower root

5 Ganoderma lucidum, Cordyceps

6 seal kidney

7 Angelica, Rehmannia, Astragalus
8 Eucommia, cinnamon

9 hippocampus, Gorgon

10 Cordyceps, Cynomorium, actinolite

Ten kidney drugs (medicine) Bang Zhongbang (male)

1 Liu Wei Di Huang Wan

2 Bushenyishou capsules (capsules Miguel male)
3 Huiren Kidney mixture

4 Royal rossica

5 Yilishen

6 kidney pill

7 Huo Xiang Zheng Qi Soft Capsule

8 ants AstraZeneca Kidney Pills

9 Titan kidney products

10 thirty Liu Wei kidney rejuvenation pills

4 large kidney drugs (medicine) Bangzhongbang (female)

1 Wujibaifeng

2 spearheading (Pills)

3 donkey-hide gelatin

4 Chang-e Carrie pill

ten wine / health liquor brand Bangzhongbang

1 China Jin wine Chinese Famous Brand, China Top Brand

2 Jing Brand Co., Coconut Island, deer, tortoise wine known trademarks in China, Hainan, China Brand Coconut Island Corporation

3 Trimeresurus wine country wine, the Chinese famous brand fen Group

4 Chinese wine brands Changyu three whip Yantai Changyu Group

5 wine, the ancient god Ridge Guangxi Liuzhou, Guangxi Gu Ling wine winery wine

6 deer Famous Shanxi China China Agricultural Fair Velvet Health Products Co., Ltd.

7 Onlly cultivation expensive wine famous brand Shanghai Jiao Tong University Li

8 Xiangshan Chinese wolfberry wine brand Ningxia Red Wolfberry Industry Group

9 dragon wine known trademarks in China Wuliangye Group

10 Saussurea Cordyceps Bujiu Kang Urumqi International Food Exposition Source Health Products Co., Ltd.

ten kidney lifestyle Bangzhongbang

1 eating degrees, personal with restraint, ease of mind

2 moderate exercise (fitness / hiking / swimming / jogging / walking / volleyball, etc.)

3 sexual fantasies (love / Acacia / A film / beautiful / handsome)
4 treasure of sperm (frequent ejaculation harm the body and kidneys, not reluctantly, not indulgence)

5 soles of the feet massage, aerobics Qiangshen often do

6 regular activities of the waist, Massage the waist

7 levator ani movement: contraction of the anus a few times a day

8 parts of the testes and penis, alternating hot and cold water bath, gently massage and related parts to promote blood circulation
9 scrotum, inguinal canal and the surrounding area proper massage

10 adequate sleep and rest

nine men against renal injury behavior

Western believes that the kidneys are secreting urine, excretion of waste, poison the vital organs, to regulate the body's electrolyte levels, maintaining the role of acid-base balance. Impaired renal function or a gradual decline, and adjust the effect of renal excretion will also be reduced. Severe renal impairment, uremia and life-threatening will happen.

renal function, and gradually decline with age, but life, some bad habits or behavior, often also become an important cause of renal impairment.

order to protect the kidneys, all of the following

one, Lan Fu, the kidney injury in recent years, clinical herbal

been found that taking some Chinese herbal medicine (including medicine) can cause kidney dysfunction. Would Among them, the largest kidney damage caused by triptolide, and secondly, Guan Mu Tong, Guan Mu Tong cause kidney injury, renal toxicity of substances that contain aristolochic acid.

Second, the abuse of pain medicine

long-term use or high doses of some anti-inflammatory drugs, such as pain tablets, anti-inflammatory pain, paracetamol, aspirin, etc., easily lead to kidney damage. Kidney damage can be expressed as: fatigue, dry mouth, loss of appetite, frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, hematuria, and even aseptic pyuria, and accompanied by joint pain and other symptoms. Some of the direct cause of acute nephritis or nephrotic syndrome, glomerular necrosis, severe cases can cause kidney failure and death.

three, often holding back urine

Some people are busy with work and long holding back urine. Urine in the bladder too long is the growth of bacteria, the bacteria will retrograde through the ureter to the kidney, leading to urinary tract infections and pyelonephritis. Once this type of recurrent infection, can cause chronic infection and difficult to cure. Patients will not only appear back pain, urinary urgency and other symptoms may also develop into acute uremia.


If too little water for a long time without water, will reduce urine output, urine carries waste and toxins concentration will increase. Common clinical kidney stones, hydronephrosis, and others closely related to long without water. Sufficient water to dilute the urine and protect the kidneys, is conducive to the full discharge of waste and toxins.

five overeating

increased opportunities for the modern dinner, often eating too much waste - uric acid and urea nitrogen. Most of these wastes excreted through the kidneys, excessive eating will undoubtedly increase the burden on the kidneys.

six, over-drink soft drinks and sports drinks

excessive intake may indirectly damage the kidney. Body pH 7 2, these beverages generally highly acidic, pH of significant changes in the body after drinking. Kidneys regulate the pH of the main organs of the body, long-term excessive intake of soft drinks and sports drinks, would burden the kidney, increasing the probability of kidney damage.

seven, soft bread eaten on bread and pastries

there is a food additive potassium bromate, it gives the baked goods are necessary gluten strength and elasticity, soft texture and taste, but excessive consumption can damage the human central nervous system, blood and kidneys. Food additive potassium bromate, IARC has listed it as carcinogens.

eight, salty

eating salty food, especially some of the high salt content of snack foods, such as eating potato chips, instant noodles etc. will make people unconsciously absorb excess salt, leading to high blood pressure, kidneys can not maintain normal blood flow, and induce kidney.

nine, drink drink tea

Some people believe that drinking tea can sober drink, in fact, not only ineffective, but also can damage the kidney. Theophylline in tea can quickly affect the kidneys play a diuretic effect, has not yet had time to further break down alcohol at this time begins with the kidneys excreted by the kidneys to stimulate a lot of ethanol, which damage the renal function.

Tip: The kidney is the secretion of urine, excretion of waste, poison the vital organs, to regulate the body's electrolyte levels, maintaining the role of acid-base balance. Impaired renal function or a gradual decline, and adjust the effect of renal excretion will also be reduced. Severe renal impairment, uremia and life-threatening will happen. Although renal function gradually decline with age, but life, some habits or behavior will often become an important cause of renal damage. To protect the kidneys, everyone following

self-massage kidney and spleen

temperature in the transport method

the Spleen and Stomach include, temperature in transport law and Pei-Yuan and Qi. This two-line method for a long time to adjust and enhance the spleen and stomach function, increased gastrointestinal motility, promoting digestion and absorption of food; the same time, chronic gastritis, stomach and duodenum, chronic ulcers, constipation, stomach pain Deficiency Type, Chronic Diarrhea, irregular menstruation, etc. disease, there is obvious effect. And Kidney Yin method has nourishing liver and kidney, Ziyinqingre, Chufan sedative effect.

rubbing acupoints (see Figure ① ② ③ ④): CHD, respectively, hold down the right hand in the abdominal, Shenque (navel), the sea air and Guanyuan, followed by rubbing the hole, each hole 2 minutes.

Mount full belly: overlapping with the hand palm or palms, men left in the next, the right hand, women contrary to the navel as the center, starting from the left lower abdomen, the Guanyuan and in the abdominal cavity, press Mount belly clockwise, 3 minutes; then counterclockwise Mount abdomen, 3 minutes.

rubbing Shenque (see Figure ②): to hand in CHD for Shenque, counterclockwise, or good times or bad half, rubbing Shenque 5 minutes.

Anrou Zusanli (see Figure ⑤): to hand rubbing the thumb pulp Zusanli, 3 minutes.

Pei-Yuan and Qi

Mount stomach: first to a palm or palms face overlap, inside and outside the relative CHD, men left in the next, the right hand, women contrary to palm for the umbilical and Guanyuan, respectively, followed by rubbing two points per hole for 2 minutes; then hand shift in the left lower abdomen, to Guanyuan as the center hole through the bone and the navel song, first clockwise Mount Little abdomen, 3 minutes, then counter-clockwise Mount Little abdomen, 3 minutes.

hit lumbosacral (see Figure ⑥): make a fist with both hands, alternating back to boxing a rhythm to hit the lumbosacral region, 40 to 60 times. Zhen Guan Yuan

rub (see Figure ④): the palm of Guanyuan, press the clockwise rubbing Guanyuan 36; after the counter-clockwise rubbing Guanyuan, 36; then to put some pressure after Guanyuan shaking up and down, 5 minutes, careful not to hold your breath; last gently rubbing Guanyuan, 1 minute.

Kidney Yin and Kidney Yin method

nourishing liver and kidney, Ziyinqingre, Chufan sedative effect. Insomnia, dreaminess, dizziness, head flowers, tinnitus, palpitations, dysuria embolism in rats, while there is some effect on blood pressure.

sweeping arch bridge (see Figure ⑦): the palm thenar focus, from top to bottom, from the mandibular angle at the push along the sternocleidomastoid muscle to the clavicle medial side.

down method (see Figure ⑧): while rubbing eyes the next hole and the temple, pay attention to put out points by eye and press the temple together.

by Baihui (see Figure ⑨): rubbing the surface with the right hand middle finger Baihui, 1 minute, then press the Baihui palm (palm for Baihui, preferably simultaneously with a slight tremor France), 3 minutes, or longer.

rub Shenshu (see Figure ⑩): rubbing both sides of the Shenshu, 1 minute each.

sen school dean Mr. Hu Haiya not pass the secret

moment Qiangshen method

who can read this power law is a fate. Click here to attend who, it would be a welcome fruit. Country medicine is profound, in which aristocrats and countless celebrities, magic bullet after another brilliant idea. Dean of the school hereby cents to pay tribute to Mr. Hu Haiya!

kidneys are the main sting, sealing possession of the book, Fine's office also, in the hair, the charge in the bone, as in the Yin Shao, pass on the winter air.

- Some time ago to accompany him to the physical examination, basic health indicators are normal. His unit after meeting with his old colleague, jokingly said: I saw the teacher hands and fist, attached behind the body up and down with a slight shake, while smiling, said, simple?!
As a result, we are more curious, and quickly asked how it was.

teacher said: , a short time to make up the human germinal yang and kidney is the innate, the main body of liquid water, warm-cold fear of long-term good of people engaged in mental static bad move, leading to excessive body chi, yang relative lack of , will produce weakness, fatigue, forgetfulness and other symptoms, using this method three to five minutes, you can ease the labor of one hour continuous fatigue, it is suitable for people engaged in mental work now and this method is also suitable for the elderly in health, but old legs first decline, linked through the waist and legs,cheap Herve Leger clothing, in fact, kidney failure, and kidney acupoints massage has a direct effect kidney. in the elderly usually move a bit, enough of the kidney, but also not the natural bent back. >
listening to such a teacher to explain, we have learned to just look the teacher's gestures up. I am also practicing this method for many years, I feel particularly good, hands down is with deep feeling, benefit.

one occasion to Beijing should be about a well-known colleges and universities about health, a student asked me: did not directly answer his question, but the spirit of his seat and found a very good student look, let him pass to the front of the stage to do my old Hu Qiangshen method of action of this moment.

I let his hands fist, fist empty (Figure 1), attached to the kidney acupoints position (Figure 2), the use of repeated knee shake up and down rubbing his fists without moving your feet with Hing Wah Street West from the body shake slightly, and feel a slight fever the waist up. Thirty-five minutes later, the students said happily,

Thus, this method is most useful to whom? Precisely the fatigue, the spirit of good, lack of sleep.

most people now do not even have time to rest, not to mention plenty of energy to keep up. A physiologist former Soviet Union, after years of research, found that people can not simply rely on the fatigue and rest to ease fatigue that rest is not the best way that a simple movement, can relieve fatigue, and can not added energy, the best way is through the movement to restore, and our method can not only alleviate the fatigue, but also in a short time make up the kidney. Another example, walking, stairs, jogging, playing ball, yoga and other sports also have some effect.

In the past, this movement known as Chinese medicine, the Pill, there is warming yang effect, the kidney is the most effective method. Of the kidney, chronic lumbar strain, lumbar disc herniation patients is very practical. I was able to work in a busy life to keep them strong effort, is to have this mystery. From the Taoist point of view of medicine, this is the start of the body's own large drug results.

men will learn the most simple kidney yang law

Chinese medicine, loin muscle rub with the palm and the Tail, with a pulse can not only clear and strong lumbar, but also play a solid role in sperm kidney and longevity. Middle-aged people often rub loin muscle, can prevent cold-induced low back pain syndrome.

kidney thermophilic aversion to cold, often at the loin muscle massage, can be very inviting kidney, accessible blood. Introduce some massage:

1, rubbing his hands on the heat, the loin muscle at the tight press, pause, and then forced to rub down the Tail of parts (long strong point). Each do 50 to 100 times, once every morning and evening.

2, light fist with both hands, eyes, or punch with the fist rotating massage loin muscle at the back, every 5 minutes.

3, make a fist with both hands, tapping the loin muscle at the or Yong Shounie grasping the waist, each 3 to 5 minutes.

Chinese medicine, loin muscle rub with the palm and the Tail, with a pulse can not only clear and strong lumbar, but also play a solid role in sperm kidney and longevity. Middle-aged people often rub loin muscle, can prevent cold-induced low back pain syndrome. Modern medical research shows that massage the waist can make a wealth of local skin capillary network expansion, promote blood circulation, speed up the excretion of metabolites, but also to stimulate the nerve endings, the mild stimulation of the nervous system, help repair tissue lesions improve the psoas muscle endurance.

Selfless , world wide. Out of their own to see their own

if one day you suddenly abandon the noble side of BOBO all ,beats by dre sale, choose to be a volunteer or return to the garden or carrying a backpack to stray , do not wonder this is because his body has Bohemian DNA ... ...

(a) 09 Shanghai zero entrance essay, I think you have the time in marking the answer to the basic uniform, for example, wrote a number of points to innovation, innovation does not write so even if the tricky question. I guess, all of Shanghai more than 70,000 candidates will have at least 60,000 people according to your We do not flicker

, and six years of elementary school 3 years of high school three years, the teacher for the crop of another crop, and some are even father and mother for several crop, which the teacher that parents (whether or not we personal) will teach our innovation? Whether liberal arts or science, we learn to listen to is what to do, how should I do not how to do, how to follow the teacher's grading preferences to answer! And now the scoring before the exam-oriented education teacher is a masterpiece, so these teachers marking the understanding of innovation is one: do the problems in accordance with the rules can get high marks.

in such an environment, you told us to do this kind of subject, not to make our final graduation exam to continue to lie, to not say the truth? Continue to follow your way of thinking to write the article?

Chinese language writing exam-oriented education is the biggest innovation is not actually there will be similar to the standard stereotyped answer, those who dare to innovate, a separate mountain, unconventional, Oh, you're promising to be to you to do, otherwise, China will emerge countless students disobedient students, then, your only means is to use very low scores for these dare risk the world's great Kabwe students a destructive mind wake-up call. Now it seems like quite an innovative graduate Han wore seven red light is an example!

in this There are few truly from the heart to write a good article in the entrance to?

Itabashi comrades too far away from us, his His achievements Itabashi body (the office that the rich often put the can see I just do not innovate, I just think Wang 's well-written calligraphy, do not like the crooked seventy-eight twisting .

Throughout I was born out of this world for 18 years, I see those who want innovation, not how to live, any imitation of the cottage (more like the better) all flies extremely moisture . U.S. high-tech, to China can immediately become a low-tech, simulated results give us rich quickly up. Our television stations, the variety show, do not spend money abroad to clone over piracy, engage in a fire one, no innovation, one earned pours! Let us not imitate the innovation of light over 30 years the good old days ah!

Well, enough words, I just want to say, imitation of happiness in this innovative pain-oriented education environment, you allow us to write You try this Of course, the courage to write this article may be 0, I I do not want this battle is 70 minutes, we can still remaining with the strength of numbers, the synthesis, to achieve a score line, at least, finish this articles, the grievances of the past few years suddenly vent out, and I feel a lot better!

(b) of the 09 Beijing zero entrance essay sings: I have been a double invisible wings, I want to fly with me; I have been a double invisible wings, take me to the distant Feifei. Please,

from everlasting dynasty, there were such a legend, the god of the day to begin general sector handover, the role of Adi Wang will be a token of God to the next generation of God's successor.

as a human family legend, Chun, who has a lot of legends. Even the Great is so praised Chun: Sing a Song of pure man, Jagged real man, father, good son, good brother of the people, his chest crushed stone, his fists can stand on his arms to a horse, chrysanthemum open bottle, night Imperial one hundred Women's gun does not fall, the color is still red chrysanthemum battle.

no suspense, heaven chose the spring of Columbia, or a spring of Columbia chose to heaven.

Adi King as heaven after all the holy things, as long as mortals can look forever young, touch can have the ability to place the resurrection, it can be to wear a steady stream of new seeds. So the king for Adi who is always just a family legend.

But Chun is legend, so he had the capital to be Adi Wang.

rewrite history began, Chun began to teach around the world can hear:

became the unanimous choice of the spring after the brother of God, put Adi King, have invisible wings, he can travel the universe, he was arrogant, but a good heart; He was modest, but admired by the people He can be God-given human chrysanthemums, burst was superb, you can come up with the art of flower called the super moves. Shui Yebie want to pass him, he is always just a legend.

At this point, the world in the spring of heaven proud brother, a pair of foot wear is the holy God, Adi Wang.

Chun sits above the main hall, smile, open your computer, start the Thunder, had opened the QQ mailbox, and sure enough, the mailbox is full of new seeds, but also without the horse.

Chun smiled, happy laugh.

parody of a gourd doll, with Adi King, anything could change lives.

finish this essay, I have to go back and look that the film is finished Thunder did not, although I do not Adi King, but I have to see films that Chun's determination, I believe that my efforts thought of the film, one day I will have a pair of invisible wings!

(c) 0 2009 Beijing entrance essay,

this year, I have a pair of white wings, increasingly robust, seeing is about to grow into, and began Puchi. Thump each tender are eager to fly to the sky talk. Oh that day, eager for my gold and partners gathered in the square, looking forward to explore the first flight of the blue ocean.

that night, claiming to be raising our master come, with those horrible tool. They easily with shotguns and fishing nets to catch us, cut our wings, let the earth fall on the countless clean Baifei Yu. Since then, we can not leave the heavy ground, only to do their appreciation of embellishment. Our body weak, we falter. We have lost freedom, can only be trampled upon. But I am proud of the feather tribe Oh, my suffering brother, how can you be deprived of the most precious freedom?

Behold, the passage of time, some of us fall into parrots, they actually enjoy the corn kernels to sing the praises of the owner; other brothers sink, and forget what they have had a flying wings, everywhere and hen flirting. Some kind of despotic power under the master has the same numbness as goose; I was most sad, and some kind of accident in his young life was lost, how many times is a sports cars have been crushed too hairiness. I can only innocently looked, silent tears. If we have wings Oh, how can people not get rid of it all, high flying?

you see, and even myself, witnessed all this, such as ants usually dead silence. Want to fly, but the result is dead climb up, this is our destiny! I also see to understand, my body will become the owner of the plate meal. Know all this, I pray that the next life to be turned into falcon, wings fly trap, the wind and dark clouds far above Xiang, I want to please God gave me beak and sharp claws Lee, I roared, torn It can not endure the dark night! A voice said to me: to fly, to fly, to let you fly free!

desire to fly me to the rebirth, but did not become peregrine falcons, other birds are also non-family, and actually turned into a spider. The most frightening thing is that I can no longer fly, can only hide in the corner webs. I am desperate, abandoned. But one day, a friend there, he came from another line fluctuations. Gently said: Hello!

Oh! Behold, tens of thousands of reincarnation as a spider only child of former pigeon Oh, now weave a connection with a network throughout the world. Pulse from the silk thread, I can hear the earth's heartbeat, breathing can be aware of grass, can feel the ocean's waves, also known Xuela on the roof of the world. And as long as we hit with a woven node on the network, we can free the network itself to the world cries: wirsind!

for freedom, we prefer to survive as a spider. Whatever strength, boundless network can not stop the pulse, both then fine, but then surging. More importantly, it also allowed me to find the former owner of fear in the boundless network, they can not see, and most of us Zhuobu Zhu. They clamp down even if the spider crab, spider we put into the ten million puzzling pliant, it can not do anything; if sent by cockroaches and Wu beetle, we have decided that they died in the line glued. Even the owner, will be heavily trapped thousands of fans net, exhausted. Our future, who will be like the legendary Spider-Man off as no longer bound by the ground, but with the spewing of spider silk, embrace the One World, One Dream. Free flying between heaven and earth, than the world of kings.

is, the network is my invisible wings. Do you have a pair of wing it?

D) 2009 0 Jiangsu college entrance essay is true.

thesis writing: . Because I know that everyone must take the exam, not because the college entrance examination for their own interest, but only because they are true. Tears flow for everyone.

do not know what the lovely teacher out of this topic, we guess the question a few months, from last year's Olympic Games, 5.12 until Deng, overpasses, 70 yards, bus ... ... my thoughts rolling back guess the theme of each night. The teacher said to be guessed, more than ten minutes,

This is a culture I have known the quality of a good student of non-cultivation, respect for teachers has been to me to be fully promoted, this time I could not help, I would like to greet the teacher you about, of course, You just greeting a person, not including the painstaking education of our teachers. Dear the topic and the teacher:

I do not know I think it probably might be the subject of our respected teacher of your head to the door squeezed? Let ass kicked? Flooded? Froze? Short-circuited? In any case, brain damage is certainly a. Could brain damage has become a fashion?

Grandpa Deng political class has told us to Respect of the topic and a teacher, I say to you realistic: your topic so I am very tangled, tangled! Entangled to the egg pain! Egg hurt you understand? This is a trend.

you are days we knuckled down to study the face of piles of papers of the children to simulate A film you understand? Tokyo hot, a road ... This did not know, you talk about fashion.

We would also like fashion, how can money, no time for fashion? Do we bear from the father and mother worked hard for where we go to school again and again for money, to buy Adidas King?

(e) 0 2009 Jiangsu college entrance essay how to get to sleep is the taste of high school fashion? Well! I pay attention to the write it! Comes to taste 2 words I think of !

see! I called the loading force of white-collar! May say a lot of swearing! So please forgive the teacher marking!

good 1.2 3. Scolded! ! ,beats by dre pro! !

loaded to force you guys a few months one thousand white-collar money Niubi ah? ? Mouth closed, say tasteless people are migrant workers! ! All you parents of Petty's birth which is not migrant workers? Do you think saving money to buy a Prada bag a few months called Niubi? Called taste? In addition to those you know lvgucci Armani upstart farmers was dressed in our brand? You also know that other brands do? Know Know You can buy his mother the money to buy some luxury good point to wear thermal underwear to your parents called 牛逼! ! !

songs you listen to English songs, right? China is no such Niubi like songs? ? One time I asked a high claim to taste MM, you listen to David. Copperfield (David Copperfield is one of the best magicians the world) the song? Seriousness of that MM told me, generally do not listen to his songs, he was too decadent realm too dark. I usually listen to XXX (I do not remember what he said the band name) is really killing me haha. People David. Copperfield is a magician. I see what you will understand what Britney Madonna what these European and American artists of Lincoln Park. . . But these names are enough to force you to install it! ! ! You think you speak with a few English words is the social upper crust? Have the ability to place you in English from the beginning that the end ah? You are not Li Yang! You are not grown up abroad who grew up in Hong Kong stars! So you do not give us the loading force!

came from poor families had chosen to live dude you actually have to as a sitting in a tasteful coffee shop, drinking a cup of unsweetened (and certainly not with milk) and coffee, then met with an equally lonely men, the process may be very vague, the results may be very vague, but no matter how that there must be quality, the dialogue must sentence mixed one or two English words (not more than a), for example: the night I feel very satisfacti? on. I think you are, tell you Niubi drink is special for the state banquet, you think you drink Chivas called Niubi? You drink from the

tell you Niubi eat shark fin is a bird's nest, you think you eat a pizza tarts called Niubi? After the closed mouth do not tell me that you eat Western food Chinese food you could afford to eat it?

not see Nothing to see what I write can enhance your taste so that you are loaded to force a group of people who like nothing fitted together with the loading force to force the discussion of dress a lifetime of repeated forced his mouth closed mouth on you, text. . Like those who signed the same non-mainstream. . Anne told you baby from her first four works written work becomes very dynamic expression of hope for all people to life before the work is the reason why depression and sadness because the people at that time his father died and you? You write some text is really a sad sad it? Tell you that you are loading more than you have the ability to turn off the lights every day, stay at home drinking coffee, wearing a thin cotton out of life do not live in your own aesthetic deliberately created the mood these days when you also petty bourgeoisie commendatory to you ** When the servant of the people is the real force loaded Niubi remember you can not live all the loading force, but do not let me see it

read this essay marking head teacher if you feel kind of it trouble you take with you next to your invigilator I appreciate the beauty of the text together in high school, after all, this place is pure high school students to write this article, few other points I give, if you do not give me high marks, I curse you die that the whole family.

(h) 0 2009 Sichuan college entrance essay br>

that figure closer, Chun finally see his face. Mercy of the enemy is made taboo, not to mention the enemy had a love that is brought ruin upon themselves. But how can the sun who can resist the charm of this person does.

Siniang sneer on Chun thrown a flirtatious, Chun frozen moment of combat, because his body's blood have been concentrated to the navel where three inches down, can not properly exercise our powers of .

Blink of an eye, Chun has been lying on the ground, but Flanagan is still holding the crotch.

The man came to Siniang front, hand clasped Siniang want, Siniang pushes the man: Time flies, your body now I'm afraid I do not have that familiar with.

burst of wind blowing, how the two bodies on the ground, actor did not laugh, but tears in his eyes and left, this story is to Siniang tears flow.

, then, that people laughed, patted the shoulders of actor to show positive. In the sunshine, that arm of the three tables outside the dazzling gold!

(i) 2009 0 Canton entrance essay
We live in common sense, common sense with us. Sometimes, common sense, although easy to know and difficult, and sometimes common sense to be pushing out new .....。 Chen Please write an article, talk about your life and Since the proposed topic, custom writing, not less than 800 words.

teacher, you have no common sense ah?

saying: Come a long heave a deep sigh to cover tears, sadness and livelihood of many difficulties. As a test of the times were family people, go to school every day so I was very silent, I am always sad of troubled students. This feeling, sometimes people go back to the Stone Age, the era, who will not let me sleep, I can pick up a stone to express my strong dissatisfaction with the. When going to night classes after school out of school, looked up and saw the sky a desolate moon, I can not help but send a question through the ages: the teacher, you have no common sense ah? Do not you know people have to sleep it? Even let me sleep in class.

from early morning to be back to school, how early? 7. As a teacher, you still outrageous even tell us which schools between people which, more than 6 points on all returned to the classroom read. I rely on this tone, and those idiots a day woman I like to say that friend, I have a friend's tone exactly the same idiot. I wanted an example that the American people ... ... Unfortunately, ah, sources of information is too closed, and can only hear the teacher said, which among others which schools, teachers said they never heard the American people. It does not matter does not cite the U.S. example, a teacher, I tell you, the Middle East over there, very angry person, like to play human flesh BoB!!!, This is news Lianbo CCAV said.

the Middle East, ah, dire straits, we are more than happy generation of country flowers, back to school at 7 am every day. However, I want to sleep ah. 0:00 I went to bed, get up at 6:00 am. Back to school at 7 am until 10 pm before school. I am sure not enough sleep. Lunch break? Teacher, you have no common sense ah? Some people who take a nap for an hour, do not sleep better, the more sleep the more dizziness. No way, I doze off school. Tired, dozing, this is a normal physiological phenomenon. You even said the teacher, home school students to go to bed to sleep, I rely on you that I do not want to go home to sleep. I'm really good pain, good pain. I think the teacher did not common sense, not common sense principals, education did not common sense, common sense now to write the college entrance examination, no doubt giving me the opportunity to express my whole China strongly dissatisfied with the education sector, as well as a deep contempt. You did not common sense. Students to sleep ... ... the school is, and it is yours, but in the end, or you ... ... people have to sleep ... I want to sleep ... ... sleep ... ...

(ten ) 0 2009 Beijing entrance essay, >
I saw suddenly the subject of this essay do not want to write

strong test of it or not I open the window

jump out of the students and teachers are shocked
they think I really have a pair of invisible wings

they think I really have a pair of invisible wings

they think I really have a pair of invisible wings
they think I really have a pair of invisible wings

they think I really have a pair of invisible wings

they think I really have a pair of invisible wings
they think I really have a pair of invisible wings

they think I really have a pair of invisible wings

they think I really have a pair of invisible wings

they think I really have a pair of invisible wings

they think I really have a pair of invisible wings

they think I really have a pair of invisible wings

they think I really have a pair of invisible wings

they think I really have a pair of invisible wings

they think I really have a pair of invisible wings

they think I really have a pair of invisible wings

they think I really have a pair of invisible wings

I really think they are a pair of Invisible Wings

they think I really have a pair of invisible wings

they think I really have a pair of invisible wings

I really think they are a pair of invisible wings

they think I really have a pair of invisible wings

they think I really have a pair of invisible wings

I really think they are a pair of invisible wings

they think I really have a pair of invisible wings

they think I really have a pair of invisible wings

I really think they are There are a pair of invisible wings

they think I really have a pair of invisible wings

they think I really have a pair of invisible wings

they think of me really have a pair of invisible wings

they think I really have a pair of invisible wings

they think I really have a pair of invisible wings

they think I really have a pair of invisible wings

they think I really have a pair of invisible wings

they think I really have a pair of invisible wings

they I do not think there is a pair of invisible wings

they think I really have a pair of invisible wings

they think I really have a pair of invisible wings

they I really think there are a pair of invisible wings

they think I really have a pair of invisible wings

they think I really have a pair of invisible wings

They all think I really have a pair of invisible wings

they think I really have a pair of invisible wings

they think I really have a pair of invisible wings
I do not think they have a pair of invisible wings

they think I really have a pair of invisible wings

they think I really have a pair of invisible wings
They all think I really have a pair of invisible wings

they think I really have a pair of invisible wings

they think I really have a pair of invisible wings

they think I really have a pair of invisible wings

they think I really have a pair of invisible wings

they think I really have a pair of invisible wings
they think I really have a pair of invisible wings

watch, 50 minutes, the heart under the coursing, there is plenty of time to writing up. But a look at the subject, I suddenly blindsided, called the corner beyond the essay question.

I remember traffic rules on the book said, overtaking is prohibited turn, should look around, slow down through, it will be very susceptible to accidents. Propositions do not know the teacher will not drive, but since he said turn to overtake, it must have a point, as a candidate, I am not nor have any questions, because I doubt that is likely to lead into university, even though reading After ending university and fail are basically the same - to become a less glorious unemployed youth.
But I was 18 years old, do not want to stay home so early, to drink all day was Laodielaoma call, it is boring, I wanted to test outside the university, to leave the building and burning straw because of the large becomes gray city. I hear seniors say, is now free and open universities in particular, because too many students and teachers, but to simply control, so eat, drink skipping school because of who you are nobody to fight, but the boys can earn money in Internet cafes playing games leveling and girls can go to bars nightclubs POP Counter money, think about really fascinating, I have to go to college, and then submitted to such a girlfriend, to work together to make money, reduce the burden of home.
open for a small difference, the time has been wasted 5 minutes, I quickly wipe out the mouth of saliva and began to seriously analyze the issue. Turn to overtake, by definition, must first have a car, it is best car, and driving skills well before they can be staged in the corners to overtake the show. I thought to myself, Hangzhou that drag racing 70 yards to within five meters of the people hit this year if the kid to participate in Anhui college entrance essay can definitely get full marks. Because the book said, the practice to a true knowledge.
my family is an ordinary working-class family had no car, but I ride a bike and rarely, because the city's bus and muck cars is too wild a few years ago the school had a girl riding a bike, unfortunately run over by a bus has. I rarely take a bus, often for no reason because the bus caught fire, and Za Boli hammer often lost for no reason, had enough to sink the bag, the bag if you still go to school every day to put a hammer, too heavy the.
I go to school transport, great the city is characterized by a 8888 license plate hanging from the fuel bicycle race, every time I ride in traffic in the streets of Hefei, the shuttle, the spring breeze was blowing, my sexy chest hair wind drift, always makes me find an ancient hero across battlefields of pleasure. I pull the wind shape, often able to attract the attention of pretty girls side of the road, sometimes they were more daring, simply will hand stopped me and tenderness Feelings asked: and desertion, and talk about things turn overtaking. Impression, I was driving my race 8888, more than two cars. One is to look at a Mercedes car in front of the beauty, in the corners, she slowed down, I shoved a turn throttle, accelerating over her and patted her window, showing off one of his charming smile, wearing sunglasses, but this is not how friendly and beautiful long hair, she told me from the window inside the spit spittle, and to the sentence Mercedes cars beauty, how can the quality so low? I am thinking to myself: I must study hard, go to college in the future with Lamborghini to seduce her over, then buy a dog for her companion.
Another time in an intersection, when the green light just turned red, I am very unfortunate to rush in the first, had wanted to direct rush, but it was too late, I saw a traffic police uncle sharp eyes locked I was estimated to be jealous of me too pull the wind, he Kuaibu Xiang approached me, motioned me to stop, I was a high-speed operation of the brain begin to calculate the losses if the parking could face: an unlicensed illegal immigrant without a license, fined at least 300, trailer 110, parking day 20, loss of at least four to five hundred, so I immediately hit the turn signal to launch the throttle towards the next corner, a row of cars from the middle to pull away in the side mirror, I see the traffic police uncle face was green.
passing through two corners of experience, I have come to two truths, there is beauty in front of the time, you have to chase the chase, even if the catch only to find she is a wooden club. There is a truth: the traffic police stopped you, you have to run the run because his wallet is more important than someone else's face.
enough 800 words, not written. I wish the teacher marking good health and happiness!

come home from Li Yulian, residential security issue to reporters confirmed the hit. Reporters then home to the Li Yulian where Changsha Dongfeng Village neighborhood reflects the situation. Li Yulian but said no need to mediation, (Intern Xie Xian Lu Xiao Liu Xia Li Zhongwen happy old newspaper reporter)

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son said, you have to say this at home, it must control; home a little contradictory, you have to stand on the balcony shouted, this is not to disgrace the family? ...


consent consent Li Yulian, the reporter called her son's phone, only to get a something to do with your

8 6, correspondents saw Li Yulian, talking about his son's filial piety and now have the violence, while she was laughing while crying, but never the son of a curse: curse to him. long before the opening, : things you do not call a person to help the son that I cried in the garden, he is to his shame, he used his hand towards something hit my head, I was immediately knocked down, so I breathed God to have to play him, his wife hand was caught, the son of my knees to beg for mercy, I yelled for help, ran downstairs to the security of all was my wife get in the door. son of shortness of breath and I beat a few back, but also out of cell phone camera at me and tell me I look ugly.

took a while, Li Yulian stopped the seizures,monster beats by dre, she invited reporters to go home and sit, hoping Reporters also persuade his wife Wu. Li Yulian thing for his son to play, Mr. Wu first one rejected until Li Yulian said, sub-bed 30 years. relationship had existed in name only. when children may be small, reluctant to leave. remember to buy back for me. about 10 years ago, my toothache could not bear to see the doctor, after his son know that I adhere to the oral cavity with a hospital, to find the best doctor, then make the best of a tooth. Today, because of his son's abuse, Li Yulian said she cried to be blind eyes, .

husband and wife have separate beds 30 years

welcome to comment I want to comment

year-old Li Yulian (a pseudonym) reported that a letter to the happy talk to the elderly, I hope reporters will help her.

grandson was brutally killed on duty

counsel is not relevant departments as

after the event, Wing Kwong who sent hair into a white-haired man of infinite grief. Xinxing Bureau of Civil Affairs made a request to ratify the grandson Kwong Yu as a result of the sacrifice the country and enjoy the same treatment. Now 5 months in the past, Xinxing Bureau of Civil Affairs did not oral and written responses. So, Wing Kwong five people to the people's court Yunfu Xinxing administrative proceedings, sued Xinxing Civil Affairs Bureau.

Kwong Wing took the administrative complaint.

end of Qing law firm in Guangdong Han Weihua said: Yu-Kwong, the defense of state property, and gave their lives to fight criminals, spirit is commendable. Yu-Kwong Kwok families apply to the civil authorities But the local civil affairs department, after receiving the application back from the dead, contrary to its statutory responsibilities.

for gray-haired Kwong Wing, as happened two years ago, the sad thing yesterday. Said the old man, Yu-Kwong Kwok grandchildren during his lifetime as a new branch of China Telecom staff usually work seriously, unity and colleagues, and helpful.

two years discussing the inconclusive

on the complaint stated: The administration is not said can not be issued as part of the plaintiff's pension The pension shall be calculated according to the law of 700,000 yuan. ; order the defendant to immediately accept the plaintiff's request and concluded Kwong Yu as a result of the sacrifice the country; ordered a third branch of China Telecom and the new one-time pension payment of the defendant to the plaintiff 700,000 yuan; order the defendant to take the case all the costs.

welcome to comment to comment

(Reporter correspondent Qiurui Xian Fu Yuan) yesterday, 88-year-old Kwong Wing to Xinxing County, Yunfu City, Guangdong Province, People's Court, filed an administrative complaint - said the old man, his grandson on duty in the unit when the death struggle with the criminals. However, the relevant departments did not declare for the grandson of

other emerging telecommunications company in this case, both the employer Kwong Kwok Yu, is the direct beneficiary of the event, Yu-Kwong Kwok their own lives to defend the state-owned property, the company should be given appropriate treatment, active The declaration of honor, proper arrangements for their families.

2009 年 8 月 1 日 凌晨 around 2:00, Yu-Kwong Kwok duty in the company, the former co-workers (perpetrator has resigned) Liangjian Nan Zhang Chongjun together with hand-held weapons into the dormitory duty theft. Yu-Kwong Kwok units and individuals to protect property from damage, and its rise as a heroic struggle. Unfortunately, Yu-Kwong Kwok is Liangjian Nan, Zhang Chongjun with wooden sticks, chairs and other tools to beat,monster beats by dre, and the body in more than 10 knives. Finally, Kwong Kwok Yu Guangrong sacrifice, only 38 years old. Subsequently, the verification organization Yue Kwong, Department of by others, the neck with a sharp cutting bleeding caused by rupture of the right carotid artery caused by hemorrhagic shock and death.

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after receiving the complaint, Xinxing County Court, said Wang Kai, Vice-President of the court filing, the material will be transferred to the administrative tribunal review, whether the filing 7 days answered.

Liantong girlfriend more than 20 knife

Wu Bo's defense lawyers for the defense of the views, first expressed sympathy for the relatives of the deceased, and that Wu committed intentional homicide wave the facts are clear, the evidence is conclusive, for the deceased and his family brought great harm. However, in view of Wu Bo inexperienced depth, in flagrante delicto drunk, he had no criminal record, was arrested after a good attitude, the case was a love marriage and family relations because of criminal cases caused by other circumstances, ask the court to reduce punishment for Wu Bo , give him a chance in life again, do not sentence him to death.

determine Wu Bo Ling's death, her ID cards, bank cards, mobile phone, bag, wallet and other items away. Then to a bath to the sauna, but also with Ling's bank card credit card spending of $ 50.

last year at 18:30 on October 8, Wu Bo Ling to call about Kunming University campus near the new welcome break to talk about things. In Wu Bo's repeated request, Wu Bo Ling agreed to request an appointment to go after work.

court, the prosecutor accused the defendant guilty of manslaughter Wu Bo.

welcome to comment to comment

It is understood that, Linda's students, teachers, colleagues, friends and other people to the prosecutor, the court wrote,

Wu Bo Ling hear and immediately got into a fight, Ling asked: A few minutes later, Linda stopped struggling. Wu Bo hands ache, then stopped hard. But he worried that Linda will be alive, reined in turn re-Ling neck scarf tightly marked with two knots.

another prosecutor added, Wu Bo, and Ling as early as one month before the incident broke up, does not exist a relationship, the Supreme Court justice with mercy is not within the scope; last 10 the evening of March 8, Wu Bo, and Ling also had sexual relations, in this case, Wu Bo Ling also be strangled, and kill more than 20 knives have to see that he is set to kill Linda, the means extremely cruel, devoid of conscience has clearly not within the scope of combining punishment with leniency.

want Repudiation

whereabouts after the murder,

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the third day after the incident, Wu Bo, if nothing has happened, to Kunming Majie a temple to burn incense, burn incense, he had thought of attempted suicide, but could not do it .

correspondents to attend that, Wu Bo is Kunming, a 25-year-old. Linda is in Chongqing, Kunming, came to live with their parents, was Wu Bo's girlfriend, was killed when he was only 21 years old Wu Bo.

Wu Bo does not apply to probation

deceased mother Guiqiu Sharenchangming

throughout the trial, Linda's mother, Ms. Chen has been crying. The defendant's defense counsel: they have new evidence submitted, Wu Bo, the family took out $ 250,000, this compensation to the families of the victims, but the money has hit the Kunming Intermediate People's Court account.

defense lawyers just a claim for compensation of sincerity, Linda's mother sitting to stand up immediately from the plaintiff, the mother's move to allow all the people sit dumbfounded: now withdraw the civil claim, the only request is to sentence the defendant to death immediately. lose more money, they can not exchange my daughter's life, as long as Sharenchangming. kneeling on the court, asked the court to sentence the defendant to death immediately.

Wu Bo by car from the horse to Kunming Street Taipei area sauna. After the bath had no money to pay, and bathing places quarrel staff, the staff will be reported to the police. After police arrived, asking them, only to find he is a major suspect to kill Linda.

Linda's mother waved in blood, demanded stern punishment for the murderer.

the next morning, Kunming University campus welcome new security patrol discovered the bodies of Linda, then call the police.

court performance

Wu Bo, the police started questioning, he confessed to the killing after Linda. Subsequently, he indicted the Kunming Intermediate People's Court.

the prosecutor asked the defendant committing the crime, his love of reason did not answer, or irrelevant answers. The prosecutor asked him what day and Linda talk about, he replied: very excited, has been crying. Wu Bo is very calm, there is no repentance, it is very cold. Face distraught mother of the deceased, Wu Bo did not express any regret.

prosecutor said Wu Bo crime site selection in the university campus, a great degree of social harm and social impact is very bad, despicable acts of its appalling. Therefore, ask the court to sentence Wu Bo capital punishment, not probation.

identified by mother Linda to confirm the deceased was his only daughter, immediately, the mother collapsed in her daughter next to the body. Subsequently, Wu Bo as a key suspect was wanted by the police.

a prosecutor immediately retorted: crime drunk is not the scope of the discretion to reduce penalties; Although no criminal convictions Wu Bo, but the crime is extremely cruel means, a great degree of social harm, there is no criminal criminal record is not a mitigating conditions. Wu Bo, after committing the crime, did not surrender the plot from beginning to end, the court is a contempt of the law the way, there is no repentance. Although the Supreme People's Court on love, marriage and family relations in criminal cases arising from the principle of combining punishment with leniency, but not in this case, Wu Bo area. Therefore, Wu Bo should be sentenced to death, repeat

prosecutor that, Wu Bo Ling first strangled with a scarf to their methods of crime have been cruel enough. Ling strangulation death, Wu Bo Ling will also worried alive, reined Linda neck scarf in turn marked two deadlock. After they took out knives Lian Tong Ling had prepared more than 20 knives. To kill Ling, Wu Bo used in two ways, the nature of their crime is extremely serious, extremely cruel means, the circumstances are extremely serious.

Wu Bo did not show repentance and apology

court a scene

correspondent Bai Licheng photo coverage

After the trial, the presiding judge announced: Committee to discuss the case will be submitted only after the trial verdict.

strangled with a scarf ex-girlfriend

murder means two

prosecutor comments

not sentenced to death Wu Bo

Wu Bo, when the judge asked the prosecutor and after committing the crime, he was very co-extremely bad attitude, do not want too much talk about the incident.

Ling could not move, and Wu Bo, after a brief calm, the hand on Linda's nostrils tried before and found that she had stopped breathing.

murder means a

twice to the sauna

Subsequently, Wu Bo Ling hold to the foot of the wall, with an umbrella to cover her up. Wu Bo Ling did not fear death,dr dre headphones for sale, and took out his pocket folding knife, in Linda's face, neck, chest, abdomen, thighs and other parts Liantong more than 20 knives, resulting in Linda's heart, liver and other organs pierce , died at the hands of Wu Bo.

lawyer said

about 8 o'clock that night, which former lovers meet at the new campus of Kunming University of Science 7 downstairs to chat to handle feelings of the two disputes. After the Wu Bo's suggestion, the two along the 7 teaching upstairs to the 4th floor rooftop. In the rooftop to eat something, drink some beer and liquor Wu Bo, the two had sex. Ling told Wu Bo, they fall in love against their parents, Wu Bo Ling asked not obey their parents had no contact with him? Linda replied,

After the trial, Ms. Chen tears of blood holding a book: murderer!!! people from harm, to give the community a peace! adults to write in blood to the judge asking the judge sentenced the murderer to death adults, immediate implementation.

Kunming former girlfriend Linda Wu Bo man (not his real name) after the strangled, but also cruel in his girlfriend's face, neck, chest, abdomen, thighs and other parts Liantong more than 20 knives. Later, Wu Bo for murder and cruel means to be known as the Yesterday, the Kunming Intermediate People's Court held a hearing Wu Bo homicide. During the trial, Linda's mother to give up all civil compensation, kneeling on the court ask the court to sentence the defendant to death, executed immediately! After the trial, and held high in blood, asking the judge for the people call the shots, people from harm, punish the murderers.

The right hand little finger: does not love.
right hand ring finger: in love.
right middle finger: dated other people.
right index finger: singles.
left hand little finger: does this.
left hand ring finger: marriage.
left middle finger: engagement.
left index finger: unmarried
thumb represent the power of meaning, the meaning of self-confidence can do.

pursuit of engagement from

in accordance with our habits,
engagement ring is generally worn on the left hand middle finger,
wedding ring on his left ring finger;
unmarried girls should wear the right middle finger or ring finger

international law is more popular to wear:
worn on the thumb - of self, being reckless; are in search of
worn on the index finger - the situation has been people; want to get married and not married.
on the middle finger - being in love, engaged
worn on the little finger - that single or divorced or single
determination on the ring finger - has engaged or married
right ring finger - said with a nun nature.
wear design of the relatively strong ring, can form with

For the ladies -
. Those who love pink, rich and romantic feelings.
. Those who love red, Some Like It Hot.
. Those who love blue. More introverted cool.
. Those who love green, delicate emotion.
of men who -
. Wearing a silver ring that gentle, easy to accommodate others, easy to communicate.
. Wearing a gold ring were more concerned about the interests, will always be a shrewd business sense.
. Jade who wear strong, focus on taste quality, and strict.
who do not like the ring have ornamentation, is convinced that love people.

ring worn on different fingers, and to reflect on the psychological meaning and character.
. Like those worn on the index finger, the more extreme stubborn personality.
. Like those worn in the right middle finger, psychological balance, objective attitude; advocating the doctrine of life concept.
. Hi worn on the left middle finger, a sense of responsibility, attention to family.
. Like those worn on the small finger, there is an inferiority complex.
. Hi worn on the ring finger, those with no ambition, easy-going, less care about gains and losses.

wear rings should be noted:
worn on the index finger on the ring, required a three-dimensional shape.
ring worn on the middle finger, requiring the atmosphere, there is a sense of weight, can give a more formal and positive feeling.
worn on the ring finger ring, suitable for formal modeling
ring worn on the little finger, for lovely,beats by dr dre headphones, delicate shape, because the little finger gives a feminine feel.
fingers, suitable for wide-ring and ring sense of volume
obese spiral shape of the hand for wearing the ring, so make your fingers slightly thin.
stubby type of hand can choose Streamline shape of the ring.

refers to the wish:
little finger: little finger is trapped inside sexy conveyed the message, it will be a ring worn on the unexpected happened;
ring finger: ring finger connected to the heart legend , the most sacred oath;
middle finger: the ring worn on the middle finger on the most hearty create a free atmosphere, good for inspiration emerge and become more attractive, Yixing Yuan;
index finger: while the ring worn on the index finger on the character will become bright and independent;
thumb: the ring worn on the thumb can help you achieve your aspirations.

nail ring, it is worn on the fingertips, and specifically to decorate your nails and fingertips.

Why wedding ring be worn on the ring finger - a wonderful physical phenomenon
The hands middle finger bent down, with his back to back close together, the other four fingertips on the touch.
start the game following the question:
1. Please open it on your thumb, thumb on behalf of our parents
2. close up your thumb, then open the index finger, index finger on behalf of brothers and sisters
3. close up the index finger, and then open a small thumb, a small thumb on behalf of children
4. So, please close the small thumb, and then try to open the ring finger, ring finger how also ox - husband and wife

It is reported that Shanghai Tourism Festival as a major theme of the wedding activities, rose wedding has been successfully held for 11 years, its new and unique form of social life in Shanghai and the media attention each year highlights. Organized by the Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administrative Commission, Shanghai Luwan District People's Government.

the fashion of traditional Chinese celebration wedding with a combination of elements, is this a major feature of the collective wedding. Wedding Organizing Committee Secretary-General Cao Zhonghua said.

part in the ceremony, witnesses, 60 couples more than 600 lanterns in the field of contrast, collective lift lid, preparing for the wedding, two pairs of diamond wedding scene for new people to the elderly also issued marriage certificate, and by his faithful love, marriage model infected with each couple. In the audience who witnessed the 60 couples together took vows of love, deep love sweet, warm, but also for the festival in Shanghai adding to the festivity.

event, being filled with new people, dressed in costume and calligraphy masters like pieces together to complete a joint. 10 pairs of lucky couple, also get red sedan chair, walking in the Xintiandi Shikumen, all the way to booming.

Xinhua Shanghai October 5 (Xinhua war Jiaqi) 5, 60 couples was held in Shanghai, quite a group wedding of traditional Chinese characteristics: the costume, preparing for the wedding, red silk pull, lift lid, new people to the traditional Marriage into the modern wedding, the Chinese charm in the rich, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of new China.

60 couples a large team, the Jing-Jing Wang, Ge Weining couple is particularly special, they have a nearly 40 friends and relatives,Men North Face Jackets, which is far beyond the organizers provided the number of relatives and friends to participate. in the 60th anniversary of the nationwide celebration held our wedding day really is too blessed!

but in the beginning, One

in the junior high school, Steve Jobs at a gathering of students, and older than his 5-year-old Wards meet. Wards school electronics club president, also of great interest in electronics. Two hit it off, 8 years later they founded Apple Computer.

ten years, bookstores around the world, the emergence of a mass of books on historical figures. These figures include Socrates, Leonardo da Vinci, Copernicus, Darwin and Einstein become a beacon of inspiration, and Socrates came in first. Cicero evaluation Socrates said: not about Socrates, it is about yourself and about how you bring to your daily life more sublime.

11 Do not be dogmatic constraints, to listen to their inner voice, doing what they want to do.

the past decade, a large number of theoretical studies have shown that television on the human spirit and mind is harmful. Most viewers are aware of this bad habit will be a waste of time and the brain becomes dull, but they chose to stay in front of the TV. Turn off the TV bar, point to their province of brain cells. Also, the computer will let your brain Xiudou, if you talk to do not believe that one day spent eight hours playing the first shooter games, Rally games, role-playing game to see people talk, you will come to this conclusion of.

Then, in 1999 Steve Jobs has introduced a second generation iMac, with red, yellow, blue, green, purple five kinds of fruit and color styles to choose from, side of the city on a warm welcome by the users. July 1999 launch of the shape of the blue and yellow, like a beautiful toy iBook laptops in the market immediately sought after by users. iBook iMac combines the unique style, the latest wireless networking capabilities with Apple in the portable computer field all the advantages, is designed for home and school users to design a IBook in October 1999 won the

personal life

1976 年 April Fool's Day, Steve Jobs, Wozniak and Steve Jobs made a friend the dragon Wayne affect future generations of matter: the three of them signed a contract, decided to set up a computer company. Company name from Apple's Steve Jobs prefer the final word - as Apple. Later spread to is the famous trademark - one was a bite of the apple. Their computers were naturally made to recover that

life with a sense of responsibility to try to bring something meaningful to this world of things, influence the lives of a more noble thing. So you will find life more meaningful, life is no longer boring. We need to do many things. Tell others your plans, do not preach, do not self-righteous, but not blind fanaticism, which would only scare away the people, of course, you do not be afraid to become role models, to seize the opportunities to climb to let people know you are doing .

I condensed this passage as: To find a meaning to give your life to bring value and make you feel fulfilling career. Have a sense of mission and sense of purpose in order to bring meaning to life, values, and enrich. Not only for your health and life expectancy of benefits, and even if you will be in trouble when you feel good. On Monday morning, you can not get up and neatly looking forward to the day? If not, then you have to look again. You will feel you are not really find.

50 units quickly sold out machine in the hands of the Trail, with a good start, Began small batch production. Jobs and Wozniak began to realize that their little capital, hardly enough to cope with rapid development. Jobs later recalled: Hewlett-Packard, but unfortunately, these companies do not realize that one hidden opportunities and markets.

time is too short, but arduous task, Jobs and Wozniak braved the heat, day and night to dry up, to the company's survival, they fight it. Almost every day they are in the sweat, hard work spent, work 66 hours per week. Finally in the first 29 days they miraculously completed the mission, the 50

Steve away, made him more aware of their mistakes, absorb lessons, but also for the future, save it back to Apple and prepare to resign after a few days, Jobs also founded the , began his career continued to tour.

New rekindled Mac supporters' hopes. Three years they have been waiting for something there, iMac has become the hottest topic of the year. In December 1998, iMac won the

you tired of living for others? Do not hesitate, this is your life, you have absolute autonomy to decide how to live, not to be bound by the actions of others. Give yourself a chance to develop their own creativity, do not be afraid, do not worry. Choice over their own lives, do your own boss!

personal quotation

10. your time is limited, so do not live for others. Do not be dogmatic constraints, do not live in someone else's view. Do not let others' opinions about their own inner voice. The most important thing is brave to follow his heart and intuition, and only his heart and intuition to know your real thoughts, everything else is secondary.

settle down after Steve Jobs continued his interest in childhood, often with the Wards one, pondering in their own car library computer. They dream to have a own computer, but when the market sells are commercial, and bulky, extremely expensive, so they prepare their own development. Manufacture of personal computer microprocessors is necessary, but 8080 was the retail price to $ 270 chip, and not sold to unregistered companies. Two people do not lose heart, continue to look for, and finally San Francisco in 1976 Wisconsin annual fairs on computer products bought

2011 年 1 17, 56-year-old Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs) to employees through e-mail sends a shocking message: The Board has approved his sick leave, Chief Operating Officer of pedicle Muku Ke (Tim Cook) will temporarily be responsible for all of Apple's daily operations. This is has been since January 2009, Jobs left the second ill post. Both sick leave, during which only two years apart. Apple's stock price in overseas markets fell by 6% -8%.

reform under the Jobs, Steve Jobs just took office, Apple's loss of up to $ 1 billion a year, but miraculously, after $ 309 million profit. In January 1999, when Steve Jobs announced that fiscal fourth-quarter profit of $ 152 million, 38 percent exceeded Wall Street's forecast, Apple's stock price immediately rose, and finally to $ 4.65 per share, closing a public outcry. Apple Computer in the PC market share has increased from 5% to 10%.

Then, he began to introduce a new computer. In 1998, iMac Apple saddled with the hope of condensed sweat employees, entrusted with the revitalization of Apple's Steve Jobs dream show in the world. It is a new computer, represents a future concept. Translucent exterior, sweeping away the monotony of the monotonous beige PCs, like space-age product, coupled with light mouse, and $ 1,299 price tag, very enjoyable indeed ... ... Apple design, unconventional, extraordinary. In order to promote, Jobs to Descartes's famous Which became a classic case of the advertising industry.

At the time, Jobs lived in the famous An HP engineer to see if he so obsessed, it recommended that he participate in HP's This is specifically for young engineers gathering held every Tuesday night at the company's restaurants. At a gathering, Jobs first saw the computer, he began to have a hazy understanding of the computer.

1955 年 2 24, Steve Jobs was born in San Francisco, USA, just born, was a university professor father and mother of decadent artists ruthlessly abandoned. Fortunately, a pair of well-meaning husband and wife host to the poor bastard.

Motorola produced 6502 chips feature Intel's 8080 with almost the same, but the price is just $ 20.

19 years old, just the first year of college Jobs, whim, dropping out of school Atari video game company to become a staff member. Before long, the young and not law-abiding, he became interested in Buddhism but also on, do not even have a job, and across the seas to the Indian spiritual practice to follow the Grand Master. The result can be imagined, not only failed to learn Buddha on the road has suffered enough. He had to return to Atari's done an engineer.

1996 年 12 17, almost all of the world's major computer newspapers published on the front page of the Jobs at this time, because of its (now Pixar) successfully produced the first computer-animated already desperate. Jobs at Apple distress re-back, top to bottom are very encouraged by Apple. Even Amelio, former CEO Steve Jobs also meet the welcoming speech, said: innovators. His followers to Apple, said:

5. There is a saying in Buddhism: beginner's mind; have a beginner's mind is a great thing.

Jobs as a miracle, but the miracle will continue. He always gives a constant surprise, either start or later, he was a computer genius talent; approachable life style; wonderful creative brains; great goal; panic leadership style built on a core of Apple's corporate culture, Apple employees for his reverence is simply a religious-like fanaticism. Employees even outside of them said: I work for the Steve Jobs!

Apple was born

for Steve Jobs's personal life, it is still no data to test, just know that he is Buddhist, but Steve Jobs attaches great importance to privacy. Even in recent years, when he attended the public was extremely consumer, the public worried about his cancer recurrence and the company's shares fell on the occasion, he did not speak for their own health, only in September 2008, the Let's Rock press conference with a subtitle ─ ─ those who reported on the death of my content is too exaggerated (Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated).

Do not confuse matters in appearance but to the insight into the nature of beginner's mind is the action to send the Zen. The so-called beginner's mind is not groundless speculation, do not expect, not arbitrary and do not prejudice. Beginner's mind as to face the world as a newborn, always curious, curiosity, admiration.

you know in your life, what is certain to achieve the mission? You know you drink a cup of coffee or do meaningless things, these missions has cast a layer of dust? We are born to carry a thing, this thing indicates our desire, interest, enthusiasm and curiosity, this is the mission. You do not have any authority to judge your mission, no bosses, teachers, parents, priests, and any authority can help you to decide. You need to find this on your own unique mission.

2003 years, people predicted that Steve Jobs will be the third board

opportunities to people who tend to favor. October 1976, millionaire 马尔库拉慕 name came to visit Wards and their garage workshop. Mar Kula was a trained electrical engineer, and very good at marketing efforts, known as the marketing genius. As in the stock business, made a fortune, he chose to retire early life. But seeing these two young men of the new product, determined to return to prostitution Mar Kula, the company in a big way to help them do it. He offered to help them develop a business plan, give them loans $ 690,000, will be their own fate with two young men together. With the guidance of experts in such Marr Kula, with the amount of money,

During this time, Apple is doomed to failure, whether or former PepsiCo CEO Steve Scully Apple can not stop to decline, they insist on Apple's closed nature, and adhere to software and hardware bundling, resulting in its way the computer can not become popular, which will drive away potential partners, while the computer is a huge demand by only one company can not meet, but it is not an industry standard by only one company established, if it was then Apple will split the hardware and software we are now running on the computer is a Mac system.

4. Not everyone needs to grow their own food, not everyone needs to do their own clothes, others we spoke the language of the invention, the invention using other people's math ... ... We have been using other people's achievements . Use existing human experience and knowledge to invent is a very great thing.

innovation without limits! Just dare to think, nothing is impossible, it immediately out of the box thinking. If you are in a rising sun industry, then try to find a more effective solution: recruit more consumers, more simple business model. If you are in a shrinking industry, then quickly get behind the times in their own before getting out to change jobs or change fields. Do not delay, immediately began to innovation!

as a huge success, Steve Jobs received in 1985 by President Ronald Reagan awarded the National Medal of Technology. However, success came too fast, too much honor is strongly behind the crisis, because most of the time Steve Jobs philosophy and management differences, coupled with IBM's Big Blue began to wake up, have also introduced a personal computer, seize large market, making the newly developed computer Jobs steadily defeat, the general manager and board chairman Steve Jobs put the blame for failure,dr dre headphones for sale, in the period April 1985 resolution by the Board revoked his business power. Jobs several times without success to regain power, then in the September 17, 1985 angrily resigned from Apple's chairman.

no shortcut to success. You must be excellent into your body as a character. Maximize your talents, abilities, skills, all of the other thrown behind you. Strictly their own high standards, focus on those who would change all the details. Is not difficult to become excellent, from the best of my ability now to do, you will find that life will give you amazing returns.

8. I am willing to put all my technology to get along for an afternoon and Socrates.

1997, Jobs was named A growing number of industry colleagues agreed with this view. Jobs even had to squeeze Apple Scully also can not help but praise:

but Apple has been unable to restore the general-purpose computer on the defeat of the competition.

fact, more terrible is Apple ignoring partner Bill Gates when in fact, Apple's little brother just wanted to concentrate on developing Office, but because Apple neglected partners in developing the new system before the listing does not give partners compatibility technical support, Microsoft can only try to develop their own unbearable system. (Bill Gates then stole the Mac is the prototype of their own to develop, not only fed up with trying to develop their own systems.)

6. We believe that watching TV when the basic human brain stop working, turn on the computer, the brain began to run.

with 6502 chips, two ecstasy young people back to the garage of Steve Jobs began his great innovation. They designed a circuit board, the 6502 microprocessor and the interface and some other components installed in the above, the microprocessor through the interface with the keyboard, video monitor connected, just a few weeks, the computer fitted. Steve Jobs's friends were shocked, but they did not realize that this thing is nothing to boast the world's first personal computer, will the future bring much of the world. But the shrewd Jobs made out of this computer immediately estimate the market value. To raise funds for the mass, he sold his Volkswagen brand cars, but also to persuade Wozniak sold his cherished HP 65 calculator. In this way, they have laid the foundation stone of the $ 1,300 Albert.

3. the only way to accomplish something that Albert loves his career. If you have not let their love be able to find the cause, continue to look, do not give up. Follow their own heart, one day you will find.

2009 年 6 30, Apple said in the past six months sick leave after the Steve Jobs has been back to work.

7. I was the only one I know in a year $ 250 million lost people ... This is helpful for my growth.

had to leave

Although the adopted son, but the parents telling them well, as parents. Student's Steve Jobs smart, naughty, wanton, often like to come up with some of the ingenuity ironic joke. However, how very superior to his academic performance.

1977 In April, the first time in U.S. history on the West Coast computer fair opened. In order to play in exhibition reputation, Jobs everywhere, spend huge sums of money at the exhibition booth to get the biggest and best. More compelling, of course, Apple II, the prototype, it changed in the past heavy clumsy personal computer, design complexity, difficult to operate the image to small, lightweight, easy to operate and can be placed at home, use of distinctive features, focusing on the hearts of the audience. It is only 12 pounds, only 10 screw assembly, the plastic shell beautiful, looks like a beautiful typewriter. People could not believe this small machine can escape from the big screen spectacular on a continuous show, like a kaleidoscope of colors, the trial, orders have come.

2011 年 2 月 18 evening, dinner for U.S. President Barack Obama Steve Jobs and other IT giants.

mistakes does not mean wrong. Which has never been successful people do not fail or make mistakes, on the contrary, successful people make a mistake after all, to make corrections, then the next will not be wrong, wrong as they put a warning instead of a hopeless failure. Never making mistakes means that never really lived.

1980, the December 12, 1980, Apple's stock is publicly traded in less than an hour, 460 million shares were all sold out the day to close at $ 29 a share. According to the closing price, Apple executives had four billionaires and millionaires over 40. Of course, as the company founder Steve Jobs is number one.

2009 年 9 月 10, 2009 Apple's Steve Jobs appeared new fall conference. This is the second medical treatment, Jobs first major event at the company.

2009 April Jobs in Memphis, Tennessee, Methodist University Hospital Transplant Institute (Methodist University Hospital Transplant Institute) received a liver transplant. Recovery in good condition, has resumed work.

a chance opportunity to One day in July 1976, the retailer came to Paul Roth Rael Jobs garage, when watching Steve Jobs demonstrate computer proficiency, he believes that Order 50 machine, but requires delivery within a month, Steve Jobs overjoyed and immediately signed, finalized the transaction, this is made of the first

1. the difference between leaders and follow the trend lies in innovation.

9. to live is to change the world, are there other reasons?

ordered in times of crisis, CEO Steve Jobs played a decisive manner the authority, carry out drastic reforms. He reorganized the board first, then people who make a jaw-dropping event - discard the old grudges, and Microsoft rival Apple's hold hands, the conclusion of a remarkable license agreement. Jobs Therefore, once again,

2011 年 3 月 3 morning news, Apple in Beijing at 2:00 on March 3 in the United States, San Francisco Yerba Buena Arts Center held a special conference to release new iPad 2 tablet. Apple CEO Steve Jobs appeared the conference site, and in the field show some iPad quality applications. Previously, the reason for pancreatic cancer, Jobs again in January this year sick leave

restructuring rivers and mountains

2009 年 1 18, Steve Jobs sent a letter to each employee, claiming that their health worse than imagined, need to temporarily leave the company treatment, and similar to The news came out, Apple's stock price has dropped nearly 10% of the day.

2. become synonymous with excellence, many people do not need excellent quality for the environment.

1983 年: Lisa and Apple Iie database release, priced at $ 9,998 and $ 1,395. Apple to become the fastest growing companies in history. But Lisa's release indicates that Apple's decline, a not realistic, even the Americans are Xiangui computer is not much market, and misappropriation of the Apple Lisa and a lot of R & D funding. When the rise of Apple can say is the beginning of its decline.

Buses , overcrowding . Close the door and a woman , the men wear glasses , carry a bag , look Okuma Suo , woman standard look. They brazenly talk :
M: your husband tonight not at home , right? ( look around much quieter ...)
F: ah ,Beats by dre solo HD Graphite, he this week are in the field .
M: playing tonight ? ( next door to uncle turned over to see ..) ;
female: Well you want to play Zage ? ( next door to the aunt also turned over ..)
men : the old way Caesar , I opened the room ( next door to high school students also turned over ... )

female : cut , you open the room I did not come here then , or I drive ( everybody surprise ...)
M: good spread , you open , I came to death you ( the people around the suck down a cold lump ...)
female: bullied said that I do not know what get what , too much not to beg for mercy ( the people 's eyes light exudes Bs ) ;

M: you then fierce and I can only accompany you to an hour in the evening I would like to accompany my girlfriend ( carriage with murderous ...)
female : call her Laishua spread (full halo )

M: Landlords she will not play mahjong .... (all runaway )

a relationship can withstand much misunderstanding? How much can bear a relationship cheating? Destroy a relationship and can withstand much torture?
love someone so hard! To hate one's own loved one harder! If you love him, that does not exist If you do not love him, you did not even qualify to hate him, you simply use him in it, so you did not even qualify him as
a relationship simply can not afford to deceive, even if the deep feelings and then can afford to! Even if one of you cheated you hide the pain caused by his deception, but he did not so often when you go alone to bear the pain. Bring only harm to deceive! How deep a love, there is deep pain! Ask under yourself, you lie to others will be better than you do? Do you not hurt? If you exchange what you what will happen? Everyone has feelings,Beats by dre tour headphones! Everyone has love! Please do not lie to deceive any feelings.
Anyway, you came together, each has had, and go and have experienced! You loved, happy too, happy too, happy too! More or less, or deep or shallow your mind there will be some of his ...! Please do not deceive you with feelings of love and who love you! Whoever, whether male or female, everyone has a vulnerable side. If there is a person who loves you, and his most vulnerable side of you that love for you! Because he is your kind of love, he will pay you everything. Everything you do will affect him! Affect you brought him happiness, pain ...! And his heart will be there to bring these you give him these bits and pieces!
If you want to lie, please lie down has been, do not give him a chance to know! If you do not, then you fail! Also shows that you have with a little bit of humanity! You also have to understand their feelings! If you really do have to go lie, then I admire you, you are absolutely a top liar. But I also feel sad for you, this life you lived in vain, no love, no feelings of what is man? No love, no feelings of people, then what is? What feelings do not lie to deceive!
there is a love call to let go! There is a love called used to have! Let it all into memory buried in my heart. Open to each other enough space, so that part of his happiness to the chase! Since you can not give him happiness! Since you do not believe you I will have happiness! So please release him and let him chase belonged to his happiness! If you believe you can give him happiness, happiness! If you really love each other each other, please cherish it! After all, to find love and a love of their own people so hard! Really hard! In fact, I think as long as you both love each other, as long as you are together is a very happy thing! If you pay each other for each other, trust each other, are worthy of each other. I believe you will be very happy couple!
give up these two words is easy to write, but please do not just say it. Feelings are two things you are doing something, when many think of each other, and more to think about each other's feelings. Feelings do not deceive! Sometimes, of course, also need some good Huangyan! But enough is enough!
In a word ... do not lie to deceive any feelings

good, dozens of food essential

● walnut: walnut can, blood marrow, Qiangshen brain, is to strengthen the memory and understanding of the best. Walnut best for intellectual workers, especially white-collar women and children eat, because these people tend to Yongnaoguodu very Haoshang effort, eat walnuts to nourish the brain and improve brain circulation, strengthen the brain. Parents can stew walnut porridge to feed their children, can also be crushed walnut and black sesame stir, make pies or buns to feed their children. Walnut oil more difficult to digest, usually 3 to 6 year-old children eat three to four large walnut enough.

● honey: Because honey has a high nutritional value, the clinical application of modern medicine, taking the honey can promote digestion and absorption, increase appetite, calm sleep, improve the body's immune system, promoting the growth and development of infants and young children has a positive effect. Because growth and development of infants and young children need a variety of nutrients, including a variety of educational components, almost all contain honey. Transferred to warm water taking, to treat constipation in children. Morning to take the best, you can also apply in the slice of bread or bread pieces on the food.

● jujube: date Dates to the children at night to drink soup or eat a fresh dates, can intake of vitamin C, trace elements, a tranquilizer puzzle effect, allowing easy night nightmare child sleep better, enhance sleep after the .

● Almonds: Almonds are a nutrient-intensive not only nuts, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and calcium, iron and other minerals, in many cultures, it is romantic and health representatives. The nutritional value of almonds is very balanced, not only contains proteins similar to animal nutrition, such as protein, fat, etc., also contains specific plant components such as cellulose. Large pieces of sweet almonds are nourishing the heart, eyesight, educational features, often taking so the children smarter. Will buy peeled almonds and peanuts, soybeans with foam, made with almonds, peanuts, soybean milk to drink milk to children, help children to absorb.

how to let their children become smart it? In my opinion, instead of spending money buying all kinds of early childhood educational health care products, as in everyday life appropriate to eat a puzzle brain effects of food. The following ten kinds of food to children puzzle brain is the

● Eggs: whether it is eggs, duck, pigeon, are to promote children to eat the whole egg. Eggs is not only an excellent source of protein, and egg yolk lecithin by the release of choline absorption, can synthesize acetylcholine, acetylcholine can significantly improve children's memory. In addition, the egg yolk iron, phosphorus content is high, but also conducive to the child's brain development.

● Black fungus: to purify the blood, are light to memorize. Ming Li in the For like meat, hamburger and other high-fat foods chubby pier, the black fungus released from the adsorption of alkaline substances to the brain leading to insufficient blood supply to the brain artery plaque, so that memory and thinking has been significantly improved. Fungus can not not eat, we can not eat, especially pregnant women, children eat more when the number should be controlled.

● Fish: The ancients had a Fish rich in globulin, albumin, phosphorus-containing nuclear protein, unsaturated fatty acids, iron, vitamin B12 and other ingredients, are children of nutrients necessary for brain development. Some experts believe that fish contains high unsaturated fatty acids do not fish, but freshwater aquaculture in China today, more serious water pollution, it is suggested, children's consumption of freshwater and marine fish the best ratio of 1:2.

● longan meat: longan, also known as longan, the infirm and children have nourishing and soothing effect,Beats by dre solo HD, long-term use can improve the child's forgetfulness phenomenon, cardiac puzzle effect. Chinese medicine, longan is the heart of the best fruit beneficial blood for spleen length wise to the drug. However, more humid longan meat, whether fresh or dry longan longan, a week to eat up to three times, bulimia, children are more likely to get angry, there dry stool and other issues.

To the child mind

● Apple: Some scientists and physicians to Apple as It contains apple alcohol can enhance memory elements. Letting children choose to eat fresh apples, not to eat high-temperature processed apple crisp, and transferred to a large number of stabilizers and flavor modifier type of blending apple juice. Pressed apple juice is the best with skin extract, and let the children drink finished in ten minutes, to prevent oxidation of apple alcohol factor.
● Grapes: Grapes are rich in nutrients, known as the Purple grape better than light blue, grape is recognized as one of the best anti-oxidants, will supplement the liver and kidney, Qi rote educational wise, but the child's daily consumption of 200 grammes of the best control, so too much sugar intake affect the uptake of meals.

or ... or
or light or elegant, flowers always in bloom; or surplus or missing, the monthly total in heaven; or pleasure or pain, life is always in the past; or hope or despair, hope always in front; or see or not see, never mind between friends.

how to taste life
really tired of life, to see how you taste, look for more every day joy, worry not to ignore, just few years of, why not cool the face, friends, regular contact, Do not worry too much phone charges, leisure send a message, you are happy with appetizers.

peace like
much or how little, often enough; people ugly people Jun, pleasing to the eye like; few elderly people, like health; home from poor rich,Monster Miles Davis Tribute, gas is like; who is right, understand the like; person's life, like peace.

forget earthly tired
to bread and water to support stomach, lung wash with fresh air, bright sun to sun basking, find a small group of friends, drunk, drinking, sleeping a sleep like the cat did, forget the tired earth was removed.

person's life:

know how to drink, find the feeling; know how contented people, to find happiness; know how to put people to find freedom; treasure of the people, to find happiness; know how to care for people, find friends.

; man deaf ------- any woman nagging trick infinite

life more blessed, to open on contentment. Consider ignorance hard, smart is a blessing. Consider suffering hunger and cold, fed and warm, is a blessing. Consider fatigue pain, leisure is a blessing. Consider bitter loneliness, friends and more is a blessing. Flow lines in the heart, the heart is too rich!

love Zile
too hard is the world's most emotional, most difficult to find the love, the most difficult but also the human, the most unusual is that friendship is the most difficult points of the family, the most difficult to find the truth, the most painful is ruthless, the most lovely is your smiling face!

people say money is evil ah
source, wants to fishing; say beauty is trouble, all Xiangzhan; say mad, want to climb; say that alcohol harms the body, all having left ; say that heaven is beautiful, do not go!

raise gas
more books to support talent, cautious line to support clean air, heavy brotherhood popular support, to raise ambition and shame, and gas temperature raising of doing things, talking about responsibility Yangxian gas, Department of the common people to support the sustaining power and fame to support light righteousness, not kitsch support backbone, the courage to raise as a noble spirit, will keep the atmosphere of tolerance.

happy and harmonious marital skills is: dumb

tea - bitter and then sweet, evocative; wine - soft and stamina, as people said cool; spring - clear and tasteless, but a lifetime to taste the sweet. A bosom friend, such as tea, such as wine, such as spring, people benefit from his life.

people in my entire life
people in my entire life, how are all over, instead of frown, as smiling. Biexian cold winter, hot summer Biexian, money not so poor, no money do not ostentatious, leisure and support of self-cultivation, daily look for music, tasted bitter and sweet and sour, be considered not lived!

Road is the road and trees
love, friends, is the tree; life is only one way, way more than a tree; money when not forget road, short of money when Kaokao tree; happy time do not get lost, rest of the time pouring water trees.

life ... ...
life to use the mind to face the sea, dominated by the scientific method, with the emperor's imperial stomach, lung wash with fresh air, bright sun with the sun is, the same as Lan Mao sleep.

person Xiangxi
person with Xixi in goods, the person owe respect to Germany, one of the intersecting cross in love, embracing people of the pro-in ceremony, the person believed the letter was sincere, the person accompanied with in love.

selection of teachers, wisdom, life; selected couples, happy life; election on the environment, happy life; selection of friends, the sweet life; election on the industry, a lifetime achievement.

face to face ......
roses, do not have romantic; the face of beauty, do not have to look at; the face of a friend, bread and water; the face of the family, contribute to sweat; the face of his wife, gazing.

good woman as dumb - ------ brighter privacy of any man unlimited

the most
health is the best gift, contentment the greatest wealth, kindness is the best character, care is the most sincere greetings, care is the most selfless thoughts, blessings are the best words!

more rest will live
do too tired to sleep, when to eat by points. Xiangui say nothing fancy to buy, and the environment not against. Was empty and friends gather together, there are both sober drunk. Can make money will spend life considered enjoyably.

four elements
good health is mental health nutrients, tolerance is a mental health control valve, positive mental health is not old Dan, indifferent to the psychological health of the immune agent.

those who are not led by the soldiers .. they are not heroic ...

.. so if you fell the wind in the sand .. you will ...

... brave ... they are mighty sharp knife hand ...

no one can see deep scars in their body ...

but guarded prison assault experienced brave wind and rain to create the striver ...

listening to the soldiers .. times .. victory ... is not enough ...

not disappear .. but nowhere can ...

leaders and then the crowd has been a leader ...

EU leaders who courageously Zhang Xian and have all admired the scenery and let others praise ..

may headman ... perhaps with the wrong mind nostalgic ... and do not want to keep fully involved too much ...

battlefield never never give you the opportunity to ...

the busy city life ... never any negative view of life,Just Beats By Dr.Dre, love of people ...

No one has seen them experience

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password qq10001058

application address to send QQ number

friends see reply `` `

pile of pure white paper notes Zhuojiao still lying quiet, like now, he died a little corner of the Si Shouzhao heart, thinking that everything can be self-deception that did not happen However, only a reluctant and unable to admit at the moment, his heart has been like that Zhuojiao notes on paper, is still pure white, lightly dust the surface already let this piece of white just under the left beyond recognition memory.

is worship? be argumentative? eventually slowly be forgotten ... ...

heart if not direction, but wherever they not stray ... ...

many times we could not tell, those who had a deep feeling of how to end, until finally they failed to understand clearly how to care about each other the courage to bid farewell to so easily.

often only on the feelings of our fascination with the memory of happiness goes on silhouette, but a habit even when all alone also appeared increasingly pale. Same applies too beautiful flowers wither easily, too easily hurt feelings, put aside the obsession to lose than to get even more real, not only so, let the memory of those who remain in the residual heart slowly melt.

; ; Master / 2011.4.4

Wen / Chen Zihao

be read, to be remembered? Be like? Be annoying

each Yi Zizi's pieced together the story, are as bloodthirsty segment will be a memory, life and life to withstand wind and rain may be imprinted in the space at any time under the spread, wanton flowing desolate.

she believes the hope that those involved with the soul of the moment can become a permanent memorial so the warmth. But now can no longer assured, but also do not want to release the memory of his hands clenched long. The only clear only the familiar palm temperature could not bear to discard.

accustomed to those little notes on paper record of every moment, sometimes just a word or a word, and these monotonous but always hidden deep-seated in the plot, could not bear to discard, and the courage to open a.

we do not have too much to understand, and need not see through

So, be quiet,north face jacket men, just leave your mark at the moment ... ...

Xu was tired, so even the parting has been extremely quiet, no quarrel, no tears. If that is still warm, the old King has ever. Only a less familiar side, in front of the downtown has become eclipsed. The only constant is her stubborn reliance on the text.

to bear is that he did not want to wait, but much later today, he knows, those who stubbornly stick to day long without love and hope, just waiting to become accustomed to when he would have chosen a compromise.

All along he did not imagine the love of words, but not stubbornly adhere to their own records kept trained on a deep tip section of the emotional journey, but those white notes on paper will no longer be His name appears, he will not look back on those before the mark. There are too many strokes in those who could not bear to give up but unable to face the past.

always believed rendered the sad memories of gentle and can not take away the Nama

wind through the screens that Zhang Anjing stroking the face, taking the eyes that hint of a touch of sadness, he resolutely to delete all the text on the memory, together with the still has been significant in Zhuojiao desolation notes on paper with the familiar but lost in the never of their own city. He has decided to put aside all the memories and sadness began a new life is unknown.

PS: the original text, it is state of mind, independent of mood

see the police ,north face down vest men, a look of helpless men take the initiative to produce a driver's license and driving permit , the man surnamed Chen , Wuhan , Shenzhen has been doing business . Driving the day after friends from Wuhan to apricot , with a year-old son preparing to return to Shenzhen.

9 am yesterday , the provincial police Wang Xiande executives five brigades , Cao Shuqi patrol to the incident found that a BMW car parked in Guangdong license紧急停车带, near the vehicle , a man was holding a large stone hit the window , the police quickly get off a look and found the car smashed the cab window of a big hole inside a 3 -year-old child was crying .

not due to engine flameout , hypoxia may lead to the car , to prevent accidents, he had the windows smashed .

was severely criticized for its police , and warned that the highway can not just stop , otherwise it will increase the road safety risks , and go to the bathroom or charges should be to the service area outside the station .

yellow highway when he was passing through yellow to 47KM at the Xi River , because of the urgent step aside easily . At that time cars did not turn off , the son of one person in the car , did not think naughty son accidentally locked inside by a button , the door lock will not open. Despite guiding his son in the car window several times to open locked button , but his son was too young , did not work .

Han Net News ( correspondent reporter Yang Ping Jiang Hongkun ) when driving on the highway within the emergency , the owner stop In desperation , the owner of car with stones smashed the glass , the incident yellow yellow to 47KM at highway Xi River .

night dancing and shouting with excitement ,north face shoes men, playing for an hour .

up yesterday, still squatting slowly stood up , jumped up today on a rearing up .

[wonderful to share]: Yan Feng Jiao toilet doors: can be copied Gillian

Why let the public disturbance Yan Feng Jiao constantly surprises?

recently, almost all of the media are full of newspapers Yan Zhao Yan Feng Jiao deep event news. In entertainment, as long as the word has always been sexually sought after will be additional. Therefore, although the actress Yan Feng Jiao, not as a stream of N lines, such as star will be such a high degree of concern.

event, once exposed, the parties have given a positive response, Yan Feng Jiao is the first time I came forward to clarify, Yan Zhao protagonist is really their own, showing his guests for the care and support, while the public once again into which to enjoy another round of Pornographic brought to a climax. As the cleanup

into the matter. This has some doubt, why this event is occurring in a standing, if you're still on the stage of the guests? We have not surprised, at least I felt something, if you must find out, if you're in a trend for uninhibited figure. Mano a right hand that no one dared. And organizers in this performance too active, it makes some mixed feelings. Having said that, we all understand. This is speculation, I would like to directly say that, unfortunately fear too quickly, we can not accept. In fact, since, if you're on air since the controversy continued, not a lot of scandal. Even if this incident did not Pornographic, Sanjiang pretend that other disputes will occur even scandal.

gossip Luan, flooded, even the old lady get together to talk about the yuan appreciation are talking about the property market, how do we still so energetic? Hey, sleepy economy, culture, medical care, the truth is unknown, more than speculation as to who shot Yan Zhao, uncle to the police is a matter of concern. We just watch the fun, looking forward to the next

Yan Feng-Jiao event, users generally have the following point of view, then we view it?


[wonderful to share]: Foshan 90 staged passion

[wonderful to share]: to put clothes on TV, took off his clothes on the Web

[wonderful to share]: Yan Feng Jiao network so popular: not

[wonderful to share]:

Click here to view more wonderful to share

users began to speculation, but the real truth is unknown. Just hope that the entertainment should eliminate disinfection,North Face Jackets, from Edison to the beast to the beast Yan Feng Jiao, speculation Ye Hao, Ye Hao unintentionally leaked. The key is the entertainment in this environment changed. How many more such things? Status has allowed us to imagine a bear. -

the most attention is the one to rely on a toilet Yan Feng Jiao glass screen when taking pictures, the camera photographed another one in the body. Although not obvious, or by our friends found. This discovery immediately aroused discussion, what was a Yan Feng Jiao, or Is male or female, are forced or deliberate speculation, everything becomes confusing. -

like seeing Feng Jiao, delicate and charming sister, Mr. Zhang Yiyi shuddered at the time, immediately set the marriage certificate: Love Field if the proud But this is not disappointed in the casino? But things are now, even Feng Jiao sister dare marry, marry you one by one brother dare not?


[wonderful to share]: Yan Feng Jiao indecent incident non-Shing disturbance according to the hype?

saw the photo below reveals her face you think she is forced to? -

this point, do not want to say. To summarize: we do not have too much to care about such things, do not know the climax is over this is just a dream. As it has been a lesson, and take a look at the income of inflation beast beast now, high popularity it!

Lead: Recently, calm rivers and lakes, gossip run amok. Yan Feng Jiao nothing more than the legs, Li Yong brother's mouth, the son of Cecilia Cheung as so and so. After Feng, Jiao sister and fire. The more red the more bad bad ideas seem very popular actress welcomed. After a wave of noise, only users who sadly singing


view: strong in its own strength in the hand, what the hype is really all

incident originated:

Point three: Yan Feng Jiao legs, Li Yong brother's mouth, Aishui Shui!

Yan Feng-Jiao: 1989 students, models, makeup artists, Ruili Seventh cover girl contest runner-up, for participating in the program, if you're popular.

more exciting content, along with your welcome to share your space, so that more friends to see


[wonderful to share]: see

Chinese name: Yan Feng Jiao Nationality: Chinese Place of Birth: Jilin Yanbian Date of Birth: June 24, 1989 Occupation: performing arts, actors, makeup artists major achievements: 2009 Seventh cover girl contest Ruili third Height: 167cm Measurements: 755 986 Interests: Internet, reading, painting, etc.

Yan Feng Jiao

[wonderful to share]: Yan Feng Jiao is

[wonderful to share]: shocking: curse go,

live food is also friends used to

also have friends in the scene have eaten KFC and pearl milk tea, also do not think it pleasing to the eye. Always felt that such a harmonious atmosphere, not forced to take pictures. -

we see that are wishful ideal.


the Editor: popular hit shows is its sweet, well-paid by public users blitz, called Tree attracts the wind, a group suspected of Pornographic Web mad Yan Feng Jiao Chuan, Black lace underwear, bold cheating, to follow suit and play the toilet nude photos. Yan Feng Jiao suspected of indecent photos also causing hot: Yan Feng Jiao is a radio or speculation? Ulterior motives or malicious revenge?

one. Pornographic sky but still fly today in the forum, many users have begun to examine the photo from the -

Yan Feng Jiao, if you're bogged down in


in the bathroom dressed in a black lace underwear, natural spectrum of the temptation to action, a look that is an old hand. These Since participated in the

Second point: rather smoke in the toilet, do not go, if you're looking for girl


[wonderful to share]: You Are The One Xifeng 2: 200,000 touch my hands

[wonderful to share]: You Are the One Yan Feng Jiao: longer put off the clothes do?

yesterday afternoon, the Internet began to spread out a group of great people speechless. There were friends, after indecent photos of actress directed at suspected The shape and sweet with a lot of money incomes of female guests, the appearance on the program that is touted by the audience friends, known as as a

- Yan Feng Jiao autographed response

[wonderful to share]: the world's best ice cream to give you a cool summer

[wonderful to share]: Mano stormed and go, forget the received money



Electrical and Electronic English Vocabulary (B) _ _ English perusing vocabulary network of professional,ralph lauren pas cher

b eliminator shade very power rectifier
back bias against bias
back biased diode reverse-biased diode
back bonding flip-bonded
back contact after the adjoin
back diffusion Reverse diffusion
back edge down side
back end processing back-end processing
back gate mos reverse gate bias metal oxide semiconductor
back lobe flap back porch of elbow
back porch clamping onward the clamp
back resistance reverse resistance
back surface field on the back of the electric field
back to back diodes back to back diodes
back to back wave after wave
backboard panel
backbonded chip flip-chip
backfire against the anti-filled arc
background background
background color background color
background control background control
background fade in the background fade in the background
backdrop discolor out fade out
background restricted photodetector background restricted photodetector
background noise background noise
background Background noise suppression noise suppression
background radiation background radiation
background suppression of background noise oppression
background wave reference wave
backing pumpe
backpanel before the pump afterward the panel
backplane on the back of the rear panel
backscatter scattering
backscatter factor on the back scattering factor
backscattered radiation aboard the back of the back scattered radiation
backup reserve
backwall solar cell walls sun Reverse battery
backward conductance conductance
backward diode reverse diode
backward wave backward wave
backward wave amplifier backward wave amplifier
backward wag oscillator reverberate oscillator backward wave tube echo tube
bacteria free water sterile water
bake baking heat
balance symmetrical balance
balanced supernal antenna
balanced amplifier balanced amplifier
balanced antenna symmetric antenna
balanced cord symmetrical cable
balanced circuit balanced circuit
balanced input balanced input
balanced load load in
balanced mixer balanced mixer
poised modulator balanced modulator
balanced oscillator balance oscillator
balanced transformer balun
balanced unbalanced transformer balun
ball bond ball bonding
ball bonder ball bonder
ball bonding ball bonding
ballast resistor ballast resistor
ballast tube shower
ballistic heterostructure town heterostructure
ballistic trajectory transistor transistor
ballistic transport ballistic trajectory to pass
ballometry ballometry method
balls down chip-lead flip chip ball
balun balun
banana plug banana Plug
band with
band bending band bending band
band crossing the intersection
band corner with the corner of the
band edge curvature band edge bending
band elimination filter band-stop filter
band gap energy band gap
band breach narrowing band gap shrinkage
band limits restrictions
band pass band passband
band pass amplifier band-pass amplifier
band pass crystal filter bandpass crystal filter
band pass filter band-pass filter
band reject filter band stop filter coefficients
orchestra scheme feel the vigor orchestra figure type band sharing frequency bands shared
band stop filter band stop filter coefficients
band framework feel the energy band structure of
band to band recombination between the compound with
band to band transition interband conversion
bandspread frequency range
bandwidth frequency bandwidth of
bandwidth compression bandwidth compression
bantam tube small tube
bare board vacant plate
bare chip die bare hybrid hybrid bare nude
bare semiconductor semiconductor
baritt diode barrier injection transit period diode
baritt oscillator potential barrier into the transit-time diode oscillator
barium barium
barrage jamming barrage jamming
barrel deformation barrel distortion
barrel reactor plasma etching rejoinder of cylindrical plasma etching
barrel type reactor cylindrical reactor
barretter stability
barrier cream barrier
barrier capacitance barrier layer capacitor
barrier elevation barrier altitude
barrier coalition barrier junction
barrier layer barrier
barrier layer rectifier junction rectifier
barrier latent barrier potential
barrier type ccd ccd barrier
base base
base bias Bias
base centered lattice at the end Heart lattice
base collector junction base collector junction
base current base current
base diffusion base diffusion
base diffusion isolation base diffusion isolation
base diffusion window base diffusion windows
base electrode base electrode
base emitter diode base-emitter diode
base emitter junction base-emitter junction
base impurity base impurities
base insert buried base
base lifetime base conveyor lifetime
base material base material base
base metal cermet ceramic
base metal glue base emulsion
base metal base metal resistor resistance
base region mask to fashion the mask base
base ring base ring
base sidewall base wall
baseband baseband
baseband signal baseband signal
basic approach basic method
basic building block
basic circuit structure blocks of basic circuit
basic team the fundamental team
basic process technology
basic technology base basic process
bass boosting circuit Bass Boost Circuit
cmd pinion antenna batwing antenna
batch batch batch
batch bonding welding
batch etching bulk corrosion
batch manufacturing mass making
batch method batch processing method
batch operation batch operation
baud Bo Porter
baudot code barcode
baw BAW
bbb basic components
bbd bbd
bbsr bbsr
bc mow quartz bc cut quartz
bccd bccd
bcmos buried outlet metal oxide semiconductor
bdi bdi
beacon beacon beacon beacon
beacon approach guided approach
beacon way beacon way
beam union beam butterfly
beam antenna beam arrow antenna
beam hole beam hole
beam diminution beam diminution
beam axis beam axis
beam charge beam dictate neutralization and
beam collimation in the beam collimation
beam convergence convergent beam electron beam
beam coupling coupling
beam across section beam cross bombard
beam crystallized polysilicon beam crystallization of polysilicon
beam present beam current beam current electron beam current
beam deflection beam deflection
beam deflection tube beam deflection tube
beam density beam current density
beam diameter beam diameter
beam divergence beam divergence
beam divergence angle beam divergence angle
beam divider beam splitter
beam dividing section
beam beam division beam split
beam energy beam energy
beam focusing beam focusing
beam jitter beam swing
beam lead beam lead
beam lead assembly beam lead components
beam lead bonding beam lead bonding
beam lead chip beam-lead chip
beam lead crossover beam lead cross
beam lead device bld
beam lead integrated circuit beam lead integrated circuits
beam lead isolation beam lead isolation
beam matching beam matching
beam modulation beam lights
beam monitoring beam monitoring
beam of particles beam
beam path beam path
beam phasing beam phasing
beam positioner beam position controller
beam power tube beam power tube
beam power valve beam power tube
beam processing electron beam processing
beam circulation beam circulation
beam propagation way beam propagation path
beam rider missile beam riding missile
beam riding missile beam riding missile
beam scanning beam scanning
beam ego focusing the beam self-focusing
beam shape beam shape
beam shaping beam forming
beam splitter beam splitter device
beam splitter mirror beam split mirror
beam splitting beam splitting
beam splitting reflector beam splitter reflector
beam speck beam smudge
beam spreading divergence
beam stabilization beam stability
beam switching beam transition
beam switching tube beam switch
beam tape automated gathering beam lead with automatic gathering
beam tape automated bonder beam tape automated welding device
beam tape packaging beam tape pack
beam tape technology beam tape technology
beam tetrode beam tetrode
beamwriter electron beam tracing device
beamwriter lithography Electron beam lithography
bearing bearing bearing
bearing error measurement error
bearing zone to the District
beat frequency beat
beat frequency oscillator beat frequency oscillator
beat frequency receiver receiver
beats beat beat vibration
bef band stop filter coefficients
bell jar sleep bell jar
bellows bellows tube
bellows mutual bellows interlocked
belt feed strap feed
belt feeder belt feeder
belt stove with a furnace
pew Junior College
bend bend bend
bend coupling roundabout coupled
bent aerial tangles and corners
bent antenna antenna antenna
bent lightguide bent waveguide
bent rhombic antenna rhombic antenna airing
ber bit-error rate
beryllium beryllium beryllium beryllium oxide
beryllium ceramics ceramic
beta current acquisition current acquire merit
beta degradation in descending
beta radiation lines resistant to radiation
beta tolerance ray of
betatron betatron
betatron frequency betatron frequency
betatron orbit betatron Road
betatron oscillations betatron Dang
bevatron synchronization stability to the tall energy proton accelerators
beverage aerial wave antenna
drink antenna Tony drink antenna
bfo beat frequency oscillator
bi etching system of double corrosion device
bi fet amplifier bipolar field-effect transistor amplifier
bi level structure bi-level structure
bias bias bias
bias battery battery
bias current bias current
bias distortion offset distortion
bias heat handling plus heat treatment
prejudice ruckus bias bias bias noise
bias sputtering sputtering
bias voltage bias
biasing characteristic control functions
biasing current bias current
biconical antenna biconical antenna
biconical horn double cone speakers
bidirectional coupler two-way coupling
bidirectional transducer two-way bi-directional converter sensor
bifet bipolar junction field-effect transistor technology
bifilar helix double helix
bifurcation bifurcation
bigfet insulated gate bipolar field-effect transistor integrated circuits
bilateral bilateral
bilateral antenna two-way antenna
bilateral area alley the bilateral area of ​​channel
bilateral switch light alternate
billboard series bi-plane reflection phase multi-chip dipole antenna
billet grain ingot
billibit Gigabit
bimatron bimatron
bimetal mask metal mask
bimos double bipolar metal oxide semiconductor technology
binary counter binary counter
binary data binary data
bin numeral binary digit bin counter
binary divider
binary flip flop flip-flop
binary message binary binary information
binary logic gate binary logic gate
binary number binary digit
binary scaler binary counter
binary signal binary signal
binary unit binary units
binder viscosity adhesives
binding agent Mixture
biologic solar cell biological solar cells
biological integrated circuit IC
biomagnetism biological molecules of biological magnetic
bionical horn double cone speakers
bipolar approach bipolar bipolar array bipolar array
bipolar bit slice bipolar microprocessor slice
bipolar compartment bipolar compartment bipolar IC
bipolar chip dual
bipolar design quite design
bipolar driver bipolar driver
bipolar fet integrated circuit bipolar field-effect transistor integrated circuits bipolar
bipolar filter filter
bipolar input bipolar input
bipolar insulated gate fet ic field-effect transistor integrated circuits insulated gate bipolar
bipolar integrated circuit bipolar IC
bipolar ion implantation bipolar pinch ion implantation
bipolar isolation bipolar integrated circuits cell isolation
bipolar junction fet technology bipolar junction field-effect transistor technology
bipolar logic bipolar logic
bipolar mos device pinch bipolar metal oxide semiconductor double
bipolar mos technology very metal-oxide semiconductor technology
bipolar operation bipolar action
bipolar performance bipolar specifics
bipolar process bipolar process
bipolar sample hold bipolar specimen hold circuits bipolar speed bipolar IC speed
bipolar transistor bipolar transistor bipolar
bipolar wafer chip
bird's beak bonding beak-shaped opener lawful
birefringence birefringence bisignal zone and other muscular signal place
bismuth bismuth
bistability bistability
bistable bistable
bistable circuit Bistable circuit Bistable laser
bistable laser
bistable multivibrator Bistable multivibrator Bistable
bistable operation work
bistable optical device bistable optical device
bistable element components
bit bistable Bit
bit error rate bit error rate
bit peccadillo percentage Bit misdeed rate
bit rate bit rate
bit slice slice
bit slice building bit-slice structure
bit slice computer slice
bit synchronization bit synchronization
bits per second bit seconds
black and white channel black channel
black and white holography black holography
black and white picture black and white image
black and white TV black and white TV
black body black body
black body radiation black-body radiation
black clipping black class clipping black
black compression signal compression
black content content
black level black black level
black level clamping the black level clamp
black level shift black level offset
black out out
black out level out level
dark out of video signals the movie signal goes out
black out pulse off pulse
black out signal off the signal
black pinnacle Black Peak
black reference level black reference level
black saturation saturation
black signal black black signal
black extend black stretch
black to white extent range among the expanse of the width of the black and white
black to white frequency wag frequency difference between black and white
black white monitor black and white image control device
blade blade
blank form
blank groove is not blank groove
blank plate blind
blanked videosignal blanking video signal
carpet diffusion diffusion
blanket exposure overall comprehensive exposure
blanking out
blanking amplifier blanking pulse amplifier
blanking circuit blanking blanking circuit
blanking level
blanking pulse level off
emptying signal pulse emptying signal
bld bld
bleached hologram hologram bleaching
bleeding blurred
blemish stains
blind approach blind approach
blind area
blind bonding quiet zone automatic hot welding
blind sector fluorescent screen eclipse
blind zone die zone
blinker light blinker light
blip signal
blister tip shielding antenna radome
bloating expansion
block antenna antenna
block compiler building block version of the editor
block condenser container blocking capacitor across antelope
block construction makeup structure
block level block level
block level design blocks block-level chart
block replicate approach duplication method
blocking unit blocking
blocking capacitor receptacle blocking capacitor cross antelope
blocking condenser blocking capacitor across antelope container
blocking junction barrier junction blocking layer barrier
blocking mask mask mask
blocking oscillator intermittently blocking oscillator
blocking resistance resistance
blocking signal blocking signal
blocking voltage lockout voltage blooming blooming blue
blue adder adder
blue beam Blue beam
blue black level blue and black level
blue color difference modulator along light appliance
blue color difference signal by the signal
blue convergence circuit blue convergence circuit
blue gain control gain of the premier blue blue lights
blue modulator devices
blue peak level signal peak blue Ping
blue shift to blue shift
blue video voltage blue video voltage
blurred image blurred image
blurring blurred
bmos reverse biased metal gate oxide semiconductor
bn source boron diffusion source
board board
embark radio station warship radio
boat boat boat
canoe evaporator evaporator
body centred cubic lattice body-centered cubic lattice
body centred lattice body-centered lattice
body centered orthorhombic lattice body-centered orthorhombic lattice
body effect substrate lotus effect
bolcking condenser United capacitor
bolometer bolometer
bolometer climb bracket bolometer
bombardment bombardment
bombardment by ions bombardment by ions
bombardment induced conductivity by electron bombardment induced conductance
bombardment of electrons electron bombardment
bond hot welding
bond failure
bond interface with mar apt the soldering interface
bond escalator off bond peel
bond pad pad meaning picture formation
bond peel bond skin
bond drag test bond tension test
bond series bonding process
bond strength adhesion
bonder peppery welding machine
bonder capillary bonder vein
bonding welding
bonding adhesive bonding adhesive
bonding agency adhesive
bonding area welding zone
bonding wheel welding cycle
bonding fixture welding fixture
bonding layer bonding layer
bonding lead
bonding machine welding wire welding machine hot
bonding pad pad
bonding speed welding speed
bonding technique
bonding tip welding head
bonding wire welding wire
bonding wire connection wire chained
booster optical amplifier
booster amplifier auxiliary amplifier
booster diode increase diode
booster pump booster pump
booster transmitter auxiliary transmitter
bootstrap amplifier from the amplifier
bootstrap circuit benefits bootstrap circuit
bootstrapping bootstrap
boron boron boron-doped
boron base base
boron depletion exhaustion of boron-doped boron diffusion
boron diffusion
boron doping boron
boron implantation of boron ion implantation
boron implanted silicon injection borosilicate
boron nitride pellicle membrane
boron semiconductor boron nitride boron-doped semiconductor
borosilicate glass borosilicate glass
bottom of conduction band base of conduction band base
bottomside mark mark
boule ingot
boule ruby ​​ruby ​​boules
bounce marks the size of the knocking
bouncing film picture beat
bound charge bound charge
jump modes coupling
boundary boundary boundary
boundary contrast compare
boundary defect interface defects
boundary layer Boundary Layer
boundary layer rectifier barrier rectifier
boundary signal boundary signal boundary area
boundary region
boundary surface boundary surface
box buried oxide separation
box diffusion box Type flared diffusion
box horn antenna
bpf bandpass filter
bps bit seconds
bpt bipolar transistor
bragg reflection Bragg reflector
braided wire braided line
branching lightguide branch optical waveguide
branching off lightguide optical waveguide splitter
braun tube shield
brazing cloth and age
brazing flux for brazing with a brazing flux brazing preform brazing stuff with a disk
breadboard breadboard
breadboard construction simulation model structure
breadboarding margin panel test

destroy damage Fault
breakdown current breakdown Wow Wow
breakdown noise current noise
collapse plasma gas discharge plasma
breakdown rating rated breakdown voltage
breakdown test failure test
breakdown voltage breakdown voltage
bust loudspeaker hanging breast transmitter
breastplate microphone hanging chest transmitter
bremsstrahlung radiation Braking radiation
brevity code buffer memory
brewster skylight cloth Cornelius Special windows
bridge bridge
bridge amplifier bridge amplifier
bridge arm of the bridge ratio arms
bridge circuit bridge circuit
bridge douplex system bridging duplex system
bridged t filter bridge t-type filter
bridging bridge
bridgman method bridgman method
bridgman stockbarger method 布里兹曼斯 Rostock Badger Act
shine achieve mirror polished
brightening pulse Min Chong
sunlight along to the brightness
brightness control brightness control
brightness distribution
brightness signal intensity delivery of the luminance signal
brightness variations brightness variations
brillouin zone Brillouin zone
broad band broadband
broad band absorber broadband absorber
roomy band coupler broadband coupler
broad pulse border synchronization Pulse
broadband horn speaker
broadband network broadband broadband broadband network
broadband noise wideband noise
broadband stub matching segment
broadband system wideband systems
broadband transmission transportation
broadcast receiver wide band radio
broadcast admission radio announce admission
broadcast laboratory laboratory
broadcast transmitter broadcast transmitter
broadcasting radio
broadcasting antenna
broadcasting emitter radio antenna radio transmitter
broadcasting wave length radio wavelengths
broadening expansion
broadside array broadside array
brush scrubber brush cleaning device
bsf the back of the field
bsg borosilicate glass
bt cut quartz bt cutting crystal
btab bumped tape automated welding
bubble bubble bubble
bubble domain domain bubble domain memory magnetic bubble memory
foam memories piece catching spume memory piece
bubble memory circuit magnetic bubble memory bubble
bubble tester circle tester
buck tag
bucket barrel electrode
bucket brigade device bbd
bucket brigade memories pail necklace memory
bucket brigade shift enrol bbsr
buckling curve
buffer buffer memory
buffer amplifier buffer amplifier
buffer gas buffer gas
buffer memory buffer
buffer stage buffer stage
buffer storage buffer memory
buffer tube buffer tube
buffer valve buffer tube
buffered etch buffer etchant
buffered etching solution procedure buffer etchant
bug wrong
more and more time Rise time
modular building block components
building block concept modular design principle
building out capacitor appended capacitor
built in antenna built-in antenna
built in field built-in cordless field
built in self testing interior self-test
bulb tube
bulk acoustic wave BAW
bulk channel ccd bulk channel charge-coupled pinch
bulk charge volume charge
majority cmos process body effect complementary metal oxide semiconductor process
bulk failing volume defects
bulk effect ampifier body effect amplifier
bulk effect integrated circuit body effect IC
bulk eraser degausser
volume of bulk getter getter
bulk lifetime life
bulk wastage body volume loss
bulk mis body effect of metal insulator semiconductor
bulk molding compound bulk molding compound
bulk photoconductive resister great photosensitive resistor
bulk properties characteristic
bulk resistor body size resistors
bulk sputtering sputtering
bulk substrate volume of bulk substrate
bump bump bump contact
bump pad bump bump bump
bump squash squash
bumped chip bumped chip
bumped chip carrier bumped chip Block
bumped component bumped component
bumped tape bumped tape
bumped tape automated bonding bumped tape automated welding
bumping bumping
bumping technology bumping technology
bunch beam
cluster of molecules bunch beam
buncher device
bunching bunching bunching
bunching mechanism machinery
bundle G
buried antenna beam antenna
buried channel ccd bccd
buried channel fet buried channel transistor
buried channel mos buried channel metal oxide semiconductor buried channel transistor buried channel transistors
buried collector dopant buried collector with a doping agent
buried floor buried
buried oxide layer of buried oxide
buried oxide isolation buried oxide isolation process
buried region buried area
flame in overload test
burning of microphone of microphone sintering
burr burr
burst color synchronization signal
burst amplifier directional color sync signal amplifier
burst controlled oscillator VCO Burst
burst flag generator burst gating pulse generator
burst locked oscillator Burst locked oscillator
burst phase device color sub-carrier phase synchronization signal
explode separator color sync separator
bus bus
bus web bus web
business telecommunication business telecommunications
business tel commerce tel
busy flash signal busy signal
busy line
busy relay busy busy busy
engaged test relay test
butt joint butt
butt welding on altitude of welding
butterfly circuit butterfly circuit
clasp push-button
button type dial push-button dial
button type tel turntable push-button telephone dialer
by pass capacitor shunt vessels
by pass condenser shunt vessels
bypass bypass bypass
bypass connection connection
ignore line afterward to the line of

<ul level = pagelist

correspondent on the two high school students to check the situation to Hebi, the school official told reporters that the two students admitted to Tsinghua University is the school 'Orsay class Hongzhi Ban However, the school did not provide evidence confirmed the claim.

a teacher said that this year the school plans to recruit ordinary repeat classes class culture, art and sports science students in 16 classes, from June 26 onwards registration, , 16, started school, and now have one week of school. This model high how can people be convinced? >

newspaper Zhengzhou, July 25 Xinhua

reporter to repeat the name of unannounced visits to students, a teacher, told reporters: employed teachers. accommodation, admitted to the elite rewards

Hebi High School Vice President Zhang Qiujiang in an interview with reporters, said: two years, we are asked to show proof of family poverty. fraud may exist for students, but a very low proportion of such students, this is because they are all forged material, it is difficult to check out. > another local school, a high school teacher, told reporters on June 28 this year alone Hebi organized Hongzhi Ban high school entrance examination. In this regard, Zhangqiu Jiang explained that the school can Hongzhi Ban enrollment for the province, but provincial cities in the move to change the volume level of strictness and sports plus different standards, Therefore, we organized a Hongzhi Ban entrance examination, but we are mainly based on results in the move. the actual school of In the school website, a signed Hongzhi also recruited 50 elite-level students, and they enjoy the same treatment to the provincial health Hongzhi, the school pay the full cost. This kind of field-grade students in the name of Hongzhi attracted students, in essence, born with the name of Hongzhi, illegal recruitment from outside the field to snatch the high-quality students. Such acts not only seriously interfere with the recruitment order, and seriously damage the Hongzhi Ban reputation. However, July 20, reporters at the forthcoming third year high school class Hebi where Gezhi Court Building, see it is busy.

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2009 onwards, the Education Department of Henan Province, the document clearly states, Hongzhi Ban strict enrollment eligibility, enrollment of the unit responsible for reviewing the qualifications of the candidate registration, and enrollment can not break through the approval of the Department of Education enrollment number. Localities and school enrollment in strict accordance with relevant regulations, based on the test results and the overall quality rating followed by acceptance, not earlier, a separate organization of the examination, not to be in place before the entrance examination for enrollment information. Examination of individual organizations and not according to admission requirements, time, means taking Hongzhi Ban school students, enrollment will be considered illegal, seriously.

school teachers teach students to repeat

However, Hebi high school parents Mr. Liu Hongzhi Ban told reporters: the Hebi high school entrance examination Hongzhi Ban in the move before Hebi high school to junior high publicity surrounding counties,Beats Headphones, to recommend the best students to the school to junior high school to participate Hongzhi Ban exam, as long as good grades, you can take a test.

the parents, told reporters after the test period, Hebi high school a teacher called to inform that his children have been admitted Hongzhi Ban after school to prove to get poor report. The parents admitted that their family situation at the local level considered moderate, >

a reporting person, Hebi high school Hongzhi Ban last year admitted to Tsinghua University's five students, at least two students of the family situation that failed to meet standards Hongzhi Ban suspect. Many witnesses told reporters that the two parents, in which a student's father was Hebi Xun County Court cadres, the mother is Hebi Junxian government cadres, another student's father is Hebi Junxian civil servants, the mother is secondary school teachers.

He said: , has one-third of the review. 21 held in the school and a week, of tuition and accommodation. or a new lesson, and a clear summer vacation time for July 14 to August 31.

this, who is making up for the students smiled and told reporters that last year conducted a summer school to make up classes, but was reported, and finally in the upper management's repeated requests, the school was students are making up to the holiday.

model high building, is the country to vigorously promote the introduction of a quality education and building operations; model high quality education should seriously, exemplary implementation of the education laws, regulations and related policies. However, some high school teachers in Hebi, Henan, told reporters recently reported that as of Hebi, Henan Province-level model high school, not only in admissions to a single organization on behalf of illegal Hongzhi Ban admission test and expanding enrollment, illegal organizations, High School, Middle School students make up classes, Middle School Division has also set up entry points repeat classes, the organization best-run school students to teach teachers to repeat, a

this, the reporter went to Hebi were investigated.

welcome to comment to comment

just entered the lobby, a reporter on the notice board to see a section called self-fighting bad habits, great sport, after a summer of hard work, the opponents far behind! Most of the class, the teacher is lecturing the rest of the class in study hall. A high school student is the self-study, said second year, third year students return to school after the end of the entrance making up.

Hongzhi Ban parents suspected government cadres

7 月 20 morning, the reporter saw the gate in Hebi high school, hanging a gate on the left about 5 meters of the banner: Hebi High School - HTC tutorial secondary school enrollment Registration Office.

Many well known, Hongzhi Ban is the country for outstanding students from poorer families, but to provide a student project. Some schools in order to prevent irregularities in the name of the recruitment, education departments Hongzhi Ban enrollment are clearly defined.

reporter saw in the back of the classroom blackboard prominently says

8 17, Guo Aijun and just 6 months pregnant Liu Jia from Huaihua sit for 13 hours by train to the Hunan Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital to do four-dimensional ultrasonography. Finish the examination, Guo Aijun with his wife back to Yiyang, ready to let his wife in his hometown tocolysis.

Yesterday, the Provincial Children's Hospital, Neonatology, triplets in the second child lying on the thermostat box, his arm almost thick with adult fingers. Map / reporter Shen Ronghua

premature triplets fears, weak breathing

three premature babies of less than 1 kg the heaviest, weak breathing, any time of danger, medical expenses at least 300 000

41-year-old Guo Aijun is Yiyang Anhua people in 1996 and married his wife, Liu Jia, has a 15-year-old son. Guoai Jun and Liu Jia in Huaihua work, son in home school.

20 morning 6:20, triplets were sent to the Provincial Children's Hospital neonatal intensive care unit for emergency treatment.

yesterday morning, reporters in the ward to see the surveillance video, three babies were placed in constant temperature box, respectively, the baby's body was pink, small body only adult palm, arm almost thick with adult fingers. Watch the video where the baby's body up and down along with the breathing, Guo Aijun brow slightly stretch a bit.

a duty, according to hospital medical staff, the current three baby is still not optimistic, the hospital has been to three baby on a ventilator, it also connects a variety of instruments to help them grow.

Guo Aijun told reporters that he and his pregnant wife in the work on site through the highway, he was responsible for care of building materials to help the site, the monthly wages of 2,600 yuan. Wife cook helpers on the ground more than a dozen workers a monthly salary of 1,000 yuan. The couple live in a temporary shed on the site. Guo Aijun Dr. Zeng He said, had. had.

, seeing a few days will run out.

April this year, 39-year-old Liu Jia to the hospital accidentally discovered she was pregnant, the couple originally planned to destroy this child, but the test results allows them to shake - this is a triplet !

he and his wife work at the site, add up to less than 4,000 yuan monthly salary, the fourth decade of Guo Aijun frowned. a baby, weak breathing, any time of danger.

the face of $ 300,000 for medical expenses, two thousand yuan monthly salary of Guo Aijun made a difficult, he told reporters,Authentic Beats by dre headphones, triplets are the godsend, even if selling the house have to chip in to save them.

helpless face of 300,000 yuan for medical expenses, he intends to Sellers

the reporter intern Jiang Lin Liu Zhijie Changsha report

19 evening 11 o'clock, his wife Liu Jia suddenly feel stomach pain, with signs of preterm labor. At 0:00 on the 20th, Liu Jia Shun in Yiyang city hospital the next generation men and two women, the preterm children, three babies are very light weight, the heaviest of less than 1 kg. Local hospital, said medical conditions must immediately go to the Provincial Children's Hospital for better emergency treatment, or three babies will have life-threatening.

unexpectedly pregnant 39-year-old wife, triplets

this time, his words echoing in my mind:

everyone to see: when other people are struggling to load before the line, he does, but it can easily walk and humming a song!

Thus, when other people are to continue to move forward toward the target,

In fact, each of us every day are burdened with various cross, in the difficulties ahead.

he began to cut. . .

go up after the cut is indeed a lot easier,Authentic Beats by dre headphones, he also could not help speed up the pace.

However, it is the responsibility and obligation to form part of our existence in this world of reason and value.

him how to do it? !

some solitude, only their own taste.

out of pain, we will be able to match the height growth;

can not help him make the bridge across the gully!

this way, he suddenly felt a lot easier!

more exciting content plus QQ: 51170

Unfortunately, ah, his cross was cut down long before a big cut,

he wanted: Although just have to cross cut a piece, but it is too heavy.

he can only stay still, downcast and repentant.

I saw a strange phenomenon is reproduced some of the people I log,

the greatest pain on earth than this ah! ... ...

people behind slowly catching up.

way, a man suddenly stopped.

until it is needed, I only regret.

However, through the darkness, we can feel the sun's temperature;

there was a complete cross carry on my shoulders, I do not cherish,

everyone saddled with a heavy cross, in the slow and difficult progress toward the destination. ·

he also wants to do the same.

he thought to himself: This cross is too heavy, so carrying it too went to what month ah? !

they take with their own cross to bear in the ditch, causing the bridge, leisurely across the gully.

So he took out knives, made a surprising decision: he decided to cut some of the cross. ·····

5, family harmony of;

this time there is no Spider-Man or Superman come to save him ... ...

he really do that, start cutting the cross. . .

So he effortlessly went to the team at the top.

are made in the near future the following things:

3, career and fortune;

4, ease of mind of;

6, the health of;

! (Recommended reproduced )Jin as dedicated to all the needs of the power of friends! ! !

some pain, only their own experience;

groove on the bridge, no way around.

Thus, walked and walked and walked on the way to go, and come so far a long long time.

leave alone, we will be able to gain the depth of the soul!

some dark, our only crossing;

It may be that our study may be our job, perhaps our emotions, perhaps we must assume the responsibility and obligation.

To be able to quickly and easily forward, this time, he decided to cross and then cut a large piece.

walked, Unexpectedly, suddenly appeared in front of a deep and wide gully!

1, love, success;

2, business talk into;

So, please do not complain about the heavy study and work hard work, heavy responsibilities, because the real pleasure, a challenge to the result, did not experience profound pain We also appreciate the less than hearty happy!

7 月 26 日 上午 10 At 1055 hours on users' network volunteers 4 clear photos, photo shows, there are several vendors of fruit piled in the melon and between urban vehicle operation, appears to be a large number of sales in the melon, also stood next to two urban law enforcement officers. This post came out, causing all the users talk laugh, another thread to express their views.

thread, the reporter found that many users could not tell in the end is a collection of traders chased melon, or urban management to help traders La Guardia,monster headphones, or traders chased the car with the Selling what.

users post questions: urban car with the most cattle traders sell fruit?

microblogging Recommended | microblogging hot today

welcome to comment to comment

Huashang News (intern reporter Zhang Dan) recently appeared on a Chinese business forum entitled , causing a large number of users questioned and onlookers. After the reporter learned that photo to see the scene described by friends and the suspect is not the case, but Pucheng city Bureau of Xinjiang Uygur people to the county for the sale of melon stall chaos phenomenon, finding a suitable stand for the scenes.

Popular online vendors sell fruit with a chased car pictures.

a friends' Eagle Ao world, Frog Prince Now that the government, a pro-people, help on help, to pull on the pull! The night before three in the group of Uighur brothers, six tons of pulling melon, I do not know city management requirements, easily disposed of at the three points on the main street, seriously affecting the appearance of the city, yesterday morning, city bureau to help the rain Xinjiang will be pulled to allow the road to sell melons, reflects the urban human management, favorable national unity. an article entitled , in the county's central square and main street intersection set up their stalls selling local cantaloupe, seriously affecting the appearance of the city county, city Pucheng County Council set up a stall for the phenomenon of chaos in Xinjiang Uygur people, be patient and meticulous explanations , then find the right help it stand, and bureau director, deputy director of the city under the leadership of deployed personnel and vehicles to help carry them to a designated location.





listening to long songs, but also listened to a lot of songs, and ultimately do not know what to listen for what. He may have the capital behind each story, different songs have different stories for children. [B] [B] Everyone is a child, no matter how much you have, no matter how much you know, no matter how much you suffered the injury, no matter how much you have experienced the pain, no matter how innocent you are, no matter how much you evil, no matter ... you still just a child it always is ... ... [B] [B] everyone's ideas are different, precisely because of the different, you have your unique characteristics, it is because you have your unique characteristics, you will be able to distinguish with other people, so we do not have to be too deliberate to hide themselves, because in the end, you will lose yourself. [B] [B] Everyone is a child, everyone is struggling with their own characteristics, like a child-like, to what you want, but strong efforts to struggle with. Course of the struggle may temporarily lose yourself to walk in the fog, blue sky and white clouds are visible side, you do not poke her, she just blindly walk in the fog, between the fog hovering between, tell their own direction, tell their own end blindly in the fog will continue to move forward, perhaps in front of a cliff, perhaps in front of the monster will swallow you and then you will slowly be themselves, but you can not see it end , clear direction and tell you that everything around them is so unpredictable, they are so fascinated by you. Despite the fog of illusion in everything, but you just can not leave, that they can not distinguish what is real and what is illusion, you still do not know many of the things that belong to you after the clouds. These things may not so beautiful here, but as long as you are careful, if you removed the clouds, as long as you see the blue sky, you will find, you know, the original was not all that the world is wrong, you are wrong. You must learn the fog, because you're still a child, only child only, so to learn, be sure to ... ... [B] [B] the world can be evil, but you can not, you have to kind, because too many not good with the evil of the world will, of course, because you were a kid, just a child; the world can the dark, but you can not, you have to light, because light, dark head will eventually be no place, and finally will be replaced by light, of course, because you were a kid, just a child; the world can be cloudy, but you can not, you have to clean, because that is not too clean, that led to the turbidity of the world, of course, because you is a child, just a child; the world can make fun of you, but you can not make fun of the world, you have to learn a correct view of things, to learn to smile, because everything has it good or is incomplete, we can see his defects, naturally able to see it better. Of course because you were a kid, just a child so you have to slowly learn some of the right things and make good use of it [B] [B] have emotions, people can use the expression shown, is the creator of a given human Item great privilege that we should treasure, sometimes the emotions should be shown, do not have to cover themselves, is a child of our own, do not deliberately to cover up their own, want to laugh you should laugh, cry cry should be, We are a child at any time, although we grow, but we have always been a child, has always been, no matter how we change the child's figure always present in us, that our lives will always be the most beautiful a landscape,north face fleece outlet, a child's innocence, the joy of children, child troubles around us everywhere, we all just want to get too complicated, everything is just because we have forgotten we are just growing, just a child, forgotten how to deal with children and how to question. Characteristics used to chase with the children something, because I was a child, always.




text / Confucius -



but I know , maybe give up than get and will continue to pursue ,

infinite loop of Asura life ~~~~~

to be important ;

me how ,

goals in life where I want to pursue anything ;

watermelon , sesame continue to pick over ,

lot of time to breakdown ;

This is my life ,North Face Jackets,

I missed something ?

stay sluggish , bored , anxious , no direction , no pursuit over it ;

sluggish , bored , anxious , no direction , no pursuit ;

often said that life can not always maintain a passion, but I empty this negative state , have for how long?

give up some of the things we always come to our insatiable materialism excuses ;

what my next stop , where my terminal ?

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2003 March day, Zhoukou Luyi rural Zhang Shumei, who lives six months of holding a big rain to bathe a small aircraft. Wash little feet, she was surprised to find, as long as gently

heard there are ways to cure the child's illness, parents of small rain Airlines see hope. But they and the sister of a small aircraft and small aircraft rain rain matching failed, fortunately finally found three blood type matched cord blood. But a person has committed a worry for the surgery.

branch under the Chinese Medical Association Pediatric Immunology Section incomplete survey, every year there are 100 to 300 new patients with WAS syndrome, but fewer than 20 cases were diagnosed, to treat the more very few.

next morning, Zhang Shumei,best beats headphones sale, and her husband will be holding a small aircraft rain to the hospital and found a small aircraft rain platelets decreased significantly. Because the local incurable, the doctor advised them to Zhengzhou University Hospital for help. In the following days, the small aircraft was a cold rain continued to attack, and the whole body of eczema, often blood in the stool.


February of this year, the rain of small aircraft several family cord blood bank in the country has finally found the consistency of cord blood transplant, but because of the huge cost of treatment to block the pace.

most will die before their first birthday

small flight school Xu rain doctor together, this is an extremely rare genetic disorder, disease, the patient will be thrombocytopenia, immune deficiency symptoms can easily lead to bleeding, infection. Only by replacing the bone marrow hematopoietic stem cells to rebuild the immune system to cure. If the success of small aircraft rain cord blood stem cell transplantation, will be the first case of Mainland China

national library to find the cord blood cord blood

WAS syndrome is a kind of recessive genetic diseases, the incidence of male offspring are often at an early age, female offspring carry the disease gene, and to their offspring. As the innate immune system, usually caused by infection in male patients have died at an early age. At present, except Hong Kong, Chongqing, only had a successful treatment in children.

was this strange disease of children

Zhang Shumei and her husband went to the rain with a small aircraft, Zhengzhou, Beijing and other places a large hospital. According to the child's strange symptoms, doctors suspect that the small risk of rain Air is a very rare disease -

■ Chinese Commercial News reporters Lian Huiyan and Tong Xunyuan Cao Yong

8 o'clock yesterday morning, Zheng freshman Affiliated 1 Ward Building No. 15 Building a pediatric medical ward particularly busy, the hospital leadership and medical staff with books, bags and other gifts, to see Yan Hang rain.

seeing a small aircraft rain was entangled in wasting disease, then do not do transplants will miss the best treatment of the. Zheng freshman Affiliated all medical staff launched a rain of small aircraft donation activities. As of June 1 at noon, the hospital has contributed about $ 200,000.

Yesterday was Children's Day, receive a small aircraft rain very holiday gift - His First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, all medical staff for their donation of 20 million, to help him complete the umbilical cord blood transplantation.

Doctors looking at X-Yan Yu Hang-ray Chinese Commercial News reporter Ding Jie / photo

February of this year, doctors suspicions have been confirmed. Small blood samples were sent to Air Rain Queen Mary Hospital, Hong Kong, after a genetic diagnosis, is suffering from a small aircraft rain

6-year-old boy and a half from six months old Yan Yu Hang on, on a cold every few days, and the skin a touch is a bruising . Doctors say he is suffering from the disease diagnosed only 20 cases nationwide, and most children died before 1 year of age. Currently, only bone marrow transplant could cure this strange disease.

six months old boy suffering from strange diseases


8 o'clock last night, living in the vicinity of a middle-aged man, not feeling well, to Doctors rushed quickly to the armed police near the hospital for help. At 10 am, an ambulance came to the scene and found that men had died.

microblogging Recommended | microblogging hot today (edit: SN029)

Express News reported that a reporter Ruan Jianhua Bit 36-year-old middle-aged man,Beats by dre tour headphones, because of physical discomfort to a private clinic for treatment, did not think he died of a needle bar. Angry family members and villagers will be placed in iced body clinic lobby, more chaos will be the clinic to drop a pass all kinds of facilities. Yesterday morning, in Baiyun District, toad stone Street 2nd Alley of this incident, the local police, the streets involved in coordination, was finally settled.

Express reporter yesterday afternoon rushed to the scene. Have been thwarted by the toad stone Street 2nd Alley in the Clinics in a messy, broken glass everywhere, rickety tables and interrogation facilities stacked on the gate. Clinic hall decorated with a mat, covered with a mat next to the yellow cloth, surrounded by the rest full of worship burned smudge. Hanging wall of the clinic

on the cause of the incident, the reporter tried to interview the internal cleaning of the clinic staff, but the other declined to answer any questions. Introduction nearby residents, the clinic has been open for many years, changed hands last year was renamed Because the accident occurred near several major hospitals, often near a large number of patients renting, clinics have regular business license and license plate, there is no illegal practice illegal, the preliminary view that is medical malpractice. But the situation remains to be identified to verify the health sector. Currently, the matter is under further investigation in progress.

Leaving visible traces of clinics thwarted. Express reporter Bi Zhiyi / photo

divided families of anger hit clinics

8 o'clock yesterday morning, family members and villagers came to the clinic more than a dozen people burned incense paper. I do not know what the reason, the two sides since the conflict. More than a dozen family members and fellow excited, all items will smash the clinic. Introduced a shop near the clinic owner, the deceased and their families are Jiangxi, living in the vicinity, there is a radical move may be due to the liability on the two sides in the negotiations had differences. 10 am, police cars sped to the families of more than ten police force will be advised to stop, the local street workers also came to coordination. Subsequently, the two sides to the police station the police for investigation. About 12 am, funeral cars arrived, the man whose body was removed.

tie a needle two hours were gone

welcome to comment to comment

incident Stone Street, Baiyun District, toads, the clinic has regular business license and license plate, initially considered to be medical malpractice

but the bus company that has the safety of passengers to the destination time, ha fall is due to pushing and shoving each other because of the passengers, the driver and conductor were difficult to maintain order, it does not agree to compensation.

correspondent (Correspondent Sun Chao correspondent Xuyi Ru)-ha take the bus and get off when he was rushed back after the fall of the crowds head. Eight months later, his sudden onset of acute cerebral infarction, He died, was killed. Family that is 8 months ago that injury caused sudden illness, asked the bus company for compensation. Recently, Putuo District court verdict, the bus company should bear some responsibility, for a total compensation of $ 12.5 million.

May 18, the same year, Mr. Xia was discharged, people getting scared long discharge diagnosis: traumatic brain injury, concussion, wrist Ministry of multiple soft tissue injury ... In addition, he was also diagnosed with with bronchial asthma, emphysema, coronary heart disease, diabetes, cholecystitis and other diseases, need long-term treatment, less than 50 years old, not married, he was nearly ten days only by the mother leaves the old lady to take care of.

microblogging Recommended | microblogging hot today (edit: SN026)

welcome to comment to comment

judge held that the bus company as a carrier, should be to protect the safety of passengers in transit, so deal with the consequences of the damage ha liability. However, Mr. Xia's own illness led to his death is the main reason, coupled with expert conclusions that ha sudden death and disease, there is traffic between an indirect causal relationship,dr dre beats sale, the court discretion to determine, by the bus company compensation for medical costs, nursing care, payments, funeral expenses, death compensation, totaling 12.5 million yuan.

finish cooking later, after his son, leaf lady felt that her son's death and that the head falls on bus, inform the traffic police department application requirements for the cause of death identified. After a forensic examination table dead center and cause of death analysis, conclusions, and for the death of Mr. Xia exists between traffic accidents last year, the indirect causal relationship. Thus, the leaf lady presented to the Court lawsuit, seeking compensation for the bus company for medical expenses, funeral expenses, death and other compensation totaling nearly $ 700,000.

evening of May 1 last year, the last train home-ha take the bus, the passengers were very much crowded inside. To Caoyang eight Village Station, ha off the back door, was eager to get on and off the crowd pushed and fell to the ground, badly beaten.

evening of January 31 this year, ha suddenly feel unwell, leaf lady hastened to call 120 emergency calls. Diagnosed as acute cerebral infarction, He died, ha died the next day.

Even if there is no past life had agreed , this life we have journeying , etc. ,
confused and just go with the operator not fate , why not bearish on past dust ,Moncler Vest Women,
a look that only meet each other that a heart open the door ,
; still thousands of miles through wind and rain , as true, because have you accompany me in this way ,
; how much care how many people travel , how much love in this life will be touched , ;
friend stay forever as long as two people love each other , in order to accompanied through ups and downs ,
much How many people read the story phase , with much love will pull this life ,
only two people love each other know each other stay forever , through this life in order to arm !

15, learn hard, done comfortably; learn comfortably, doing hard work.

6, who privately advise us that we were the wrong people, real friends.

23, a business can not succeed, the key on the system design.

19, why can survive? The first is because I have no money, and the second is on the INTERNET that I do not know, I think the third is like a fool.

21, if you want to know how their future income. Find your most frequently between the six friends, their combined annual income, divided by six, it is almost yours. This example, you can fully explain the point feather flock together.

10, from scratch, is a happy thing. And from there to, the same kind of pleasure.

13, not just look at the apex, second and third line greater than the market.

27, the layout of the decision outcome.

7, have a good attitude good condition.

6, do the national market, be sure to do a test market, to be a little bit, not fast; made, and really to make the national market, half a step faster, not slower !

1, a small victory with wisdom, victory by Germany.

26, treat each head of cattle, because they are mothers.

21, if the early bird does not eat the insects, it will be eaten by other birds.

12, do not install big, big man for the equipment, the best way is to pick up pieces of brick, with up quietly, suddenly brought down from behind him.

2, and energetic, you shed sweat; the knowledge you gave wisdom; the two do not have, you make a post.

17, see other people dislike, above all, their training is not enough.

11, never with others than lucky, I never thought I fortunate than others, I might be more than their perseverance in the most difficult times, they beat it I can boil more than a second, two seconds.

3, talking products sell fast, dumb product slowly.

1,90% of the problems you do not want to think, you do not know it was difficult.

19, whether you're after is not engaged in the sales department, have a look on the marketing of books. Because, in life, you sell to others everywhere in the show yourself.

5, a product, eye-catching, pulling ears, not as warm their hearts.

28, there are many things in the world, as long as you do it thoroughly, made of experts, you will be able to create their own chances of success.

36, if I can only give you one piece of advice, that is, in this world there is no free lunch, never take a shortcut!

2, why you do not pride and self-esteem?

a lot of people lost their happy, because he was too sensitive. Others words, to make a comment on his angry month. At this time very boring. Ma Jiajue become serious, because people do not eat on your own depressed to kill.

8, help others, but does not harm others.

20, the usual time, and more communication about your friends, do not wait until you need the help of friends when it is thought to be in touch with them to the community, you will know, able to recognize a true friend, how hard?

22, heard of the lobster-rich, never heard of the rich whaling.

3, if there is no price advantage and absolute advantage in technology, do not enter the Red Sea market, or you will will lose!

6, more than a day to some more than others to an hour.

17, Chinese e-commerce must have to stand up and walk, and not always hand in hand, always hand in hand to be finished. I found a gold mine, said Ali Baba, then we definitely do not dig their own, we want others to dig, he dug gold mine to me one on it.

18, I am confident that our model will make money, Amazon is the world's longest river, 8848 is the world's highest mountain, is the world's most full of treasures. A good business is living near by the blood transfusion, the key is their own blood.

4, if you take the fifth power of competing with others, others will come up with your twelfth power rivalry.

14, management relentless, enthusiastic people.

3, older, people no longer value the appearance, not your handsome or not, but by the charm of your heart: your spirit, spirit.


2, I will always believe that and never give up, we still have a chance. Finally, we believe that this world as long as the dream, as long as the ongoing efforts, as long as continuous learning, no matter how you look, whether it is the case, or as a man's looks and his talent are often inversely proportional. I am very cruel, more brutal tomorrow, the day after tomorrow is good, but most certainly die tomorrow night, so everyone not to give up today.

7, I am most happy life, that I promised to help people do things, he is not only completed, but better than they requested, when the completion of these letters promise, the kind of excitement is indescribable ... ...

12, to benefit the people know you, can not be considered good; so do not know you also benefit, it is nice.

5, you say I am a pig, no, actually I do not like the pigs.

3, plus courage, courage that is successful, once the train had heard people talk about the success of Wenzhou, said such words, In fact, this is courage, and take affordable, let go, that is courage.

11, outside the daily work should pay more attention to their accomplishments and their skills. With the extensive application of computer technology, in order not to be out of society, we must strengthen and improve the training of computer technology. Whether it is corporate training or personal training is essential, I recommend a good training institutes: Institute of Computing Training Center.

12, the current era, after the details of the determinants of the right strategy, there are many details handled properly, your strategy right, they would fail.

22, remember, the cards do the last person to sell other people feel surprise card, they think you want to lose time, so that you can win the hand.

2, a young man, if the three-year period, without any idea his life, basically like this, not much has changed.

14, our company is half-yearly evaluation, assessment down, although you work very hard, very good, but you're the last one, very sorry, you have to leave.

24, others from scratch, and I start from the negative.

16, the network above the word, barefoot is always afraid of the wearer.

15, learning, study and study again, something all right, go to the bookstore to see books on management, finance, marketing, interpersonal communication, the future trends of these, you can get a lot. The social competition is too intense, you do not learn, will be eliminated. China end of 2008, more than a million college students find jobs. Competition so fierce, so be sure to understand that graduating from college, is not the end of learning, but learning has just begun. Also, I recommend a good video,

8., to introduce respect, we must study a very specialized field, in that area, you are top, at least 10 Chinese money, so regardless of any When you have something to say, there are things that can be used. I want to be Mr Yu had studied English in China before 100, but later found impossible. So I back the word, with a year's time recited an English dictionary, the word expert in China, I published the Little Red Book series: GRE vocabulary from junior high to have a dozen, the annual sales of 1 million, over royalties I officially work higher.

4, I only want to throw firecrackers, but also throwing bombs. Throw firecrackers to attract attention and confuse the enemy; throwing bombs is my real purpose. However, I can not tell you when I threw firecrackers, when throwing bombs. The game is to falsehoods, so that it happy. If you feel pain in the game, it means you play the wrong.

Shi Yuzhu Classic Quotes:

21, people can not put money into the grave, but the money they can put people into the grave.

4, in this world, so a handful of people, open the newspaper, is their message, turn on the TV, is their message, the streets, talk of their news, if the world is prepared for them, they can do anything,north face fleece outlet, do anything. Your goal should be to become a small group of people.

1, a company in both cases most likely to make mistakes, the first is too much money, the second is the face of too many opportunities to see a CEO to not be an opportunity, because opportunity is everywhere, a CEO should see the disaster and the disaster strangled in the cradle.

11, to change inherent in the idea of ​​consumers, the sun than the board harder; but not impossible.

10, if you want attention, we must make to become a tree, standing proudly between the earth; and not to do a grass, have you seen who stepped a grass, the grass also sorry to say: I'm sorry?

the Editor: As long as compassion and face done, almost always fail. Each river has a dream: toward the sea. Yangtze River, Yellow River are toward the sea, the same way. Open hilltops Yangtze, Yellow River twists and turns, not the same trajectory. But has a water spirit. Water flowing in the process, if the precipitation in the sediment, will never see the sun.

15, the so-called talent, that you give him one thing, he made a; you and then give him one thing, he made a.

13, suffer no longer eat do not eat into the time, not a disadvantage. More bitter, sweet and big.

8, to maintain their reputation, hard work, and people, keep their promises, so very helpful to your cause.

23, good things are often difficult to describe.

5, this society is winner-take-all, loser nothing, the community, always only the success of Heroes.

1, the face of their favorite girl to dare to fight for treasure, no matter what kind of resistance, unless you think this girl is not worthy of your love. Lose your regrets are too late.

9, want to know, make a reverse.

9, taking advantage of the young, to get out more to see. Traveling, as Journey, Journey, as reading countless people.

1, you can say that they are the best, but can not say that he is the best school, best of all Beijing, the country's best, best in the world, So you do not have pride; Similarly, you can say he is the worst class, but you can prove that he is the worst school do? Can prove that he is the worst it? So do not have low self-esteem.

2, Mr Yu in the Both by day, but also on land, but also on their own. Calmly accept defeat. Man to be generous, the atmosphere, do not give up! There is no absolute fairness, only a fair point. Heart level, the world will be flat. Learn to give others the opportunity. Rank and honor, just like the clouds, can not lie in, lie down or go on. Rank and honor is beautiful scene, only to enjoy.

14, two back to back three-win, three to five years, little intelligence on the line; want to be a hundred years old, would like to win a lifetime, there is no German business, absolutely not.

17, remember, on average more than three hours a day watching television more than a certain monthly income of those who are not more than two thousand dollars, if you want a monthly income of more than two Qian, please do not waste time on television. By the same token, those who play online games per day, or chat over three hours or more, are also those monthly income of not more than two thousand.

10, the most painful time, the most stressful time, my mind there is only one thing, I hire the hills at the foot of the national branch manager north gate of that place, guest houses inside, and then criticism in that place behind closed doors will open. You criticize me, criticize three days and three nights, I think that is very useful.

9, students should do is: (1) professional, to become China's top 100; (2) the humanities, reading 500 books (3) English.

14, in order to progress, only lessons learned, success stories are distorted, successful, like how to say can be, the losers did not say, however, you can Through his example and sum. Lessons learned not only from himself, but also learn from others.

16, if you are not singers, not a painter, nor is it playing performance art, then, in the usual attention to your clothing. Now this society, clothing can show which groups you belong to, which a circle.

24, give yourself a five-year goal, then break it down into year after year, six months six months, three months, a month. In this way, you can find their own goals and direction.

9, past experience and then learn from the successful conclusion, especially for the failures, the dead of night after midnight, when you think about it. Anyway, want to sleep, think you have a great harvest actually read more than you use. Far away from you because some books, that is to look at his past writing.

Ma Classic Quotes:

18, because a lot of the poor and the poor have no money, so they will chat on the network complain, kill time. You have seen what the manager in charge of corporate CEOs or something right often QQ group chat?

24, in my opinion there are three kinds of people, businessmen: the creation of money; businessman: Dos and Don'ts. Entrepreneur: for social responsibility. Entrepreneurs should create an environment for the community. Entrepreneurs must have the spirit of innovation.

7, junior post-doctoral level with nothing different. As long as competent on the line, I have been to this view, do not care about education, as long as competent to contribute on the line.

6, if you ask around friends words, if ten people, nine did not know, then, this is an opportunity, if ten people, nine are known, is a industry.

Mr Yu Classic Quotes:

25, no matter what, remember the dignity of the word, a man is to have dignity, principles and underlined. Otherwise, no one will respect you.

8, this world-class talent, the project can be made of third-rate second-rate or better, but third-rate talents, first-class project will, do not like third-rate.

23, about love, is there such a word, no bread, how to dance? Whenever you decide to go to love a person, they must consider giving her the best you can give the material life.

4, do the chain business, we must make a fool version of the marketing brochure and management manual, the only way to achieve long-distance management.

6, a person with mental problems is defective; a human soul there is a problem that is dangerous. Business people is running a business.

8, as we have failed in the past, at least those who have had bad experience, you should always learn something from the inside. Success is when people learn something, and people in good times, when the success, Shen less than the heart, the sum of things is very true nature of things. Only when the failure to sum up the lesson is profound, is true.

25, can not hear flattery is a lucky, hear the critics is a danger.

13, saw 10 rabbits, which you catch in the end only? While some people catch the rabbit, while grasping the rabbit, may end a grip. CEO's main task is not to look for opportunities but a chance to say NO. Opportunity too, can only catch one. I can only catch a rabbit, caught more, what will be lost.

15, the biggest difference between us and our competitors is that we know what they want to do, but they do not know what we want. We want to do, there is no need to let everyone know.

guide words: a look at how successful these people are! 500 Chinese CEO who is absolutely classic quotations, wants to succeed must speed collection Oh!

Gensheng Classic Quotes:

5, the success of a store after doing a big success away from you far, so you first is down to earth and concentrate to make the first one, is to abandon this chain, do not how to do in the future chain has done a lot of dreams, and make the first down to earth first.

22, a man happy not because he has much, but because care less.

2, a core member of the team was to resign, do not retain, as proposed, he is to go sooner or later.

20, enterprises that business people.

20, starting gun sounds, you do not have time to see how your opponent is running. Tomorrow is our only competitor.

3, Masayoshi Son, I have the same view with a first-class program is the implementation of third-Idea plus; another program, plus third-class implementation of the Idea, which is better? We both choose the same time the implementation class, third-Idea.

18, from the most dissatisfied customers who learned the most.

7, any one industry, a market, are the first to have meat, then soup did not drink.

12, today's speech to the North felt very excited. I have been to Peking University students as my idol, has been test but not into the exam, so I think if one day I have to go to Beijing University as a teacher.

4, in this world there are many genius is to appreciate, not for comparisons.

13, buy clothes, when to pick their own, do not let the family to buy you, though you do not buy the first second how, but you will slow slow visionary.

10, when dealing with people, listen more talk less. This is why God gave us two ears and one mouth causes.

7, so that this world is not bright sunshine, but the girls smile.

Recently, the reporter saw the Holding a the sound will hang up. Subsequently, the reporter linked to the Xiaorong. Ms. Lin's statements to repeat to reporters, Xiaorong mostly silent answer, occasional Schilling said, opening soon, she hopes Xiaorong hurry home, ready for school.

Xiaorong left After college, previously well-behaved sensible daughter Xiaorong like a different person: and the adoptive parents no longer speak, refused to go home, no one answered the phone forever.

welcome to comment to comment

June of this year, Xiaorong another Guessed that the next day, Xiaorong leaving a piece of paper

However, Lin said that since September 2010, Xiaorong admitted to a college after the river, the

great changes on the character after college

make the couple feel the most intuitive is Xiaorong and adoptive parents no longer willing to exchange.

time, Xiaorong vowed to swear, will not rebel, and write In response, Ms. Lin was pleased the heart that is sincere repentance of the Xiaorong. However, so she had no idea that the next day evening, when she finished the job when the farm back home, placed on the table do not Xiaorong hot meals, but a cold,

left This time, she could bear, while crying while angrily beat Xiaorong.

Xiaorong change intensified, two or three months, she simply did not come home.

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Haicang street Xiaorong, who lives in the two or three months old when adopted by Ms. Lin to go home. In the minds of Ms. Lin, Xiaorong small cute and naive, like her intimate cotton jacket. Though the family in rural areas, the material conditions are not very good, but for the sensible daughter,Authentic Beats by dre headphones, she always try to meet her request.

Her husband, hold me for a minute, please? br>
stood up from his seat, he opened his arms to her in my arms. They had a mutual friend of a friend, just the kind of polite nod before he had seen her with a group of sisters called crazy laugh, the eyes have seen her cleverness to turn a few Smart circle, which will have to be added whole, he thought, she really is not suitable for his wife, this girl is too crazy, she is only suitable to be a playmate.

until One day, he saw her drunk and she was just as quietly sitting in the corner, alone,north face jacket men, drinking alone Shizhao tears, where he and she are in the Listen to the song - song words tears it? he wanted to, or, what is it?

she was drunk, a drunk on the table before he raised her, not know where she lived, she was taken to the place where he lived, he would help her to bed her eyes closed tightly, unconsciously clutching his hand, whispering vulnerable. That night, he clutch her clothes and sleep together.

she woke up in his arms, he looked at her, when she opened her eyes looked ignorant as a baby. Shortly after, she returned to regain aggressive and alert. What are you doing? ; her hands slowly gently drawn back, seem to think this way he would not notice while carefully he saw a trace of her face shyly, her eyes turn a few laps, and finally stop in his face,:

this way, they laid down a bed of his marriage.

After marriage, she will always remind him of that promise. He is the fame or fortune. Never thought of, used to think she was weird and lovely and also has child-like woman Jiaohan. Every day, he will be out more than one minute several times, several times or even hundreds of time to hold her.

Gradually, he began to busy again. Work every day to sit in front of the computer for several hours. Every time she says him; every time when he finally decided to rest, she has been lying on the sofa tired to sleep.

busy working to make this He has his career to do, Too tired to work every day to make his plate fatigue strength, is never done things this way around him and let him have time to go to the other. So he forgot her birthday, forget the first anniversary of their wedding anniversary, forget to give her a good night kiss, and forgot to embrace her most wanted.

her more and more silent, often sitting there watching him busy daze. She noticed his smile less and less, so also followed her smile less and less. Birthday card she wrote, on sleep. Milling round and round figure looked at him a few times she even had some doubts the decision is too hasty, after all, they are still young.

just returned from the hospital, her face pale. She is never afraid to go to the hospital. There was his companionship, pain and red eyes, several hugged her crying into the clinic for tests. This is her life's weakness, ah, he knows. At that time he always made fun of her such a great person to the hospital turned out even more severe than the children cry, simply because fear of injections. This time, hovering in front of the hospital, she did not dare go into. Restraint and the fear for her is really too difficult for one thing.

drought finally she went away. Check out the results expected of her great - she was pregnant.

home, she wanted to tell him several times Cangbaizhelian the news. And he was too busy to attend to see her. Have a little, middle of the night dew is heavy, but he is still sitting in front of the computer. They never quarreled, but she felt an argument now more terrible than life - he did not notice any time to quarrel.

wearing white pajamas, he finally worked up the courage to interrupt his work - > He turned his head and looked at her the moment she saw him in the eyes of surprise and then become soft. Embrace her in his arms, he said: over me. From that early morning wake up in his arms, she knew such a warm embrace of desire. She knew she hurriedly set does not regret the marriage. Reluctant to embrace him, she always thought that if he is willing to hold her then you must also love her. However, she was such a warm embrace for a long time, have not had.

She prayed for his heart while eyes ache. He really did not hold her a long time. She is so susceptible, so Smart. Now she was so quiet she can not have contact with her.

looked at her surprised eyes wide open, he knew these words he really late for a long time.

hands tight billion tempting to correct the collar, she was dumbfounded. He really love her? Daileng a long while, stroking her stomach, said happily: who replaced him stunned. Quite a while before he was back his own voice.

he hold fast to her, completely immersed in the joy.

Yes, ah, what led to his wife and children will be more than happy for it? !

tight ring of his waist, she knew that she was her choice not wrong. She will be happy, there will be love her husband and their high expectations of the lovely children. Yes, she will always be happy.

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Chen Huai Nam News reporter Ming in order to save $ 30 toll, 33-year-old container truck driver Tang Yakui car pass through the red card, the toll was only 22 years old came up to intercept seeing inspectors Qiu Jianjun body involved in the wheel, lest tragedy.

toll station staff Wong said at the time, the driver took out 30 yuan toll reduction, somehow, suddenly received the money back,dr dre headphones for sale, and then start the vehicle broke down the fence red card. Qiu Jianjun want to intercept the car side, he was involved in the vehicle.

Qiu Jianjun, 22, Hunan Renhua County, to pass through the group of inspectors dedicated to tracing the red card escape charges observed vehicles.

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Qiu Jianjun of the toll has been killed this year, the second inspector. May 5 am, a container truck punch card toll Hu Wei knocked down, crushed to death rolling.

Dip the victims Qiu Jianjun blood work card. Southern Reporter photo

present, the prosecution has to

site security guard guarding the murderer, let him run. Tang said that he often through the toll, not a small amount of 30 yuan each.

Yantian Pass toll booth, located in Yantian Au tunnel and high-speed benefits of salt Henggang He'ao toll stations. As early as 2004, the deputies have questioned the toll station, and propose to abolish.

driver: a moment of weakness

owner: Yantian Pass toll should have canceled

to escape the container car 30 yuan toll crushed toll

2 am yesterday, a Guangdong B96732 license, identified as The Qiu Jianjun lying on the rear wheels, the wheels run over his chest, head, had no life signs.

What is fate ? Edge is God arrangements can be scarce. Points is a personal pursuit of a pay , a harvest . The right time and place , met the wrong people , is never meant points, the right people in the wrong time and place , is watched missed ... ...
Buddha : a hundred years of cultivation the same boat , the Millennium cultivation therapeutic writing sleep . Destined to be able to meet banding will come together , forever .
I say : Love is a feeling , it is not waiting forever , not the highest power of the oath ,dr dre beats pro, not the relentless pursuit , the waiting is not without regrets . Fate is - we meet each other , know each other , I love you , you like me. There is not much in the process , to everything from understanding ... ...


Zeus Zeus (Zeus), gods, ancient Greek mythology, the highest god in Roman mythology, said Jupiter (Jupiter), the Kronos (Cronus) and Rui Asia (Rhea) born youngest son. Cronus overthrew his father, through access to the highest power of Uranus, he feared his children would follow his behavior, so his children swallowed. Rhea as his wife could not bear to have been swallowed Zeus, so Zeus took the stone to him to pretend to swallow. Zeus grew up, combined with the brothers and sisters against the father engaged in a fierce struggle. After decades of war, the earth goddess Gaia, his grandmother over his father's help. Zeus and his brothers Poseidon and Ha at the end of Sri Lanka in charge of heaven, sea world, the Underworld. Since then, Zeus became the ruler in charge of the universe. Jupiter is the Latin name derived from him.

days Hera Hera, Roman mythology, named Juno, the wife of Zeus, but also days, is a symbol of female authority in charge of all women the world. Is the child of Cronus and Rhea, Zeus's sister. Zeus has been very loved, to help Zeus, but the Emperor of Heaven romantic by nature, so Hera is a jealous goddess is very heavy, and she punished for all women with Zeus, also including the goddess. Hera is very fierce, she is very loving son of Ares and his young daughter, the goddess Hebe.


Hades Pluto, because of stealth hat, he was regarded as an invisible God, he is also in charge of the wealth of God, in charge of the earth gold, he is Zeus's brother, in charge of deep soil, it is the offerings of God. hand-held two-Tridents, three regional dog dog is his God, he is the ruler of hell, the dead to give the trial and punishment.

Neptune Poseidon Poseidon: Poseidon, Neptune, sea and all waters dominate. second only to Zeus, a powerful ruler. Cold spell has a powerful, simple-minded but he is a god. His weapon is a trident. Zeus's brother. Athena, the goddess of victory

Athena: Athena, head of the victory, the war goddess of wisdom and skill. She is the head of Zeus from his father, the birth of the goddess, her reticent, she is the goddess of wisdom, born, as was predicted that children born to command of the goddess would overthrow Zeus, so Zeus, Athena was born, she swallowed , but the stomach pain does, so with the Reaper approved open up a whole body shining armor, holding a golden spear a woman, there is Athena, she was competing with the sea god Poseidon over Athens, Athena won the final victory.

Saturnalia Germany Demeter Demeter

Germany: Demeter, the earth goddess of grain. She has a gentle manner, warm smile,cheap dr dre headphones, but she was very timid. She taught people to cultivate, to give the earth life, she and Zeus gave birth to her daughter Puhi Finney, was made after the offerings. But also that she is Poseidon's wife, because agriculture can not do without water.

Apollo the sun god Apollo, the sun god, but also the musical bow o o o predicted medical god. Apollo 12 is the most handsome god, he was happy, smart, with bright sunny temperament, always full of courage and strength, women like him, in addition to Pei Fonie outside.

the moon goddess Artemis Al Stefan Mies

: Arthemis, goddess of the moon and hunting, but also beautiful and pure at the goddess. She is very beautiful, quick thinking, and decisive, run quickly, so can not always stay in one place too long. She was born to Zeus and Rato, like hunting, winding Xingyue her bow, the moon is her arrows, so is Artemis ~

Venus Aphrodite
Venus Aphrodite (Aphrodite), Rome, also known as Venus, the god of love and beauty, a symbol of all beauty and love under the jurisdiction of the world, is the lover of Ares, the god of fire wife, but she is not a loyal wife.

Ares Ares (Ares), is the day of Hera's son, very affected by days of love, so that the character and stubborn intolerable, but it has a very strong Oedipal plot, days are very loyal, and unusual protection. He dominated the war and fighting, very warlike nature, brutal and bloody love, only in front of his mother Hera, in order to show some gentle it.


God Dionysus Dionysus (DIONYSUS), Rome, also known as Ba Gusi, God plants, viticulture and the wine of God's protection .

Vulcan 赫斐斯托斯

赫斐斯托斯: Hephaestus, god of fire, there was a craft that abnormal superb blacksmith god. He bent and lame, the gods of the most ugly. He was a good-hearted god. His wife is Venus.

death of Sri Lanka to take all take all

death of Sri Lanka, the night he was the son of God, grant black cape, armed with deadly sword, capturing the lives of others.

Hypnos Hypnos repair repair

Hypnos Hypnos, a winged gods, when he beat the magic wand or wings, when people will go to sleep his strength is greater than the gods, even Zeus can not escape his magic, his wife is a gift day Hera, Zeus requirement is to completely fall asleep, and he put the magic of Zeus, when Zeus woke up, very angry, looking for him, and eventually Zeus deep into the area.

God Hermes

God Hermes (Hermes), he is Zeus's most loyal and most capable assistant, he did no matter what decisions Zeus , will try with all his strength to go to Heaven to complete, is like a shadow like a loyal servant of the Emperor of Heaven.

disputes goddess Eris goddess of strife

Ellis (Elis), in Roman mythology, she is also known as the goddess of revenge, or flame, said that even the sand snake Mido Banshee should take orders from her three sisters. She is a goddess to the government, in charge of all the causal revenge, control of people's hearts evil mood, is a very cruel and cold goddess

Pandora Pandora: Some say that she is deep, the wrong, Greek mythology, the god of farming after Ming's daughter (born and Zeus), called Puhi Finney, is the only offerings, the very love she said Pluto, She is even married her away from the ground, and this Saturn in order to find his daughter is also very sad. The Pandora is in Greek mythology, created by the gods, Prometheus used to test, let her do the general's wife, and Pandora's dowry with a box filled with pain and in disaster, and disease and other evil things. Pandora's curiosity and opened the box, release the evil disaster, so the Pandora is also a disaster to come.

ready to open it! ,Beats Headphones!

a technology-based , with good sales , I do not like the slogan a few Shaniao people get up shop.

,Dre beats headphones

today (3) afternoon, the reporter called posts on the net to leave the mobile phone number. The phone is Indian woman, who said he will not post, she is a friend to help hair.

welcome to comment to comment

BEIJING, August 3, Ningbo (reporter what Jiang Yong Shao Yanfei) Recently, someone in a forum post, said his friend in the 120 emergency vehicles have been sexually abused, and left the subject's contact information. For this, Fenghua, Zhejiang Province Health Bureau, Office of the Director Wang told reporters BEIJING, council after an investigation, confirmed that no such thing, and that the parties report to the police department, for the protection of both doctors and patient privacy considerations, the specific The findings announced inconvenience.

described according to India's President, at 2:00 on July 26 or so, she and her husband fight, look to scare her husband, hit 120.120 ambulance came, the doctors carried her to the ambulance car, and later inserted in its nostrils, an oxygen tube, after asking some questions, even on her hands and feet. So when she did not let him stop twice to succeed.

for this progress, WASHINGTON correspondent will continue to focus. (End)

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Indian President said that the ambulance was on three people, one of her own, as well as drivers and doctors. She went to the hospital after hanging a bit to go home. Reporters asked its then why do not the police, she said that he is no evidence, so the next day, her car lost something in the emergency excuse, to know that emergency medical surname. Since then, she found a first aid center and the Women's Federation leaders, all because of insufficient evidence to no avail. She said that now own cell phone number published, in hopes of finding the same patient encounter.

Fenghua Health Bureau Office of the Deputy Director Wang told reporters this afternoon telephone interview, said that this matter after the media published it, a doctor on the parties result in larger damage. Two days, doctors and his family feel very bad.

correspondent expressed the hope that look the findings, Wang said that Fenghua Health has announced the results at the forum, it is no longer distributed to reporters.

According to Deputy Director Wang introduced a few days ago, Fenghua City Health Bureau aware of this, the Health Bureau and supervision departments to immediately investigate the matter, the result is not sexual assault incident.

Director Wang also admitted that 120 vehicles are not equipped with camera equipment, Health unilateral findings can not be convinced, so I will not announce the. ; Second, the proposed parties to the police department report.

1976 年 two wages 38.87 yuan, the value of the yuan is now how much?

according to a How much the value of the yuan is now? According to a

1971 年 8 月 5 日 Nixon announced a new economic policy, the dollar and gold price linked to $ 35 / 1 avoirdupois ounce of gold, 1 ounce equals 28.35 grams. 1976 years ago to work ordinary two to four years of wages 38.87 yuan, in 1976 dollar 1.88 yuan, equivalent to $ 20.67, can be exchanged for 0.59 oz (16.75 grams) of gold.

0.59 ounce (16.75 grams) of gold, equivalent to how many yuan it now? Depreciation of the dollar in October 2010 to $ 1,320 / ounce of gold. Press dollar now 6.8 yuan, equivalent to 5296 yuan now. That is, now 5296 yuan, equivalent to 1976 years ago to work in order to achieve a four-year ordinary two workers 38.87 yuan wages. Yet the health care, education, housing, welfare costs are included.

look at the development of more than 30 years now, any one of ordinary workers to work four years to get 5296 yuan to pay it? Not to 5,6,7,8-level and advanced workers compared. Now a common worker to work for 10 years, monthly income of 2,500 yuan has been very good, only 30 years ago, this is only 50% of low-level workers.

rely on

Attachment: 1

[police] the macro-micro-systemic challenge CPI

Xu L

In the current statistics system, the consumer index CPI is estimated to be the biggest challenge. Recently, the State Statistical Bureau spokesman Sheng to transport a

from the perspective of an ordinary citizen, we do not care how much CPI, our concern is that he has the purchasing power of currency or deposits. If the price rose more than the wage increase, deposit receipts or, obviously, means that smaller purchasing power of money, that is, the money becomes If I buy a house, then the purchasing power of money is obviously property prices should be measured.

I say systematic challenge to the CPI, that is, from the perspective of purchasing power of money. This measure, we need to put 30 years of reform and opening up a big process to go - from 1978.

that's a lot of representative figures, in 1978 the national average monthly wage of 51.25 yuan, the annual average wage of 615 yuan, if the family where a person has the level of wages, you can feed a family. At that time, if a deposit of 1 million families, could be the envy of the known as the

According to National Bureau of Statistics CPI index over the years, to November 2009, CPI in the past 30 years and 11 months, the cumulative increase of 5.7 times. According to this index, we present the average monthly wage of 292.1 Yuanben should be able to achieve in 1978 the purchasing power of wages of 51.25 yuan. But everyone knows that 292.1 yuan less than the current minimal level of 2008 in Beijing (390 yuan per month).

single item from a price comparison on the more telling. Southern Fund Senior Fellow Mr. Wan Xiaoxi done a useful statistics, he price, we from the China Price Information Network and other places in the query to the current price of a single product, you can achieve contrast.

first class food. The price of flour 1978 0.185 0.22 yuan / kg, according to the China Grain and Oils Information Network, Shanghai this month, the price of flour was 1.19 yuan / kg to 1.92 yuan / kg, prices rose 5.4 to 10.38 times.

1978 年 pork prices 0.85 to 1 yuan / kg, according to the China Price Information Network, the end of November of fresh pork (rib meat, lean meat) price 9.59,11.39 yuan / kg, the price rose to 9.59 13.4 times.

1978 年 octopus price 0.305 to 0.38 yuan / kg, according to the China Price Information Network, the end of November octopus price 8.08 yuan / kg, or 21.3 to 26.5 times.

second high-grade tobacco and alcohol. 1978, 0.55 yuan a pack of Chinese cigarettes, Maotai 8 yuan per bottle; current price is 57 yuan per box, respectively, and 828 yuan per bottle, the price rose 103.6 percent and 103.5 times.

third type clothes category. Each set of clothes in 1978, 10 to 20 yuan, the current 100 to 500 yuan each, or 5 to 50 times.

fourth category traffic class. Beijing subway fares in 1978, 0.1 yuan is currently $ 2, or 20 times (Beijing who fare $ 3 after in order to encourage public transport use by 2007 to lower fares).

fifth medical class. 1978 appendicitis price $ 8, the current 90 to 500 yuan, or 11.25 ~ 62.5 times.

VI housing category. Water and 0.12 yuan per ton in 1978, the current 3.7 yuan per ton, or 30.8 times.

In addition, because of the distribution system in 1978, urban housing was allocated for the project, now need to purchase. At that time the education, health care prices are very low. These three or a bad measure.

see true at the micro. If you make such a comprehensive measure, since 1978, has only 5.7 times the CPI increase,just beats by dre, obviously can not measure the aforementioned six categories of changes in prices, if coupled with housing, education, health care, it also can not be measured. This is why, to the CPI measure price changes for systematic doubt.

The problem is, 5.7 times the CPI underestimates the extent to which the decline in the currency to buy?

We can see from the opposite perspective of a 1978 51.25 yuan standard of living, now how many dollars can be achieved? Beijing 2009 the minimum wage is 900 yuan, in 2008 the average monthly wage of workers in Beijing 3726 yuan, 51.25 yuan this were yes yes 17.6 times and 72.7 times. If the measure to 3,000 yuan to 51.25 yuan in Beijing's purchasing power, which means that 58 times.

If the CPI systematically underestimated the decline in purchasing power of money, then this judge for the national welfare is important. Because this 30-year deposit interest rate of China's basic and consistent with CPI, the main investment vehicle to deposit the savings are the same in accordance with the CPI increase for interest. However, if the CPI is the purchasing power of money is undervalued, which means that savings and deposits a lot of people have been loss of purchasing power.

This is why, in the stock and real estate investment products to emerge when the perceived life purchasing power of money in excess of CPI increase in the rate of decline, persistent for investment goods away.

(The author is director of the newspaper comments)

Attachment 2:

count, then four or five $ 10, equivalent to the current How much?

small brick house

reference: On the dynamics of reform and opening up, when, Dengxp said, completed the transformation of Marxism, or 'the class struggle', ignoring the development of productive forces. Profound reflection on the Chinese people: Poverty is not socialism, Socialism means eliminating poverty.

turn a Report Top, this paper is based on the calculation of the price a few years ago. Now the price is higher than in the past a lot of the trouble we price according to the present re-count again. Also, below that of workers 30 years ago the national average wage slightly estimate is 38 yuan, and now want to correct for the four $ 50 a compromise be $ 45. Therefore, we can then calculate the moment when the price of 45 yuan wages, equivalent to the current number of dollars?

Maybe you do not know: 30 years ago is now one thousand yuan = how many dollars?

[SMTH Park] posted on 2005-05-03 10:30:08

first said to eat, Food. 30 years ago rice. Flour general price 0.17 yuan, and now the price of 1.30 yuan, up nearly 8 times. Non-Staple Food price is very amazing, vegetable prices rose from an average of 5 cents a pound to an average of 1.50 yuan a catty, or 30 times. Meat prices, pork, for example from 0.82 yuan to the current average of $ 6, up more than 7 times.

the price of beef and mutton at least 10 times more, there were probably cooking oil rose more than seven times. Aquatic products, to fish, for example, increased from an average of 0.20 yuan a pound up to the present average of 5 per pound, the rate of increase greater than 25 times, if the sea cucumber. Urchins. Abalone. Shrimp. Crabs and other aquatic products to be high reference, their prices increase at least 75 times. Taken together, the weighted average, food prices increased 18 to 20 times should be very objective of the.

Secondly talk to wear, now how to say a set of decent clothes have to 300-500 yuan over it, less than 20 yuan 30 years ago can solve the problem, so the clothes prices rose relative to that era 18 times if not too much. Of course, you might tell me to spread the clothes on the cheap, 15 yuan a pair of jeans is enough. If I ask: Do you wear the clothes are from the stall to buy it? ? How do you answer? Note that we discussed here is the average level of consumption.

and so on, following this topic is the housing problem. 30 years ago, almost no money to buy a home, you are basically renting, the rent is cheap, there is a unit of housing subsidies, the average monthly rent also 3-5 yuan. Now? 500 yuan a month, how much you can rent to the square of the house? ? Some people say, I do not spend money on housing, the house was I bought it. My question is, how much money you spend to buy a house? ? So, rent prices rose almost exactly 100 times! ! There is water. Electricity. Gas. Heating, the price of these things are more than 50 times.

and then following the title line, there are people who ride a bike, was riding a motorcycle, private car was open, of course, some people love to take a taxi. These are not representative, the most representative is by bus, the ticket 30 years ago, 5 cents, and now the ticket is $ 1, full up 20 times. housing, food and clothing

travel analysis is over, let's talk about health care Education Social security and so on. 30 years ago we have a relatively complete system of health care workers are the unit for reimbursement of medical treatment, do not spend money, farmers cooperative medical care, serious co-ordination, etc., basically do not have to spend money to see a doctor. Never spend money to spend are not comparable, because even if you only spend a penny, and do not spend more then a ratio can be considered infinite. So, we assume that a person is not flat, his doctor is to spend money, how much money it into a hospital? ? 30 years ago, such a common disease common cold eight hair pieces to solve the problem, even if the bottle up to 10 multiple hit it, now? Less 20-30 yuan, if the infusion of, 100 was not enough. If the patient large, even more trouble. I remember a kid was ascariasis hospital stay more than a month, will cost hundreds of dollars, now you live in the hospital a month to try, the less have a few thousand dollars. Medical costs rose more than 80 times, right? ?

education is even greater, over the past nine years of compulsory education that is real, when we go to school full-year tuition and also about 5 yuan, your kid have the ability to go to college, 1 money do not pay, the money is state control of food, can not afford to not read the book. Now, a few hundred dollars a year primary school, secondary school a few thousand dollars a year, the university thousands of dollars a year, people may read the book can not afford too much! ! Rising cost of education not more than 300 times, right? ?

In summary, the weighted average, 30 years, China's cost of living should be increased 25 times to 30 times the look. There is also a factor to be considered, that is the issue of RMB exchange rate for dollars. 30 years ago, the RMB is 2 points for a few dollars more than 1 now? 8.7 Guinea-Bissau 1, devalued almost three times the cost of living increase should arguably multiplying this figure, but considering many factors and can not be compared with some of the actual situation, I think 25 times to 30 times based on the combined 10 times should be reasonable. In other words, we compare the current cost of living increase of approximately 30 years ago, 35 to 40 times the look.

Well, now the equivalent of 1,000 yuan over the past number of dollars it? ? About 25 to 29 yuan look. So, 30 years ago the national average wage of workers is how much? A rough estimate it should be more than $ 38.

38 元 equivalent number of dollars it now? ? Is about 1330 yuan to 1520 yuan it. The national average wage of workers can now get 1000 yuan it? The answer is clearly no.

Sports Network (AFP reporter intern Cai Lan Yu Fang Lin correspondent slightly) the day before yesterday, Fang Dongmei, or penniless; to 3 pm yesterday, she had received donations 26,500 yuan.

a donor in the afternoon to import 50 yuan

it so right. Ah, etc., until 10 o'clock, Fang Dongmei was not cleared her. Do not check too late, the hospital quickly sent a car to pick her, in her home and waited for half an hour, until 11:00, Fang Dongmei was to the hospital.

At the same time, Fang Dongmei into newly opened accounts are a sum of love donation. 10:35, first payment into the card, the amount of: $ 50. Detailed list see the sender's information. 10:51,2000 yuan; 11:30,1000 yuan; 11:52,1600 yuan ... ...

this one, there Yuyou Wang sent to 15,000 yuan, nine well-meaning people to visit when you donate 2,100 yuan, and the newspaper account yesterday after the announcement Fang Dongmei, imported from 10:35 to 14:58 9400 dollars. Well-meaning people holding donations, picking up her mother tears:

insist on pre-hospital waste sold

four breast cancer, my mother came to filling

At this time, there are quite a few enthusiastic people in the hospital waiting for her. Lee, a retired teacher, after seeing the newspaper reports, the reporter asked in detail about the hospital address, yesterday morning, arrived by car from the racecourse Xudong angle, she Fang Dongmei, said, Mother, you're great, I am not much help, is to bring 500 yuan, 100 yuan is also vice restaurant open downstairs neighbor asked me to bring. women,Beats Headphones, with the mother, as well as four special visit in the hospital waiting for more than two hours, they are all breast cancer patients had surgery. 49-year-old mother of Wang Xinping and scavengers, are suffering from locally advanced breast cancer stage Ⅲ, two years ago, Wang Xinping before chemotherapy and then surgery, and now doing well, she encouraged her mother side: .

from the morning, there have been good people went to Fang Dongmei home and hospital visits.

13:38, and an amount into the card, $ 50, and the morning of the same. According to the code on the documents and notes, Bank staff analysis, it is likely to be the same person to import, he (she) should also be very difficult life.

Write down a donation to the hospital to see good people
correspondent Zouxiao Qiu Fang Dongmei photo

8:00 yesterday, this is a day hospital and Fang Dongmei Breasts adenosis of the biopsy appointment time, you can wait until 8:45, still see her figure.

will not be what happened? Young seedlings hospital opened the phone, the original, Fang Dongmei worried about their hospitalization, 1:30 will not come back, afraid of picking up the shortage of goods by other scavengers , so he helped with the clean up to sell. Beginning at 6 am clear, that can be rushed to the hospital 8:00, did not think too many things.

newspaper also received many donations phone, who is Mr. Deng said Suizhou travel back to the Han will bring 1 million, said a young man still in practice, , but also donated 100 yuan

1, sentence: we seem to encounter some of the conditions
beauty: the most graceful way to deliver bad news. If the boss's office immediately rushed to report the bad news, even if you do quit, the boss will only make you question the ability to deal with the crisis. At this point, you should not take emotional ups and downs of the tone, leisurely to say this sentence, do not let the boss feel can not be solved, it sounds like you will face us with the boss on the same side, fighting side by side.
2, sentence: I'll deal with.
beauty: when the boss called responsibility
calmly and quickly to make this answer, the boss would intuitively think that you're a good and efficient subordinates; contrast, hesitant attitude will only angered responsibility The boss on the heavy displeasure.

3, sentence: Angel really good idea.
beauty: to show team spirit while Angel came up with a wonderful boss have a good appreciation of design, you wait for your brain moving faster than others; with elongated faces, secretly unhappy, than to steal his light stick , will make the boss think you are full of team spirit, and thus stigma.
4, sentence: you can not, this report does not it!
beauty: persuade colleagues to help
a tricky job, you can not independently, how to speak in order to make this work that the most skilful colleagues willing to help you find it? Sent hat, filling Mitang, and that are good people to live their own reputation in this area, usually agree to your request.

5, sentence: Let me think about it seriously, 3 points before you answer please?
beauty: clever dodge you do not know the boss asked you to do a business-related issues, and you do not know how to answer, do not not know. This sentence is not only temporary for you Jie Wei, and make your boss think that in this matter very carefully on top. However, after the availability of homework, time to hand over your reply.
6, sentence: I would like to know your views
something wonderful things: just the right please
you with high level dignitaries in a room, this is an opportunity for you to win the favor of the absolute good time. But what to say then? At this point, the most appropriate source is the one with the company's prospects, but thought-provoking topic. In his endless ideas to tell the time, you not only learned a lot, it makes him knowledge of the progress of your heart with admiration.
7, sentence: I am negligent, but fortunately ... ...
beauty: the recognition of negligence but does not cause dissatisfaction boss mistakes are inevitable, the courage to admit their own mistakes is very important, but this does not mean you have to apologize to everyone so the trick is to not let all the finger of blame are pointing to himself, but frank talk of your fault, shift the focus of everyone.
8, sentence: Thank you for telling me, I will carefully consider your proposal
beauty: calm face of criticism of the performance of their work being
correction or criticism, is indeed a matter of distress thing. No need to write on the face of discontent,Ferrari and Lamborghini, neither overbearing nor the performance to make you more confident in them, more worthy of respect.

Yesterday to try one, cherry flower sushi, pretty good! Mustard taste is very positive! Packaged with the owner of a packet to take home!
Eel sushi, octopus cold, black seed crab sushi, octopus sushi, crab roe sushi ... ... ... ... pancakes fried Fish noodles have tried!

Phone with a few shots ... ...

Photo Description: Shantou Sakura Flower Sushi 10.25

Photo Description: Shantou Sakura Flower Sushi 10.25

Photo Description: Shantou Sakura Flower Sushi 10.25



store environment elegant and bright, air-conditioning and built-hall exhaust system, so the scorching sun of the summer to eat hot pot is not afraid Oh!
DSC08162 This is the food distribution window, delicious hotpot here to send an endless supply.

each have their own bit of a pot, smoke pot before the row set mouth, the upper right corner is a pot of fire control.
choose from a variety of pot, coarse bulk B had a sour plum to pot end, which joined the sauerkraut and plum and tomato, is an appetizer of pot oh.

DSC08170 This is a child of non-fresh mushroom pot.

this point our photographer spicy pot.

These are the stick material, in particular, to introduce here is the chef's secret barbeque sauce, but there are very strong in the salty smell of sesame seeds, like this one!
good, open bar,! Endless supply of hot pot dishes in front of you drifting away, liked to eat to win, easily.





DSC08214 There are many hot pot, do not a pendulum out of a fear of everyone's saliva has a flow to the.
course not only hot pot dishes, and sushi Oh!




DSC08165 pastry class! (*^__^*)



DSC08211 salad and cold category!




DSC08216 dessert

DSC08200 have beer here, but they brew their own Oh, there are Stout and yellow beer.


DSC08182 have slush and ice cream supply




DSC08196 This is recommended to you today if you love. rotary pot dishes you like, you come here to experience something right! (*^__^*)

Moderator Recommended Summary:
Address: No. 8 Rongjiang Road Huayuan
dishes rich flavor: Rotary Pot
for type: Family get-together, friends, dating couples, business dinners
restaurant seats: 130
per capita consumption: 58 yuan per person buffet restaurant environment
: spacious Shuya, there air conditioning
reservations, please call: 88322411
Recommended reason: buffet style, one pot meet your discerning tastes. Yourself, eat whatever you want, free leisure. Buffet dishes range, a good indoor environment. Hope you will like this prerelease recommended!
summer, suddenly miss sushi taste good! And I heard recently launched Sakura Sushi buffet, Oh O (∩ _ ∩) O ~ had thought it slander. The recommended period of [Moderator], just like Sakura flower child not to enjoy delicious hand sushi bar!

the old rules, to open before a meal, or with the environment before we look at it!




take a deep breath, good! Sushi sushi ah, I want to start slightly, Oh O (∩ _ ∩) O ~
first introduce the child non-crowded mustard (rolling on a big tellers, and the rumors of going to the toilet type of mustard. ah! laugh, characteristics to the!)

DSC06792 Well, words go sushi!

this feature is salmon sushi, surrounded by three sensual surrounded by fresh salmon with the top seeds have crabs. Looks like a delicious spend it, sell super good! Bite, taste is not that the child praise and delicious!

ah, this is a crab roe sushi, crab is very sweet and grain seed full, good! But like the child of non-Sakura flower crab roe, crab seeds to eat up here are really sweet, it is recommended Oh!

; looks a bit like a super mini black currant, black crab seed, the same delicious, looks like the black seeds of higher nutritional value of crab Oh!


squid sushi, dipped in mustard, soy sauce, Oh! Delicious.


patronize eating sushi, I realized that tea is a self-help. Oh, child of non-like brown rice tea!

; continue, eel sushi, child non-favorite!


; octopus sushi ah! Praise!

fresh corn taste of sushi!

octopus hors d'oeuvres, non-friends, but every time the child must point!

DSC06854 whitebait crab roe sushi Oh! Huh! We note saliva Ha!

also the seaweed, the child Definitely not like to eat up feeling very appetizing,Ferrari and Lamborghini! Is sea green, delicious and nutritious na!


Oh, this is not deep-fried tofu, the oil Yang! Outside is fried yuba skin, which is sushi, tastes a little sweet and sour!
Young children non-oil and seaweed to make delicious mix and match, find the taste really good! Do not believe you can try!

finally swallow a Ming Prince Sushi Bar!

Yo! There's also, forget what this is called sushi, and sell and taste are quite good! As you know, tell the child not what Ha!
sushi tastes the same, if coupled with a glass of sake, and that really enjoy that!

en er, these delicious sushi chefs are all live out of hand, absolutely fresh and delicious!

dedicated cooking teacher, has brought us so many delicious sushi, applause little to encourage yourself!

child non also noted in the Sakura flower shop hung with graffiti wooden plaque! There are lovely graffiti, but also personal statement and wishes.

Moderator Recommended Summary:
Address: Jinsha Road 103 pavement
Sin Chew home style dishes: Japanese
for type: Family get-together, couples Honey will, friends, workplace gatherings, business meetings
restaurant ranking: 90 ranking
restaurant environment: a good attitude
: Good
reservations, please call:
per capita consumption: 50 above, the minimum consumption of 150 yuan
box Recommended reason: the recent launch of the buffets is recommended. Buffet dishes than sushi, barbecue, tempura, noodles, rice, fried pizza, etc., suitable for large appetite you! And are freshly made, fresh and delicious! Worth chatting while eating! If sushi is your favorite, it will not take this opportunity to some bites!

remember food before Venice sinks on the above posts, but that did not go to tried friends who came back recently, have been asking where to get together well. Thus, non-sub and a few friends decided to Venice to try it.

restaurant environment to create the feeling of Venice, it touches on shop its name Oh! There are more than a long table, quite European court feel.

restaurant among them the piano, but did not ask musician to play, in order for their customers with the preferences of piano playing, creating a comfortable environment for casual dining , I feel like we expected good.

particularly like this place, to share the spotlight two exclusive dinners. Unique photograph on the wall is filled with Venetian specialties of collages. Venice Carnival, held every year, people put on a mask, do not take into account the temporary identity, we are free to carnival, indulge, enjoy the distributed enthusiasm for life. Wall collages in the middle, is the Venice carnival masks people.

Venice, take a look at what the buffet is delicious?

because it is self-dishes, so there is no specific name of the dish. Let the child to come to get well, this is Sun Jian shrimp.

this should Assorted papaya (there are nuts, beans, peas, corn, carrots, papaya meat)

There are many seafood dishes to choose from.

Oh, this is the legendary oyster boat it looks good plump oysters na. Unfortunately, this sub-population of non-good, taste what other people try to share it with me after (*^__^*)

slice the leg of lamb meat

salmon sushi, crab sushi seed

like BBQ food, self-BBQ, Oh, eat very satisfied appetite

addition to Western-style cooked food, and delicious desserts, salad, fruit and pastries, most importantly, these cakes are tempting Oh well, can not stand you, cream the temptation!

These exquisite coffee containers good bar, there are many types of drinks.

colorful fruit juice (not cocktail emphasize this cup Oh)

fruit ice cream

Well, this is like today, we recommend Venice Western buffet!

Moderator Recommended Summary:
Address: Jinsha Road, No. 81 Le Grand Hotel next to the
dishes Cuisine: Western
for self-help type: Small Family together, friends, groups, restaurant dinners
ranking: 200
restaurant environment: wide per capita consumption caused by Shuya
: Lunch 58 / bit, dinner 78 / bit, plus the weekend of 10 / bit Supply Time: AM 11:00 start
Recommended reason: personal prefer buffet dishes to choose from because more than freedom, especially for friends. Friends together to eat, what to eat their choice, free convenience. Venice is buffet dishes, in fact, compatible with the West, Japan and other dishes, in general I feel good and recommend it to everyone.
sleepy cozy breakfast buffet in the morning, while ringtones are actually broken. Opened his eyes still reluctant to pick up the phone, had wanted to send meal temper, disturbing their sleep! Who know that the photographer's invitation to tea telephone ,(*^__^*) hee hee, full of energy up immediately! Walk walk, morning tea to go!

tea everywhere, but is more self-service tea less, eat a non-photographer Jinlefu tape is self-service restaurant to eat morning tea.
photographer originally thought that not many people should be non-weekend time, there to find people also a lot of it, we must wait in line for almost a bit.




DSC08400 get ah get ah, full the table, see the photographer dumbfounded: eat all? Super steamer like to eat snacks, staring at the dessert table, giggle, I can bluntly, and start it!


shrimp dumplings

DSC08431 crystal ball

DSC08410 spinach dumplings
DSC08415 dumplings


Bitter dumplings
DSC08417 tribute vegetable dumplings

tea steamed ribs will point
tea will point braised chicken legs
silver lozenges black pepper (it should be so called ~ ~ ~ intuition!)
fairy tofu (a little sour taste , very appetizing)

DSC08427 recommend this to focus and cheese sweet potato! Do not know if you have not tried, but the first child to eat non-ignorant, cheese and sweet potato flavor of the encounter, is to enjoy the taste of sweetness.


DSC08454 sand package (quicksand quicksand ~ ~ ~ a bit off opinions on the salted egg yolk, fragrant incense out of the sand)

DSC08446 black glutinous rice dessert


papaya cakes

DSC08441 durian cakes

This is today we need to give Recommended self-help tea

Moderator Recommended Summary:
Address: Jinsha Road, No. 81 Le Grand Hotel
dishes flavor: for self-service tea
type: Family get-together, friends
Restaurant ranking: 200
restaurant environment: wide-induced Shuya
per capita consumption: non-weekend 25 / bit, weekend 28 / bit
supply time: AM 6:30 start
Recommended reasons: self-service tea, afternoon tea, evening tea supply, variety and find many, like me, like for Cantonese-style dim sum friends enjoy.

Shantou goodies (buffet)

Release is a relief, happiness . Sometimes encounter an injury and now the former you have not you . Have to leave attracts the world 's miss .
Was looking forward to but once again meet meet again only to find - that you would change a lot of things have changed, become hard to imagine hard to believe but also know that really is the end the

love , there have been good but disappeared soon preparedness does not always do not believe will suddenly gone away when I left a really lonely so I stood there confused I do not know what went wrong in the end is not possible reasons why the really important you always have it started it would be really ridiculous excuse I like silly

[The effect of various tea]
1, Oolong Tea: Weight Loss Beauty and reduce cholesterol.
2, Green Tea: skin whitening, anemia, cancer, reduce drug side effects.
3, black tea: Cellulite.
4, chrysanthemum tea: Reduce Pathogenic Fire, diuretic.
5, rose tea: beautify the skin, relieve nerve. Rose: moisture beauty, beauty care, blood circulation, protect the liver, eliminate fatigue, promote blood circulation of the function. Can cure chronic gastritis and hepatitis. Suitable for women, children drink.
6, Guigui Xiang: Yin and kidney, adjustment function, endocrine, liver and stomach, detoxifies.
7, Lavender tea: to scar beauty, ease the nerves, fitness women, children drink.
8, Bell Code: weight loss, fitness, fitness women, children drink.
9, Carmon Miro: prevention of colds, fitness women, children drink.
10, Roselle tea: lower blood pressure.
11, Shabo force: the taste re-adjust the digestive system, sober refreshing, suitable men to drink.
12, Bo Lu Mei that: taste heavy, adjust the digestive system, sober refreshing, suitable men to drink.
13, thame tea: inhibition of asthma, appropriate child to drink.
14, ginger tea: to wind sweating, stomach open.
15, Cassia tea: eyesight, clean blood, tasteless.
16, Houttuynia Tea: diuretic.
17, star fruit tea: annealing, cough, phlegm.
18, raisin tea: strong sperm, blood, brain.
19, wolfberry tea: back anger, Yang Shen Qi, eyesight.
20, mung bean tea: annealing, dryness, detoxifying, diuretic.
21, black beans tea: fire solution renal toxicity, refreshing, phlegm, cough.
22, barley: dewetting itching.
23, lotus tea: livers.
24, Indian tea: lower blood pressure.
25, Yunnan Tuo: beauty weight loss, lower cholesterol.
26, honey tea: nourishing, moistening, detoxification, pain relief.
27, forget-me: detoxification, pure heart and eyesight, kidney Yin, beauty beauty, nourishing blood, and to promote through the body metabolism, cell senescence, improve immunity.
28, Carnation: Yang Yung beauty, calm the nerves and thirst, pure heart and eyesight, anti-inflammatory Chufan, fluid and throat, stomach and negatively. The treatment of headache pain have significant effect.
29, amaranth: contains essential amino acids, vitamin C, E and trace elements, with Liver eyesight, cough Dingchuan, step-down detoxification, beauty and other effects.
30, lily: rich in protein, starch, sugar, phosphorus, iron and trace elements. Have peace of mind, given gall, educational, lungs and cough.
31, Jasmine: improved sleeping and anxiety phenomenon, chronic stomach problems, menstrual disorders have effect.
32, Shirley flowers: Liver send fire, stomach qi, antipyretic and detoxification, Qiangshen bone.
33, Saffron: nourishing blood, fluid Qi, detoxifies, qi and stomach, especially the treatment of gynecological diseases have significant effect.
34, lantern flower: the kidney deficiency, kidney deficiency caused by lumbar and leg pain, limb spasms, kidney weight and do not give a good effect.
35, magnolia flower: detoxifies, refreshing thirst, blood pressure to lose weight.
36, chrysanthemum: cold, taste joys, anti-virus, to rheumatism, only headache, eyesight.
37, nasturtium: detoxification, Liver eyesight, refreshing stomach, the treatment of stomatitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis have a significant effect.
38, jade butterfly: white skin, the pressure to lose weight, and can promote the body's metabolism, cell senescence, improve immunity.
39, Red Qiaomei: down as anti-inflammatory, detoxifies, anti-aging, the treatment of endocrine disorders caused by melasma, freckles, pigmentation, acne and other significant effect.
40, violet: violet, lavender, with the lifting of alcoholism, headaches, eliminate the role of anxiety, especially for respiratory diseases is effective.
41, Roselle: cough, refreshing, anti-aging, lipid-lowering diet.
42, honeysuckle: heat and cooling blood, methadone detoxification, treatment of facial acne.
43, Lavender: has anti-bacterial function, can prevent a cold, cough, can relieve stress, relieve anxiety, driving wind, exhaust.
44, ginseng flowers: sedative refreshing, detoxification, lungs clear fire.
45, osmanthus: cough with phlegm, and health effect of the lungs to relieve dry mouth, flatulence, stomach discomfort.
46, mint leaves: a build up their strength, sedation, help digestion, suitable for mixing in a variety of flowers and tea. Can prevent bad breath. Construction of the stomach to aid digestion, expelling pathogenic wind, headache.
47, shares of blue-gum: detoxification, to lowering blood pressure, cholesterol.
48, Hibiscus: moisture beauty, skin care beauty, rich in vitamin C.
49, sunflower: cough, Qutan, can cure bronchitis and asthma.
50, Peony: can pain, cough, stopped the leaks, promoting blood circulation, prevent high blood pressure.
51, Azalea: Can lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, moisture beauty.
52, Ginkgo biloba: detoxification, to lowering blood pressure, cholesterol.
53, Violet: detoxifies and lipid-lowering diet.
54, magnolia flower: stomach and liver, Liver pathogenic fire.
55, Lime flowers: to prevent skin aging, eliminate dark spots, for influenza, neurasthenia, chronic insomnia is effective.
56, Rosemary: There are expectorant, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal effect, can enhance the vitality and refreshing. Enhance memory, lower cholesterol.
57, Chamomile: eyesight, back anger, insomnia, lower blood pressure, enhance vitality, refreshing. Enhance memory, lower cholesterol.
58, thyme: cough, phlegm, bronchitis and asthma can be cured.
59, Verbena: effective treatment for headache and will strengthen the nervous system, can also regulate menstrual discomfort, reach old age health effect, and roses with a slimming effect. Detoxification, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, diuretic.
60, Calendula: anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, promote blood circulation, the solution through the pain, when the cold drink can be a diuretic, fever.
61, Gancheng flowers: rich in vitamin C, cure insomnia, reduce anxiety and nervous breakdown.
62, lemon grass: stomachic, diuretic, moist skin.
63, Roselle: heat and thirst, pure heart and send fire, cough, blood pressure, reduce fatigue. Rich in vitamin C, can improve physical fitness.
64, Lan Kwai Kam: Yi liver has to make smooth the meridians and eliminate eye fatigue, moderate and maintenance of respiratory effects. Treat colds, sore throat, cough.
65, cornflower: to help digestion, relieve rheumatic pain, helps treat stomach pain, bronchial

Bruce Lee Collection Stallone Arnold Schwarzenegger movie film album complete works ; Jackie Chan Chow Yun Fat movie
Complete Works Complete Works of Stephen Chow movie Complete Works Complete Works of Louis Koo films Ekin Cheng movie film album
Dawn Jacky Cheung, Simon Yam movie film album Complete Works of Aaron Kwok Movie Collection
Brigitte Lin, Hao Shao Wen movie film album Complete Works Complete Works of Wang Jie Biao films films Works Complete Works of Lam Ching Ying Sammo Hung films films films Chiu Complete Works Complete Works Complete Works BEYOND film
; Ao Jiang Hu five-steps song Japanese Grudge > snake war hero series Complete Series Collection Young and Dangerous series of works set Prison on Fire Department Complete Series Collection
Romancing Star Collection Jing gambling film series Full album Once Upon a Time Series Predator Series Collection Complete Series
war against fire ants, vampire series full album of Duty Series Collection full album Jaws Series
God of Gamblers series of works works Works Winner Series Complete Series Collection Kung Fu Mahjong works
Ghost Happy Ghost series against another series full album full album Ghost Movie Series Collection Westward Journey Series Complete Series Collection laugh Lin Xiaozi works Series Thief Series Complete five lucky star full album full album
Overlord flower series all the yin and yang Road album ; full album Black Roses Complete Series Rocky works
> >
; New Temple ; 'zombie uncle, br> ; romantic comedy blockbuster
slice [single version] fantasy blockbuster
; super hot classic disaster shocked the United States a large hot chip
Sassy Girl, classic disaster risk large
hot shock horror movie > Baby Magic large ; 'soccer stuff eight Demon Taoyuan International Criminal Police, One Ten Brothers Fury
imperial court Ⅱ Ⅱ isolated situation Forensic Pioneer ; Swordsman Witness To A Prosecution Ⅱ Sirius robbed on the beach, One Imperial Court
Ⅲ the commoner God with the Witness Protection Unit ; break action Pillow Case of Mystery, One Legend of the imperial court Wesley
housewife Corps forensic Ⅳ Twin Of Brothers Record fertilizer wedding Kong Adam Kennedy, One Step Into The Past
imperial court Ⅴ Criminal Investigation IV Conqueror negotiator to find the dragon emperor Recycled Witness To A Prosecution
heroes Fearless 云海玉弓缘 painter-poet ; War and Beauty Condor Heroes Sword Ⅰ Genesis
strong Independent Commission Against Action Group Pulp Fiction Dance of Passion ninety-five Extreme The Academy considered
secret love orchids stolen from type Untraceable Evidence Ⅱ Jagged bodyguard Dicey Creation Ⅱ knight-line fall in love with heart and flowers bloom
the original beauty of the seventh day of sky-thief Detective Jueshihaoba ; Land of Wealth One-Armed Swordsman era
Foshan Chan master 机灵小不懂 housewife Warren bolted fire gouring fine probe alibi Song Ti Xing Bao-day official youth do not harbor evil intentions Chachinantao Journey to the West Journey to the West to conquer in the end love the sequel to the Three Kingdoms Ⅰ New Deer Interpol Natural Water Margin is a giant black ice my wife roll bar fried rice brown sugar Heroes ; Romantic Swordsman dumb bride spring of Condor Heroes Basketball fire Kapok ; Legend of White Snake for sub-Jackie Chan Yilianyoumeng Central Escort heaven tears Shuiyun a three dad Sweet mother of a woman's life sun physicians brother enemies who love the spotlight I'm afraid you are My Destiny Eve Xingmengqiyuan fantasy couple I love you Hey Miss Full House ; Korean Romancing Star Series] [Complete Series] [Complete Collection] [Three Kingdoms Dream Works] Complete Works] [Water Margin

Able to work together to find a hardship , not to enjoy the
can together find a bear , not to escape with the
can you find a responsible , rather than love is blind love is responsible for the
, life is real QQT6.CN
because love is just to escape from the reality of human derived products

to escape , I find love
to find love, I lost the truth lost truth , it was found had caught Xu Qing .
love , is not to find missing , but not tired, they change
you think love is ?
a little fond of him, a little bit of impulse , a hug a kiss ?
naive people , see more Japanese TV drama , ruffian Tsai 's article to see more . This may be a part of love , but certainly not the mainstay of most
love life , live with
you could take her to the sad moment , but you could take her to bear all the pressure?
you give her body temperature , but you can give her life direction?
you ever imagine when the passion fades , QQT6.CN
hug for you have no attraction
How do you go ?
distance is the test of true love , by the time as the answer to your loved ones
, please make a point of sacrifice , hold your love
otherwise how can we talk about true love
You can forget the oath before , but remember their true .
ask ourselves , do you love so deeply?
you willing to let two people are hurt?
love , is not to find missing , but not tired for a good life is not

two people how to live well with over
but some objective reasons , in reality, you currently can not be together
do you give up so easily , and compromises it?
Can not you stand by it for love ?
you allow your eyes so short-sighted and only see the front of happy?
life on such a finish it?
is true love , you never give up

The Union: doctoral , graduate, undergraduate and prosperous !
second line : the last term , this term , the next , th session of the unemployed !
scroll reads : May the reading of a fighter

The Union: the Jinsha River and Jialing River , Heilongjiang, Jiang Jiang can vote !

second line : experimental building, teaching building, dormitory , building floor can jump !
scroll reads : unprecedented

QQ chat cafe classic dialogue - do not laugh the laugh you
QQ chat cafe classic dialogue - do not laugh the laugh you
G: You howl !
MM: you howl ! Where are you?
GG: I forgot to Bali . You?
MM: I also forgot to Bali .
GG: Where are you from ?
MM: I am a ghost state people. You?
GG: I am a cave man .
MM: You seem like men and women ?
GG: I am of course difficult birth . You must be girls , right?
MM: yes ah.
GG: You do not mold mildew ?
MM: okay , people say I am a big Meinv . Bad not bad you ?
GG: Well also , a lot of people say I am a big Cuige .
MM: really ah ? More than we pity , OK?
GG: Well, you lean chicken number?
MM: we do not use lean chicken , lean chicken and more expensive ah, do you have balls ?
GG: There ah.
MM: No. Yeah you how many balls ?
GG :*******, You're cute , I want to rape your face with .
MM: slowly ah , although separated far away, there will be friends

how to teach children

2006年7 month I lecture in Xiamen, one day, an audience in the final question asked: Will the Master , my kids do not listen, do not love to learn how to do ?

me: you copy over files?

audience : copy too .

me: a copy of the above if there are typos , you change the copy or change the original ?

venue immediately burst into thunderous applause . Then someone replied : change the original .

I : original and copy should also change, is the best.

◎ original parents , the family is the copier , the child is a copy .

◎ Children are the future parents , parents of the child's future is

( transfer paper )

1) What is the organization?
said to the overall situation;
you been framed, he said you have to believe the organization;
need someone to make sacrifices in, he said the organization is time to test you;
When someone strikes, the He is your strong backing;
you succeed, he said tissue culture is the result of

2) housing prices in Beijing:
if you 300W or more in annual salary within the Second Ring Road where you love to buy if you buy where
annual salary in the 100 - 300W within the Fourth Ring Road between the Ring to where you love to buy if you buy where
annual salary in the 50 - 100W between the City of Victoria to six ring where to buy where to buy your love If you
10W annual salary in the following, you give yourself Wage Keng, where buried love buried where
with snails than not, people are sitting in snail family, give birth parents a house, and walked to where the house band
where you can be with others than what ... ... Do not like ants than the ant that is the civil service level, to enjoy the housing allocation treatment, people that built the nest, you can
with others than what

Chinese nation is a wise nation
we invented the peak shifting to work to solve congestion problems
invention avoid it then we can buy a house solve the problem of high prices
simply means that some people
Some people buy a house in this life the next life

painful thing in life is change Geely bought a Volvo
happiness in life is that things just bought Geely becomes a Volvo

Chinese trade unions and foreign trade unions main difference is that Chinese trade unions organization
major foreign trade union organization strikes
in view of rising domestic oil prices
countries decided to set up new companies to break the monopoly of oil production to curb prices
Now there are four oil producing companies in the oil
Sinopec, CNOOC and
. . . . . . . . .
in waste oil

evening before the Spring Festival is
later in commercials spots ads show
Now it seems all wrong
Spring Festival advertising in commercials

9) official in the spread of truth, the logic of leadership:
leadership that let you figure it out, do not let you, but you lose do;
leaders that try to think, not his good thought, but you would not want a;
leaders seek your advice, not really airing, but in seeking an accomplice;
leadership to find you eat, not Let your tasting food, but for you to pay;
leaders praise you, not because you are really doing good, but in the win over the people;
leaders criticize you, you really have not done anything wrong, but Do not remind you the wrong team.

10) 12 kinds of new Dasha:
1, quiet dedication and so promoted;
2, no relation to the high crawl;
3, sick do not investigate a;
4, often feel lack of overtime;
5, what is under the jurisdiction of breaking things;
6, can not be returned back struggling;
7, especially nauseating head in public; 8, the feelings expressed by the wine;
9, regardless of who sent all Ganna;
10, still packs a mistress doll;
11, advanced collapse of the wrist watches ;
12, the front of the camera pumping China.

11) the same and different:
same work, leadership is called to take the lead, called the venture the rich, the people called to work;
also abroad, leadership called the study, called the rich tourism, the people called illegal immigration;
same words, leadership is called instruction, called the rich famous, people called nonsense;
is also a requirement, called the opinion leaders, called the proposal the rich, the people called complaints;
also because of who the leadership is called slip, called the rich and nurturing, people called prostitution.

a balance remaining after the completion of major projects, provincial standing committee meetings to study is used to improve primary and secondary school conditions,
or improve prison conditions , comments have been inconsistent. Standing Committee of the phrase last moves of the old: in this life you have a chance to the Standing Committee of this group into primary and secondary
it? Suddenly silent, and some wipe down some tea. Then quickly reached a
comments To: to improve the prison environment.

13) led too awkward:
drunk, is the leadership and ask for things;
not petition, the leadership and black households; can not be wrong to speak of, is the leader and host a show of;
contributions must be met disaster, the leadership and lowest-paid;
accident must be immediately rushed to the scene, is the leadership and open ambulance ;
joined can not quit, is the leadership and the underworld;
took no time to read the newspaper, is leadership and selling newspapers.

governor to primary research, in the pastoral family dinner arrangements. Pastoralists flattered and overwhelmed. Governor, please get off the door
advanced pastoralists, herders said excitedly: leading or front Come on, we go behind the sheep in the animal are used
eating ribs on the governor herdsmen cup of argali in front of the governor, said: simple point on the line, pastoralists and quickly said: do not
it worth some money, usually are to Gouken of. Busy with local officials so that herders eat, herders say: you eat
, and I have to go this time every day to feed donkeys and then dinner.

15) the most ridiculous slogan:
1, Henan National Highway: robbery police is against the law;
2, Tongren slaughterhouse: The Three Represents guide our slaughter work!
3, Shandong Liaocheng prison: people love the people of criminals, people criminals love the people;
4, Anhui Rural Credit Cooperatives: dead debt is not bad, sub-debt to the parent also!
5, Jiangsu Rural: rather bloody, can not bounce a!
6, Hebei Power: Do not touch wires, fifty thousand volts pressure, touch dead, dead to justice;
7, Pudong New Area: waste separation, starting with me.

16) on the ball:
leadership is basketball, not only followed but also hard to beat;
masses are volleyball, it is necessary to take the initiative to block the ball but also to strengthen;
work table tennis, block shot in the back and forth on the table can not stop;
is badminton, must take it in other venues in the buckle;
tricky thing is tennis, we must vigorously smash;
research is water polo, long time no entry, but also a lot of water;
wait leadership is hockey, always hunched ran

In fact, I look forward to the
nothing but just that moment on I never asked that you

If your life in full of the gardenia on the slopes
meet with you if you can
deeply loved and then once again parting
so long life will just not
back on only when
that short moment

son turn :

Professor Zhou

about upgrading the quality of students , improve the child's ability to directly target a certain point scores ...... to serious reading , as long as the master of this learning , the child's achievement will be of significant increase, this need not doubt . -

If you put both hands to the Screen when your child , the child must be returned to you the fruits of autumn ! -

[/ M]

1. QQ space free adoption took five methods: (first of course you can take the space, note: This is not only brushing the brush grade Oh! )

first step: Go to your room

dress space point second step: adopt a casual you like to spend

Step: Save Copy the code in the browser input field (that is, enter the URL there) then go to (or press Enter)

code is as follows: javascript: visitCountCallBack ({; level became the Note: (Many people say do not show up here, in fact, can still collar.)

If prompted to first pick the child, the first pick the child, but will often prompt interface is invalid or the server is busy, please try a few will succeed. . Then save, can be successful, failed again oh.
successful you can look at the middle of the flower is not a small gift. (the state flower to open before they can receive.) will have some of the pendant. Oh, is not for sale. If you want more of the pendant. Go back to Step 5. And then lead other flowers. And then receive a mystery. . . Can get a few times, I do not want to receive twice picking up, that pendant is also no use feeling.
Do not tell me no Oh ... as long as the methods used for ... (slowly)

============ ================================================== ==========

2. Virtual popular practice. (false popular)


click Customize - Add a Photo module module title is @ VCP @ (not the larger module, is graphic module. some attention.)

in graphic under the description column on the following code (only fill in the description column, other places are not written)

@ VCP (100)
@ VCM (100)
@ DVP (100)
@ DVM (100)

then save .. OK the

more popular if they wish, then you can put 4 100 were changed to 1000

means ViewCountPlus plus ViewCountMultiple Visits Visits by DayViewPlus plus daily visits by
DayViewMultiple daily visits to a separate line for each command
preservation, good. To the individual file to see it, is not popular to millions of


I write ... do not know enough to understand the best Do not ask me. ..

With everyone's support! I will have the power! Hurry top

My life, walking on thin ice! - See October 28, 2008 09:41
Tuesday morning, a man saw

Cold handheld weapons and equipment 800 against 5000 Pacific rigorous military firearms, which is a kind of death-defying-like game.

... Successful generals must have a strong personality courage. Sacrifice can not be free, small family homes care everyone, the whole military style, highlighted the danger of killing brother, Ren Kui Qu word by 10-day forage army, killing thousands of Sioux City Xiang Bing, killing Younger brother, three years with respect Jiangsu tax relief ... ... ending Yanmianerqi inner monologue, painful feelings deeply imprinted in my mind and in fact he is more painful than anyone, more lonely sublimation, but also with what people say.

Pang Qingyun that time due to historical limitations, may only have rights that can not hit the poor from Shouqi. Some people say that Pang Qingyun is not successful Zeng Pan, there is a certain reason. Will recover on its own merit, Nanjing, Jiangsu year tax exemption request Empress, came clean without any backing of young people, gambling is the Empress of their strong reuse, it is desperate, but unfortunately lost the bet.

However, this gamble is worth, but also romantic, is my favorite moment!

Yangzhou skinny horse, Hasuo, a dependent elite group of rich students in Confucianism and a member of. Played by the Xu Jinglei, an intellectual penetration of the woman. Pressure to do a robbery by two tigers planted his wife, a good understand music law can be proficient in ancient and modern woman, how can a covered quite willing to lean on gas bandits it? And Pang Qingyun see understood as a portrait, the whole process is in contradiction to choose their own life.

his life is still optional, we do not have to blame the present. Of man's loyalty and love are not co-operate is built on top of their intention not to commit themselves to bandits, it is fight!

kill yourself when feel the afternoon sun, the kept secret of his: red ... ... afternoon sun, I forbid you to kill me! Afternoon sun knife, Yu Hong consumption will damage, it proved the old saying of old roots of troubles phrase it? Hasuo really want to die ah, fight, fight ... ...

Andy played tigers, no subtlety of a real man, pure man. Big, real big, not big brother love! Takeshi Kaneshiro ginger afternoon sun, a handsome, calm and composed loyalty, hard work, is the best of the best men as candidates. They were only understand short brotherhood, honor small-scale rich, but not in the whole of China's mind and ambitions. Brother to death just do not understand the frustration and struggle, ideological differences in the level of music led to the next step in life, the fate of decision.

into a major event, we must first endure great loneliness and tortured soul, thinking forward, for the wider fight against bullying brother and his life in perpetuity, be mindful of the world, and then have a big bet on the resistance! Think of Wang Xifeng, since the advent of the Red House, mixed. Too clever tricks, anti lost his tail. Similar outcomes, different purposes, one man, one for yourself.

which pipe they know anything, they stand on the mountain, overlooking the world, you can.

** When you fall in love with a man, do not be reserved Biequ Xiang himself a little. He told his love, sometimes men love vanity, your confession would make him self-confidence reached its peak.

** When you do not love him, then also the most direct way to tell him. (This is a man I could hope to do) to think that he would not do vulnerable, a man's self-esteem important than pain.

** When you have love, then we should trust him, what thoughts would tell him whether he supports does not support. Any man want his woman to rely on him.

** in front of his friends, to give his full position. Face of a man, more than anything else, do not mind when a small woman in front of people, women are men to know that a small pet out.

** he was playing the game, no matter how anxious you do, do not go directly off his computer. It is best to hug him, whisper in his ear gently. Because a man's obsession with the game than you see a wonderful soap opera.

** men have those few days each month, with almost a woman, and I feel depressed for no reason. Do not ask him how this time, as long as to be with him. Make your own.

** he and his friends go out drinking, playing cards, you do not ask him why he does not take you a visit. Men are willing to do the kite, as long as the line is still in your hands, then let him fly.

** men are lazy and stupid, even though he loves you, but do not want to wire racking heart to please you, you can do is at the appropriate time to give him an express. Sometimes men need a woman to give him a powerful blow.

** man no matter how he looks strong, but the bones were still a child. When he was not wayward yelling for him, which he can not afford to do with. The most effective way is to accompany him crazy. When he's calm and gently tell him you love him.

** men are unwilling to admit, in the time he knew to give him a wrong step, he will be indebted reported. Understand a man, that is to him as your lover, lover, brother, friend, father, child. Love him, do not give him a burden to his freedom, to their own freedom. Do women want to know when to progress when to retreat. When the block in front of him; when to hide behind him. Like him as your own to care for the sake of his happiness, he will give you your happiness.

I like you, seem to tell you that is not the point of non- the right

hope you will agree with me contacts, you do not rush to reject me ;

listen to me talk about a few stories it .....

about five years ago, there is a lucky girl like you I also received a love letter

time she gave me the answer is ....

I am very sad, so she was dismembered, placed in the home refrigerator
After a year, I feel a little restored

with you encountered a similar lucky girl, but she has a boyfriend

I took her out with her boyfriend about negotiations, talks broke down ....

I missed her boyfriend killed her with a brick, bucket of gasoline on the body,

poured cement thrown Keelung, poison the girl feels that she dead ...

formalin in my body soaked basement ...

It took another two years, I fell in love with another lucky girl ;

this time with her boyfriend and my friends

However, the exchanges did not take long she pleaded with him to break up
I really want to lose her so she

hang in my home ... ...

I think, I really love it ... ... unsuitable for ;

frozen in my heart I want when I met you ... ...

dear, now you can tell me ...
you ... love me?

and the girl's reply ... ... the content is this ... ...

I hate you, it seems not to tell you not to the point where it

you do not have to hurry to pursue me, listen to me a few stories about it ....

5 years ago, it would not have a boy wrote a love letter to me then I told him


in his home refrigerator

soul free to seek refuge .....

another year, I met the boy, he was like I

but I already have a boyfriend,Outlet Coach Audrey Collection, after a fierce fight

my boyfriend sleeping in Keelung Harbor, and I was poisoned

body is soaked in formalin in

soul free to seek refuge again .........
Then, I finally told him a male and female friends

However, I find that we really do not fit, so I think he might really break

love me too, so I was hanging on the ceiling of his house ...

I am sad, I think I probably do not love it for
But I hate every time I have planted in his hands

So I decided to revenge!!

a big crowd, I met you the

now, I want to answer you .....

I want to be your scrapping a back but this time I will not be I will become the reincarnation of the devils in your dreams every day, I want to torture you to death alive not because you killed my back but ------------ 4 - I heard that to your liking is not posted back! !

01 . Slowly learned so much about someone else will often hurt themselves
02. Slowly learned of their good people will less and less as time goes by ,
03. Slowly to know that a person should own their own good, because very few people really care about you , they do not necessarily have a thing around you . So to take care of themselves
04. Slowly learned , really do not have a good return man , and you tend to ignore the most important may be your ,
05. Slowly learned many things are scarce , and many things can only have one ,
06. slowly learned that love is not necessarily sincere , there may be interest, comparisons may be psychological ,
07 . slowly learned what not , and others argue ,Coach bags, because it is no result , no matter who is right ,
08. slowly learned that when he encountered a lot of unhappy things , do not eager to sympathize with others , most people will take the cold retaliate . That would look down on people leaving ,
09. Slowly learned that many things do not belong to you, you are liable to -day sent a hard force ,
10. Slowly learned not to do each things have meaning, but to do everything that is a memory !

11. slowly learned that personality differences to be so large ,
12. slowly to know that many people will become so once you recognize , but please retain memories.
[br /

in the end, because of the Alfred Ancelotti generation of angry goddess, they all turned into a lion.

Subsequently, the principal told them the other truth: they are the best two are not school teachers, but teachers randomly come.

not to open the child's error.

Pygmalion returned home, and walked straight statue, gazing at it. At this time, the statue has changed, it's slowly showing bleeding cheek color, its eyes begin to release the light, it's lips slowly open, revealing a sweet smile. Gai Ladi came to Pygmalion, she looked at him with love, exude a gentle atmosphere. Soon, Gai Ladi began to speak.


In addition, for employees of the shortcomings and deficiencies, we should try to protect employees self-esteem and self-confidence, attitude and approach. We all know people shave in the barber when would be pre-coated with soapy water in each other's face, so that the process of scraping, it will not make people feel pain. This is a soap and water effects. Managers for the shortcomings of staff may wish to praise as a

experiment - 1960, Harvard University, Dr. Rosenthal was a school in California did a famous experiment.

U.S. president Mary Kay Mary Kay also said: found that many used the opportunity to praise in front of you. Mary Kay month will receive the personal interview; each outstanding achievements of staff, especially Mary Kay will be courtesy. Each time she would win the hearts of sincere praise, mainly due to effective praise her way.

received social support, thus increasing self-esteem, become self-confident, self-esteem, gain a positive momentum, and to try to reach each other's expectations, to avoid each other down, in order to maintain the continuity of social support.

Do not nag the child's face when someone else has said or done something then.


Pygmalion (ygmalion Effect), also translated as Ge Busen be verified in the proposed primary school teaching. Also known as the Suggesting, in essence, is a human emotion and ideas, will be different degrees of influence by others subconsciously. People will not consciously accept their love, admiration, trust and worship of human impact and implications. And this implies, it is make your dreams come true one of the cornerstones ... ...

Therefore, Pygmalion though your life will have a positive or negative impact, but do not blindly believe it, it completely around. Encouragement or criticism because of the outside world is that everyone must face the problem, because if someone else is always to change their attitudes, then it will never mature.

1963 year, Rosenthal told students and Crawford experimenter, used for maze experiments from different strains of mice: mice clever and clumsy mouse. In fact, the mice from the same population. However, experimental results are obtained clever than clumsy mouse mice made fewer errors conclusion, and this difference was statistically significant. Experimenter testing the students to observe the behavior when mice, did not find fraud or do other things that distort the results. Seems to infer that the students get smart mouse mice than those unfortunate awkward to get more to encourage students to go through the rat maze. Perhaps this affected the results of the experiment, because the experimenter to treat two groups of mice in different ways.

is the school's expectations for teachers, teacher expectations of students, teachers and students only have to make an effort to change themselves and improve self-improvement motivation. This desire to look forward to a better psychological reality, in psychology, known as the It shows that: everyone can succeed, but can not be successful, depends on the people around who can treat success as love him, expect him, educate him.

heart is child's play, because to get a person rebuild their confidence, I do not know a person's self-confidence than the destruction of how much more difficult times.

to accept a variety of children's emotional expression, not to be denied.



behavior of the parents really were beyond everyone's expectations. Several years later, Ruth asked the parents, why did not teach her, in fact, died in her sister is a red light causing the accident.

you have had this experience? Since originally wore a beautiful dress that is going to work, several colleagues said the results look good, when the first colleague said, you may also feel that it is her personal opinion, but many people say, you slowly began to doubt their own common sense and aesthetic vision, so to work, you go home the first thing to do is to put down the clothes, and decided not to wear it to go to work.

a successful leader, often very focused on the mistakes of subordinates to enlighten, they caution criticism, questioning tone, does not tightly lock their eyes on the subordinate's error. That has always been frugal with the world-famous Rockefeller told the world that his recipe for success is not entirely just on their own accusations. One of his business partner Edward Tony Buddha is oversight, operating a business in South America when something goes wrong, the company lost almost $ 1 million overnight. Almost all of them believe that the Buddha would have been Tony Rockefeller scolding. However, after the fact, Rockefeller is said to him:

As a manager, whether right or wrong to do subordinates, can not turn a blind eye. The success of time because you need their support and cooperation. If the subordinate is Maxima, then you may make them stupid, even the common control of the horse can not keep up. Instead, you make them intelligent control to maximize their talents, to bring you success and unexpected surprises.

encouragement and praise can become a genius idiot

parents just said dismissively: death 'of the burden, and you will lose a full, healthy and bright future.

blame afterwards is not an important, sometimes it does no use, the most important thing is the mind and the future. Only people not smart enough criticism, blame and complain about other people. White couple's understanding in the enterprise management can generate into a disadvantage excellent results.

appreciate booted, complain about fail.

story of a father

Dale Carnegie said: .

new semester, two teachers, principals say These student's IQ to be higher than the age of the children.

let employees know what to do, then, let them do it. It is this philosophy to shape today's HP. Hewlett-Packard employees always showed a level never-ending energy and enthusiasm, regardless of which department employees talking about their company's product quality in the field of their achievements are always very proud.

correct attitude toward the child's academic performance, or success or failure experience.

noble words

radical criticism in a timely manner after cooling.

Everyone wants to get praise.

Pygmalion was shocked, to say a word.

spend more time with their children to talk and exchange.

Case Levin

set aside some time each day to share with children.

Everyone was commendable place.

human nature is the most profound desire for praise. That anyone can be enthusiastic and positive expectations, they will have the desired effect. Managers should and must be appreciated by your subordinates, we should appreciate the work of subordinates as a need. Praise subordinates make them happy, more active work, better work with you to return, why not do it!

Many times, companies in the relationship between superiors and subordinates like the relationship between parents and children - every parent wants their children to more and more excellent, but inseparable from the growth process in parent child constantly recognition and praise. Similarly, if the employee's correct behavior even if surely not the boss, then he in the right direction towards more steps before they are reluctant, submissive. No wonder , work efficiency, since they are likely to repeat these to win praise.

visible, as managers, in order to polish out the best employees, essential employees praise the courage and confidence. Wise managers, staff sincerely appreciate every advance, in praise of the process, strengthen the staff's strengths, weaknesses weaken employees, depicting the staff perceived the right way.

ancient times, King Pygmalion of Cyprus favorite sculpture. One day, he successfully created an image of beauty, love, every day loving eyes than watch. I watched, beautiful women actually live.

encourage more praise and less blame blame.

Carnegie very young, her mother died. In his 9 years old when his father married a woman. Stepmother just enter the house the day her father, pointing to the Carnegie, said: get a headache.

Carnegie originally intended not to accept the stepmother, in his mind, I always think the term stepmother will bring him bad luck. But the move was contrary to Carnegie stepmother's surprise, he smiled and walked in front of Carnegie, Carnegie touched the head, then smiled and blame her husband: how is the worst town boy do? he should be the happiest town the most intelligent children fishes.

stepmother so deeply moved by Carnegie, no one has ever said such a thing to him, ah, not even when the mother was still alive. With this sentence on the stepmother, he began to build friendships and stepmother. It is this word, inspired him to become a driving force to make him a successful future creation of the 28 golden rules, help hundreds of thousands of ordinary people took to the bright road of success and wealth. But no one before her to praise him smart.

point assessment:

fact, this is a psychologist for psychological experiments expectations. They provide a list of purely random extraction. Them through the heart, in fact, they played the role of Pygmalion. Students imperceptibly affected, more confident and enthusiastic in their blood vessels torrent waves, so they unconsciously in action on more efforts to study, the results will have a rapid progress. This stunning experiment, later known as the

give the child to stay face, not in front of others to rebuke, accusing the children.

until later, the company transferred to the new head of the import and export work Sam, a new style new boss, Sam came back from the United States cheerful, often praised Canada for my colleagues, in particular, to promote people speak their minds, not rigidly adhere to limitations and responsibilities of departments. Under his lead, Helen is also actively express their views on the. As Sam's actively encouraged, Helen unprecedented enthusiasm for work, she constantly learn new things, drafting contracts, negotiation, deal with foreign ... ... Helen was very surprised, had he still has so much potential to explore, think before that silence shy girl, today can argue with the price of foreign businessmen to get red in the face.

a beautiful legend: the ancient Greek myth

Pygmalion effect performance in school education was very obvious. Love or attention by a teacher of students, academic achievement or period of time has made great progress in other areas, while ignoring or even discriminated against by teachers of students is likely to recover from this. Some excellent teachers are unconsciously expect the use of effects to help the less advanced students. In business management, some smart managers also attaches great importance to the use of Pygmalion to stimulate employee morale, creating amazing results.

There are two sisters, Ruth White

praise and encouragement is the potential of triggering a human body the best way.

say you OK, you OK, no one can do; say you is not, no, the line does not work.

the courage to admit mistakes to the child.

We must be determined on their loved ones, friends and everyone to praise, and turn it into a habit.

Helen foreign trade company in this work has been three years, she graduated in international trade in the company's performance has been mediocre. The reason is her former boss Hu Yue is a very arrogant and mean woman, she is not all work for Helen to be appreciated, but often poured some cold water. Time, Helen initiative to collect a number of foreign companies export textiles to the implementation of the new environmental standards categories of information, but the boss know, not only do not appreciate her active work, but she does not concentrate on criticism of their work, attention was no longer afraid to Helen outside the scope of their business work. Helen felt that Hu Yue why do not appreciate her, because she, unlike other colleagues flatter her, but she ask themselves that they are not able to sycophant who, it is impossible to get the favor of Hu Yue, she is naturally quiet in the company.


In fact, Helen's changed is that we say Pygmalion effect played a role. Not being taken seriously and incentives, and even the environment full of negative comments, people are often subject to negative information about their own relatively low for evaluation. In the full trust and appreciation of the environment, people are likely to be inspired and encouraged, to the better direction, with the change in attitude, action is also increasingly active, and ultimately make better results.


that summer, driving from outings and three sisters. Two sisters have a driver's license, but also rich driving experience. However, just turned 16-year-old Ruth was just recently acquired a driver's license.

need is to encourage

1968, the two American psychologists came to a primary school, from sixth grade they choose three classes each, in all apparent seriousness, students conducted a Then, they will compliment the tone of the list of students excellent development may inform the teacher. Eight months later, they came to this school for re-examination, the results of student achievement on the list has been significant progress, but also emotions, personality is more cheerful, strong desire for knowledge, the courage to express their views, particularly harmonious relationship with the teachers.

tell the good things easy and only takes a few seconds, but its effect is enormous, and some even allow a person gains life.

Taiwan famous writer San Mao in prose, father. One day late at night, my father read the article San Mao, to her left reads: San Mao wrote: p>

Jews said, do not threaten the child: either fine him or spare him ... not playing is not, on the use of grass to plant. Punishment of a child depends on his original intention of the original mind, even if his mind is wrong, which led to his wrong behavior, do not treat him the same treatment as adults, because after all he was a child.

very pleased that two teachers, teaching the harder.

Praise poured in like water on the roses; praise if not effortless, but it can become a major event.

expect psychological experiment:

great expectations of incentives, proponents of the theory of psychologist Rosenthal.

people from the Pygmalion story summed up the But to make a classic proof of this effect and make it widely used is the American psychologist Rosenthal and his assistants, so

psychological suggestion to play a role on the premise that .

sister and sister to discuss, in the heart of the city by the both of them drove to the sparsely populated areas and thought let her craft. To the outskirts, Ruth drove excitedly talking and laughing, probably because of lack of experience and flustered, she wanted to break through the intersection before the red light up, but did not do so, instead of passing to the side and one from a vehicles, large trailers collided sister died on the spot, head injuries sister, Ruth also leg fracture. Her parents received a phone call, immediately rushed to the hospital. Ruth thought parents would blame her, but only parents and sister holding her tightly, tears aspect. Two daughters, parents face paint dry tears, began to talk and laugh, like nothing happened. For the two surviving daughters, especially Ruth, always in speaking parents Ci language.

Mary Kay, when each employee to obtain better results than last time, will get a ribbon as a souvenir. Corporate Headquarters held once a year way.

learn how to protect children's self-esteem and self-confidence

also the story of a father worthy of reference.

Do not just stare at other people's mistakes

in the modern enterprise, the Pygmalion effect not only to convey the manager of the trust and expectations of employees, but also more suitable for teamwork. Even the strong survive in the competitive workforce, many employees have been accustomed to man although sudden, we can find Pygmalion effect is one of the most effective cure.

If the child has shortcomings, to be patient to help analyze the causes and encourage them to overcome corrected.

Note that the child's bright spot, and patience to train, so continue to flourish.

Results - know the results, the principal embarrassed to tell the truth the two teachers: they taught these students a high IQ is not higher than other students. This is where two teachers would have imagined something like this, only a fortunate own teach well.


love, praise, gratitude should say, let the person know, if you think that just in my heart on the line, it would be wrong.

In fact, a business management level, the biggest problem is the different cultural backgrounds, in different economic status, people with varying goals together and seek common development of enterprises. How to make various types of staff motivation has been fully mobilized to form a force, is to stimulate artistic problem to be solved. Is not a good manager will always be able come up with a wonderful approach, but rather to create a family atmosphere, wonderful way to motivate people to come up with.

Although most managers know the power of praise can have a positive and strong faith, but few managers know that employee behavior on the importance of continued praise. If managers are usually the employee's diligent, and their achievements for granted, and rarely expressed his appreciation to them, they will keep the pain from the heart you. As the human workplace, need to be boss, the boss certainly, this is certainly in his heart that he would be driven more positive source of strength.

One day, my father forgot to clean this car, despite the above dirty. Son to know his father very tired, he wanted the car carrying a man washing his father. But how he could not find cloth, he thought his mother usually backboard wire brush, then walked into the kitchen. But after brushing him and found a lot of patterns emerged above the car, got him running around tending to his father, while crying and apologizing to his father while his father saw his son's car was painted so incredibly sad, but he also loves his son. So he walked into the room angry, kneeling on the ground praying:

a while, his father left the room, the son was sitting on the floor crying flocked to arms: Count Phil Guise

Remember the words: Everyone has his own superior place, at least there where they think they are superior. Knowing where their superior, they certainly love to get another fair evaluation. But those who want to succeed and not self-confident place, they prefer to get other people's compliments.

why people do not consciously accept the others affected? In fact, people's judgments and decision-making process is determined by personality of the This decision and the judge is A However, people are not God, not a panacea, We found that people will not consciously accept their love, admiration, trust and worship of human impact and implications. This allows people to accept the guidance of wise men, as imperfect This is a positive side effect of suggesting that this positive effect on the premise that a person must have sufficient On the surface, seems to suggest some positive plays a decisive role, in fact, is implied by a positive hint for the role, as is the In other words, if you are not a piece of material, more hints will not help.

errors when the subordinate, the incentive is particularly important. U.S. oil magnate John D. Rockefeller assistant Beth Ford, once operational errors due to investment in South America, the company lost 40%. Bette Ford is preparing to be scolded, Rockefeller was patting him on the shoulder and said: thanks to your well-disposed, so much for us to preserve the investment in such a good and competent, has exceeded our expectations of. The failure to be commended for an assistant and later achievements of the company, became the backbone of the company's figures.

In fact, this is just psychological suggestion at work. Hints tend to make other people do not consciously follow the action a certain way, or do not uncritically accept a certain opinion or belief. Visible, suggesting, in essence, is the people's feelings and ideas, others will be different degrees by the impact of the subconscious.


selection of American Andrew Carnegie's first president Charles Peter Sculley said: way is welcomed and encouraged. no more than criticize superiors deny a person's ambition ... I in favor of encouraging others to work, so I was eager to praise, and hate to pick the wrong, if I like anything, is my sincere in recognition, wider than commendable, and I see many big man in the world, have not found anyone - no matter how great he was, how lofty position - not to be praised in the case, than in the case of work has been criticized more results good, more Maili Qi's. It is precisely because they are good at motivating their employees and appreciation, was firmly established their kingdom of steel.

former General Electric CEO Jack Welch is the Pygmalion effect in practice. He believes that the team management the best way not through In his autobiography, Welch described using many words that the ideal team to the state, such as , you can. In this regard, Welch was a handwritten note delivered thanked the master,North Face Jackets, although this does not take much time, but almost always immediate. Thus, Welch said:

a He pioneered the call management technique, often to subordinates, including new tactics of the staff to call. Every time he did not anything special, just ask employees how the current situation. When subordinates answered fairly smoothly, Matsushita will say: well, I hope you have a good fuel. Received a phone call so that subordinates often feel that their president's trust and value, lifted the spirit. Many people in the role of Pygmalion, the hard work, endeavor to gradually grow into a brain, after all, have 70% of the potential is sleeping.

applied to the management, will require the leadership of the subordinate to put the feelings, hopes and special induction, so that subordinates to play to their initiative, enthusiasm and creativity. Such as leadership in a particular assigned task, may wish to subordinates, said: being able to produce. Ability of a person in itself is not very line, but after incentives, the order to be maximized, it becomes a line.

the United States to examine a school psychologist Rosenthal, free pumping three students from each class were 18 written on a form, to the principal, very seriously, said: all IQ talent. The psychological effect is expected in the resonance phenomenon.

not deliberately make things difficult child, so as not to let the children feel embarrassed.

Pygmalion effect tells us that a transfer of positive expectations, it will make him progress faster and better development. Conversely, the negative expectations of a person to pass it will make people give up on themselves, give up.

bear some responsibility for the child, let the children do some of what is possible.

If you always give something positive to convey a hint, it will be a turnaround, or to become more excellent; but if you give him a hint to pass a bad, things tend to get really bad, because bad hint contains human degrading, discriminatory, it makes negative self-esteem, and even nothing. Therefore, saying: idiots encouragement and praise can become a genius, a genius of criticism and verbal abuse can become an idiot.

Mary Kay's approach is very desirable. Because the benefits of any company employees are actively working the result. If by power, money or charisma to maintain the business, then the crisis will always exist, the outbreak is only a matter of time. To make employees take the initiative to do the job, only for their own employees more positive, understanding and praise, with less suspicion, criticism, they will be more due diligence, to reach your target.


implies also negative aspects, it is vulnerable to manipulation and control. Psychological suggestion to play a role on the premise that This person's personality itself, there is a serious dependency tendencies.

Pygmalion is the embodiment of the power is implied

God! Pygmalion's sculpture became his wife.

emphasize the advantages of children more effective than criticism of shortcomings.

self-esteem and self-confidence is the spiritual pillar

we look at the results: one year later, the two classes of student achievement is the best in school, even more than the value of the scores of other students in the class several times higher.

with love to protect the child's self-esteem, self-confidence.

younger the child, the more undefended heart, the more vulnerable, parents need to be given with care.

damage than the most brutal self-esteem and confidence of the injury. Whether your child is now how In this way, your child will be successful into the hall, like Carnegie same. In , we can not grow flowers, but most of us, but sensitive to avoid sarcastic comments and the other was too mean to praise our own warmth of the sun to give someone else.

speech Levine:

This is an ancient Greek myth. King Pygmalion of Cyprus is a well-known sculptor. He carefully ivory sculpture of a lovely girl. He deeply fell in love with this He returned to the Gai Ladi wear beautiful robes, and hug it, kiss it, he was sincerely hope that their love can be But it is still a statue. Pygmalion was very desperate, he would not longer be subject to the torment of unrequited love, so he would take his rich offerings to the temple on behalf of Alfred Ancelotti to her for help, he prayed the goddess to give him a bit as elegant as Gai Ladi, beautiful wife. He's sincere hope that Ancelotti moved on behalf of Alfred, the goddess decided to help him.

, Sa and their parents love each other.

father kept for a long time with the money to buy a new car, he was very care of the car, carefully clean it every day. His 5-year-old son with his father always clean, and her father to have such a caring son and are greatly pleased.

stay up all night is normal, but often stay up late on the body will have a bad effect, happened to see this article, reproduced over, perhaps often stays up late colleagues will help.

of medical know-how to sleep and my experience, observation, sleeping when a person really only a maximum of two hours, the rest are a waste of time, lying on the pillow dreaming, no people do not dream . As he did not wake up that dream, it is because he forgot.
usually a person to sleep two hours is enough, why do some people to sleep seven or eight hours? that you stay in bed resting on a pillow lying on the habits, not so long that we need to sleep, especially do people who know martial arts meditation, eyes closed, really asleep at noon as long as three minutes, is equal to two hours sleep, but to noon for a good time. Will have to fall asleep at night is midnight, five minutes is equal to six hours.

on this big time science, and the same universal law, rule the Earth, I Ching Yin and Yang of the truth of a relationship, and you will feel, literally has the power below the heart down, and pubic region (on the kidney ) fusion power, the so-called
insomnia or so people who really want to stay up late at night, midnight is the time, even twenty minutes is also necessary to sleep, sleep must train yourself to sleep.
had a positive after midnight about half past twelve, you will not be sleepy, and this is very bad. More serious, to the dawn, four, five o'clock, five, six mao shi, you and sleepy sleepy, then sleep if one day would faint head.
so wish to engage people who work late at night, is a house, even if there is a big thing should be put down to sleep it half an hour, to the Mao Shi want to sleep do not sleep, the spirit of that day is enough.
But people are surviving the twelve insomnia, tossing and turning in bed, the results fell asleep almost dawn, to feel dizzy the next day afternoon, so you will feel insomnia, lack of sleep, in fact, you do not have experience.

a sleep and health, sleep doctors rule
Warring States Period of Emperor WEI of QI Zhi Wen said: Only the growth of animals before sleep, sleep help the stomach digest food, so, so sleep is the first health Dabu, who do not sleep a night, the loss of one hundred days is difficult to recover. for the effective sleep time. People are animals, and plants belong to the same biological, daytime (5:00 to 21:00 pm) activities to generate energy at night (21 pm to 5 am) to begin cell division, the new energy into the cells, human cells recuperate , get rid of the time, but also the people back on the sun as the Earth rotates to the side. Yinzhu Jing, is a human sleep really good time, this time to rest, will have good physical and mental state. This baby sleep longer and more fat, grow fast, and playful sense of stunted children is the same reason.
sleep is a major function of health, support is to use a large number of healthy cells to replace the corruption of the cells, such as the night can not sleep on for the new cells. If the demise of one million cells during the day, one night just make it up five hundred thousand cells, then your body will be deficit, a long time, people bran, like bran carrot-like. Why does the world have centenarians? Because they are in the 21 o'clock every night to sleep on time.

plants to absorb the energy of sunlight, night the growth of crops in the countryside at night so the ground could hear the voice of jointing. Belong to the same human and plant biology, cell division, roughly the same time period, missed the really good time at night to sleep, fall short of the newborn cells die, people will premature aging or illness, people want to go with the flow, it should follow the sun to go that day I wake up wake up, day sleep I sleep. In front of the sun as small as dust, This is an objective truth.
real life, many people have difficulty falling asleep, sleep problems is not high quality. Poor sleep is a comprehensive issue, such as excessive anger, sleep alert; excess stomach fire, sleep disturbed; liver and lack of sleep tired.

Second, sleep and disease
modern living habits and lifestyle to bring a lot of people's negative impact on the body to form the There is a feature of liver: lying is the return of blood, sitting outside the blood supply.
midnight (23:00-1:00), 23 points is actually the beginning of a new day, not a 0:00 start, which is made of false consciousness. Hepatobiliary phase table, each one, 23 points gall bladder was opened, if it does not sleep, sap courage, because eleven organs are also dependent on bile, courage of a virtual, decreased body organs function, metabolism, immune system have decreased , greatly reduce the human body, courage to support the central nervous system injury prone courage of all mental disorders, such as depression, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, restless psychosis. Midnight to replace the bile bile, gallbladder getting busy person who does not lie, bile adverse change, too thick and crystallize into stones, gallstones that was a long time, if the gall to pick up a pick on the timid, the body's immune system declined by 50% or more, it can not pick, use its enormous potential of this system to dissipate it.
Chou Shi liver by the most prosperous, Chou Shi (1:00-3:00), insomnia, toxic liver can not lift the thing off, resulting in fresh blood, the blood due to the adverse possession, leaving it blue, long susceptible to various types of liver disease, now Some human liver is not very good, particularly in Europe have an average of four a HBeAg or three positive, mostly because of violation of the laws of nature do not sleep after a midnight caused. Better treatment of hepatitis, hepatitis B is very difficult to treat. Hepatitis B virus carriers, is often not sleep at night because people are too weak, and that order is too messy, the virus has reached inside the cell. That hepatitis B virus has reached inside the cell, but now it can not afford to cause hepatitis, when people are most vulnerable when the body is formed as hepatitis, hepatitis B means that in the future 40% - 60% of cirrhosis. Intelligent person should know heaven, earth, human relationship between people is not smart people who should be eliminated.

junk sleep bring much harm to the liver?
Liver Shuxie, over neutrons do not sleep, can cause liver Shuxie negative, liver qi stagnation, showing irritability, headache, dizziness, red eyes, eye pain, tinnitus, deafness, Sternocostal pain, menstruation does not tone, constipation can also cause liver with less than l, one would head tired Shenpi, weak knees, dizziness, insomnia, heart palpitations, trance, heavy will be collapsed in the street, unconscious.
liver stores the blood, regulate the function of blood, over neutrons do not sleep, can cause liver blood deficiency, can also cause vomiting, epistaxis, subcutaneous bleeding, gum bleeding, retinal bleeding, ear bleeding bleeding card-like.
liver opens into the eyes, over neutrons do not sleep, can lead to liver deficiency, then blurred vision, presbyopia, night blindness, photophobia, Yingfengliulei, and other symptoms, but also the formation of glaucoma, cataract, retinal arteriosclerosis, retinal disease and other eye diseases.
liver reinforcement, the Chinese in the claw, over neutrons do not sleep, can cause liver blood deficiency, appeared tendon pain, numbness, flexion and extension problems, cramps, convulsions, could easily lead to onychomycosis, calcium, chondromalacia patella, epilepsy, osteoporosis embolism.

liver and heart, over neutrons do not sleep, can cause liver blood deficiency, the main one as heart blood, liver function blood storage and regulation, will result in cardiac insufficiency, causing palpitation, fibrillation, etc. symptoms, severe form of heart disease, hypertension and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
liver and spleen, after midnight does not sleep, can cause disharmony of liver and spleen due to liver to help digestion, the liver can not help the stomach digest the Void, make bad stomach digestive function, the performance of thick fur, a long time will cause the gas collapse.
liver and lungs, too neutrons do not sleep, can Yin and Yang, liver and loss, anger caused by excessive burning lungs, dry cough, or cough, expectoration of blood and other wooden stake gold card-like, easily lead to psoriasis and other skin diseases.
liver and kidney, do not sleep through midnight, liver deficiency leading to kidney failure, due to liver and kidney origin, likely to cause reproductive disorders, infertility, bone disease, dental problems, hair loss, diabetes, kidney failure and other diseases.

Third, sleep method
traffic rules - you do not know it is easy to accidents. For example, 23 pm to 3 am to Zaichou, the liver and gall bladder by the most active, liver and gallbladder to return to the blood, If you lie down every night around 22 o'clock, do not speak too quietly, to 23 point, also fell asleep. Hepatobiliary started back to the blood, the blood to filter out toxic, resulting in fresh blood, to be a hundred no gallstones, no hepatitis, cysts of a class of disease. If you are staying up until 1 am every day, the liver can not return the blood, the blood of toxic discharge can not afford to, not a raw fresh blood, gall bladder and bile can not be changed, so these people prone to gallstones, cysts, three positive, three positive variety of diseases.
In Europe, there is an average of four carriers of hepatitis virus, which is called not understand the rules. Best not to talk for half an hour before going to bed, sleep, not to speak, like a talking, moving through the lungs, and then they move through the heart, (because the focus on the heart and lung total) who are likely to enter the excited state, so it is difficult to sleep.
21:00-23:00 for the Hai Shi. Haishi three Jiaojing Wang, triple burner through Lotus. Haishi sleep, Lotus Ru Yang Chieh-te, it was common characteristics that centenarians 21:00 (Haishi) before sleep. To maintain the appearance of women Jiao good long-term, should be early to bed early.
bed to shut the window, not open fan, not air conditioning, a lot of people sick with this, since the person being in sleep, blood circulation is slow, the temperature drops, the body will form a surface layer yang, This makes it yang layer called Air conditioning, open fan, not the case, open the window, the window is taking the wind, into the muscle, if air conditioning, but also the wind, the wind into the bar, cold Life, morning, yellow body, face, hair yellow, stiff neck and back piece of tendon, joint pain, fever and even some people, this is the wind and the cold penetrated to the tendons and bones in the reason, this gas is injured. If the window does not sleep at night, no air conditioning, do not open the fan, even the door is shut, the best, if hot, the door opened, the windows shut, the effect will be quite right, but the next day he will not up in the morning, tired, back stiffness.
air conditioning was the open living room, the bedroom door open, and direct air conditioning is similar to sleep, open air after that cold air into the bone, so cold heart, heart in which heart in the brain, the brain is sea of ​​marrow, bone marrow, there are cold, my heart was definitely cold, and how to do, kidney yang, up in the air, when added to the heart is not cold, burning on the back, went out cold.

sleep to try to go to bed early, sleep late, hurt Shaoyang of gas, must be tired the next day unable to close the window, no air conditioning, fans, to protect the yang.
hepatobiliary next focus, if the stomach problems, he will be sleep disturbed sleep, one is cold stomach, the stomach if the sun were already inadequate, too much to drink green tea, there will be Wei Han, Wei Han When people sleep well, or eating things with too much sediment, stomach faint for the cold, definitely sleep;
another one stomach, is the heat going up, breath of his mouth are hot, as this is also not sleep well; then a dry stomach, dry mouth, stomach felt dry;
is a stomach and a thick smell of taste, stomach thick, this situation is tired of eating the taste of this thick, it was seafood, fish, eat chicken, tastes delicious, eat more, not more delicious with these things in it to dilute it, do not dilute it, taste it in there too thick, so this is also not sleep well;
Another abdominal distention, abdominal swelling was up, could not sleep, could not sleep over and over again; Another is Wei Qi Void, cold sweats, which sleep good sense, these reasons are likely to form the stomach, restlessness, stomach restless sleep well.
to sleep warm limbs, limbs to warm, as is the yang of the limbs, this we all know, limbs not warm, certainly kidney is less, should cover their hands and feet before going to bed to warm hands and feet and navel, behind Vital to be covered.

sleep method varies, the following describes three kinds of practice:

1, a simple stretching before going to sleep, then sit cross-legged on the bed natural, both hands placed on the legs overlap, natural breathing , feeling the body with the breath, one of a pore, the best results if tears yawn, to fall to sleep when they sleep.
2, supine, natural breathing, breathing feel like a spring breeze, first melt the big toe, then the other toes, then foot, leg, thigh and gradually melting. If not yet awake, and then to do from scratch.
3, people can fall asleep fast right lateral, right palm right ear care. Palm heart is fire, the ear is water, fire and water that is formed between the two economies, the formation of the kidneys in the body intersect. A long time, Yang Xin ney.
sleep must get up early, even in winter, not more than 6 points to get up, spring and fall as much as possible before getting up at 5:00, because people in the yin shi (3 -5 points), when lung-wang get up to the lung anger to stretch to conform Shu yang long to complete the metabolism, the aggregate of the Su-down, so that lung clearance, which helps Nourishing and adapt to the situation of days the sun rises the body yang, yang enough people one day Otherwise, just like the engine, and have a good time this is difficult to mobilize the body yang, yang deposition in the lower body the body can not start rising up from the Gate, will form a kinky gas, serious damage to people's physical and mental health.

5:00 to 7:00 is the most popular of the large intestine through the body when the body needs to excreted metabolites of the cloud at this time if you do not get up, the large intestine are not fully active, complete the row can not be good cloud, enabling the formation of turbid matter stayed toxins harmful to human blood and organs Bai Hai. 7:00 to 9:00 the human stomach by the most prosperous, 9 to 11 most popular human spleen, then the person's ability to transport and absorb the best, if not then get up, a serious erosion of human gastric acid the human body to absorb nutrients in the best time to get nutrition, long suffering from stomach diseases, resulting in malnutrition, in the gas collapse. So do not stay in bed, stay in bed can cause dizziness, tired, feeling of lack of sleep, and should get up, many great men in history are three or four o'clock in the habit of getting up, like Washington, Napoleon, Emperor Kangxi, Tseng Kuo-fan and so on. Another early can increase the effectiveness of the work, saying:
Modern medicine has proved less pressure early hours of spirit of the people, not prone to mental diseases. Do not go out too early morning exercise, because the sun did not come out in the morning before the underpass of the Zhangzhou gas, sewage is going up (especially cities), the gas on the human body is a very serious injury.
cultivation three events, a sleep, two facilities, three restaurants, the rest of living, clothing etc are secondary.
sleep in the first three things. However, no appetite and who, disturbed night sleep, so as to facilitate the second pass. The diet-free festival, over those who hunger and eat, the stomach will hurt, and diminishing nutrition. Sleep to soothe the nerves mainly God with peace of mind-based, should be compatible with the age, middle-aged up to seven to eight hours, sleep the intellectual faint dizziness jealous inflation, limb weakness, childhood will get enough sleep eight hours, or over nine hours not to obstruct , the old or the patient up to six hours is enough.

sleep disorders can not be ignored warnings
should be noted:
(a) should sleep early and not more than ten, the elderly with eight positive, do not over nine. Where to pay 11 am, when the sun, is a kidney, then insomnia, loss of renal water will, heart and kidney connected to the water loss is Huo, most likely to trouble. Ten million not to be sleeping tablets to help sleep.
(b) pillow avoid thinking about the calculation of future things, sleeping all the time should not think, breath and mix thoroughly, listening their own gas, from thick and thin, the thin and fine and interest rates. Depending on the body as nothing, or as sugar into the water, come to naught, natural sleep.
(c) any idea, can not be safe with, not on the pillow Zhuance minds, the most exhausting, can sit up a time to sleep.
(d) as in the noon, to the point that eleven o'clock, when the shade, is a heart, then if they can not sleep, can sit a quarter of an hour, eyes closed, gas is a strong heart. Where heart disease Qieyi attention, pay attention to two o'clock this day, the strength stronger by the day, no diarrhea or frequent urination, heart rate of the disease.
(e) should be from the early summer, late winter should play. Home should be cold northern air, such as Guangdong, Guangxi and other provinces, to get up early in the disease, anti-malaria Sam Rainsy. Do not sleep after eating his back, get up early as three to five points in the Yin Shi, Yu Nu avoid this time, will damage liver and lung injury, Wan Wang attention.

to his family's health, for a friend's health! Reproduced this article, please, let people on earth live longer!

Federation) to send a message, and the race from starseed children on earth (blue children), they are trying to help the Earth.
This also explains why there are so many different DNA decoding (Recoding) technology. Each race has his special genetic structure, the need to make up the

DNA are not the same. However, there are some things the same, feeling clean (Emotional clearing) is the key to decode DNA and for Earth

Yes, of Nibiru is a small group of people, you want to take over control of the earth. They are mainly reptiles, but reptiles are incomplete people.
we have to abandon all the other planets and culture is good or all bad this simple thought, so we will avoid a lot of fear, contemplation mode

negative GF (Galactic Federation), the management responsibilities. Assigned to the federal fleet, including all federal. Although Nibiru is the GF's flagship, but only one of them.

service implementation easier and more efficient. Across our galaxy is a GF (Galactic Federation Galactic Federation), the key flagship

between the Milky Way, and the promotion of different races and gradually reached a peace treaty and the League forward. This includes peace negotiations between the warring races

source of the message pipeline lot confusing. Positive and negative, each stick to their correctness, it makes it difficult to distinguish.
I remind you that in reading these articles, when his heart to go along, you will really feel what is right and what is to mislead you.
many of Nibiru was spread the opposite message. I try to sort out and express that message under my own views. Indeed, most from other

. When authorized, it uses these weapons to protect the other planets and races.

Nibiru, it plays the implementation plan and the perfect connection GF cultural role. Most races in our galaxy are members of the Federation, Nibiru

Q: Nibiru has rings it?
Yes, I understand that Nibiru has a ring like Saturn's many. It uses them as some kind of propulsion system. They advance through the space Nibiru.

, Nibiru is a planet, it is the line of star ships. It is about 3-4 times the size of Earth. (This is the last article there are differences)
Nibiru Sirius B was first broken by the blast off from the track, came to the Pleiades star operation, therefore some people think it is a Pleiadian planet

site is in English, if interested can look up.

Q: Nibiru's purpose?
Nibiru has many purposes. I will outline some of them:

formed the solar system asteroid belt now). If you want the results of this war, know more, want to know the reasons Maldek destroyed, you will

in The war to destroy the biosphere of Mars and Venus into the wasteland.
In ancient times, Nibiru because of its brightness, 8-pointed star as a corner marker. Egyptians called him bright crosshairs.

ring into each other in opposite directions, up and down like wings, but wings into the opposite direction. I am not a scientist, so I think it

so, simply there are hundreds of races and hybrid species. Once again I quote science fiction film

each creature has their life zones: reptiles live in a hot and humid environment; dolphins living in one kind of water environment; humans live much like

information. You may ask, what is the group you want to do that on Nibiru? It does not mean that all people on Nibiru wants to do. They

only a handful of people. It looks like K said three representatives of the party on Earth, all white, you know what I mean? These pipes are psychic

What does it mean

background - very peaceful when I go there in a dream when not even want to come back.

Q: Who controls Nibiru?
Nibiru from the Galactic Federation of great Nibiruan Committee received command. Nibiruan Committee, as we have previously discussed, the bear

Nibiru help here as in the past, like the other planets help us to improve, and after millions of years continue to do so. Perhaps, who knows there is a

in some ways, it is an artificial planet, only the shell is original.
Nibiru is a planet ship, because it has heavy equipment to war and weapons. When negotiations failed, Nibiru can defend itself against attack

consciousness they are not alone in the universe, and then began to search for that great truth hidden behind the star ship. Historically, religion and ZF hide, distort know

Q: Nibiru, where, and when will it come back?
Nibiru moving forward on track on the Earth. That is we are feeling the impact of its reasons. ZF NASA and other organizations are very aware of this.

4. Walk-ins and Starseeds race race mission control center.
many responsibilities of Nibiru in the training, support and to guide Walk-ins and Starseeds. Of Walk-ins for, Nibiru provides mission planning,

1996 since it has felt the impact.
as to when it returns, I will explain it again for us to decide. When enough people have reached the level of understanding when, Nibiru will show their own

evolution in the spirit of helping the world to the next step.
many of the parties reported that during the state of their dreams and found them in a classroom. How to tell which is a small gray man (Grey) Zeta (Grey's

Q: Nibiru have different psychic channel is to share with us messages?
Yes, yes, yes! This is the reason a lot of confusion. For example, some psychic pipeline being Nibiru on Earth those who want to control information

Earth's environment; like octopus like creature living in the tank for them to do so special. Because Nibiru is almost 4 times the size of Earth,

Q: Nibiru is what?
Nibiru is the 4th dimensional density of the Milky Way Galactic Federation flagship. Like the Pleiades, as many different cultures exist above it. As well as the federal flagship

knowledge to control you. Now the true identity of human beings will you know.
Nibiru's effects have been felt. Because of its huge size, Nibiru is already affecting our weather, our planetary frequency and our too

pipeline information is Nibiru's Web site, very comprehensive content. There are books and CD sales.

a), or star Nibiru boat or classroom? I usually know the difference between the different sets. There are other colors of music and very quiet

Q: Why do some people call Nibiru is a comet?
Nibiru is usually in a fixed orbit around the Milky Way in a. But if special events, Nibiru can out of that track. Past, people think

genetics can provide critical information to ensure a successful upgrade.
Earth Nibiru rising program through coordination with starseed race. As the Commission working together, we can rest assured that every measure is the normal measure

3. Galactic Federation controlled planet upgrade (ascension) program.
Although any planet in the Sirius Galaxy major upgrade program to develop the federal center, but if a run around the Milky Way's satellite office will make any

Nibiru was hollowed out and was a lifeless shell package. You can compare for your TV series The only difference

and mediation.

crack is from the sun's solar flares and distributed objects. The sun is changing and the issue of more light. Much like from a 75 watts light bulb to a 150 watts

v. you.
Nibiru is affecting our sun. It is caused by the pressure of the sun. It looks like the pressure to squeeze a tomato until it began to break. These broken

, when Sirius B of the explosion, before separating it from the Sirius system. I am not sure which one it applies to, but I would classify it brown scientists

remember to ask, who wants to take over control of the earth? is representative of a particular group or a whole planet?

dwarf star had no comment. Time will tell.
Nibiru come, scientists and the full impact of it on the existing theories of human cognition. This will awaken all of humanity is a way of Nibiru.

Q: Nibiru improvement in the human (ascension) play in the process?
Nibiru is a complete awakening of the human and human to enhance the catalyst. When Nibiru approaching, it will bring widespread awareness of changes in people's hearts. Humans

bubble. DNA and our bodies are carbon-based crystal deformation. (See website for improved section) Although uncomfortable, this deformation on into higher

Nibiru reviewed by our scientists first recognized as a 1987. (This is not the same as the previous articles, that article is that 1982-83) we

Yang. Again, I am not a scientist, so I can not give you in those conditions in this message. I show them my message to all the reports

source has its facts.

space. Some have developed into a complete cultural chose not to return to their original world.
the same as in your country, among those of different races have different agendas and sectarian. Some work with stakeholders in all, some do not.

in the end) end of the war there is genetics, genetic fusion by the start of the new method of ending a lot of race war. As a child, like

also protect the inhabitants from space radiation, the threat of death.
war, destroy the enemy forces on Mars, Venus and Earth colony, Nibiru Planet Maldek also shattered the solar system (

sometimes upgrade the genetics of peace and negotiation on the use of the laboratory of Nibiru to create new hybrid race-related. (I have not seen the original English text, so it is impervious to eat these words

GF Nibiru will specify a task, then it is assigned to a planet or solar system.

in a race with another race may be sectarian beliefs contradict each other. As we have disagreements and prejudices, as there is.

learn to share, race is.
galactic community in preparation for the race was introduced, we will upgrade the genetic information to the planet. That is why many of you began to write

. This is why it is being sent to GF this remote little corner of the galaxy. The Milky Way is moving to the citizenship of the time.

, enhance and ensure the success of our other neighboring regions in the Milky Way's last entry (into the photon belt).

Q: Nibiru is a brown dwarf star?
many scientists speculated that Nibiru is a dark star dark star or a brown dwarf star. Nibiru may be classified as a brown dwarf star

5th density is necessary.

. The latest time is 2012. So, once again, when it will happen. Nibiru for us and in our process to help us rise

There are many

days you will be on Nibiru, to help prepare a rising planet?

-style production, and allow us to distinguish the correct insight. They represent an organization's agenda and beliefs. If you encounter a similar situation again, please

Nibiru as the solar system planets in a stable orbit. But that is only applicable to a particular point in time.

each race.

Q: Nibiru is what color?
Nibiru is a gold color of Mars. Therefore, when seen from Earth, it looks like pieces of gold balls. This is due to its alluvial gold suspended in the air

a book on DNA upgrade, and upgrade a variety of DNA to promote and provide training and support of the symposium. In most cases, the GF (Galaxy

difficult to see anything on my behalf.

Nibiru on individual groups receive from their message. It does not mean that Nibiru on behalf of all faith groups of the population views as a Nazi

in. Nibiru alluvial gold is used to keep the air and fill the last war the Milky Way was severely damaged enemy yuanzidan atmosphere. Gold

and support staff assigned to care for and protect the Earth's soul. For starseeds, they guide, a model will be created in their

Q: Who lives on Nibiru?
many races and cultures of Nibiru on. Some classes of mankind, some reptile people, some of the insects were, some robots, some of the similar hair Gorilla

especially Nibiru travels the galaxy. We live in it is not on the surface. Another reason is that it will be years of deep space travel without the sun.

1. peace defenders
Nibiru's main objectives are: Galaxy defender of peace. As people who defend the peace, Nibiru's duties are many. The most important duty is to return

1, to introduce her new friend, please arm around her waist, rather than standing pointing hand.

2, met in the street staring at beautiful women no more than 5 seconds, to see the same girls may not exceed 5 times.

3, listen to his wife if the man would amount to anything, so you have to obediently listen to her.

4, she can bully you, but you must not bully her, as though she bullied you, but what good things each time, her first thought is you!

5, if she cried at you, you have to patiently coax her until she breaks through his tears!
6, to post her photo wallet, cell phone ... everything always see the place.
7, left her absolutely not exceeding 10 days or more
8, in front of her friends, I hope you can show more love than usual, she looks like her and tension.
9, said the big men do not overbearing.
10, gentle does not mean not assertive.
11, chic does not mean no explanation.

12, never in public for her leaving her whirring Houhou or that one.
13, when she learned she was wrong does not matter what, the most important thing is that after Yaohong her.
14, get angry, do not ignore her, do not give time to calm her, but she do not need time to cool completely.
15, to accompany their friends, but be sure to Zhongseqingyou.
16, at her like you, racing against time to squeeze in with her date

17, see her eyes very focused.
18, Song of a long tone of voice.
19, a girl and talk to you, you took her hand, if she happens next is not, then you tell them to keep their distance.

20, when crossing the street holding her hand.
21, to know how to cherish every minute with her.

22, even if no matter how busy, play a greeting every day, forget the phone.

23, to sing love songs to her often.
24, two people have the right to get angry, but not on the same day, if she was angry that day, then you will not be angry.
25, her life goes wrong, you have to patience, to help analyze a number of constructive solutions

26, is love to your wife - she firmly support his wife's decision to obey his wife's leadership.
27, even if the world's people do not believe her, you have to believe her unconditionally. Because she will also have on you.

28, do not smoke. Upon discovery of dismissal.
29, her quarrel with each statement shall not exceed 3 minutes (inclusive), the volume should not exceed 20 dB (inclusive).

30, to strengthen the training, a strong body, hold her breath on the fifth floor

31, in her mind were as bad, rude and angry when, hug her, and instead her theory.
32, his wife is like a baby is not unreasonable and not run wild.

33, to keep our room with flowers, and often updated.

34, my wife came home from work done on time and delicious meals.
35, took his wife's hand after dinner go for a walk.
36, my wife likes

37, try not to let my wife touch cold water, because of his wife's poor health.
38, let his wife because he did something wrong and angry.

39, we have a big house, there is a special study, have a spacious balcony with rocking chairs and casual seating. Should be wrapped in a rocking chair on the growth of grapes. Leisure time, can sit on the rocking chair chat.
40, have a professional sound at home, because we all love songs.

41, his wife sick time to remind his wife to take medicine.

42, the wife wearing a new dress, when to buy can not turn a blind eye, and say very nice, very suitable for her.
43, my wife boil eggs brown sugar water, treatment of pain in those days his wife every month.

44, holding his wife to sleep every night.

45, winter, using his own body to warm cold hands and feet of his wife.

46, and his wife go out each year travel arrangements.

47, to be good at discovering his wife's beauty.
48, in good faith said to his wife:
49, mobile phones should have been open, so my wife can always find their own.
50, with the good news or bad news first to tell you.

51, each small to be the first meeting after another deep kiss his wife.
52, took to the streets with his wife to buy his wife a lot of favorite skirt.

53, when it rains holding his wife's shoulder, an umbrella of support.
54, do not mind to help his wife wash your hair.

55, with the wife squeezing toothpaste when brushing.

56, learning a variety of massage to massage my wife, in particular, often a foot massage.
57, remember what his wife uncomfortable few days, the wife bought for health supplies.
58, does not have close ties with the other woman and let the wife suspected.
59, feel free to let his wife know they are responsible people.
60, to respect the privacy of his wife, does not restrict the freedom of his wife, I believe his wife.
61, time to accompany his wife to see her favorite series.
62, not to deceive his wife, said things we should do.
63, only the wife is the world's most beautiful.
64, and his wife that night, sweet words.
65, and his wife agreed time can not be late.

66, little effort is often a surprise to his wife.
67, and his wife is not a fit of anger, not quarrel.
68, often hug my wife, even in the street also. And his wife go out to his wife's hand holding.
69, and his wife, when looking at the scenery from behind holding his wife.

70, after dinner I am washing dishes, mopping the floor, dirty work so his wife can not be dry.
71, when his wife stood with his wife while people argue that if the wife does not say in private then and his wife.
72, his wife the right decisions for the important things, I rely on my wife.
73, setting off firecrackers to help his wife when Wushang ears.
74, seriously listen to his wife speak. Each call is to hang his wife, let my wife have a sense of loss, and I can not bear to hang my wife's phone.

75, on a bus escorted his wife, secretly pro-wife.
76, planned his wife's diet, to restore good wife's body, leaving their wives more and more healthy.
77, so that his wife's friends envy you, I have a good side you take care of you.
78, visiting friends and relatives when there is clean up the room neat.
79, well my wife is very nutritious soup pot, and let my wife drink a little.
80, pick a good food to eat his wife.
81, and his wife go out of time to pay attention to their image, to be worthy of a beautiful wife.

82, always remember the day and met his wife.
83, occasionally the flowers sent to his wife work place.

84, often to his wife pictures, each leaving a pleasant memory.
85, inadvertently say the desire to remember his wife, and quietly make it happen.
86, summer nights my wife points mosquito coils, mosquito bites to prevent his wife.
87, sent his wife a decent thing, when others asked can proudly say that I gave her.
88, with his wife to eat around a variety of cuisine.
89, beat his wife more than a few people outside the phone, told safety.
90, and threw himself into his wife kissing.
91, and wife to communicate more, so as not to allow his wife to misunderstanding.

92, next to his wife, and his wife to live through this life.
93, his wife for me to do things to be thankful.
94, to keep motivated, to learn more knowledge for our future efforts.
95, told his wife's family, I will take good care of her, let them rest assured.
96, holding the thunder when the wife says: Do not worry, there I am.
97, when the fish my wife to pick out the fish bone.
98, a harmonious society requires a harmonious family, emotional well-being can resolve the economic crisis, so love his wife but also to contribute to the motherland ... ...
99, love my wife long, long time love my wife!

First of all, this is not what I wrote, just to see, feel moved, in turn:

a person has a concept of happiness, Gonggeng farmer saw the fields of others long worm of the earth and their crops did not, he will be happy; women than men to see their own wife is next to Wang Mazi thin waist creases his face less certain, he will be happy; Sando no longer scolded by his father every day,
For me, happiness is what is it? Happiness is one day I suddenly found myself repeating the impact point of the play, suddenly found that straddle skip step more after volley really crisp, and suddenly found that the addition of rotation of the two hair really strange to be turning a child, suddenly found himself to accompany beautiful women do not play when they are finally rolling his eyes, and suddenly found that access to the network and the Masters Cup stadium was like a family living room as a ... ...
happy to wrap his racket with sweat. The original form of all being identical and mostly monotonous, like curling up with absorbent in the box - you need to open it, let your racket on the winding layer by layer, this process as you day after a day life, until you spiral to the end, you will be surprised to find just the Grip suddenly had also dull color, with the hand, had a kind of grabbed it just let go of the desire to temptation. Of course, you can not forget to wrap the final label, which as we live, can not be finally settled when the missing subject, otherwise life will be loose and scattered.
happy also like open a can of tennis. When we opened the tank of the moment, three tennis will live to pop out, this is a trivial but emotional elegance of the ceremony: if we wake up every morning, fresh face of the mirror and self-confidence showing three teeth . Everyday life would such high-profile start, is not it? You know that life can not avoid dust, infection, stress can not be avoided lashing out of bounds on the net can not be avoided, but as long as you bravely bounce, you will find a large enough living space to complete the operation. We always have hair fall out, finish the gas that day, that time was to complete the natural life time of the alternate, who is missing, the sun will rise as usual.
this summer, I was feeling pretty gloomy for some time, in a bored afternoon, carrying his tennis bag whim went south. At that time lived in Guangzhou Southern Hotel, downstairs there are two tennis courts, just where I and a group of strangers in a nearly 40-degree day in the sauna a few times to play the ball, sweating very thoroughly, the haze of my heart dissipated. Then I moved to Shenzhen, the forum made a tennis ball around the post, many local golfers did not want to contact me asked me to play, there are golfers, I am very happy.
after a few hearty Yuezhan, tennis recall almost lost my soul, I suddenly realized, tennis has been able to implicate minded friends, it can also maintain interpersonal interdependence between context. One day, when I golfers all over the world, I naturally Thief. Until then, I must go to a trip to the beautiful Dameisha, with China's South China Sea side and then draw a circle the size of tennis.
indifferent to the fame and fortune, the tennis brings you happiness is the only true and reliable. Inspired, my MSN signature has changed: I even wonder if a large bag stuffed my tennis is not tennis, but a bunch of a bunch of money, I will back a lot of trouble.
Since then I developed a habit, usually when carrying out his tennis bag, stuffed with three tennis racket and a few cartridges. I carried them to walk through the crowded city, never felt only a large tennis bag is a heavy burden, but there will be happy to carry and with the ease and warmth.

For me, life is happy now, my daily life theme is tennis. The most memorable was in college and 小朱 time they play. I hope my 80 years old can afford to take a tennis racket, and my grandson had two strokes, make a Tie Break That was my life's happiness!

Love makes a woman more gentle, a woman will know how to love others to be loved.
modern society, in fact, a woman will cook more popular.
women in the workplace, especially women, in terms of leadership, integrity is the most important charisma.
independence: not to be dependent on someone else's woman enough to even be emboldened to speak some.
woman you ever wondered how much anxiety is unnecessary? How much to worry about in the cocoon?
To win the love, the first is to make themselves lovely. Cute is a natural temperament, lovely woman can be a lifetime.
In any case, a woman convinced that at least one thing, so you will not lose life.
thin quality of life actually gusto. Women must know how to love themselves, will be more happy.
marry rich. This sentence made a plain error, is characterized by naive.
man looked like eating pot pot, so women do not want your eggs in one basket. This is called balance, also called equality.
When he was away, when to the bathroom a bath bar, by the way love is washed off.
a spiritual quality of a woman born with wisdom, understanding, good things, the essence of enlightenment. She is extremely simple, simple in there in an amazing deep.
about life and love life of a woman is happy.
always the smartest woman in exchange for the pain to joy.
filled with joy and spirit of the woman, always with a happy, welcome to thunder and sun.
happiness is the best beauty cosmetics.
not pay attention to their own smart woman can not get something, do not worry for them. Wise and foolish woman among women, but is a step worse.
health conditions of female wisdom, is a happy sign.
smart woman and a woman of wisdom difference: the former can only see things as ideographic, while the latter provides insight into the meaning of things.
arrived a minute to think over an hour of nagging.
要一分为二 to see her husband's shortcomings, there is no absolute advantages and disadvantages. If he is lazy, then he will have more rest time; if he had no money, then he would be less likely to derail; long ugly if he would be less likely to a third party; if he did not self-motivated He will focus all our attention on your body.
fight as little as possible and more angry tears.
the time when we must say goodbye condescending.
men in work and study and think, do not try to make her husband's attention to your body to. Because they are tired to run around a common house, then only can do is give him a quiet space, you can go to him drink it fast Riga's water glass, or white fungus soup to boil a pot of pig's trotters, his work was done, etc. , the scattered light outside the window on the bowl, he will feel particularly warm.
not to loneliness away love, time is the devil, Over time, if you are a passionate people, if not love each other, that time will also have feelings, and finally how do you do?
most no matter how old, regardless of family friends how reminders, do not just treat marriage, marriage is not playing cards, reshuffle the cards to pay a huge price.
and a lifestyle many people love the difference does not matter, get married to be careful, think about whether you can long endure each other's different.
you love him? love to tell him, why the pain hidden in the Acacia deep down. afraid to look, status, identity does not match? Do not be afraid to love a person is good.
money is bad man, yes, so many men, but a rich man to bad Even if no money, no better.
a man can not give you a sense of security, completely dependent on his height, but on his heart high tall and useless man I've seen a lot. short The high man I have ever seen. a man to Xingaoqiao, so it really looks like a man, of course, the premise is to have talent.
and smart people will be very happy in love, because they are humorous, talking, but there is also always a crisis, because it is very easy change of heart. and love will be very honest people at ease, but life is also very very boring.
not too good strong woman, and some women self-esteem is too strong. is someone else's fault Her attitude is very tough, is the fault of her own attitude is very tough as she always thought that to find that others are degrading the performance, she will never find a man, so that a woman is a headache. smart woman will know when The firm, when to back down. should be a good strong outsiders for love so strong you have to do him good care of you ah?
love your want to know a person, to see him with you have no energy , it does not happy, there is love, no that is not love.
There are two very lovely woman, a mother type, very considerate person, it will take care of people, will take care of a very thoughtful man. and so women together, men will feel a strong love. There is also a sister-type, very timid, very shy, very dependent on men, and with such a woman would appear to stimulate a man's personality, such as playing mice carry the weight, will often think of to protect his little woman. there is a caring woman who did not know, they never show weakness to bow to man, such a woman most men do nothing.
mean a man of great avoid, even if the poor do not make a poor kind. Some people complain that women just love men's money, in fact, is not necessarily so, and some women like a man for her money, and sometimes also to prove themselves in the minds of men position, if the men like a woman, she must be willing to spend money.
does not matter whether the porter when the user of the most important hing when interest should be right, otherwise there is no common language, even together, still feel lonely . '
man in the world to give you a sincere commitment of course, but also the real meaning of betrayal when he does not love you when he is clearly a change of heart, he will only think you had attracted him to the advantage disappeared. Please remember, if a man let you down, make firm broke up with him you have to remember, do not get angry, to gently break up and if you get angry, your reasons for breaking up will be located in the personality clashes, if the soft breaking , but you missed, but the world regret dear, give a man a little regret for regret, the hearts of men has always been a poignant landscape.
most men do not know how to cherish and believe in not the most beautiful, poetic always lost. Let him lose you, than you lose him to a psychological advantage.
Do not try to conquer a 30 years old, never married, has no fixed his girlfriend of a man. This man is not impotent, is the inability to love, and most have the psychological aspects of sexual orientation unmentionable disease. My dear, do not do a wounded woman.
see a man love you the best way is to look at him are you into his world, his life.
some women love to her boyfriend when the spoil themselves, even after marriage her husband in every possible way to spoil yourself, but as a woman should forget the fair share of things to do so do not know how a woman is love.
have to rein in his men well, the saying goes, soft can overcome the steel, but not always, everything is good, as long as take care of him when he was sick on the trip and remember , do not be too used to a man, do not let him become accustomed to think that this is what you should do, you love to do.
fact should believe a man as a woman, just like willing to believe that world peace will come, although as you know Now the world war continued.
every woman's life to be silly at least once silly and more than twice is stupid. if it has been taken in, it's best to come to mentality, so that although it can not have love, but at least to restore the face.
Do not look at the man's cell phone text messages, do not Chagang do not track attack, do not let men think you are care about him, let him care about you, your attention fishes.
Do not believe what people tell you about her boyfriend (husband) sex scandal, unless caught, if you want to continue on the same line before you, drive away foreign aggressors, and finally to resolve internal conflicts. ugly is not outside the Yang family, men also want to keep only a little face if you think it can be put up, wanted to vent on how how to vent, let this poor man to know the tragic end after a woman betrayed.
Dear women, man this animal, it is easy for us makes mistakes. Initially, you thought he was Prince Charming, and finally found him supercilious toad, but this world also have a good man and he gentle, kind, considerate, full of fun, very responsibility, it is best also to have some of the family property, but the most important thing is that he loves you! this time, my dear kids, remember to seize every opportunity, trying to marry him you love this! ;

gold star on many countries, there are nine large countries. One of them in good state, the most ancient country, once ruled half the planet, this race hard and sometimes hard sometimes voluptuous, so monopoly of wisdom, but the decline for several centuries, until the last half-century before gradually rising;

this trick is: to suppress the enemy echelon flip over the end of our bargain-hunting, and the original $ 500 billion in additional profits they can grasp the main configuration on the battlefield, just as a minister of the words, due to China's development prospects, after the crisis is still the most attractive emerging markets, will not Pa Moren sedan chair, we sit back and enjoy, joy!

some new Longzhong, the king was overjoyed and asked specifically defeat the enemy may have a policy?

gold armor, saying: King Wu You.

so long golden armor Beijing faces St.

the following reasons:

about $ 2.56 trillion of China's currency. Equivalent to 5.5 times the annual military spending.

January 8, 2012, gold armor Gregorian birthday, the king granted him a pot of gold arrow, a line engraved on the pro-Yubi book: Golden Star Cupid, Arrow Arrow Pirates ripped through the heart.

gold armor then instructions from the family heirloom.

SSE 300 Index: 3200 points at the top; now about to start in 3500 to build short positions.

WANG Yue: Can. Please give an example to prove that policy.

this game of chess next to the sake, is that chess! That do not chess dark, we use private and public sector accounts can be directly manipulated.

good design! Appropriate!

plot serves two purposes: First, suppress the rise in the good country, two predatory trillion of wealth.

the rise in the good state, so that the same origin, British colonial United States and evil are deeply disturbed country, they discuss the two strategies: use of force and intrigue, and finally chose the latter, because the former not sure, because of the good countries have strength, force, weak country bloodbath has been all of a space pirate, now chastened, will soon force enhancement, especially Liangshou lore weapons to fight them inevitably die; and nationals in the special kind of good, The reason why good course, not nature, in a place called Hole stupid son of antiquated theories have been promoted before, they are very sly very powerful; through this hole stupid son of the old man's two silly theory of enlightenment, after the good they become character frail, shy and sentimental, especially is easy to yield like to be enslaved, so the rule was often used by other races, long hair today, tomorrow, Liu Bianzi, acquired when the foreigners, Tai Houtian everyone to learn Japanese language turtles, gentle as lambs. Last half-century hole yu down most of sub-theories, then re-emergence of this country. But still good-natured disposition, so that their conspiracy pirates country most likely to succeed, it is worth the risk.

Asian countries to give up if the pirates conspiracy, then China's stock market will rise, the national book assets rose, the futures hedging losses, the normal development of the real economy is the biggest gains;

Wang Q: What is undefeated?

such as: built above 10,000 points, do share the $ 200 billion margin, that is, nearly 40% of the increase can be off the hook this account of our position. Corresponding to

One minister said: King, I have a son named friends or old gold armor, previously served as the Guards, is now home business, a plot of all the pirates, when the country was mentioned, can one see?

gold armor Answer: thank His Majesty. This is a solid financial war, I and the local capital market to the war, for example: Asian countries aimed at plundering pirates liquid assets, a rise of a fall in profitability between the exchanges, playing with the world, China's poor quality financial abundance is the main hunting goals.

Star of the Year at the Golden

Dear readers, this story of the event 100% fictional character, with the trend of development, such as a partial similarity is just coincidence!

If pirates States to continue to plot, then China's stock market will fall, the state assets, greatly reduced the book, hold the can not move, the Federation of normal economic conspiracy in the past, and the real economy in part by stock losses Futures income up.

In addition, the layout of $ 500 billion is not a small number, bound between the movement detected by the enemy, how to proceed?

gold armor: Because the enemy forces of the poor, and unaware of a conspiracy within the meaning of the early, somewhat inappropriate response, so the short-term local damage is inevitable, but does not affect stamina; save the core of economic strength, social stability , spending enough, a little profit into the state treasury unbeaten.

wide open eye of the tiger

total capital of about $ 500 billion foreign exchange reserves over 2.3 trillion, this much money a lot.

Postscript: Full Metal Jacket on paper, in particular, had more than Kuo; Kim Kap-nonsense, old man wins two-thirds. An impossible story, written on paper is not paper, leaving the criticisms of later generations.


Hangzhou Full Metal Jacket central idea: Gold Star Cupid, arrow arrow pierced the heart of the pirates.

If this is the case, the domestic economy will develop, we paid with $ 200 billion, but the domestic economy from the hedge such a loss.

new Caochuanjiejian the story took place in the anti-symmetry of the universe and that planet Earth.

1, Asian countries will not give up piracy conspiracy;

economy is by blocking the next is more difficult, a large fortune riding a tiger ah!

After a month of rigorous study demonstrated, a more stringent than the first solid Nisshin Longzhong plan was officially released, short decision-making executives agreed that the implementation of the scheme or not hedging advantages and disadvantages:

corresponding empty single Jiancang points are:

the ministers Jieyue:

3, press 1 / 4 solid strategy for the short selling of $ 500 billion actually Jiancang $ 125 billion, representing $ 1.25 trillion in equity, to an average of 30% decline, he may benefit 375 000 000 000 dollars.

enemy conspiracy, if successful, this move though your income is difficult to offset with the loss, but it is a move to opponent legislator artifact!

gold armor A: Grasping at a meter, not enough to win, but unbeaten.

enemy gloves came off, what we also polite, efficiency is the key.

If economic double dip, if Hedge domestic economic losses.

China vigorously to do more, expect aggressive global harmony, to overcome difficulties, clinker pirates Asian countries to cheat and deceive big words, that want to harm our country back into the dark, now stranded in the capital market in China the huge amount of money dilemma, riding a tiger!

but was a plot, is not always taste, national development will slow down, Ruzhinaihe?

If the order spread risk, but also according to the proportion allocated to various countries in Europe and America market.

gold armor A: If Wang Shu Grasping respect of the crime, the Chatteris policy!

WANG Yue: undefeated after how?

gold armor A: undefeated, the scientific co-ordination, Xu plan ahead, 30 years since one-third of the world can be separate categories, steady as a rock.

tag: Financial

evil country called the United States, is the youngest country, the pirates came, their origin from another country the more ancient British colonial country, the race was half as great masters of the planet, the current force weakened but still with the other seven major countries in control of half the planet for hundreds of years, they have been accustomed to win and enjoy.

remaining 150 billion temporary waiting, choose the same ratio to choose the position in copper, aluminum, lead, zinc and other nonferrous metals on the short;

view of the uncertain economic outlook is a fact, using this middle ground can indeed be invincible, very much in line with conflict theory and dialectics, agreed to implement and immediately start to implement!

gold armor, saying: immediately overt or covert way in major international capital market in short positions, hedging risk.

WANG Yue: harmonious society, nation and the people, of course, I am afraid.

Golden Star

image the world takes place in the universe, the world refers to the so-called imaging scientists infer based on the anti-symmetric theory of the universe - a universe, and is exactly the same as the universe, but exists in another space and time and in any direction are displayed with the universe is the opposite. Everything else is similar.

2.56 trillion, is to bear the risk, if the economy does not dip, the loss on that part of our worth; If the economy is really the second bottom, assuming that 10 trillion of investment resulting in 20% loss of 2.56 trillion is enough to use the proceeds of futures hedging.

2, global stock markets will fall sharply, especially in China's staggering;

gold armor respectfully answered: What does Your Majesty win?

conspiracy brought to light because the country was in good stone mandrel, the various interests of the consortium of the country between the pirates chaos camp near collapse, then the stock market crash!

(2010-01-18 12:21:36)

a year or two after the slow plot the future will be all the make up!

by my expectations are as follows:

Wang Taiyue: This account is quite wonderful, and yielded to the meter on the meter, meter in meter, two-meter chain, that in the beating, secretly profit, I am just about to put new Caochuanjiejian known how?

Hang Seng Index: index to 10,000 points over the poor dead; now about to start construction in the 10500 short positions.

that the planet has a great name, called the golden star.

saying half the day in 2009, is still engaged in a conspiracy, the good king of the country and some of the most loyal ministers see through the plot, how to do it?

WANG Yue: appreciate further details.

As national development may temporarily slow down normal, we also intend to contain the enemy to slow down, and our last resort can be

not implemented, then a prosperity or a loss for both sides, of course, if the great development of normal economic recovery, once the plot to strike the implementation of our enemy will have no protection was hit;

WANG Yue: China's economy is not being hit, social stability, people rich and strong army, the treasury to enrich the winner.

We will count on the meter on another 150 billion spread across the three stock index futures, create an empty one.

stock in the United States in good evil power, the new Ka has a slope index futures and other places, Hong Kong Hang Seng Index futures, the public space pirate our country do not you?

implementation, if the normal development of the economy will lose, but losses in the affordable range, this will not hurt the country, blocking or conspiracy if the economy were second bottom, you can significantly reduce losses, the loss of hedge economy will not hurt the country after this;

great power game of the new Caochuanjiejian

SSE 50 Index: 3000 points at the top; currently start at around 3200 to build short positions.

allocation of funds focused on China to seize the initiative of the index futures.

indulge in at this time if the domestic corner, has been difficult maneuvers, must co-ordinate domestic development and external layout, the battlefield shifted to foreign countries.

the second half of the most fortunate constellation

poor first half, although not every few blocks can smell the poor taste, you will not be rich to attend a lecture to eat Pork! Although the bottles are not short of money, but definitely not optimistic! The good news is that in the second half, the bottle can finally shouted a long live, in-situ increase the blood, and finally began to see the drum of the purse! New interpersonal circle who also waved to the bottle, and everything seems to start up a beautiful, glowing bottles are like a light color Pork, in family relations can best play a role! But the wicked enemy still exists, this is the mind of the shadow children bottle, killed only himself in mind it can really win! -

2011 on the second half I really can do? -

Aquarius -


Virgo -

seeding operations during the first half, second half of the implementation of tapping, all so orderly, everything there, but then it should be, scorpions are a sly smile, waiting for the big boss of appreciation and encouragement, surrounded by the sound of a cheer , the waiting fans from the workplace and sweet chocolate. So all the applause is more fitting, but the dark is also have anti-villain, the relationship between a circle of confusion was also stripped of the skin or interpersonal networks are where the scorpion who needs healing, and perhaps pay perhaps promotion. It can not stop the Scorpions are one to one relationship with some or a circle of ice between the Council, with a warm and sincere to the ice bar, scorpion! -



Ben ox, cattle grazing run Britain Britain, unreal bubble around like a mermaid into the ox Neptune career. In the first half you live hooded turn it, you will not like to eat the poison to make the wrong decision, or the inexplicable bad luck? In the second half, Jupiter into their first house of cattle, pushed open the psychedelic fog, head turned to the ox is no longer faint in the mind and spirit who have made a re-understanding, travel, training, or have the opportunity to learn, For the ox who is a understanding of themselves and the world a good opportunity. In the second half full of the hope of throwing dice! The size of a little number, is the perseverance and determination of each ox the decision! SHOWMAN, Taurus! -



in the first half, the same official told us the existence of Jupiter into Aries, like a Mario mushroom eating invincible heyday, colorful always turned the countdown, the urgency to change back to former shepherd who will have a pushing walking conditions, especially in the work above, from the first half of Britain's mad fun or out of state. In the second half would be more stable and harvest, from June into Jupiter shepherd house of their wealth, wealth become rich! Six months after the eclipse in the family and home location, so they should pay attention to attention to the family sheep around or live with people and their state of transformation, or for their own nest best move carefully choose carefully! -

related issues: -


Pisces -

ambitious is not it? Chong's too fast is not it? In the second half, they need to stop and Capricorn, a closer look at what the text is correct or if for himself. May be planning a book of their own future, or whether the contract is a tort housing transformation ... ... the second half will slow down a lot of cool comfort, Capricorn who need to give yourself a warm hug or hand squeeze the vent toys, ambition on the like a plant needs water to grow long-term, with a ripening agent is bound to have side effects. Turned does not mean that the self before giving up, but only in order to better adapt to the current environment, a small red flag would be planted victory in front! -

Scorpio -

Leo -

gasoline prices, the lion who also pay higher prices! Shining star of the second half of social networking, the new number one star of the circle, there will be a breakthrough difficulties, opportunities and contacts to help make the Lions feel refreshed! Life is like that, the Lions have not had time to wear the dress did not tear up the tag, the new one has their hands stuffed into a lion, too busy series of new tracks, full of opportunity and hope, fun. Bulging wallet, popular Want, the Lions were finally able to Xiong Jiujiu high spirits of the upturned chin, exposing eat smile, white teeth bared, home to bed to continue to see ads after eating potato chips cartoon ! -


comrades, climb over the snow-capped mountains is the base! Experienced the test of fish, have you been trained to have a sword, a Buddha's Palm, completely open up the six-pulse. In the second half of Pisces can leave you more tired of the sight, went to a more straightforward position, it is time to martial arts show everyone their matchless magic fish, the time to test his strength, and lead a world absolutely no problem the first three , because the fish are left after the exit remains backbone and passion! Upgrade the status of the fish are more affirmation and recognition of their own, flying fish really fly up! -

2011 年 1 月 12 is what constellation? -



first half of the block holding the stone shield, in the second half wearing a bullet-proof vest against attack, open heart waiting for the shooter who's comfortable with people around a clear conscience, the shock of education and combat. These people passing by, perhaps take anything away, leaving what may be the shooter who still stand around looking at the changes in place. Shooter who will work more calm, more objective, more flexible position improved significantly, gold and silver but also into the pockets, and perhaps this is the story of stupid people have stupid fu, but they still pay attention to Cangzhuo shooter, even if the hand in the grip of strong Qisehua can not speak out be a hero! -

What? -


end of the first half, perhaps a relationship, perhaps a feeling, or to leave a place, a virgin who will become the second half of the male spiritual strongman, strong woman, a virgin who change residence, change the communication range, are is a decidedly past and open-minded. Virgins finally exit, you can relax yourself under, in the second half will be more and family gatherings, friends, travel to a pajama party, or stay with aunt aunt who played a few times quintessence. Everything started moving in the right direction, Slap Slap Baba move to the beginning of great love yourself, it is time to put down a virgin who had frayed nerves. -

the first half of the crowd under the interpersonal perspective, like the king's new clothes, make Gemini real practical experience to the naked, spread out on the table of the relationship, people helpless and frustrated. In the second half, the Twins have still to face the need determination and perseverance sensitive to emotions, from the burning need to vigorously fight blower small universe, so the lucky and timely feedback is always blessing to the twin emotions are fragile. Although hazy, but the lines can still be seen, a flying Work will have the opportunity to shuffle, but the ear is an important tool, Gemini is the time to listen to what other people say it! -

Sagittarius -


your home is the end of the first half, tower cranes are vigorous as their own soul the dust of their savings, are the subject of tower cranes are imperative! Those in the past there have been warnings in the mind frame of people or things will be so real in the flesh of their life of tower cranes, tower cranes with confidence and calm, everything will have room to face! Like a rebirth, or molt, the balance are beautiful waving wings of metamorphosis, so that those who laugh at the people you grew moths, completely out of touch the chin! -



Aries -






Libra -


satisfied with the answer: -

constellation which this year will be the happiest? -

Peak from the first half of the coaster out of the general mood in the second half, crabs will find themselves on the emotional and personality subversive side, is home to allocate more time to entertain at home, or his family. This is the second half of the run-up, bow aimed at the front, and ready out of the starting line, do not stress, do not impatience, patience is always accompanied with a dash to the finish of the first people, in such full, when possible, do more choice is the most wise! There will be a lot of money into the pen, the cause of the initial sound, crabs who keep a beautiful smile to greet the final victory! -

reproduced from: 12 constellation points should beware of what the second half of 2011? Search Search Ask -

2010 the most successful learning achievements in the second half is what constellation? -





Gemini -



Taurus -

Capricorn -

Cancer -

12 constellation of the second half of 2011 should look out for? -






Engage in a full day of virtual hosts , I na ~ ~ ~ damn day of the IDC actually get it working with a resolution from the CRC server to the telecommunications server , migrating from room to Sichuan , Zhejiang room . . . Finally be done! Haha !

tiring of people , from morning to afternoon has been negotiated , the efficiency of low ~

TNND really changed a bit of space , the system is extraordinarily high occupancy rate of garbage QQ player to cancel , change become a video player . Finally a little like , wow ha ha ha ha ! Seemingly looks around, even here, only added a video na , hey ! A little chuckle about ~

nice change for the MV often give you SEE a SEE ~ brothers and sisters like to see what type of MV, thread application Ha! Hey !

in Genesis of the last episode, Gordon met at the airport, said Tian Ning Ning Duitian a most real , the most touching love declaration , he said: your name , I want you by my side you taught me , you call me, you remind me , let me know there is a purpose to do , I go home every day for what ... the most vivid expression of love ... ...

St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church in East Rutherford is where Bob Russell has been the choir director for decades. On Thursday, however, the 55-year-old was taking boxes into the parish to pack up his belongings.

A gay choir director at a Catholic church in New Jersey has quit his job because he says the priest is making his work environment hostile.

Bob Russell (credit: CBS 2)

St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church was part of the Franciscan order until it was transferred to the Newark Archdiocese in July. A spokesperson said the church tends to hire people who follow its beliefs.

Reporting Christine Sloan

But parishioners at the church said they are baffled and could care less Russell is gay.

Russell’s attorney said they have not filed a lawsuit because they are exploring different options, including whether they can have a dialogue with the Catholic Church and get Russell’s job back or have him transferred to another parish.

“When I spoke to Father Joseph and I told him that I was a gay man in a domestic-partner relationship, he told me that he would eventually like a children’s choir and that I wouldn’t be a good example to lead a children’s choir,” Russell said.

Russell said it wasn’t the sermon, but what the priest told him in private that made him realize it was time to go.

The Catholic Church does not condone homosexuality, Sloan reported.

A spokesperson for the Archdiocese of Newark, which now runs the parish, said no one will comment because the church does not discuss personnel matters.

“I think he should have stayed,” Renato Pierantoni said. “I think he’s a great guy.”

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. (CBS 2) –  He says he can’t take it anymore.

But does he have a case?

“Felt that I was put into a position that I had to resign my job because of my sexuality,” Russell told CBS 2′s Christine Sloan.

“I believe that nobody should have to hide what they believe in,” one woman told Sloan.

Legal analysts say the church has the right to preach its beliefs because freedom of religion is protected by the Constitution.

Russell, who grew up Catholic, said his work environment has become hostile since a new priest took over and started strongly preaching against homosexuality.

“The sermon line was that marriage between two men is a lie,” Russell said.

Should Russell have resigned his job as choir director? Share your thoughts in the comments section…

reproduced laugh will go to the log space, so that it can pass happy oh.

1. King of the user hello: Your prepaid balance is less than 0.1 yuan, and you recently, the sale of children to sell rice, Zaguomaitie selling blood, sellers sell land lover, hand the phone charges Xiamen mobile kowtow to you.
2, according to statistics, more than 99.9% of the pig looks like people are dripping with the mouse button to see posts! Hey, do not change hands, and it was too late you, pig! 3, really want you to dinner, the evening can be without water during the day blackout, unable to pay wages can not afford flour, turn Denglun find the answer: The original is a primary stage of socialism, the subsequent pages of: his grandmother, a hundred years unchanged! take you to dinner Han?
4, if the sky falls a drop of water, that I think you and streams of tears; if the sky falls two dripping, I love you and that is enchanted; if the sky falls countless drops of water It is ... ... Nobody is allowed to think, and rain!
5, if you set your meteor I chase, if you are waiting for you on satellite I, if you are the star I'll Fall in love with you, pity you is a gorilla!
6, if pretty is a mistake, I have a big mistake; if smart is a sin, I have committed heinous crimes, a man can be really difficult, but you Jiuhaola , both the right was not any crime, I really envy you!
7, if I were you fox hunter, you will catch me? tea if I was you water, you will soak me? If I were car You are the driver, you drive me? money if you are my books, I will take you.
8, like you is a happy thing! You are my love forever to do! you mind that I've been doing! but lie to you is what is happening!
9, destined to know why we do? early as 1000 years ago, we know, is a fall, you come with me in the wind ran, leaving teeth marks in my body, this matter became the eternal story, when I called the bad one.
10, so long you do with a friend, you have been very concerned about me, but I always give you trouble, I really do not know how to repay you, so your next life as a cow for the horse, I will weed you eat.
11, I like Teresa Teng, died; I like your favorite, committed suicide;
I like Anita, died of;
I like Wong Ka Kui, his death;
I like Leslie, jumping up;
I love you , you can figure it out!
12, his wife is active for the system, once installation is trouble unloading; little secret is the desktop, if you are interested in can be replaced every day; lover the Internet, continue to spend money fame; Miss pirated software, remember to use when the first anti-virus.
13, of the Union: Reviewing the past, red rice, pumpkin soup, a bunch of his wife a child. Second line: look at the present turtle soup, white rice, a wife, a bunch of kids. Streamer: with the times into
14, starting from tomorrow, the city decided to remove all looks ugly, eyesore of mentally handicapped young! you quickly pack up, go out to revive his avoidance, do not tell people that I inform you, remember! do not have words thank!
15, late at night to see Osama bin Laden Bush to stand in their own bed, the first batch of distributed, Bush shocked said: Hello bold, dare night raid the White House! bin Laden's beard shook chest, dark, smile, said: Rejoice, is so confident!


 8、TA带走了我的心,却留下了我的人, 寂寞转身、思恋继续。
 9、神州行 我看行,我不缴费看你行不行!
10 、什么时候我死了,腾讯能为我停运一天?
11、 百度里搜不到你,只好进搜狗。
12、 我比较喜欢看火影、因为一死就死一村日本人。
13 、最最废话的就是烟盒那句《吸烟有害健康》
14 、说你贱…你还真没让我失望!
15 、你过你们的七夕,我喝我的七喜。
16 、广告就是告诉人民钱可以这样花…
17 、一个人快活、二个人生活、三个人就是你死我活。
18、 英雄一怒为红颜、红颜一怒为了钱。
19、 给我一张床,我可以睡到世界灭亡。


21、沙僧:我18变!八戒:我36变!悟空:我72变,唐僧:路上咋没见你变个手机,人类妖怪都拿个手机看日志呢。  >            欢迎转载。






let your sister's grace we enjoy enjoy excellent

Some say it is a small woman feel appropriate biological bomb was said to be not accurate enough and accurate enough sharp SB I think a small woman, please give an accurate assessment to small woman in the next life you can find the appropriate words to describe a great man once seen

. . . . . Ecstasy sister in power

how to recognize non- Lotus a small woman is seen outdated five-body cast ah


moderate exercise every day, the body is very useful. - Exercise can relieve stress, active operation of body organs and accelerate moisture from the body. -

Red bean soup barley

sweating is a good exercise to moisture; especially in the summer not to air conditioners, fans, inside the body must sweat out the moisture or you too, the winter will definitely sick. -

kidney who can add some barley and red bean soup black beans. Because the black into the kidney, the kidney bean shape with a very similar shape to shape up, is the kidney of the best. -

best reduce exposure to daily life in a wet environment. Especially for moisture-sensitive people, should pay attention to the following matters: -

is not everyone can drink barley red bean soup, a taboo it? In fact, this soup is to share health, no side effects, but for different people, you can do some appropriate addition and subtraction. -

; ;

barley and red bean on the We do not think swelling is edema. There are around ten which at least five or six body fat, which is swelling, called bloated. In the Chinese view, obesity Ye Hao, edema, or whatever, means that the body with wet, liquid water can not flow with the blood, remain in the body between cells, the rapid expansion of the body together. This edema, obesity, too, is only the degree of depth only. To strong drugs or wet food to get rid of the liquid remaining in the body of water, but also can reduce the swelling. Therefore, the treatment of edema will use red bean, and proved, barley red bean porridge has a good weight-loss effect, both to lose weight, without causing the body. Especially for middle-aged obesity, the effect is especially good. -

3, with wormwood: pharmacies selling, lit can be baked in Guanyuan. -

weekdays minds trouble, Auntie over the movement of people less often face no color, plenty of spirit is not enough, and even heart palpitations, Snooze, I feel as heavy as the first wrapped, empty heart. This is the body with a wet gas shortage of the heart's performance, you can add some barley longan red bean soup cook. Longan sweet warm, to appetite, soothe the nerves and blood, the heart can inspire positive, heart warming gas, people full of energy, full of air. Moreover, pure barley soup red bean flavor is very general, with longan, you become sweet, and a touch of sweetness, it is not only to disperse the moisture in our bodies, our hearts and to bring vitality and warmth. We call it longan red bean porridge of barley it, it is particularly suitable for strong labor workers, is also very suitable for the elderly. -

modern brain more, less physical exertion, coupled with long-term stay in a confined air, the little sweat, the body's ability to control humidity variation. Try running, walking, swimming, yoga, tai chi and any other

in pathogenic wind, cold, heat, wet, dry, fire the -

some people the physical side of the cold, which can add a little warming food, such as longan, jujube can; Some people sleep, the body also significantly wet tired feeling, then add some of the lotus, lily; if a female friend dysmenorrhea, can remove the barley, boil point of red bean soup, plus some ginger, jujube, brown sugar, drink it warm the lower abdomen, can relieve pain . Joint pain, plus some raw white peony, licorice, sour and sweet yin nourishing Chubi. -

1, see the stool: -

4, salt, help kidney drainage -

now commonly known as beriberi, is typical of damp. Barley can add a little crushed red bean soup beans, boil out of the soup with the feet, which is the treatment of athlete's foot a little secret. -

(1) If the stool is shapeless, loose stools long term, there is bound to the body wet. -


A moisture - evil evil -

Do not wear wet clothes are not dry - and water intake should be moderate -.

what kind of stool is normal for? -

wine, milk, Feiganhouwei and other greasy foods do not digest, likely to cause nausea stomach swelling and inflammation. Sweets fried products will make the body produce peroxides, increased inflammation. -

dampness is the bane of modern health is the most difficult cases and the source of chronic or accomplice. As long as dampness less, all the so-called modern diseases are far away from us, all nausea, chronic diseases will rely on the existence of lost. How to deal with dampness, eliminate dampness it? -

5, proper nap -

Chinese medicine, cold food, ice cream, or cold of fruits and vegetables, make digestion and absorption of gastrointestinal dysfunction, easy unlimited amount of food. Such as lettuce - salad, watermelon, cabbage, bitter gourd, the best in cooking, add onions, ginger, reduce the vegetable cold nature. 9, to avoid the wet environment -

(2) If the stool is formed, but there will always be after the expiry of stool stuck in the toilet, washed down hard, which is a manifestation of the body are wet, because moisture has sticky characteristics. -

learn addition and subtraction change, used properly can play a very good life, the most common treatment. -

red bean, red, red into the heart, so it can fill the heart and blood, in the ancient records it there are weight loss regularly eat red bean effect. There are obvious benefits of water, swelling, spleen and stomach effect. Modern mental stress, heart deficiency; diet, exercise less, spleen dampness. Both go to the wet, but also make up the heart, but also spleen and stomach, none other than the non-barley and red bean. Their porridge, is intended to be fully absorbed by the body active ingredients, while not causing much burden to the stomach. Summer is just heat up again when the humidity outside is wet inside, just with these two herbs can play a nourishing, the role of dampness. -

young man prone to irritability, insomnia, or face, rash, acne, this is a focus on heart-lung Huo-wang, hot and humid inside the interference caused by Red bean soup barley wash wonders, or barley and red bean soup with lotus lily cook drink. Lily to lungs, beauty, but also pure heart and fire, peace of mind of God. Lin hereby most nourishing the heart, pure heart and fire, while the spleen, kidney. Of course, if you feel the soup, no taste, you can also add a little sugar. -


Second, determine the moisture method -

Now people eat too much meat, eat the food, there are pollution, exercise less, virtual body Yinsheng Yang, Yu evil within the wet, so the stool not normal. Why forming stool very small? Chinese medicine stresses, Spleen, loose stools, the Chinese people should have to whole grains for food, mainly meat now, many people feel it one day without meat loss, long way, hurt the stomach, the spleen is the transport of water wet, spleen injury, can not be completely moisture transport, accumulation in the body. Therefore, stool deformed mean spleen, the body also means that there is moisture. -

so complex, so intractable? Because their bodies are wet, always evil in vitro and in vivo moisture collaborated tangled! Previously prevalent only in southwest China's Sichuan, now popular in the country? Because Sichuan is a spicy, previously only live in wet weight of the southwest area of ​​more evil people need to use it to resolve the body's moisture, now, the national body has a moisture, and are required to resolve the spicy, so we instinctively in love with Sichuan.

human disease from the body's moisture -

7, morning and eat three ginger -

(3) if not easy to observe the toilet, toilet paper can also be observed. Normal stool, then a paper towel to wipe clean. But the body has wet people, a toilet paper is not enough, get three to five in order to wipe clean. -

gastrointestinal system vital nutrients and water metabolism, the best way is appropriate, balanced diet. -

2, hormone balancing exercise perspiration dampness: -

8, eating light amount -

1, red bean porridge to drink barley (with Soymilk do ):-

If cold cold or a cold body, cold stomach pain, poor appetite, red bean soup, barley can be added in a few slices of ginger. Ginger and warm, can be warm in relieving, spleen and stomach. Note that ginger is not extra, extra spicy to make a porridge made. If you want to add a little seasoning in the soup, the best place brown sugar, brown sugar and warm is. Note that when women post-partum care, drinking red bean barley soup to remove the barley, which can add jujube, jujube on the temperature, the spleen, and blood is very appropriate. -

Third, rid the body of moisture method -

wet is the most porous. Wet evil never alone, always working hand in glove with the other evil. Yuhan become alpine moisture, which is like the winter, if the climate dry, no matter how cold, people are still acceptable, but if humid, people very uncomfortable. South in winter than in the northern winter even more uncomfortable, because the South is relatively heavy moisture, cold hot. Moisture when heated, become hot and humid, which is like the summer days, sauna, hot and humid, people breathe, clear as the sun in the sky, when the climate is more dry and happy. Moisture is a case of rheumatism wind, the wind is very easy to drive, but if they become rheumatism, it often is a chronic disease, not cure the short-lived fad. Moisture in the skin, the formation of fat, is hard to deal with health problems ... ... -

6, tobacco and alcohol -

Some people get up every morning, when the seven still feel very sleepy, I feel kind of things and then wrapped the head, people can not afford spirit, or that there was something in the bag with him, people too lazy to move, then, do not see the tongue, do not look at the stool, but also to determine the moisture in his body heavy. Chinese medicine stresses -

people often try to be smart: ah !

I said: Because rice in the water long, containing moisture, wet sticky, so thick the rice a boil on. Red bean and barley are the dewetting of itself does not contain moisture, so they do not boil how thick the soup is very clear. Chinese medicine is the use of precisely the nature of it this clear to the human body to get rid of the wet. Once added to the rice, it means added to the moisture, so the porridge is thick up. Although taste better, but health is not a good thing, because that a rice, all the red bean, barley would have been in vain, no effect. -

Do not sleep on the floor directly. Moisture in the air will decrease and the floor wet weight, easy to invade the body causing limb pain. Best sleep in the floor some distance from the bed. - Wet rainy day to reduce the out. -

barley, in Chinese medicine called , spleen and stomach, Jiufu Qingshenjianfei Qi. -

2, look up the status: -

(4) If you have constipation, and stool out of the amorphous solution, it means the body's moisture is already very heavy very heavy, and sticky moisture to the stool of the intestines on a stick , was absorbed by the intestines, without it the body. Thus, fecal toxin into the blood, riddled with uprisings, and the general theory of disease, doctors often sick, and not understand the root cause is the body's moisture, random treatment, which is more terrible things. -

sick body is a stubborn wet evil; seemingly healthy body, but also wet where opportunistic ambush evil act. So, how can you judge your body is wet it is not there? -

Why is the modern disease

If the cough can also be peeled to the core the pears cut into 1 to 2 cm square of the small pieces, add barley and cook red bean soup, you can lungs, phlegm, cough. -

Shuangpi Nai
Shuangpi Nai white color, aroma, tender entrance, three accounting sense, it is not difficult to do.
ingredients: a bowl of Mengniu milk (400ml or so), two egg, two tablespoons of white sugar (or hold up the condensed milk sugar, it will be more fragrant pure)
1) first down to the pot of milk just boil (burn for a long time will damage the protein, also can not afford to Naipi a knot), and then poured into the bowl, then you can see a layer of milk from the wrinkled surface junction Naipi.
2) take an empty bowl into the two egg whites (egg yolk separation method we all must, and do not say), two teaspoons of sugar, stir until sugar dissolves (do not play too long, Otherwise, change the egg foam)
3) and other milk cooler, the use of chopsticks to Naipi punctured, then slowly pour the milk with the egg white bowl, stir, then slowly fall back to the left along the Wanbian There Naipi bowl, you can see Naipi float on their own.
4) Finally, the milk into the pot and steam for ten minutes, using chopsticks from the middle of piercing, do not tell the full story out of condensed milk, and you're done friends.
Ganxiang Naipi first layer, second layer of jelly, a perfect match, hence the name Like it can also add lotus seeds, red beans with steam, is rich in nutrition, beauty to share Oh.
tips: 1. to use whole milk, fat content, the higher the better; 2 to put the milk to boil a while, so there is time to fully Naipi condensation; 3 to use gentle heat slowly stewed, whole milk, condensed to just Turn off the heat, old taste bad

ginger milk
fact, traditions, the need for water, milk, ginger milk production, but most of the milk can be had. Best espresso with milk, Mengniu, or bright. They want to see the production date tx Oh ~ ~ still in the shadow of melamine ~~~~ approach:
ginger washed to remove the skin, you can use juice, ginger juice squeezed out of the backup device . I use the versatile vegetable device to ground dried ginger, ginger juice and then spoon out the backlog.
one component - a bowl of milk, 1-2 spoon of ginger, mainly to see if you can not eat spicy food
more concentrated ginger, a spoon to get.
milk to be heated, this time with sugar, to deploy to your favorite sweet, hot after the flame. Need to heat the milk to cool to 70-80 degrees, in fact, easy to grasp, you try a milk is probably about in the warm feeling it. Not directly take the thermometer test it.
Well, now ginger milk, and there are several things to note ---- can not get inside the ginger into the milk must be poured into milk, ginger, in fact, can not be said
down income, should be into the ginger inside, to be coherent, not off, rushed to the hub on one, or can not be condensing. Best when it has a little red.
so-called ginger milk is the case.
When the milk into the ginger then, do not move, quietly waiting for condensed milk, if the ginger is good
5 minutes will be condensed, today I have to do is get a five minutes:)
general Wait 5-15 minutes, the milk will be solidified, it seems a little thin Bi Buding state.
can be hired to take a spoon to eat, you can spoon on top - can be maintained spoon bearing on the ok ~
this is a very suitable for winter to eat dessert.

milk boil egg custard
amount - the difference between it and I still can not quite understand ~ ~
milk, sugar, eggs
practice: 1, the milk, rock sugar into the pot, with low heat to dissolve fully pay off the heat, cooling backup.
2, the egg opens, stirring rapidly.
3, the cooling has been made good by adding milk, egg mixture, stir well.
4, the bowl into the steamer, the first riser will be steaming hot bowl.
5, finally add the egg mixture a good stir over a bowl, the steam fire about 10 minutes.
same reason: coconut milk boil egg, ginger milk boil egg approach is similar.
If no sugar, milk into water, add meat, add shrimp, vegetables, becomes another one here called ~
distilled water, egg ~ ~ ~
Tip: egg shell to stay a Oh, because Add two eggs on an egg shell of milk (or water). This increase, then without experience can also make a very water-egg oh ~ ~

sesame paste
Materials (4 ~ 6 weight): black sesame seeds 200g white rice 1 tablespoon , crystal sugar, 8 bowls of water.
moisture Encyclopedia: To cook a paste with sesame paste texture, must be off the rice milk; and would like a little sesame paste incense, came alive again in a little white sesame seeds should be boiled together.
1. the black sesame seeds and rice washed, soaked for 2 hours.
2. the black sesame seeds, rice, and 4 bowls of water into the mixer, stir 5 minutes, stir the sesame seeds and rice to the whole rotten.
3. sesame rice milk fell on the cloth bags of fish within the screening, sesame paste that is more slippery. (Such as the tea interval, to be separated more than 2 hours)
4. Into 4 bowls of water and rock sugar into the pot, melted, add sesame rice, over low heat while cooking, while stirring, cook until a paste Serve .
black sesame paste the nutritional value of black sesame paste
surpassed the effectiveness of milk, food and much more slippery skin, less wrinkles but also make the ruddy complexion pale. More can cure constipation.
use diet to lose weight, because of their nutritional intake is not enough, the skin becomes dry and rough. The sesame seeds contain substances to prevent the body fat lecithin, choline, inositol, so do not eat a lot of sesame fat.
in the diet at the same time, if eaten with the sesame seeds, rough skin be improved.

Yoji nectar
sago about 50 grams (small sago, a good cook),
gold mangos 2 (other mango can also be, if small about 4 mango, mango mango fiber is very fine, the key is it delicious),
grapefruit 1,
1 papaya (papaya is best to Taiwan, particularly tasty), 1 can coconut milk (can use coconut milk), 1 can of Carnation evaporated milk, a little rock sugar (granulated sugar can be).
1, sago into the boiling of water, high heat for 1 minute to clear stamp nausea (about 25 minutes, so that has been cooked over the fire province), filtering sieve with a bowl full with cold water net, drain backup, suggesting: not clear if this time sago to step 4 can also cook.
2, fleshy mango one to dig up, beaten with a mixer slurry Tip: To cut into small pieces, blender go fight Oh. Another from the meat cut into 1cm square-shaped, alternate.
3, grapefruit is best to buy imported red meat, nice color and rich flavor; will gently rub the meat after stripping out the casual aside.
4, the melted sugar into the water (water of about 1:1 with sago), poured into sago boil about 2 minutes (step 1 if not transparent sago, cook one more here Council), Jin Zhao whole pot into cold water to accelerate cooling.
5, when the sago drops below 40 degrees, joined the first three flowers evaporated milk, milk color weight to prevail again in the soup; then add coconut milk, coconut smell and weight to be.
6, then add mango juice, stir well, to taste; if they feel it not sweet enough, add caster sugar to reconcile it.
7, finally adding diced grapefruit and mango diced, placed in a refrigerator freezer can be eaten.
fragrant creamy Gan Louqiong gold slurry, and taste like soft, smooth silk. Spoon spoon fruit, fragrant, sweet, sour taste, refreshing

Dongkeng not sugar, How much is), peanuts (their favorite), eggs (a)
1 directly to the glutinous rice flour, knead the flour with water pills, cooked with water.
2 using a hot syrup in a pan cooked, cooked the powder into pills in a bag. Cooked to well-mixed powder pills and syrups can be off the fire.
3 sprinkle with crushed peanuts or stir-fried shredded fried eggs Bansi, you can increase the taste - taste, smooth crisp taste sweet pink pill, appetizing and not greasy, shiang lovers, young and old .
1 peanuts are fried in their own home, did not put any sugar, oil ah ah ah like salt. Bought raw peanuts in the pot directly Scoop out the flavor, the skin can be quickly lost ~ Jen pinched the skin and open mouth of a blow with friends - you can blow off the skin, but sweeping friends ~ ~ ~ very painful ~ Finally, crushed peanuts on it ~
2 fried eggs, silk; is to beat the egg. Put a little bit of oil in the pan fried thin it.

sugar is not associated with rejection of marriage between men and women, located in Dongkeng, Dasan, Hengli villagers simple conservative towns, with a young boy whenever matchmaker to the woman's home to each other if the woman agreed, then cook rejection of pairs. If the woman does not consent to the marriage, then beaten eggs, cooked dried bean syrup, put the man to see on stage is yuba sugar, I know this marriage

sweet potato dessert
Material: sweet potato 500g, sugar 150g, ginger, a large fluff
practice: 1 sweet potato, peeled, washed and cut into thick blocks (angular to look better), with water soaked for half an hour, changing the water frequently when soaked. 2 to 3 cups of flood and ginger into the pot boil, then put the sweet potato, over low heat for crisp, about 20 minutes (depending on thickness of sweet potato may be), add melted and sugar to boil, you can eat the.

white fungus dessert
papaya papaya is rich in vitamins a and c, and fiber, soluble fiber which helps balance blood lipid levels even more, but also digestion stomach, for indigestion with a diet of role. The role of a breast oh ~
Tremella natured, sweet and light, there is Yin, lungs, stomach, Sheng Jin, Qi, brain, cardiac effect. Not only suitable for all women and children, were physically weak after the illness, and the rejuvenation of the women has a good cosmetic effect. It is said that the effectiveness of white fungus and bird's nest almost ~ ~ I really super love the ~ ~
Tremella Tremella papaya syrup this road is an absolute count of nourishing dessert. Regular consumption of energy Yin and lungs, moist skin and prevent premature wrinkles, keep skin young, anti-aging. Treat hot flashes cough, cough without phlegm, and so on.
half a papaya (about 200 grams), Tremella three flowers (about 20 grams), crystal sugar (50 grams).
1, will be soaked with warm water bubble of white fungus, wash torn into small pieces, papaya peeled seeded, cut into small pieces;
2, white fungus, papaya and rock sugar into the pot , the additional amount of water to boil, then turn soup simmer 30 minutes to an hour, you can eat.
1, wolfberry fruit or seeds like people, can also be added according to their preferences, will take ten or a few medlar seeds cleaned with white fungus with papaya stew that is put into the pot can;
2, the heat and simmer time depends on the degree of Tremella Shulan, if some boiled white fungus is not very good, you need to be extended some of the cooking time.

kelp green bean dessert
Material: green beans 200g, kelp 25g, Vanilla (also known as stink grass) 2g / orange peel (dried the orange peel) 1 small,
crystal sugar, the amount of water
1, green beans: lazy, then dip washed half an hour on the side of the stand, if you want to taste good, remove the bean shell.
2, Vanilla / Citrus: Citrus, then if it is put, it is necessary to use water until soft, scrape the pans, wash clean, dry
vanilla, then wash the net on it. Concentrated on the taste a little like chopped, do not like to eat it cut a little large, but do not hold,
not hold the flavor.
3, kelp: soaked, cut into small pieces, like to eat up a taste of it cut a little wide, like a little fine chopped
on it.
4, in dealing with material at the same time, to open a pot of boiling water, green beans, vanilla / orange peel, seaweed into the pot, the fire burning about two hours, in the pot when I remember to add water, or very easy to paste , or sugar water will boil into syrup.
5, when the green beans are rotten pot, just add sugar according to your taste, then boil for 15 minutes.
so good to drink green bean pot better.
1, direct heat to eat (suitable for all year round!);
2, refrigerator, ice, then eat (Summer refreshing good taste!);
3, plus heat to eat glutinous rice balls (one to meet the two wishes!)
1, green beans can quench their thirst urination, swelling under the gas, hot weather Chufan heat, good for stomach. Because sex is a cold green beans, stomach
Deficiency, stool pulpy, kidney deficiency, lumbago, cold extremities who are advised not to eat.
2, kelp and seaweed similar function. However, kelp do not dip too long, because the dip for too long, it's iodine mannitol (with swelling diuretic function) will be dissolved, then.
cool and soothing, detoxifying diuretic, cough, skin can reduce the virus (for example Qingchun Dou).
(In addition, the Cantonese people for green bean porridge, but it is not imprudent eating, and green beans must be burned for sand, but also to deploy wide leather-like drugs, saying that they are not too cold, even if However, in general the body weaker, or people who consider themselves virtual loss, met or politely declined the invitation.)

eggs, sugar
yuba materials: dried yuba 10 grams, egg 2 , crystal sugar, a small piece of ginger
1, boiled eggs, peeled;
2, dried bean dip in boiling water twenty minutes, picked up the drain;
3, five cups of water and boil with the ginger, combined with yuba, simmered with half an hour, add sugar and eggs and cook for 15 minutes.
delicious Tip of:
boiled eggs yuba sugar, eggs, there are three play
first: the egg in a bowl and then broke up into the syrup, the syrup out of this than the thick texture, like Like eating soup;
second: the cooked eggs into the sugar after the peel, so it's more sweet taste of sugar, eggs slippery, but feel put eggs and egg hold almost a third
: playing directly to the sugar in the cooked egg. Yet out of sugar so sweet, but also because with the flower-like protein in the slightest embellishment, taste more creamy.
picture is the third approach, the effect of oh ~ ~ In fact, I still prefer the third approach - the heart of sugar eggs can do Well ~ ~

syrup yuba yuba Series Advanced practice:
yuba ginkgo barley sugar
Material: dried yuba 75 grams, ginkgo 75 grams, 38 grams of barley, 2 eggs, sugar, 150 grams, or the amount of water 8 cups
1, barley, washed, separated the water, on the side of the back;
2, yuba maceration, ginkgo peeled, and then use hot water for a moment, torn clothing, to the heart;
3, boiled eggs, peeled;
4 , pot of boiling water, the ginkgo, barley into the pot for half an hour, then add the dried bean, sugar, boil until sugar dissolves, the egg will be cooked peeled and placed
syrup, barley and cook until just cooked Serve.
effects: ginkgo and barley have heat dehumidification effect, when the weather is hot or chest boredom, burn some ginkgo barley sugar
eat, to remove heat, making the body comfortable.

lotus lily red bean
Material: red beans 500G, Bailian 30G, Lily 10G, Citrus amount of rock sugar, about 500G
1, first wash red beans, lotus seeds , lily, water immersion for two hours;
2, boil water, the red beans (soaked beans and water) have dried tangerine peel, lotus seeds, lily into the pot;
3, boil, simmered with the two hours, and finally with the fire burning about half an hour;
4, red beans from the pot to the amount of sand and well water, you can add sugar flavor, sweetness, according to their loved ones.
1, red beans do not have to dip too long, at most one to two hours, no time can not dip, do not use hot water.
2, Citrus do not use too much, but it must be good.
3, half-way to add water, but the beans and water ratio depends on personal preference, of course, can not be boiled red bean paste too few beans,
bean soup can be a little thin.
4, rock sugar to last the next, or cooked red beans will not rot.
5, the final switch to the fire to burn in order to be able to burn red beans scattered into the sand.
1, lotus seeds are well-known drug nourishing food, rest peace, lowering blood pressure.
2, Lily can Buzhongyiqi, warm the lung cough; fresh products has antitussive, only chronic bronchitis, lung disease treatment only hemoptysis.
3, red beans grow in tropical, spring hair Ji Zhi? Jun more willing to pick, this material most Acacia.

lotus lily family ~
moisturizing anti-wrinkle - lotus lily white fungus soup
Material: lotus seed, lily 60 grams, white fungus 28 grams sugar 240 grams.
Method: lotus, lily, white fungus are processed wash, add cold water till soft, add 640 g of water, put sugar into the cage can be eaten steamed. 2 doses, 1 or 2.
utility: replenishing spleen, Yang Xin Sheng Jin, uneasiness of mind, anti-cancer anti-cancer.
Note: All cancer patients with poor appetite, malnutrition, abdominal swelling after eating, heart palpitations, anxiety, nocturnal dreams, forgetfulness, fatigue, weakness, dry mouth etc edible.

fruit sago
material: sago, milk (or coconut milk), fruit (strawberries, watermelon,Outlet Coach Wallets, apples, or your favorite fruit).
characteristics: both refreshing and satisfy their craving.
: 1. sago into the water in the wash, then a pot of boiling water, the sago into the boiling water. (Note: while cooking while stirring with a spoon, or sago will stick to the bottom of the pot)
2. Sago boiled to translucent, and then separated from sago and hot water, cook a pot of boiling water to just boiling to every good translucent water into boiling water and then boiled sago. All have been cooked to transparency, the boiling water are tossed away.
3. cook a pot of milk, put a little sugar. (Suggestion: instead of using coconut milk, coconut milk will be more fragrant, if not like coconut milk, milk can be.)
4. Sago in the milk poured into the cooked, do not cook too long. The cooked sago milk in the fridge until frozen. Well, after sago, too cold, it will of Q.
5. Finally, your favorite diced fruit, frozen into the sago in the can. Drinking their own drinks, and I feel some good!
fruit can not be put to cook oh ~ ~ ~ will sour oh ~ ~

sugar nest
Material: bird's nest 15 grams, optical parametric powder 10 grams of sugar a little.
1, first soaked in water to remove impurities bird's nest.
2, with clever stew after adding all the ingredients.
3, boil, add sugar, all of the material Jieke consumption.
4, if the little people like to eat sweet, flavor can be added a few dates.
Because the material nest is very top, if too high cost of bird's nest, white fungus can be used to replace the stew, there is still a good effect.
Ingredients: bird's nest (50 grams)
spices: sugar (30 grams)
production process
1. dried bird's nest made up after the wash.
2. take the pot, pour water, add sugar, dissolved open, skim foam, the bird's nest about little hot pot, fishing in the soup inside. The pot of soup to boil, pour in the soup pot can be.

raw sugar stew Sydney: Sydney 1, rock sugar (or honey) 100 grams,
steps: 1. to Sydney, peeled, pitted, cuts,
2. to Sydney, amount of water under the wok, cook a small fire,
3. into the container, to be hot after adding sugar (or honey), because more than 60 degrees will reduce the rock sugar (or honey) and nutritional value, and mix thoroughly edible.
function: lungs, cough.
plus point I like to go with boiled white fungus or lilies ~ ~

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peak shifting to address the high prices

Introductory phrase: Zhou, vivid for us to shape an authentic image of Shanghai. His sense of humor on their own language and a series of quotations from classic comedy to conquer the north and south of the masses. Below we list a few Zhou latest quotations, reading you have to say, strong!

Beijing's housing prices:
300W or more in annual salary if you do you love to buy within the Second Ring Road where
where if you buy an annual salary in the 100 - 300W in between the Ring to Ring Where to buy Where to buy your love If you
annual salary in the 50 - 100W six ring between the City of Victoria where you love to buy if you buy where
10W annual salary in the following, you give yourself Wage Keng, love buried Where not to bury him where


organization that?
said to the overall situation;
you been framed, he said you have to believe the organization;
need someone to make sacrifices in, he said the organization is time to test you;
When someone strikes, the He is your strong backing;
you succeed, he said tissue culture is the result of

Chinese nation is a wise nation
we invented the peak shifting to work to solve congestion problems
invention avoid it then we can buy a house solve the problem of high prices simply
Some people in this life is

Some people buy a house buy a house next life

those things in life

in cooking oil before the Spring Festival Spring Festival and now

later in the ad spots show
Now it seems all wrong
Spring Festival in commercials advertising

official in the spread of truth, the logic of leadership:
leadership that let you figure it out, do not let you, but you lose do;
leaders that try to think, not that he thought good, but you would not want to be a;
leaders seek your advice, not really airing, but in seeking an accomplice;
leadership to find you eat, not to make your tasting food, but for you to pay; leaders praise you, not because you really doing well, but win over the people;
leaders criticize you, you really have not done anything wrong, but to remind you do the wrong team.

12 kinds of new Dasha:
1, quiet dedication and so promoted;
2, no relation to the high crawl;
3, not sick to the investigation;
4, often feel lack of overtime;
5, what is under the jurisdiction of breaking things;
6, can not be returned back struggling;
7, particularly nauseating head in public ;
8, the feelings expressed by the wine;
9, regardless of who sent all Ganna;
10, still packs a mistress doll;
11, senior wrist watches collapse of;
12, the front of the camera pumping China.

the same and different:
same work, leadership is called to take the lead, called the venture the rich, the people called to work;
also go abroad, study leader called , called the rich tourism, the people called illegal immigration;
same words, leadership is called instruction, called the rich famous, people called nonsense;
is also a requirement, called the opinion leaders, called the proposal the rich, the people called complain;
also because of who the leadership is called slip, called the rich and nurturing, people called the P C.

improve the prison environment
a balance remaining after the completion of major projects, provincial standing committee meetings to study is used to improve primary and secondary school conditions,
or improving the prison environment, opinion has not unified. Standing Committee of the phrase last moves of the old: in this life you have a chance to the Standing Committee of this group into primary and secondary
it? Suddenly silent, and some wipe down some tea. Then quickly reached a
comments To: to improve the prison environment.

leaders hiding something:
drunk, is the leadership and ask for things;
not petition, the leadership and black households;
words can not be wrong with the leadership and chaired the program;
contributions must be met disaster, the leadership and lowest-paid;
accident must be immediately rushed to the scene, is the leadership and open ambulance; can not be added to exit, and B is the leading social;
took no time to read the newspaper, is leadership and selling newspapers.

governor to research

view of rising domestic oil prices
countries decided to set up new companies to break the monopoly of oil production to curb prices
Now there are four oil producers PetroChina, Sinopec and CNOOC
... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Spring Festival is the evening before

painful thing in life is change Geely bought a Volvo
happiness in life is that things change Geely bought a Volvo China

the difference between trade unions and foreign trade unions is the main trade union organization
Chinese movies
major organizations of foreign trade union strike

ball on:
leadership is basketball, not only followed but also hard to beat;
masses are volleyball, it is necessary to take the initiative to block the ball but also to strengthen;
is to ping-pong ball, block shot in the back and forth on the table can not be stopped;
is badminton, must take it in other venues in the buckle;
tricky thing is tennis, we must vigorously smash;
research is water polo, long time no entry, but also a lot of water;
wait leadership is hockey, always hunched ran

compared with the snail

governor to primary research, in the pastoral family dinner arrangements. Pastoralists flattered and overwhelmed. Governor, please get off the door pastoralists advanced, pastoralists moved to say: go in front or leadership, we go behind the sheep in cattle are accustomed to.
eating ribs on the governor herdsmen cup of argali in front of the governor, said: simple point on the line, pastoralists and quickly said: okay, this is not worth some money, usually are to Gouken's. Busy with local officials so that herders eat, herders say: you eat it every day I have to go feed the donkey this time to eat again.

the most ridiculous slogan:
1, National Highway: robbery police is against the law;
2, Slaughterhouse: The Three Represents slaughter guide our work!
3, prison: people love the people criminals, criminals love the people of the people;
4, rural credit cooperatives: dead debt is not bad, sub-debt to the parent also!
5, in rural areas: rather bloody, can not bounce a!
6, Grid: Do not touch wires, fifty thousand volts pressure, touch dead, dead to justice;
7, New: waste separation, starting with me.

Dream ,dr dre headphones sale, a woman like a dream patent
Because the heart is difficult to perceive

be able to recover lost the edge to make it difficult to
broken heart can recover

it is hard to put down
we just pick up the dust in the sky a meteor

not become more difficult to become an eternal dream

galaxies should have the most difficult to forget the wake up time
is grateful to wake up hours
once had stone in the heart Qinru
years of timeless

to find a person you love is not looking into the a love you .....

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10 major storms food

thin Many people think that eating less you can lose weight, in fact, when you eat more than thin people will be reduced before, but there are a lot of people can not withstand hunger feel, eat a derived counter-violence. Now provides 10 large natural foods to lose weight (in alphabetical order) so greedy and keep fit in the process of weight loss a family can enjoy delicious food and great weight to eat without too much attention, so that we all have fun at all to lose weight!

oatmeal calories: 132cal / cup

foreign menu will set a lot of weight oatmeal for breakfast main dishes, the one low card, and secondly, nutritious, containing Vitamin B, E, iron and other ingredients, are very effective in promoting the digestive system. Used it today to do a midnight snack instead of cheese, much more must fit.

whole wheat bread calories: 65cal / a

bread, whole wheat bread is the lowest in calories, if you are no package would not be happy, then it is recommended that you eat breakfast or teatime whole wheat bread filled Tiandu Zi!

broccoli calories: 40cal / cup

Broccoli is rich in high fiber content, with tomatoes, onions, green peppers and other materials can burn into a thin soup when hungry Hou is very effective, low-calorie and full stomach.
4. eggplant

calories: 19cal / bowl

a meal eggplant with scientific research that can play the role of preventing the absorption of fat, and contains vitamins A, B complex and C, who speak a kind of weight loss good food and good food.
5. asparagus

calories: 66cal / one pound

Asparagus is rich in vitamin A with C, used to make salad is a good choice, or make a cup of cooked asparagus leisure , watching TV listening to music can eat as snacks, healthy and not fat.

chicken calories: 134cal/100 grams

chicken is a lot of weight in the specified menu dishes, of course peeled consumption, lower heat. Only 4.1g fat, 3 oz chicken, beef with pork than half the calories were even lower.

calorie seafood: tuna 135cal/1/4 cup salmon 70cal / an ounce

seafood are generally preferred women keep fit, salt, flooding swallow Take the fish with the salmon, you may wish to use as main course meals to lose weight.

potatoes calories: 145cal / a large eat potatoes, potato

keep fit not-take-all, because there are 20 calories french fries into 260cal, so eat boiled potatoes on the most secure, potato chips? Of course, free to ask!
9. lentils

calories: 232cal /

if with a cup of leafy green consumption, can speed up the body's metabolism.
10. Orange

calories: 50cal / a

orange contains natural sugar, more fiber and a low card is used instead of candy, cakes, cookies and other desserts the best choice , but the weight loss addicted to sweet orange and sisters can eat to satisfy the desire of sweet food, eat more fiber helps with bowel movements and reduce the accumulation of toxins in the body.


health and use of food Black fungus have clean blood and detoxification functions.

② drunk pig's blood soup. Pig blood plasma protein, after gastric acid and digestive enzymes break down, can produce detoxification function of the material and Hua Chang, into the human body with dust, metal particles of harmful chemical reactions, making it difficult to be absorbed by the body's waste and excreted.
③ drunk fresh juices, eat fruits and vegetables, helps to dissolve accumulated toxins in the body and excreted.

④ consumption of a variety of bean soup. Mung bean Tang Youqing heat detoxification.
⑤ eat kelp. Kelp affinity for radioactive substances, radioactive substances the body can be excreted along with feces.

results for a healthy life and longevity of the health care products in the assortment of colors, and then often seen in the longevity of the media reports, we find that, for each elderly health and longevity, as well as how important the whole community. Eager to find the elderly can live longer, they inevitably fall into some errors: always think through a healthy living end of the
Xiangya Hospital, Central South University, Professor Huiming introduction of nutrition, a balanced diet is the diet required to achieve a reasonable per person per day with each meal, eat many kinds of nutrients in whole foods, but not excessive calorie intake. This is for the elderly, is particularly important. Because people on the age, body tissue degenerative changes began to occur, the teeth fall off gradually decreased gastrointestinal function, which will be on their normal eating and affect nutrient absorption. Therefore, the elderly general lack of calcium, protein, vitamins and other trace elements, calcium lack is particularly serious. Some older people think, what we lack, not to health, so eating the same food every day, like the various As everyone knows, it ignores the fundamental physical health, not only do not make up on, there may be counterproductive.
health and longevity to be implemented in daily life, We see everyday foods can be divided into five categories: first, as cereals, potatoes, mixed beans; second category is the animal food, including meat, poultry, eggs, milk, fish, etc.; third category of soybean and soy products; fourth category of vegetables, fruits; fifth category is the pure energy of food, including animal fats, sugar and liquor, starch, etc. According to their physical characteristics as long as a reasonable choice, with five categories of food, health and longevity is not difficult.
for the elderly, they should reduce the food intake of pure energy; can eat more grains, because it is rich in dietary fiber can protect the digestive tract, preventing constipation; also eat pure food and beans vegetables, but fruit from high sugar to eat; animal flesh in food intake should be reduced, while milk intake should be increased because of human milk can provide a wealth of protein and calcium, cholesterol levels than other meat a lot less. Some specially designed for the elderly formula to consider more thoughtful, they are a milk-based, for the physical characteristics of this population, added a lot of extra nutrients to help healthy, more suitable for the elderly. For example, milk contains calcium which can meet the demand for calcium in the elderly, and easy to absorb, to help maintain bone density and fight osteoporosis; contain probiotics, can maintain intestinal health, ease of the elderly because of gastrointestinal dysfunction caused by constipation, diarrhea and other symptoms; do not add extra sugar, so that people with high blood sugar can drink.
If life is a tree, then a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle is the seed, formula and other food that is suitable for fertilizer, complement each other, will bear the fruit of longevity.

mental health concerns are increasingly concerned about the four elements of modern mental health, psychologists summarized the four elements.

A good psychological health of nutrients
feel good, it will with people, willing to live in friendship, hearts will often have a sense of pleasure; feel good, it will open and aboveboard, open to people willing to heart, hearts will often relaxed feeling. In short, people feel good, will always remain poised state of mind, this psychological state can blood flow and the excitement of nerve cells transferred to the best state, thereby enhancing the body's resistance to disease.
Second, tolerance is the psychological health of the control valve
in social intercourse, suffer, be misunderstood, wronged inevitably things always happen, the face of these, the most sensible option is to learn tolerance. Tolerance is a good psychological quality; tolerance is a remarkable tolerance, broad-minded; tolerance is a noble quality, high level; tolerance is a love of light, and no blessing; tolerance is a species survival wisdom, the art of living. It not only includes the understanding and forgiveness, but also demonstrate the temperament and the mind, strength and power. A not tolerant, others who only know how demanding, often in the psychological tension, leading to nerve excitability, vasoconstriction, blood pressure, so that the psychological, physical access to a vicious cycle.
Third, mental health is not optimistic about old Dan
optimism is a positive character and mood. Albert Einstein said: time / time being tolerant / believe it / happy day will come. people grief, worry, pain, unable to do anything in the face of difficulties, affecting physical and mental health.
four, indifferent to the psychological health of the immune agent
indifferent to the tranquil and desires, not the pursuit of fame and fortune. Indifferent is a sublime and mind, is the pursuit of life-level position. With the indifferent attitude, they will drift in the secular, too worldly possessions would not have been chasing fame and fortune and rejoicing, loss and grief; things others would not grumble, the comparisons jealousy. Indifferent attitude in the peace of mind people always maintain a sense of balance, all detrimental to physical and psychological factors, will be repulsed.

how healthy you infer from a nail?

white spots, texture, little sun ... ... you had quietly climbed up the smooth nails, do you think they will affect only your beauty? As everyone knows, they are health warnings issued to you!
Chinese medicine, blood and viscera of the nail to the outer wing, with the body's organs and meridians is directly linked to fully reflect the physiological and pathological changes, by observing the shape of nails, size, color can reflect a person's basic health conditions, and even see his potential health crisis; and through the nail gloss, texture, spot changes, etc., you can infer that the body is quietly occurring lesions. So, learn to observe the nails, the easiest is to learn a healthy self-test method.
raised his hand to check the nails: nail the proportion of the shape of nails, nail gloss, nail color, nail texture

1, the proportion of
a nail-shaped main including the nail and nail shape aspect ratio of these two aspects, as a form of multiple genetic and congenital factors, so from a form point of view, most of them are out of their physical differences.
long form: rather long fingernails who, more moderate character not in haste, so the diseases caused by mental factors to stimulate relatively rare in them. But because of inherent physical relatively weak, poor immune system, are susceptible to acute inflammatory disease, as indicated in respiratory tract infections, gastroenteritis, and the brain, chest diseases.
short form: nails shorter people are more easily irritable impulsive character. Congenital heart of these people is relatively weak, more likely to occur from the abdomen to the waist, and legs and other lower body disease. If the tip of the nail inside the flat and embedded itself in the flesh, are more prone to neuralgia, rheumatism and other diseases.
Square: This nail length and width close to the nail near the square, these people are relatively poor physical and often are unable to type, although there is no obvious illness, but it is easy for many genetic disorders. If women like nails, should be wary of problems in the uterus and ovaries.
TIPS: The most healthy nail length and width ratio should be 4:3.

2, the shape of
lily-shaped nails: long nails, in the middle clear processes, within four weeks of music, like the shape of lily pads. Such nails more common in women, this nail is the most beautiful shape, but with this a relatively early age, most people sick, especially the digestive system is often vulnerable, but also more prone to blood diseases.
fan: on such a narrow width of the next nail, finger into the arc. Who has a fan-shaped nails, most of the natural strong physical type, small physical fitness is very good, very strong tolerance, but they are easy to overlook their own health. In the adult or the elderly are less likely to develop duodenal ulcer, cholecystitis or liver disease.
round: round the nails, the owner looks athletic, rarely get sick. For these people the disease was very insensitive, it is difficult to consciously out of the body's different conditions, so when they fall ill, often very heavy. In them is the most prone to bleeding ulcers, pancreatitis, cardiac dysfunction and even cancer.

3, nail gloss
is talking about a color gloss and nail color. The nails have a healthy sheen and very uniform, smooth like a piece of glass, and nails should be a beautiful pink. Once a color change, it shows some parts of the body has a problem, should be taken seriously.
A Ze Liang:
A Ze light in two ways. One is the nail on the block or strip parts of the brighter, but not the entire nail, this happens more with pleurisy, abdominal fluid on there; the other is like the nails are painted, like oil, become extremely bright, and nail thinning, this more common in hyperthyroidism, diabetes mellitus, acute infectious diseases.
uneven gloss:
uneven gloss nail can be expressed in different nails, can also be expressed in different parts of the same nail. Such as the front end of each nail is shiny, matt edgy roots, there may be chronic bronchitis and cholecystitis; if only some of the nails uneven gloss, imply the existence of certain chronic damage to the body and inflammation.
if the nails are the same as ground glass, not a hint of luster, it indicates that the body there are certain chronic wasting diseases such as tuberculosis; and if the body has a severe wasting disease, such as liver abscess, lung abscess or chronic hemorrhage, it will happen.

4, nail color
a color cast white:
pale nails, lack of color, common in malnutrition, anemia; In addition, if the nail suddenly white, the common blood loss, shock and other emergencies, or hookworm disease, gastrointestinal bleeding, tuberculosis, late, pulmonary heart disease and other chronic diseases. Note that, if the nails as white as frosted glass, as is characteristic of cirrhosis.
A pale gray:
nails gray, mostly caused by lack of oxygen, generally more common in smokers; and for non-smokers, nail suddenly turned gray, but most likely is suffering from on onychomycosis, the initial edge of the nail will be itchy, and then nails will be deformed, become gray and dull, such as onychomycosis.
a pale yellow:
nails turn yellow, in Chinese medicine that caused more by the suffocating heat, common in hypothyroidism, carrots hyperlipidemia, nephrotic syndrome; Western medicine is that most of the nail and yellow lack of vitamin E,. If all of the nails are yellow, they must receive treatment, because it is a symbol of systemic weakness.

5, concave nails nail texture
change, referring to the nails on some stripes, Shu Wen and spots and so on. Traditional Chinese Medicine that the nail with this change in body tissue and organ dysfunction, tissue structural damage, atrophy and other pathological changes are closely related.
Shu Wen:
nail surface is not smooth enough, there a section of the ruled, usually appear in the overworked, after Yongnaoguoduo; the lack of sleep, these Shu Wen will be clearly apparent. If Shu Wen has always existed, it may become chronic in vivo organs. If you do not be nursed back to health, as the disease progresses the nail may become uneven, and even split.
stripes on the fingernails is a disease of the records has occurred. In other words, when the nail on the stripes appear, the body must have some disease. In general, the beginning of the stripes only in the bottom of the nail with nail growth, and gradually move up, it indicates that from the time of onset is getting closer.
a small amount of white spots on the fingernails, usually a calcium deficiency, lack of performance of silicon or parasitic diseases; the number of white spots are more likely to be symptoms of neurasthenia; and nails on a yellow fine point, may suffer from digestive diseases; if black spots appear on the nails have to be careful, the light just overwork, malnutrition, weight may be gastroptosis, stomach cancer, cervical cancer precursor.
TIPS: Little Sun - nail health circles
little sun, whitish half-moon nail root is called a half, also known as health circles. In general, half of the total nail a 1 / 5 is the best state, is too large or too small are not too vague to normal. A half man too prone to hypertension, stroke; and a half is too small then the blood pressure too low. Can not see half a person, and most had anemia or symptoms of neurasthenia.
the same time, half a milky white color to the best. Blue, suggesting that respiratory problems, prone to cardiovascular disease; blue, blood circulation is poor performance; red, the corresponding is heart failure.


health drink before bed can prevent cerebral

thrombosis is a common disease of the elderly. It happens not only with hypertension, atherosclerosis and other diseases, but also with the elderly is closely related to increased blood viscosity. Elderly blood viscosity, the more prone to thrombosis.
blood flow in blood vessels, like a river flow faster, less precipitation; the other hand, the slower flow rate, the more precipitation. Will inevitably lead to increased blood viscosity, blood flow slows down, blood platelets, cholesterol, fiber, protein and other substances in the blood vessel wall will settle down over time, sediment piled up, if more complicated with hypertension, atherosclerosis, etc. disease, can lead to cerebral thrombosis.
study confirmed that human blood viscosity in the day kept changing, and there are certain rules: in 4:00 to 8:00 the highest blood viscosity, and then gradually decreased, reached its lowest point in the morning, after and then gradually picked up again to the morning peak. This regularity of the fluctuations in the elderly is far more prominent. In addition, the incidence of cerebral thrombosis than in the morning to the morning time period, indicating increased blood viscosity and cerebral thrombosis have a certain relationship.
expert advice, to develop the habit of drinking water before bed can reduce blood viscosity, to maintain blood flow, to a certain extent, prevent the formation of cerebral thrombosis.

eight foods to eat the body of waste

1, green leafy vegetables, mostly in leafy green vegetables

alkaline, you can and diet sugar, meat, eggs and metabolism produced too much acid, so that body fluids to maintain alkaline, and thus clear the blood of toxic substances. Eat vegetables and optional radish leaves, cabbage, rape leaves, spinach, kale, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, cabbage and so on.

2, coarse grains
eat sweet potatoes, potatoes, corn, buckwheat and other grains to help maintain a smooth stool, so that the body will not be long stagnation of intestinal toxins. Coarse grain contains many refined grains (or processed foods) the lack of specific vitamins and minerals. These nutrients help to regulate the environment within the stomach, easily absorbed by the body and improve immune function in disease resistance.

3, drinking wine, wine
heart-healthy. It is rich in citric acid, also an alkaline beverage, which is one of many alcoholic beverages do not have. It has been reported, drinking wine can prevent and correct the acidosis, as well as diuretic detoxification. In recent years, also see the effect for the treatment of gout.

4, tempeh
study found that eating tempeh help digestion, increase brain power and improve liver detoxification effects. Can promote metabolism, remove toxins in the blood, purify the blood from the role. In addition, tempeh also contains a large number of urokinase to dissolve clots, including a large number of B vitamins and antibiotics, can prevent Alzheimer's disease.

optional fresh fruit or fruit juice lemons, oranges, grapefruit, grapes, sugar cane juice, plums, apples, tomatoes and so on. Although mostly fruit taste sour, but in the metabolic process to become alkaline, and allows the blood to maintain alkaline. In particular, they can accumulate the toxins in the cells,

6, green tea, green tea, there are many detoxification
factor, which is easy with a combination of toxic substances in the blood, and accelerated discharge from the urine. Consumption of a variety of green tea can prevent cancer and lowering blood pressure. Smokers drink green tea reduce the harm of nicotine.

7, kelp and seaweed
they contain a lot of gum. To purge the body to promote the radioactive poison excreted along with feces. When cancer patients receiving chemotherapy is beneficial to eat seaweed. They are of alkaline food, purify the blood effect. Eat kelp and seaweed to reduce the incidence of cancer.

8, black fungus black fungus
can inhibit platelet aggregation, reduces cholesterol, cardiovascular disease benefit. Black fungus in the gum to help the human digestive system will be left in the dust absorption and accumulation of impurities and excreted, clear polyester gastrointestinal.

for health, do not do these 19 things!

1, get up to Diebei
the human body itself - is a source of pollution. In the night's sleep, the body's skin and emit large amounts of water vapor, to varying degrees, damp quilt. Person's breathing pores and distribution of discharged body has 145 kinds of chemical substances?? From the evaporation of sweat has 151 kinds of chemical substances. Quilt absorbed or adsorbed water and gases, such as to prevent its distribution out immediately beds, easy to make quilt damp and contaminated by chemicals.
2, do not eat breakfast
people who eat breakfast are usually irregular diet, easily tired, dizziness, weakness, considerable period of time will result in malnutrition, anemia , lowered immunity, and will produce pancreas, gallstones.
3, meal after meal pine belt pine belt
intra-abdominal pressure can decrease the activities of digestive organs and ligaments of the load increases, thus contributing to increased bowel motility, prone to volvulus, abdominal people swelling, abdominal pain, vomiting, and also prone to ptosis of the stomach and other diseases.
4, meal after meal that is sleep that makes sleep
blood flow to the brain the stomach, as blood pressure, brain oxygen supply is also reduced, resulting in extreme tiredness after meals, can lead to heartburn and indigestion, but also fat. If the blood supply shortage has been the original, down to sleep after dinner, this stationary state, can easily lead to stroke.
5, satiation satiation
easily lead to memory loss, slow thinking, difficulty concentrating, stress diminished capacity. Often satiation, satiety, especially dinner, because calorie intake too much, cause excess body fat, blood lipids, leading to cerebral atherosclerosis. Also cause something called The result of cerebral arteriosclerosis will cause the brain to hypoxia and lack of nutrition, influence the metabolism of brain cells, often fed, but also induced gallstones, cholecystitis, diabetes and other diseases, make premature aging, shortened life expectancy.

6, fasting blood sugar
more and more evidence that the habit of fasting blood sugar longer absorb the damage of various proteins more severe. Because protein is the basis of life activities, and thus long-term fasting blood sugar, it will affect the normal function of the human body, the body becomes weak resulting in shortened life expectancy.
7, eat salty food
sodium retention in the human body, easy to form or worsen high blood pressure and heart disease.
8, beard, beards
absorption of harmful substances with the performance. When people breathe, is adsorbed on the beard of harmful substances within the respiratory tract is likely to be inhaled. According to mustaches inhaled air and quantitative analysis, found that inhaling the air contains dozens of harmful substances, including phenol, toluene, acetone, isoprene and other carcinogens asked diene, left beard of inhaled air pollution index, is 4.2 times normal air. If the bearded chin, and left mustache, the pollution index up to 7.2 times. Coupled with factors such as smoking, air pollution index will be up to 50 times normal.

9, Rocker Rocker his legs cause legs legs
poor blood flow, affect health. If the venous aneurysm, arthritis, neuralgia, venous thrombosis, Rocker legs make the disease worse. Especially in the legs of people or pregnant women, very easy to get venous thrombosis.
10, squinting to see things, rub the eyes
squinting to see things, prone to fishtail eye wrinkles. Habit of squinting can make eye muscle fatigue, blurred vision headache. Rouyan, bacteria infect the eye by the hand, leading to inflammation, eyelashes to break or fall off.
11, suppressing urination
tolerate the urine may cause acute cystitis, frequent urination, urinary pain, little pain and other symptoms of abdominal distention. U.S. scientists released a study that reported a habit of holding back the possibility of human and mantis installed 5 times higher than the average person. Holding back urine, the bladder can not be discharged in the urine deposit, the formation of an artificial urinary retention. As is often holding back urine, it will make the sphincter and detrusor often tense; too long if holding back urine, bladder urine volume increased, but also the pressure gradually increased, a long time will happen bladder neck obstruction symptoms, causing urinary difficulties, poor, or leakage of urine, incontinence and other problems. In concurrent infections can lead to urinary retention and Shihai stones, serious cases of renal function.
12, desk nap nap
most people will pour over a temporary blurred vision because the eye is oppressed, corneal distortion, caused by the curvature change. If the daily oppression of the eye, will cause high intraocular pressure, if left uncorrected vision can be damaged.

13, look down look down to sleep to sleep
curvature of the spine, increase the pressure on the muscles and ligaments, people still do not rest during sleep. In addition, we will increase the chest, heart, lung and facial pressure, leading to swelling of the Ministry of wake behind the eyes appear bloodshot.
14, do not wash your face before going to bed to stay in the face of cosmetics
not wash, and the eye of a needle can cause acne-like inflammation, but also to make eye inflammation, cause allergic skin reaction.
15, before going to bed without brushing teeth before bed
more important than brushing your teeth after getting up, because the left in the mouth and teeth of bacteria, residues in the night of the teeth, dental age with strong corrosion.
16, inhibition of the cerebral cortex lie-lie-
too long, constant, daily, can cause a certain degree of human brain dysfunction, leading to understanding and memory loss, but also to decreased immune function, disrupt the body's biological rhythms, people lazy, inert, while the muscles, joints, and urinary systems also will suffer. In addition, poor blood circulation, the body's nutritional delivery in time, will also affect the metabolism. As the doors closed at night to sleep in the morning indoor air quality, love bed is likely to cause colds, coughs and other respiratory diseases.
17, hot water bath for too long
in tap water, chloroform and allyl chloride is a volatile harmful substances in water, because water droplets in the ice bath when there are more opportunities and exposure to air, so that Both the release of many harmful substances. According to data collected, if the hot water bath, only 25% of chloroform and 40% of the three vinyl chloride released into the air; and shower with hot water, released into the air will reach 50% of chloroform three vinyl chloride as high as 80%.
18, a strong reason why sex sex
strongly harmful to a person's physical and mental health, because of the strong sex itself is a strong stimulus for strong long-term sex, make long-term central nervous system in a high state of tension, easy caused by increased hormone secretion, vasoconstriction, blood pressure, heart rate and breathing speed up, etc., will increase the incidence of cardiovascular disease, but also suffering from peptic ulcer and tension headache.

19, living in anxiety and mental
engaged in business of some young people, their lives overload the machine all day, because they are psychologically strong competitive desire, in both physical and psychological under tremendous pressure. After the excessive mental and physical labor, followed by fatigue and reduced ability to prevent disease, which may cause many diseases.

healthy words of advice

radish child not the money, diarrhea, dysentery race berberine.
radish, ginger, pear, Zhike effective and inexpensive.
eat celery do not ask, Hande lower blood pressure should be.
fresh crisp cucumber, eat beauty Yan. October
eat eggplant, starved doctor Lord.
eat boiled rice, eggplant purple, jaundice, hepatitis, good fast.
eat tomatoes good nutrition, good-looking young and less disease.
carrots, ginseng, eat a long spirit.
carrot, was supernatural, blood pressure lowering with outstanding service.
Allium Allium root leaves, blood stasis. salt and vinegar
good anti-virus anti-inflammatory, kidney warm leek knee waist.
Dragon White Tiger soup, throat disease, protect health.
board with leaves, fragrance and antipyretic.
Xianou bleeding, blood cooked lotus root.
woman three days continuously lotus root, ginger man three days continuously.
lamb up blood, lung deficiency the most affordable.
garlic is a treasure, eat good health.
a fragrant smell can drive one hundred one one hundred garlic can kill bacteria.
as long as three garlic, a good half of dysentery.
garlic is not worth the money, can prevent meningitis.
garlic is a treasure, anti-cancer effect.
day do not eat ginger, the body is not healthy.
appetizer ginger, garlic, sepsis, strong bones and eat carrots. Jiang Tang
winter soup bowl to match the wind to the cold side cents.
winter with ginger, not afraid of wind and frost.
winter eating garlic ginger summer to eat, do not doctors prescribe.
morning to eat slices of ginger, ginseng surpass velvet soup.
nose is blocked, eat green onions.
summer, a bowl of bean soup, detoxification Qushu race cents side.
usual bean sprouts, purge the next lactation.
bean Lee organs, Qudu and nutritious.
hot days, a melon, as strong as the drug caught.
one day to eat dates, fierce body good.
day to eat three dates, life is not significantly older.
dates capillaris soup, a good liver unilateral.
dates celery root can lower cholesterol.
dates astragalus soup, a good side effect blood Yang Qi.
jujube plus sugar, sleep to help busy.
walnut mountain treasure, kidney and brain.
often eat the walnuts, black hair to be soothing.
morning cup of short salt, than a doctor to colon hydrotherapy.
early drinking salt water, such as Ginseng, evening drink salt water, such as arsenic.

Do not let computer users cervical labor

damage you please do a test: your head gently back, then try to turn left, turn right again, you will find the sore, stiff feeling.

latest survey shows: As the long-term chronic disorders, age of onset of cervical spondylosis has been advanced from 40 years to 30 years of age and be a truly white-collar occupational diseases. Even more worrying is that cervical deck head, then under the trunk, is the most active parts of the spine, but also the nerve center of the most important part, it is the only way cardiovascular event of failure, serious consequences.
remedy the situation will never match the rainy day, rather than wait until the cervical spine injuries, go to receive long-term treatment of complicated, not as pre-emptive, proactive, let us be careful to take care of cervical spine, no accidents.
Maintenance Tips One: Morning initiative thermostat
ancients like to wear long clothes, one is to etiquette, in fact, the other is health needs. Both summer and winter, must give their cervical spine to a comfortable temperature. Even the beautiful, but also in the office to prepare a shawl to protect the neck back. Phenomenon occasionally catch cold, give yourself a bowl of fried fend off the cold soup: 2 tablespoons brown sugar materials, ginger 7, decoction 10 minutes, drink 1 or 2 times you can drive away the cold.
Maintenance Tips 2: 5 minutes of the cervical spine operation
even more people living in the office, you can maintain good cervical spine, such as the use of rest breaks practice the cervical operation: sitting, the body does not move, single head movement, respectively, do bow, rise, turn left, turn right, protrusion, retrusion; smooth, counterclockwise around the action. Every 5 minutes, the action should be playful, gentle.

Maintenance Tips 3: Two methods
massage after a morning's work, two o'clock in the afternoon, may have already exhausted his neck, energy some moral one, there are two simple first aid:
(1) back of the neck, upper torso from the head to the bottom of this hole for some 100 workers located the three points. In spare no effort to work, may wish to extract just a few minutes to massage the three reaction points, instantly relieve neck fatigue and relax the body.
(2) cross-cutting fingers, hands, on the back of the neck, back and forth rubbing the neck, the intensity should be gentle, continuous friction 50 times, neck, fever, there will be very relaxed and comfortable feel.
Maintenance Tips 4: doing outdoor sports
cartilage nutrition is not through the blood supply, but by pressure changes for nutritional exchange. If the lack of activity, cartilage will face malnutrition, leading to degradation, increase in outdoor activities is one way of curing cervical spine, to your exercise program is recommended for swimming, playing, practicing yoga.
Maintenance Tips Five: Dinner kidney plus
as a busy white-collar workers, you may not have enough time to prepare healthy and nutritious breakfast and lunch, then dinner, when the bone marrow can eat nutritious food. Chinese medicine, walnuts, cornus, habitat, black sesame seeds, such as bone marrow with kidney function, these materials can be added to your dinner in order to play strong bones and muscles, kidney and spine delayed transformation effect.

Maintenance Tips Six: learn Dapeng wings
watching TV, you can learn a school Dapeng wings: Gently bend to 90 degrees, the same two arms extend to imitate the flight of Mirs, but may want to head up, the higher the better, adhere to 5 minutes. This action can help you increase the toughness of cervical muscles.
Maintenance Tips Seven: Chinese hot
will enjoy a little cumin, salt and half a catty with sizzling, into a bag, hot on the back of the neck for 30 minutes.
day 1. Back of the neck can improve blood circulation, relieve muscle spasm. Note, do not let the temperature is too high or too long.
Maintenance Tips Eight: Choosing Health
pillows and bed pillows also a close partner of cervical pillow is too high or too low, the mattress is too soft and will hurt the cervical spine. Width of the pillow should reach the shoulder, middle low, high ends of the health pillow-shaped ingot have very good support for the role of cervical spine, cervical spine can get a good rest; for cervical bad people, wooden bed, brown trampoline is the last election, but too soft bed that is certainly not conducive to the cervical spine.


w: inverted image large roof w.

X. CD: compound final o ou iu, corresponding to the card: Right 42-43 front of the card, the card opposite the right 41-36 pages, a total of 176 syllables can be combined. (Learning sequence by increasing the front page, while decreasing oh card opposite page.)

seven discs: initials zh ch sh r, the corresponding card: Card left the front pages 27-30, a total of 96 can be combined with tone syllables.

3, compound final, is difficult to learn. Note that children understand compound final is a whole, not separately, the reading when the lip is almost letter by the first letter of the second lip to lip slide, sound should be coherent, not broken. Must let the child control discs in the picture memorize formulas, to see the compound final ever read correctly, and then practice a lot syllable spelling.

ei: e i firewood ei ei ei.

yun: large y plus ün recognize and read the whole yun.

XII CD: anterior nasal vowels n en in un ün, corresponding to the card: the card opposite the right 28-15 pages, a total of 248 syllables can be combined.

one CD: single vowels oeiu ü, corresponding to the card: the right front of the card on page 2-14

n: a doorway n n n.

ui: u i the dog Hey Hey.

tone song: sound level is too high, the second tone climb, limped three times, four tones going down, softly called her mother. And will be the last word by analogy with the tone of the readings can be.

d: horse hoof prints d d d.

1, children listen to CDs Remember the following formulas, you can easily master:

1, children listen to CDs Remember the following formulas, you can easily master:

ye: y plus large to recognize and read the whole e ye.

yin: a large increase in the overall recognition y read yin.

1, children listen to CDs Remember the following formulas, you can easily master:

g: see curve 9 is called g g.

ü: u on the two ü ü ü.

ai: a i than the next height.

s: silkworm egg will be curved spit S.

2, note jqxy behind ü (ün) to remove the two, can turn to the right 21 and the blue card blue card the right combination of 18 syllables, so un kids pay attention in jqxy followed ün, and in the other initials behind it is un, in contrast to practice in more fluent.

1, children listen to CDs Remember the following formulas, you can easily master:

l: a small bar l l l.

y: a tree fork, like a large y.

e: is flat mouth e e e.

iu: i u i u love philately.

ou: o u o u see the seagulls.

er: roll tongue er er er.

2, children listen to CDs Remember the following formulas, we can easily grasp and guide the child control formulas and Figure association, children will learn even more interesting to more easily::

t: umbrella to the next t t t.

ie: i e i e pick the leaves.

distinguish between the two sections and three phonetic alphabet section of the trick is: when i / u / ü in a / o in front of the mother is referred to a separate study, the syllable is the consonant + vowel +-mediated female section of the three phonetic Other Pinyin are two sections, no matter how many letters after the consonant, a vowel is oh ~ ~

two spellings: the first tone after the tone light weight short, fierce two connected touch tone.

2, pay attention to recognize and read the whole syllable is the initial contact, the difficulty of learning oh. However, this CD-ROM allows children to remember formulas much easier to grasp.

1, children listen to CDs Remember the following formulas, you can easily master:


formulas: zcs plus a i, that is a whole to recognize and read zi ci si.

2, do Or

wu: big w plus small u, as a whole to recognize and read wu.

b: the left antenna on the right circle, watching wide is 6 b.

no h flat tongue zcs, there h cocky zh ch sh, seedlings excavated imagine day (r the shape of the relic excavated seedlings germinated).

2, pay attention to distinguish between large and small y i, large w and small u. Let the child know that the great big w y is the initial consonant, vowel u is small i small.

1, Section 9 of repeatedly listening to CDs, listen and read. Then turn to pages 35-41 yellow card the right to practice, pay attention to where the left consonant vowel combinations can rest assured that with the right combination of syllables the child spelling! Children learn to put the star on the card reward children painted beautiful colors! (Below)

nine, CD: compound final ai ei ui, the corresponding card: Card Front Right 35-41 pages, a total of 132 can be combined with tone syllables.

x: left and the right knife to knife, saw the watermelon smile x x.

f: umbrella in the last f f f.

1, children listen to CDs Remember the following formulas, you can easily master:

2, focus on peace retroflex zh ch sh grasp the difference between zcs Oh, practice compared zh-z ch-c sh-s, blindfolded hand turn zh ch sh h, more syllables, let the children to strengthen impression Oh!

2, pay attention to distinguish between the nasal n and l, lateral sound different. Pronunciation of the method please refer to the parents

formulas: jqx really interesting, just next to the i and ü, ü also points to the last two also read ü. Turn yellow card 22 to the right of u, is alone to see u, but left jqx together and is read ü, and is read u! and l together Turned over the children more than strengthening exercises, pay attention to interesting language, like magic, can help children better master.

3, note jqxy behind ü (üe) to remove the two, can turn blue card blue card the right 34 and 32 the right combination of syllables, let the children pay attention to their differences in order to master.

ying: big plus y ing to recognize and read the whole ying.

2, pay attention to distinguish between the ie-ei. 35,33 may turn blue card the right page right and the right combination of yellow cards 36, 40 pages syllables, compared to practice.

four discs: consonant kh, the corresponding card: Card left the front pages 15-19, a total of 100 can be combined with tone syllables.

attention to practice the right turn yellow card yellow card 35 and 23 are combined to make the right syllable children read, to quickly distinguish between the three phonetic alphabet section and two sections dai.hai.tai jia.qia.xia.lia Oh! Yellow Card 39 can be turned the right and then turn blindfolded i, u, a further change syllable contrast.

1, do ǎn-wǎn, ku-ài-kuài, w-à-wà, as a whole to recognize and read zi

the Key distinction between In order to help children pay attention to tongue movements more intuitive, can hand out as a tongue. Palm up, while teaching the child before the onset of nasal vowels, the tongue, said upturned upturned finger against the hard palate. Palms down, while teaching children the nose hair after a vowel, back up the back side of the arch, that arch backward against the soft palate tongue upward. Children gradually began to feel, will be able to correct pronunciation.

2, children listen to CDs Remember the following formulas, you can easily master:

six discs: initials zcs, the corresponding card: Card left the front pages 24-26, a total of 72 can be combined with tone syllables.

3, compound final three sections is difficult phonetic Oh! Must tell them

nose vowel song: n en in un ün, nose before nasal vowels, a n in the post-er er er.

XIII CD: post-nasal vowels n en in on, the corresponding card: the card opposite the right page 14-1, a total of 200 can be combined with tone syllables.

1, children listen to CDs Remember the following formulas, you can easily master:

p: the left water on the right pots, holding basin throwing a p.

2, next only to master jqx iu ü, ü on two points but also to remove the feature, to prevent the three missing from the middle of the alphabet section i, this is the difficulties of teaching, but the discs can let the children remember the familiar formulas jqx really interesting, it can more easily grasp the oh:)

m: two openings m m m.

CD-ROM in the description spelling method is simple, intuitive, just press the following methods persist, use the No need to attend training courses, usually one or two months at home, you can fully learn Pinyin. Here are counseling methods, there are

k: holding a machine gun k k k.

five discs: initials jqx, the corresponding card: Card left the front pages 20-23, a total of 48 combined with tone syllables.

5, do such as zhuang can turn blindfolded syllable with a tone of friends. However, the correct syllable must change and will be considered magic reading success.

6, do the alphabet Relay games, and my father change a syllable to her mother read, right to the mother. Another change a syllable mother read to children, right to the child. Children change a syllable father read to my father ... so for the cycle, you can do a lot of people. Provides a good reward and punishment methods, such as peanuts, to help massage, interesting enough.

three discs: initials dtnl, the corresponding card: Card left the front pages 9-14, a total of 80 combined with tone syllable

song: n en in on, post-nasal vowels after nasal, ng in the post-hum hum.

3, just two spelling is difficult to learn, pay attention to listen to CDs and more to read, pay special attention to understand the consonant vowel from slow to fast bumper touch, touch a syllable way!

1, children listen to CDs Remember the following formulas, you can easily master:

o: round the mouth o o o.

Do not believe you try!

yuan: yu an yu an, as a whole to recognize and read yuan.

address him by law if the child is difficult to grasp the feeling of stents can not be required, because the two spellings, spelling proficiency after three fully meet the learning needs, in fact, some teachers teach not address him by law, only two fight to teach method, the three spellings, syllable awareness can meet the future needs.

1, the children listen to CDs Remember the following formulas, you can easily grasp:

following the game, I believe, allow children to learn the game more fun:

c: hedgehog covered with thorns.

yu: y large plus small ü, as a whole to recognize and read yu.

5, grasp the tone of the standard letter in which the head is difficult, but the book

1, Section 1 of repeatedly listening to CDs, listen and read. Then turn the volume off, a look at the video, let the children read to you. As long as children can read on the turn to see yellow card on the right (vowel card) on page 2-14 exercises, pay attention to signs and changing the tone so that the children read. Children learn to put the star on the card reward children painted beautiful colors! (After each section to this method, & c.).

q: Yeah Gone with the Wind Gone with the Wind left the ball right out of the rope can not. (Balloon)

Thank you reproduced this article, to help more children easily learn Pinyin!

üe: ü e ü e to see the month.

3, note that the four tones of the vowel pronunciation is difficult, be sure to memorize formulas! Along with CD-ROM Reading, writing tone symbols fingers in the air, the head is also symbolic of the shape of the swing by tone, can learn faster. Note that the four tones are very skilled at reading the order, then upset the order of exercises. From easy to difficult slowly.

XI CD: compound final ie üe er, corresponding to the card: the card opposite the right 35-30 pages, a total of 60 syllables can be combined.

j: long tail, body bent, his head red crown. (Chicken)

yi: y large plus small i, as a whole to recognize and read yi.

2, three difficulty spelling is also focused on Oh! Children learn to be very difficult beginning, the child must listen CD, and more repeat it Oh! Note that certain CD-ROM in the demonstration according to the method, initials read light, fast read and refer the mother must be the final vowel is very loud, from slow to fast to continue to practice!

three spellings: light-mediated fast vowel sound effects, to fight the three tonal very smoothly.

Second, the CD-ROM: initials bpmf, the corresponding card: Card left the front page 2-8,Ferrari and Lamborghini, a total of 60 can be combined with tone syllable

Note contrast bdp, ft formulas to guide their children think and distinction. If we can accurately distinguish between just beginning to learn the future will not be confused.

i: 1 plus point i i i,.

ao: a o a o wear blankets.

h: get a small chair h h h.

1, Section 2 of repeatedly listening to CDs, listen and read, and then turn yellow card left 2-8 page exercises, pay attention to where the right and left of the consonant vowel combinations can be assured combination of syllables, the full page must not tear , which is so contrary to the rules of phonetic syllables and consonant vowel combination is not designed to Oh! Children learn to put the star on the card reward children painted beautiful colors! (Below)

a: open mouth a a a.

yue: large y plus üe recognize and read the whole yue.

forms of the game, I believe you can also come up in practice ... ... many, many children grow together and enjoy the fun! !

2, a distinction ui-iu, can turn yellow card 37 and the right and the right combination of blue card 36 syllables, compared to exercises, to strengthen memory.

After the nasal vowels

3, and Mom and Dad fight fight fight to do with sub-sub-sub-games, such as the father when the initials, said, Or the father said, Then back to the role! Winners get a hug or kiss, tell, or give us performances other penalties.

change when the note syllable with lively and interesting language, such as: magic mother to you, see if you are not a Monkey's eyes ah? Test to progress my precious child and how much ah? Look nice today and I can pick the number of stars Oh beautiful star? Note that children do more interesting and fun game, fun game easy to learn.


z: pick up a pencil to write two words.

2, finished school, to recognize and read the whole 16 syllables to sing songs like the same formulas to link mind, to help memory. Note combination of syllables on the card, press card tips, blindfolded and then changed some practice to compare syllable, so that the child will be more interested in, but the impression will be more profound.

2, this section, the children listen to CDs Remember the following formulas, you can easily master:

3, compound final three sections are difficult phonetic Oh! Must tell them Practice the right turn yellow card yellow card 43 and 19 are combined to make the right syllable children read, to quickly grasp the three phonetic alphabet section and two sections gou.kou.zhou.hou guo.kuo.huo.duo.tuo so! Blue Card 38 turn right, then o or i kept comparing practice.

eight discs: initials yw, the corresponding card: Card left the front pages 31-34, a total of 36 combined with tone syllables.

No matter what your previous knowledge of spelling, whether you know anything about education, with

u: vertical bending plus vertical u u u.

4, to do

1, children listen to CDs Remember the following formulas, you can easily master:

1, I am your first woman
2, holding me back from sleep, I obediently curled into a ball, not turn to see you 3, wake up at night when I tuck for
4, you fed me to eat delicious things you think and also feel good ;
5, I am not asking you do not want to know anything
6, I believe every word you do not expose your lies
7, trying to adapt to your lifestyle and circle of life
8, friendly and treat your friends, as they have their own friends
9, in front of your friends to meet you face
10, keep doing what you like me to do work
11, hair grow long, not hot roll, no hair, no water let the user miles harden the hair stuff
12, diet and exercise to maintain a healthy body to protect me
13, for my nails, so I get rid of a mind on the biting habits
14, pulling on the square to go with you blow soap bubbles
15, put away your bad mood, I will see you as much when you smile
16, radio point, Love call you
19, you do not buy cigarettes, because smoking is harmful to health
20, so that you spin in the house behind my back ;
21, lying on your stomach with you watching TV
22, with a bath, to help me dry ;
23, watching a film, learn to be a romantic man, and not always innocent little boy
24, is love becomes a simple-minded little man
25, for my laundry
26, to help me clean all the shoes, no matter what I need to wear one pair when they are clean ;
27, to accompany you to the vegetable market to buy food
28, do you eat and praise the food
29, learn to do with her mother to eat her favorite dish
30, to ensure the smooth flow of mobile phone, I can always find you
31, tells the story of my father and I, he is entitled to know who put his son into a man
32, and you in the bathroom Hello
33, well maintained I send you each a things
34, pp of small books with a note I sent you a text message every
35, quietly waiting for me back
36, not good-bye friends
37, I am happy happy than I am when I am sad when sad than I am
38, I do sincerely believe that everything is justified
39, according to studio shoot couple, made a beautiful brochure
40, the Cubs would only have been on the bed
41, introduced me to all the friends you know
42, protection I am not a little wronged
43, apply for one of our e-mail, write a lot of love letters on the inside so I went to see
44, every year from home to see me
45, pour coax me to take medicine
46, secretly pull your clothes corner to remind you to drink less ;
47, at the time I never give up my misery, suffering, when you never give up your
48, stand ready to follow you from their homes ;
49, promised to marry you, even if not roses and a ring (if there is such a day)
50, I no longer love you quietly away (if some day)

always thought that,

love is a two-way emotional communication,

the hearts of admiration,

is sexual gratification ,

is a spark of the soul and the soul of the collision.

If two people love each other,

do not need to deliberately change their own to please each other.

If she (he) does not like you,

how do you deliberately to pursue are also useless.

really like each other, then

like had a chance,

need it desperate to please it?

Even if you sincerely impressed with her (him),

get the feeling that too little reluctantly,

she (he) did not then accept you,

you must meet some conditions not so she (his) mind requirements,

been touched by your actions the moment,

can be a long time, if she (he) who encounters ideal,

difficult to ensure her (him) the same heart.

can people often say:

> In fact, this idea is ridiculous,

life, who was not the one who will not live it?

on earth who can not turn out?

unless you really want to live,

or who fail to do so the way you live.

Usually we think that the

true love from each other from the heart of admiration,

established on the basis of sexual gratification.

any simply crazy to love others regardless of whether they have loved,

or simply pick up, and I do not know the people who really do not have to pay a good outcome.

will encounter in a lifetime how much of it never meant

love you, you love, are all pass

but here most of your most memorable experience to

only love sweet love first, seared in my heart that after

friends and find conditions under TA
perhaps your mailbox now preserved when a single word of love letters

are hard to forget

you get it

been sweet love, From the perfect image of the phase transition to ordinary

from the strange to the familiar, and even has moles on the body

said Zhang Xiangshou, but can not understand the meaning of love, precious

not love, but can accept the simple life

hundred percent women will love men, and men always leave room for the day when love

a man said to the woman: You have to love their stay thirty percent

woman cry, because this sentence was too late, had to pay a hundred percent

even if the love gone,

continue living the same,

Yong Yun happiness in the future,

can control in your hands the fate of perhaps

love is the kind of responsibility, not feeling;

- Please Do not made love!

commitment, promise for the future,

- if not sure, then do not promise happiness and sadness

proportional to each Love is creating a myth, the myth of love is not the story in general

65 kinds of candidates skills to answer

1, please tell us about your self yourself?
answer Hint: Most people are too common answer to this question, just say name, age, hobbies, work experience, on both of these in the resume. In fact, most companies want to know is the ability to perform job-seekers, including: the skills of the strongest, the most in-depth study of knowledge, the most active part of the personality, the most successful things done, the main achievements, etc. These can and learn nothing, and can also learn about, but to highlight the positive personality and ability to do things, to put reasonable business to be believed. Enterprises attach great importance to a person's manners, to respect job seekers examiner, said in answer to each question after a

2, you think your personality is the biggest advantage?
answer the prompts: calm, clear, stand firm, tenacious, progressive, helpful and caring, adaptability and a sense of humor, optimism and friendliness. I Beida Jade Bird after one to two years of training and project combat, coupled with practical work, so I fit the job.

3, talk about your greatest weaknesses?
answer Hint: this question asked of the probability of large enterprises, usually do not want to hear directly answer the shortcomings are and so, if the candidates say that they hold grudges, love jealous people, very lazy, big temper, low efficiency, corporate certainly will not hire you. Never try to be smart answer Companies prefer candidates from talking about the advantages of their own, the middle of some small drawbacks, and finally the issue back to the advantages on the part of the outstanding advantages, companies like smart job seekers.

4, your views on overtime?
answer the prompts: In fact, many companies ask this question, does not prove that we must work overtime, just want to test you willing to sacrifice for the company.
sample answer: If it is incumbent upon the work I will need to work overtime, I am single now, no family responsibilities, work can be fully involved. However, I will improve efficiency, reduce unnecessary overtime.

5, your salary requirements?
Answer: If your salary requirement is too low, it is clear to belittle their abilities; If you pay too demanding, then they will become your weight is too heavy, the company can not afford good enough. Some employers are often seeking recruits to the position prior to the budget set, so they tend to price the first time they can give the highest price, they ask you just want to confirm whether the money is sufficient to cause the work you interest.
answer the sample is: I pay no strict requirement, I believe that your company will deal with the issue of my friendly and reasonable. My focus is to find opportunities to work, so long as the conditions are fair, I do not mind too much.
answer Sample 2: I have received systematic training in software programming, does not require extensive training, but I am also particularly interested in programming. Therefore, I hope the company according to my situation and the level of market standards, give me a reasonable salary.
answer sample three: If you have to state the specific number, please do not say a broad range, so you will only get the minimum number. Best to give a specific number, so that you have made today's job market surveys, such as their own education to know what kind of value to employees.

6, in five years time, your career planning?
answer Hint: This will be a candidate do not want to asked questions, but almost everyone asked, the answer is more But in recent years, many companies have established a special technical way. The job status is often referred to as Of course, say some other jobs you are interested in is also possible, such as product sales manager, production manager and some have associated with your professional background work. You know, the examiner always like to have aggressive candidates, at this time if to say The most common answer is

7, your friends on your evaluation?
answer Hint: to find out from the side of your personality and get along with people's problems.
sample an answer: My friends say I am a trustworthy person. Because, I once promised to someone else's things, they will do. If I can not, I would not easily promise.
answer Sample 2: I think I was a relatively easy-going person, with different people can be friendly. I get along with people, I always stand in other people's perspectives.

8, you have any questions to ask?
answer Hint: This problem seems dispensable business, in fact, is critical, companies do not like to say Companies do not like the personal benefits like job seekers to ask the question, if someone asked: Does your company to new employees into the company have any training program, can I participate? Or mechanisms for promotion of your company is like? Enterprises will be very welcome, because you reflect the enthusiasm for learning and loyalty to the company and your ambition.

9, if the unit through this interview we hired you, but work for some time but found you not fit for this position, how do you do?
answer the prompts: a period of time that does not work for me, there are two cases: ① If you really love this career, then you have to keep on learning, leadership and open-minded colleagues to learn professional knowledge and experience of doing things, to understand the career spiritual content and job requirements, and strive to reduce disparities; ② Do you think this career is dispensable, and that a change in career or as early as possible, to discover for you, you love the job, so you will be the development of future large point, the unit and individual as a whole.

10, at the completion of a work, the way you think leadership requires not the best, he still has a better way, how should you do?
answer tips: ①. In principle, I will respect and obey the leadership of work, while looking for the opportunity to consult privately tone, melody to express their own ideas, to see whether the leader can change the idea. ② If the leadership did not accept my advice, I would also seriously by the leadership required to complete the work. ③. In another case, if contrary to the principles of leadership in the manner required, I will strongly opposing views, such as leadership is still stubborn, I would not hesitate to again reflect the higher-ups.

11, if you work a mistake, causing economic losses to the company, how do you think that?
answer the prompts: ① I intended to work for the company, if the resulting economic losses, I think the primary issue is to find ways to compensate or to restore economic losses. If I am unable to charge, hoping to help solve the unit. ② clarify responsibilities, and duties, if it is my responsibility, I am willing to be punished; if it is a team I was responsible for the mistakes of others, can not gloat, as a team, need to work together to complete mutual help, comfort and help colleagues find out the reasons my colleagues summed up the experience. ③ lessons learned, a person's life can not make mistakes, it is important from their own or someone else's mistakes and lessons learned, and work in the future to avoid similar mistakes. Review their working methods to analyze the depth and intensity is not enough, resulting in the avoidable errors.

12, if you do a job by the superiors of praise, but you said it was his executive leadership to do, how do you?
answer tips: First, I will not explain the higher-ups who find this, I will take the initiative to communicate with the leadership of my head, because communication is the best way to solve interpersonal relationships, but the result will be two ways: ① I am in charge of the leadership aware of their error, I think I will, as the case to decide whether to forgive him. ② he is more intensified to threaten me, then I will not hesitate to look for my superiors to reflect this, because he does so will have a negative impact on the future work of disadvantage.

13, talk about your views on the job-hopping?
answer the prompts: ① normal ② frequent job-hopping on the units and individuals both negative, should be opposed.

14, you work hard and colleagues, superiors, how would you do?
answer the prompts: ① I will obey the leadership of the command, with my colleagues. ② I will from their own reasons, careful analysis of their work is not done well so that the leaders are not satisfied with, my colleagues could not understand. Have to see if it is done well acted and, if so, then I will work hard to correct. ③ If I can not find the reason, I would look for opportunities to communicate with them, ask them to point out my shortcomings, there are problems in a timely manner to correct. ④ as a good employee, should always consider the greater good, even in a period of time, leadership and colleagues do not understand me, I would have to do their jobs, with an open mind to learn from them, I believe, they will see me working hard, One day I will smile.

15, assuming you work in a unit, the more prominent achievements, to get recognition of the leadership. But you find that your colleagues are increasingly isolated, how do you see this problem? How are you going to do?
answer the prompts: ① the more prominent achievements, to be sure the leadership is a good thing, since more effort. ② review the work that he is not enthusiastic degree than enthusiastic exchanges among colleagues, and strengthen exchanges among colleagues and common interests. ③ work, not to hurt other people's self-esteem ④ no longer a non-leading fiddle before.

16, if you recently participated in the training course? Talk about the contents of training courses. Or at their own expense to participate in funding the company?
answer Hint: to participate at their own expense, that is, Beida Jade Bird training courses (you can learn more to talk about their technology).

17, you know about our company?
answer Hint: the company before the interview to check the company's main Internet business. If the answer is: your company intends to change its strategy to strengthen cooperation with foreign manufacturers of OEM, private label and partly through overseas distributors.

18, please state your motivation to choose this job?
answer Hint: This is the interviewer want to know the work of the degree of enthusiasm and understanding, and screening examination for spur of the moment from people who, if not experience, can be stressed that opportunity to play before the experience.

19, your best technology direction?
answer Hint: say you want to apply for job-related courses, the performance of your own enthusiasm no harm.

20, you can do for our company, what?
answer the prompts: ① If you can, try to tell them that you can reduce their costs - ② company's future employees want to know what to do for businesses, job seekers should repeat their advantage, and then said: efficiency and more revenue. Enterprise applications like job seekers to positions that their abilities, such as applications for the post of marketing and the like, we can say: demand and consumption.

21, best summed up in three words of your own what?
answer Hint: I often use the three words are: adaptability, a sense of responsibility and work have always been, with specific examples to explain to the examiner,

22, what is your hobby?
answer Hint: to find some full of team spirit, there is a true story: Some people are rejected out because his hobby is scuba diving. Examiner said: because it is a single event, I am not sure whether he can adapt to the bodies.

23, as the interviewee to give me what points?
answer Hint: Try to list the four benefits and a very very very small drawback (you can complain about facilities, there is no clear responsibility for the shortcomings of people no one will mind).

24, how do you understand your job candidates?
answer the prompts: the job responsibilities and tasks, and work attitudes elaborate.

25, at which point the job like?
answer Hint: think in fact we must have the answer right mind! Values ​​of each person is different from the natural judge of the standard will be different, but, in answer to this question the interviewer may not be too directly put the words out of their mental, especially salary issues, but some good harmless answer is considerations, such as transportation, and works pretty well in line with the nature and content of their interests, and so on are all good answers, but if he can then think carefully about a unique place in this work, I believe that the interview will greatly increase points.

26, why leave?
answer tips: ① answering this question, must be careful, even if the previous work has been wronged and then a big, how many complaints the company, have never shown , in particular, to avoid criticism in charge of the company itself, to avoid negative emotions and impressions of the interviewer. Recommend the best way to answer this time is to blame the problem on himself, for example, that work did not study the development of space, they want to work in related industries in the interview to learn more, or their previous work and career planning and other sub- so the answer is best answer positive. ② I hope to get a better job, if the opportunity comes, I will seize. I think the current work, has peaked, that opportunities for advancement.

27, talk about your industry, technology trends of view?
answer Hint: This problem is very interested in business, only to come prepared job seekers to cross the border. Job seekers can search the Internet you are applying for the information industry sector, can produce only in-depth understanding of the unique insights. Companies believe that the most intelligent of the job interview is a lot of prior knowledge of the company, including the company's various departments, development, answering questions in the interview when the situation can be understood by reference to, business people are welcome to enter the business rather than

28, job expectations and goals that?
answer Hint: This is a job interview are used to judge whether they have a certain degree of expectation, of the work is to understand the problem. Learning objectives for the work people do often learn faster, easier for new jobs into the state of nature, then I suggest you the best for the nature of the work to find a definite answer, such as the salesman's work can reply: My goal is to become a super salesman, the company's wide range of products to sell out, to achieve the best performance results; To achieve this goal, I will study hard, and I believe I am serious and responsible attitude, will be able to achieve this goal.

29, say your family?
answer Hint: ask the family business interview questions job-seekers not have to know the family situation, to explore the privacy, companies do not like to explore the personal privacy, but to understand the family background and influence the shaping of job seekers. Companies want to hear the family is also the focus of the positive impact of job seekers. Most companies want to hear is: I love my family, my family has always been very harmonious, although my father and mother are all human, but a child, I saw my father from dawn to dusk, daily work, especially hard-working, His action virtually trained my serious and responsible attitude and hard-working spirit. My mother man kind, warm people, especially helpful, so popular in the unit well, her words and deeds have also been teaching me the truth. Companies believe that a harmonious family relations on the growth of a person has a subtle effect.

30, on the position you are applying, what do you think you lack?
answer the prompts: companies like to ask job seekers weaknesses, but the smart job seekers generally do not answer directly. They want to see this job: to continue to repeat their own advantage, and then said: the shortest possible time to resolve, my learning capacity, I believe we can quickly integrate into the company's corporate culture into the working state.

31, what kind of character you admire people?
answer the prompt: honesty, die plate and easy to get along with people, the

32, you usually do with people's criticism?
answer the prompts: ① silence is golden, do not say anything, or worse, but I will accept constructive criticism. ② I will wait for you to cool further.

33, how to deal with their loss?
answer the prompts: All of us are not born perfect, and I believe I have a second chance to correct my mistake.

34, what makes you a sense of accomplishment?
answer Hint: for your company trying to serve and do my best to complete a project.

35, the most important in your life right now is what?
answer Hint: For me, to find work in this area is the most important in your office told me that the most important.

36, Why are you willing to work to our company?
answer Hint: For this problem, you have to be careful, if you have made a study of the unit, you can answer some of the detailed reasons, as with the company was born in the same era, I hope to grow into a company with me. give me a different path of development.

37, you and others dispute it happened? How do you solve?
answer Hint: This is the most dangerous of the interview questions, the examiner is actually planted a trap, do not say anyone's fault, should be aware that the success of a collaborative group to resolve the conflicts is essential in the ability of members. If you work in a service industry, this problem has simply become the most important part. You can get the job, will depend on the answer to the question. Examiners want to see you are mature and ready to sacrifice. They know you by this question the maturity and life skills capabilities. In the absence of external interference, by way of a compromise solution is the correct answer.

38, question: What things did you feel most proud of?
answer Hint: This is the examiner to give you an opportunity to show you the ability to hold their own destiny. This will be reflected in your leadership and your potential is to enhance the possibilities. If you are a candidate in the nature of the service unit, you are likely to be invited to lunch. Remember: your future depends on your knowledge, your social skills and overall performance.

39, new to a department, one day a customer came to you to solve the problem, you want him to satisfaction, but people always fail to get satisfaction, he complained the low efficiency of your department, how you this time for?
answer the prompts: (1) First, I will remain calm. As a staff, in a variety of problems encountered in the work is normal, the key is how to understand it, a positive response, proper handling. (2) Secondly, I will reflect on the reasons for customer dissatisfaction. First, see if it is indeed their problem-solving are not thoughtful consideration of the place, and second, to see if the customer is not aware of the relevant service requirements exceed the requirements put forward by the third is to see whether customers understand the relevant provisions of But the request is unreasonable. (3) again, depending on the cause to the relative response. If there is not considerate of their own place, in accordance with the provisions of services to make reasonable arrangements to explain to the customer; if customers do not understand the policy caused the misunderstanding, I will provide further explanation to him, remove his misunderstanding ; If the request does not meet the customer policies and regulations, I will explicitly pointed out to him. (4) again, I will deal with the whole thing to explain to the leadership, hoping to get his understanding and support. (5) I will not because of customer complaints and lost my work ethic and enthusiasm, but will always keep in mind for the purpose of customer service and strive to be a leading trust company assured the staff of customer satisfaction.

40, for this work, you can foresee what difficulties?
answer the prompts: ① not directly state the specific difficulties, or may not make the other suspect candidates. ② can try outflanking tactics, the candidates say the attitude of difficulties - some of the difficulties arising in the work is normal and inevitable, but as long as there is perseverance, a good spirit of cooperation and well-planned and fully pre- preparation, any difficulties can be overcome.
analysis: usually ask this question, the interviewer is more hope of a big, as it has been talking about the details of the work, but the conventional thinking of the answer, the interviewer has been When the interviewer asks this question, has two purposes. First, take a look at the candidates is not the line, to say the difficulty is not in this position in general are the inevitable problems. Second, candidates who want to look right the way to solve problems, and the company's ability to provide such resources. Not difficult to understand the attitude of candidates.

41, if I hired you, how will you work?
answer the prompts: ① If the candidates for the job candidate's lack of adequate understanding, it is best not to directly work out their own specific way. ② can try to answer using devious tactics, such as
Analysis: The main purpose of this question is to understand a candidate's ability to work and planning, clarity, and focus you want to know the details. If the idea of ​​talking about the circuitous tactics, the interviewer will think that to avoid problems, if the boot is still several times to avoid it, this person will never hired.

42, you want to work with and what kind of parent?
answer the prompts: ① through the superior candidate of ② the best hope of avoiding the higher level of specific, to talk about their requirements. ③ such as good answer, I hope that my superiors at work can guide me more on my work can be quick to point out the error in short, to talk about this aspect of guidance from higher levels, there will be no major flaws.
43, the completion of a work, the way you think leadership requires not the best, he still has a better way, how should you do?
answer the prompts: ①. In principle, I will respect and obey the leadership of working arrangements; look for opportunities to consult privately while the tone, melody to express their own ideas, to see whether the leader can change the idea. ② If the leadership did not accept my advice, I would also seriously by the leadership required to complete this work. ③. In another case, if contrary to the principles of leadership in the manner required, I will strongly oppose the views, such as the leadership is still stubborn, I would not hesitate to again reflect the higher-ups.

44, no one with superior views, how you will do?
answer tips: ① can generally answer the interests of the major issues, I hope to reflect the more senior leadership. >
45, you lack work experience, how to do the job?
conventional thinking: ① If the recruitment of units to graduates of the candidates this question, indicating the recruitment of companies do not really care about critical look at how the candidates answer. ② the best answer to this question should reflect the candidate's sincerity, wit, courage and dedication. ③ such as I always take advantage of opportunities during the period in the industry to do part-time. I also found that the actual work than the book knowledge rich and complex. But I have a strong sense of responsibility, adaptability and learning ability, and relatively hard, so can a part-time in the successful completion of the work, the experience from which I get to benefit greatly. Please rest assured that your company, old school and part-time work experience that I have qualified for this position.
answer the prompts: ① The most important thing is: looking for candidates to make sure recruiters, candidates in the past the unit's too detailed, too specific. ③ subjective negative feelings can not be doped, such as . ④ but they can not dodge, evade, such as reason for the candidate's personal image and add luster. ⑦ relevant examples: such as worsened; to the moment I am very sorry this step, but also face shows my ability to look for a stage play. , and then match up.
Analysis: Unless salaries are too low, or the original work, or do not use salary as a reason. to design the real reason for resignation, but the answer be sure to behave in good faith. really could not think, when home in the field can say that because something happens at home, should leave a few months, the company has not granted leave of absence, so his resignation, the the interviewer can answer general acceptance.

47, you lack work experience, how can do the job?
answer tips: ① If the recruitment of units to graduates of the candidates this question, indicating the Recruiters do not really care about will indeed be a lack of respect, so I have been in use during the study opportunities in this industry to do part-time. I also found that the actual work than the book knowledge rich and complex. But I have a strong sense of responsibility, adaptability and learning ability, and relatively hard, so can a part-time in the successful completion of the work, the experience from which I get to benefit greatly. Please rest assured that your company, old school and part-time work experience that I have qualified for this position. things, how do you get support and help of others?
answer Hint: every company is constantly evolving process, you certainly want your employees as well. you want to get those people who want and welcome change, Because these people understand that to the company's development, changes in the company an important part of daily life, so that employees are often very easy to adapt to changes in the company and will make positive changes in the response.

49, fruit In this interview you are not employed, how do you intend to?
answer the prompts: Today's society is a competitive society, from this interview can also be seen that, there are pros and cons of competition is bound to have success must be a failure, often behind the success of many difficulties and setbacks, if this fails it is only once, and only after the accumulation of experience through to create a completely successful and I will from the following respect to a correct view of this failure: ① to dare to face, the face of this failure is not discouraged, to accept this opportunity has been lost will not be back to this reality, from the psychological and spiritual will reflect on the failure of the resistance force. to have confidence, believe that they experienced through the efforts can do it after this, to go beyond the self. ② good reflection, the experience should conscientiously sum up the interview, thinking analysis, from the perspective of their own shortcomings. treat yourself right and realistic evaluation of themselves, dialectical view of their length the pros and cons, make a sensible. ③ out of the shadows, this time failed to overcome the psychological pressure to bring their own, always keeping in mind their own weaknesses and take preventive measures to enhance learning, improve their quality. ④ serious work, back to the original position after the unit, to be real, get down to work, three sixteen lines, very best and try to make some of the posts the results. ⑤ make persistent efforts to become a national civil service has always been my dream the future, if I still have the opportunity to compete again.

50, if you go at night to send a student to go abroad to the airport, can not you do something temporary units can not, how do you do?
answer Hint: I think the work is the first one, but the friendship between friends also can not be neglected, and I think the problem was specific to the circumstances in accordance with the decision.
① If my friend 21:00 point in the plane, and I will be able to complete eight of overtime, then it is the best, and finish work to the airport, everyone is happy. ② If the work is not very urgent, overtime just to go to work tomorrow, when can a report be submitted to the office, it is entirely possible with the leadership to say hello, go to the airport and then back to work overtime, it wants to sleep late. ③ If the work is urgent, both impossible to take into account the circumstances, I think can be two options (1) If not all units have to work overtime, then, is not to replace the following other colleagues to work themselves to the airport, even if that is the moment you leave the place (2) If it can not do even if it had loyalty can not be two whole, and call a friend to explain, I believe he will understand, after all the work done would be finished, friends, or you can meet again.

51, talk about your success stories did he?
Answer Hint: You give an example of the most sure, the context clear, instead of saying a lot but did not focus. should not exaggerate the contribution of others to say their own, many of the people in charge to ensure the most suitable use and will call you to consult a supervisor before your views and comments on, so if you lie, it is easy to wear bang.

52, talk about your past work experience, the most you frustration thing?
answer Hint: have contact with a client, had heard they had known picky, so do the preparatory work in advance is sufficient, but also invested considerable time and effort, although no final customer accept, but accept a level has been caught us by surprise. can work together from a happy thought, but that the customer chose the last because of budgets and other agents, prior to which the drain. Nevertheless I still learn a lot from this experience, such as knowledge of the industry, the whole team's understanding is better.
analysis: to understand your frustration tolerance and conciliation.
53, how to arrange their own time? will not exclude overtime?
prompt answer: Basically, if you go to work efficiently, the workload reasonable, it should not require overtime. But I also know that sometimes it is difficult to avoid overtime, and now work have adopted responsibility, so I will allocate their time, fully cooperate with.
analysis: Although no one is willing to work overtime, but still have to show a high degree of sincerity with.

54, why should we choose a large number of interviewers you?
answer Hint: According to my understanding of your company, and I work in the accumulated expertise, experience and contacts, believed to be is your company looking for talent, while I was working attitude, EQ, there are also harmony, mature side, and the director, co-workers can be together happily.
Analysis: Do not brag about their ability to over-or lip service to chaos checks, for example, a certain amount of money will bring the company's business, etc., it is easy to give a bouncer, unrealistic feeling.

55, this office expectations?
Answer Hint: hope to play my learned and expertise, drawing on your experience in this area, the company, I personally, to create a asked the company for the position determination and attribution of responsibility, because each company's situation is different, so that a bunch of ambitions but found irrelevant.

56, Why did you choose this job ?
answer Hint: This has been my interest and expertise, honed through the years, has accumulated some experience and contacts, I believe I have qualified for this office.
Analysis: Timely move the past Tip: once read in newspapers and magazines report on your company, and pursue their own ideas concur. and your company in the industry's achievements are obvious, but also for staff training, promotion, also have a great system. Analysis: Know before you go to the interview to learn about the company's background, the other person that you really very thought of getting the job, not just beating the road.

58, that you are in school are good students do?
answer the prompts: Corporate recruiters are smart, you can test out this question asked many questions: If a good academic job, would say: results are excellent. Of course, whether a student is not a good student there are many standards, I think during the school achievement is important, other aspects including the moral, practical experience, teamwork, communication skills are also very important, and I have done in these areas well, I should say is a comprehensive development of students. internship, I like to work under pressure and fast-paced and I × × organized student activities, exercise, my team spirit and organizational skills. roles and responsibilities, shall not be unauthorized absence from the job. ② according to the leadership and organization of work instructions, work plans, advance preparation, completed as planned. ③ more referrals and timely reporting of encounter to humbly ask do not understand. ④ grasping clearance time, more to learn, strive to improve their political and professional level.

60, work, learn what?
answer Hint: This is a question for those who change jobs, you can suggest at this time with the interview characteristics of the work as the main basis to answer, such as operational needs and to communicate, before the work can cite examples of communicating with people, which has experienced difficulties in learning to which experience, to grasp these points to make presentations, you can easily cross the border .

61, thought about it start?
answer Hint: This problem can show you the momentum, but if your answer is you do not do it?

62, in addition to the company, but also candidates which the company?
prompt answer: very strange, this is quite a lot of companies will ask the question, its purpose is to know the approximate candidate's job aspirations, so this is definitely not a negative answer, even if inconvenient to say the company name, should answer feeling.

63, when they can arrive without?
answer Hint: Most companies are concerned about office hours, it is best answer But if not quit on a job, working hours and too close, seemed a difficult one, because the transfer of at least a month's time, should be further reasons, admitted the company should be accommodating.

64, you are not He graduated from famous colleges?
answer Hint: He graduated from famous colleges are not important is the ability to complete your work to me, I accepted the Beida Jade Bird of vocational training, master your skills fully capable of companies now work, and I am better than some of the famous graduates of institutions of ability but also strong, I think I am more suited to your company in this position.

65, how to look at the qualifications and capabilities?
answer tips : I think as long as the education college of education, it shows that I have a fundamental ability to learn. the rest, you are degree or just Dr. Ye Hao, discussion of this point, not to see how much knowledge you learn but see you play in this area what is referred to capacity issues. a person the ability to work directly determine the fate of their workplace, while the level of education is just a stepping stone into a business, the education card if your company In the Dr., I can not enter your company, of course, not necessarily just my personal loss, if college students can complete a job, you have to recruit a doctoral why it?

According to U.S. statistics,Beats By Dr Dre Studio, can be seen within 1 minute differences between the two Vice- Figure who
IQ above 200 2 minutes 180
5 minutes 100
6 minutes were mentally retarded

First, the looks say in the past. Do not handsome, nor ugly, generally can. Handsome man worrying, ugly man he saw had the urge to want to play. The so-called general, that is handsome, look pleasing to the eye. Excessive narcissistic disturbance.
two, must be 80. I was 87 years, a large two years I did two years ego relationship, but it must be after 80. After all, people with a better time comes along. Do not want to die after 90 to provoke me.
Third, the personality to be independent. Money does not matter whether your home, but must have ability to survive independently. Do not count on family and what I have, I'm looking for a boyfriend, not the son, not lovers.
four, talked about his girlfriend of more than 3 do not interfere. No matter what your reason is because his girlfriend broke up and the first three, even if the rejection is three, then you are water-based flowering, too bother! If it is not even left behind three times, then you is not a good thing, poor people must have hated the place.
five My bones are more traditional, your behavior is too weird, I could not stand. We live in not a planet, I was hostile aliens. So ask you to roll away points!
six, must be able to do the laundry cooking. I definitely want to share the housework, such as sweeping the floor grazing dishes can be, but I want to do the laundry when you can cook to help me.
seven, sensible, good-natured. Do not vexatious, not in front of friends with me Shuapi Qi. I will meet you face, but if you tore the face I have no need to give your face.
eight, I do not have virgin complex, I hope you do not have a virgin.
nine, do not speak English with interference. English is useful, but do not tell me. I do not understand English, especially nausea that Chinese entrainment English. I am a Chinese, Mandarin, please tell me.
ten, pierced ears can not exceed 2. I do not want to see your body has too many holes, I want is a whole person, not appreciate the beauty of incomplete, but I did not so much money to send you more than two earrings.
11,Dr Dre headphones, 18 years old before the parents or baby.
XII do not love too dirty to clean disturbance. Fresh, clean, can be raunchy, but too dirty and casual please behave. Not every day a whole stack of the total board and then pull the big pants child, with long hair, like lice, tooth still leaves it floating food. I find it difficult to accept this image!
XIII snag disturbance. I do not want to kiss a nightmare.
XIV will be a craft. Poetry and painting, singing, dancing and playing musical instruments are hand-job just any line, you can add fun to life.
fifth, walking posture is correct. To a normal walking pace, in character, the toe and are not looking for me Lingboweibu. Down to earth person to the right path, not the garden path.
XVI can not be too rich. I am an ordinary person, not enjoyed great wealth, have not seen the big scene, you never seen me eat, I eat you swallow does not go too the rich man certainly can not beat me together.
XVII spoiled the dead to open. I am not a princess, you do not when he is a prince, I can not afford to wait. Character decisive point, do not like the whole of the line with a sissy. The body and keeping healthy, disease calamity calamity of all patients dying with not enough as I am nervous too!
eighth, and love. Have a basic sympathy for the weak, like adding insult to injury and indifference please behave. Like to tell lies as well as comparisons of your vanity weight. Does not have the ability not to say you lying! Hate this man, philistine, the entire model of a city where the farmers!
ninth, not fawning. I can, and you travel abroad, but you must know that China is the best. I really love their country, if you told me that all the foreign countries than China is good, I could have you in cases of domestic violence.
XX sex and one-night stands were not disturbing.
last, a man must have faith! But should also have self-knowledge. Please also do not know who roll farther.

When she Crosses when you forget to look at all the vows she since Jan banner of victory of love you want me to choose to love you the way you once said to me to protect my tender not only frustration but you always avoid me I no longer have feelings and anxious people say that love is like flying a kite if there is too much talk about remorse than just forgot to tell you all my love of indulgence will also draw the sky full of scars Tai Weiqu even breaking up is so I finally got the news does not crying because I love all of the love you Tai Weiqu never owe you yet others still love you in my arms can not go through the storms of love rather sober reluctantly give up the dream of love you do not own grievances,Justin Bieber Headphones

Hey, evil people from the province.
first to say I do it the Internet.
still remember the first time online in 2000 it was High School.
a high school classmate Feng Yuan took me to the cafe to see the world, saying that good-looking, and encouraged me to go to Internet cafes.
boys of my generation should be very familiar with these sites, 21girl happysky taiwan-adult, and so on.
Saturday and Sunday morning was all remedial, we chose to engage in a Sunday afternoon at three dollars an hour, out of 18 dollars.
read the first three hours is Shu Qi's album, that probably 15 machines cafe, sharing a 56K dial-up cat, I see a Zhangshu Qi takes about 5-8 minutes, then still had to see a photo to 5 cents, next to some other people online, we have been hiding in the surrounding people pay attention to us once the page is minimized. . . . . Yellow net was too much impact on me.
filed after the three small Shihai QQ, like 7, and put the numbers out of the cafe forgot password touches remember; then I give myself time to think like a nickname for a long time, just then often heard Andy The freezing rain, freezing rain to think it is called, then I thought, not to install B, then into the English name: ICE RAIN. (Korea is not out of a RAIN it? It is and learn from me). Then add several QQ, is a woman, a fool only to increase male QQ, I 3 dollars one hour to find a man with cerebral palsy chat is not it? With a silly girl talk for a whole three hours, then that network is to be unreal, so I give myself the identity of positioning in foreign students access to the Internet, because I use the English name, so to continue to install B. What is the talk of the whole do not remember now, anyway deceive leng leng girl, chatted afternoon, 19:00 also on the study, the whole night can not see into the book, his mind would think of the QQ flashing penguin that there did not dress Shu Qi. Later that week, to basically go after school every day at noon for half an hour on the Internet, and then will go home late, mother, etc. I eat so often get impatient to see me kick my feet back on.
second Sunday and classmates Jiang Aimin non-staple food to the village behind the North Main Street access, the boss asked if we did not have an account.
I am cow B, said there ah. Internet cafe management system and then log on column fill my QQ number and password, the result has prompted password.
that sweat ah. . . .
on several times later that QQ and Internet account management system is different.
that time often see on the Sohu sports news, because this and have not bought a sports weekly.
so has been the talk QQ, Sohu to see, on the yellow network, has been finished to the entrance I knew the first four network functions: on the Provincial Education Examination Web site to track my files news, remember that time every day to check my files and found that the results are every day in the library. . Every time I feel myself are also crying.
college after military training, easy to register with the bedroom boasted to us every day how fun how Half-Life, is now often said that the CS, after the end of regular military training and the bedroom door the floor with eight people start with a safety channel where the climbing out a window, and the ability to turn out a wall overnight CS, so that also play more than a year, basically our team in a 507 bedroom area bedroom league team fresh taste of defeat.
night in a freshman, 513 bedroom, Chen Kun came to my bedroom, and easy to register to chat, the topic is a legend, at that time that are not familiar with Chen Kun, appears never to have had a chat, I was lying on the bed, they talk in the following legend, I think the two of them is the silly B, but also a game-breaking fun than CS? A few days later, easily posted on the bed I put a book, I still remember, full-color pages, a total of not more than 50 of the little book: One day I picked up the book read before going to sleep for an hour, since I had changed the entire university career. . . . Now think, can only be heard to sigh sad ah.
easy to register with me because with Chen Kun Wan Chuanqi together, the results with Chen Kun became best friends. . . . (Here mention, was Wanchuan Qi, Yi Deng is a woman playing the Master, whose name is very masculine: Hao Sword; play a Nvdao Shi Chen Kun, the name is very cheap: a friend messenger, I have always despised them, find them together Extreme dual is cheap, I play the handsome warrior, a man, whose name I think of it all that handsome: fat heroes. oh yeah!) Wan Chuanqi happened too much, Zhu Wan Chuanqi autumn and easy to register to play but also because been a: that year the number of easy to fall under the board Zhu pigs 7, was White hit hung up, the value of thirty RMB prayers have been ringing off the hook helmet, Zhu autumn was very depressed, blame the board technology and easy dish, easy to board the is Xingaoqiao, that was the network card, said Lao Zhu Wan Chuanqi am no card, a card that is easy to board, the results for the card and the card does not dispute a few things after the two people fight, I was laughed at the silly side, forget the pull stand up. Zhu told me after the fall: when ready to dry rack, in accordance with the rules is Shaoyang I push you one, you pushed me out, then go to war, the result that the Y's easy to register too kind, gourmet pushed him first what, still waiting for him to push back when the board actually is easy to Ben that he has been boxing side door from. . . . .
legendary play a few years, playing a lot of equipment, and also a lot of reselling equipment, forget about, the play probably three years, the legendary 30,000 dollars earned it, but I have not the money savings down Basically, once a week to sell equipment, sell a few hundred each time, take the money eating and drinking, gaining weight by 40 kilograms college years. In fact, most people regret is that the degree Jinong Wan Chuanqi gone. Now holding a bachelor's degree is to spend 150 dollars, and C together on the run in the Xiangjiang Bian. Hey, you mention, work really well.
junior year in the winter, suddenly found Tencent Telephone Number of rules, then Tencent is free for 7-bit and 8-bit QQ, and occasionally release six and five members Liang number, and roommate with Li Wei found a software refresh every hanging, and then apply to a lot of six of the QQ, were later given away, or because the member was not added TX recovered, and now think is really a waste ah. Till now can easily sell Sanwubaiwan one, and then charge members Taobao also cheap, only 2 dollars a month. Liu moved to my bedroom, then a year later found that he actually has a five QQ, QQ I always like to take his son to the bubble sister, fuck never refused to take, because he has been in the hot little sister child. At that time he has been wondering how to steal the QQ, and unfortunately has not succeeded. Later after their get 5 Q felt nothing, had never been young girl child to the bubble is estimated to have bubble bubble than it. In fact, I think it comes QQ one thing particularly funny, my bedroom door at HKUST LY was kind of horse around the Internet cafes everywhere, steal a lot of QQ, then did the basic password protection. Pirates of the results of our first team D, 6th floor of a boys QQ, LY after logging in, D added with another Q LY, LY hope the Q back to him, LY do not agree, D say, use this for now, because out of that Q has a lot of his sister, LY agree, D the password to the LY, LY log on QQ change the password, and then turn off the QQ. . . . . Later, the stolen LY QQ, sold more than 300 a person outside the east gate, and then there is no Taobao,Justbeats By Dr Dre, they are face to face transaction, the price set at 30 dollars, the transaction did not change when the other side, LY and find not open, the other LY gave a duck sauce, get it back after eight people had to eat. 300 8-bit Q, ah, just sauce for duck.
games lost because of degree, no way, PubMed chanting, out on the last two years also, then the bottom moved South from HKUST, and continue to blend with. . . . Has been to graduate this year, the financial crisis, the job completely not landed.
it comes to working on the depressed. No mood to write things.

excel tutorial, excel tutorial

rare Collector's Edition set,Beats By Dr Dre Solo, simple, photo package you learn

Name: AutoFilter

Photo Name: In Excel Replace the characters in the name of

photos: edit directly in Excel > Photo Name: the ranks quickly in Excel conversion

Photo Name: In Excel, run the

Photo Name: breakdown of the data in Excel finishing

Photo Name: merge the data in Excel

Photo Name: Add commonly used in Excel folder

Photo Name: multiple views in Excel to add photos

name: set the print area in Excel

Photo Name : record in Excel br> Photo Name: good use of Excel's br>

Photo Name: Title in Excel freeze ranks

Photo Name: The form is called function wizard to enter the formula

Photo Name: open more than one Excel file

Photo Name: Lock and hide the Excel formula

Photo Name : shared Excel workbook

Photo Name: The Excel formula results to values ​​

Photo Name: Set the label color

Excel Photo Name: Excel file read-only password set

Photo Name: Excel data to prevent duplication of input

Photo Name: Excel data tables to add header and footer

Photo Name: to add a unit of data in Excel

Photo Name: Change Excel default file location

Photo Name: split window

Photo Name: Protect Excel workbook

Photo Name: button to call the

Photo Name: Excel to set the data alignment

Photo Name: Excel in the direct input function

Photo Name: Excel character Formatting

Photo Name: Excel custom data entry drop-down list

Photo Name: Excel correctly enter the ID number

photos Name: Excel page background set

Photo Name: Excel data input range control

Photo Name: Excel data sorting operation

Photo Name : Excel spreadsheet, how to conditionally display

Photo Name: Excel data table, how to name the name of the information

Photo: Excel data table, how to use the br>

Photo Name: Excel data formatting

Photo Name: Excel built-in serial batch fill

Photo Name: Excel template to save and Name calling

Photo: Excel Watch Window

Photo Name: Excel in the ranks of the hidden operating

Photo Name: Excel workbook stored encrypted

Photo Name: Excel formula references converted

Photo Name: Excel in the special symbol input

Photo Name: Excel Chinese Date format

Photo Name: Excel worksheet name mobile

Photo: Excel worksheet name copied

Photo: Excel sub-regional Lock

Photo Name: Excel animated tutorials: loading Photo Name: Excel upper figure set

Photo Name: Excel merge cell

Photo Name: Excel Animation Tutorial: Save the br>
Photo Name: Excel table headings repeat print

Photo Name: Excel table border set

Photo Name: Excel title bar across the middle

Photo Name: Excel

Finally opened the space, finally oh, so come say something friends ~! Think about the theme of this space to do what? Good food ~! I hope I can have a little time to do a lot of delicious Cai Cai pass up, next month, 27 years old, flying time, really a naive romantic blink of an eye that flashed by older ~! These days to chat with friends, it is emotion, which we have previously gone, a flash, gone ~! The idea that today it is not, go to achieve tomorrow, I still remember watching the flag-raising in order to stay a night on the town square, the collective has been training, but now, is N times to Beijing to see the flag down. Before and friends to a Cuihuashan very happy, and now lives in West Lake are too lazy to go sightseeing, and gave excuses, King always better than to listen to King ~! Oh, how we changed the world, or changed our world ....... what a mess ~!
may still be the reason for the demon, not practice into a fine, so there is instability in stock flows in the body, sometimes really want to look stunning, but we fear that the brush masking, Zhuangnen I also tried, and I feel good tea time, audio, slowly out of tune zither mountain stream, where it is very hot temperament kung fu tea cultivation, the ultimate mood when he takes on a nail, how fluctuations of the strings can not find a beautiful melody, simply frantic wave of chaos about it, very guilty of that, what are popular now create their own ~! Shame ~! Really hope that when the beautiful song from my fingertips in light of the dance, surprised look from his eyes over the clear, the premise is to first find a suitable ; excuse, reason, good true I really do not like the present themselves, do their own body's is it still in his face also camouflage it? do not like to present themselves, no confidence, no vitality, soul annihilation of the fly ash, are thousands of years of practice in this way destroyed it? No, not really the Do we return to heaven, to find the Jade Emperor said, I should do my demon, a demon unfettered all? &*@&! * & Demon language again.
another gorgeous glamorous appearance, since I chose to humans, it is destined to eventually grow old. . . . In the beautiful vows. . . Over time will eventually dim, because I did not intelligent brain, so it will not make, . . . In the earth-shattering love. . . . As the years past, will slowly forgotten, an ordinary person can create a much shaking ZZZZZZZZZ it!. . . . If you were reincarnated I want to be ! Rather than the tea roses ~! ~! At least, is really pure, unlike now tea is not tea, water is not water, Chaos ~! ! But how to do this life? I did not I did not, . . . . . My life is doomed to experience illness and death, joys and sorrows. If you were reincarnated, I am sure I obediently do the demon. . . Happy silly demon. . . But this time the cycle, but also my own choice, their choice of the road to find their own path, regardless of the jungle in front of thorns, or heaven and hell, you ~! Must not hesitate to go. . . . .
how they going to go. . . . . That is clear and fuzzy ~! ~,just beats by dre! Say Hey ~! ~! ~!

can only say: as long as the effort to breathe, you can see the miracle! Filling it and find the most true, my first, a little more understanding and tolerance! ! Refueling ~! ~!

mess of writing, I hope you see the mess their parents, the demon world ~! We own the site, call the shots ~! kissvyou ~!~!~!


an old beggar said a word, moving the entire Chinese people! [transfer]: A friend eat lib water, often I grabbed a small street in Harbin

Lane restaurant went house to house looking for Muslims try to eat. He was later to find

with a, on the latitude and longitude on the street, not cosmetic, health conditions people boast about, but the lib really done very authentic.

period of time, we often go there some gluttonous.

that one afternoon last fall, the two of us sat in Tuibeihuanzhan that Kodate, not lunch time, the store only

we repeat two old, small hotel owners also carry beer the two of us sitting next to cackle, this is a very lazy afternoon.

water in the second set, we want to lib, when an old beggar comes into the room.

Hotel is located in the downtown area, often abjection and disguised sorehead to seek help, and we all got used to this small little restaurant owners

Tingyou human touch, each every such thing, more or less have to give him two, and today is no exception, no other

old opening, he pulled out a dollar handed over. The elderly do not sound very vague to say do not do, not money, there are leftovers

to one to become.

We are surprised that this is a real I could not help but carefully looked at the elderly,

he had 80 more, physique pretty tough, very very straight back, the most unusual is a clothes though worn, but clean and basically count

, which is definitely among the beggars are rare.

say begging to go to a restaurant is to find the right place,Beats By Dr Dre Studio, can in fact completely not the case. Small restaurant to do is repeat students

Italy, guests something leftover drained directly face to face, their home is a dim sum staple, is now going to present package. Small business owners simply do not leftovers

leftovers to the elderly, it is clear he does not give the old man to be present on such a package is small does not on its natural thing so bad


our table with a drawer dumplings, we will have to come on every one so I did not eat one, my buddy is just a taste

Noir, the reason for it is a habit. This restaurant staff very set, you point at a meal, she would casually ask a

sentence: The ancestral hand


friends became interested in this old, call the waiter put a small tray of dumplings to the elderly owner to get proud of the past, and let the elderly sit

the table next to us eat. No outsiders, small business owners are not stopping for the elderly to sit down, and said table vinegar,

with mustard, want to use casually.

old man murmured thanks, the burden from the player where you want to point out an enamel mug of water to drink, the mug so we eat a

scared, mottled red line on the cylinder the word can also be identified - dedicated to the most beautiful people!

my buddy is out and out the door, his grandfather was when 55-year endowed Major General.

see this mug old beggar in the hands of such a wonder we are friends hesitate to ask for the elderly would be no

of this mug?

old man murmured: ride, we three going on God. Said the old man do not


I got up to help elderly people to our table, so there is a kind of conversation

army ah? is the later Chinese wild six vertical. talking about the vague language of the elderly up, my friend and I were silent for a - a farmer from the countryside, they obviously do not know

have gradually been forgotten history, which is to support our military history Menglianggu heroic troops on the force Zhang Lingfu

be killed, so that the column made her famous.

we take their food to the elderly, pouring on to our topic, Yeah, I was wounded in Korea after the demobilization, ah! cadres. arms to work out a small cloth bag open very carefully, the two small red plastic skin, a member of the military is re-

certificate, another second-class certificate of disabled veterans. Slowly rolled up his pants and left the elderly, I saw a wooden


friends in the bag and picked up a stack of white paper very carefully open the view, after reading it gave me, silent.

It was a village of the letter of introduction, to the effect that those who hold that the letter of recommendation for my disability village demobilized soldiers, had no children, the loss of working ability

, because the village financial difficulties, unable to care, special permission to go out on the water, hope to assist local governments and so on.

village seal red glare. We are all shocked by this fact, the hotel boss stunned, long before he stuttered

bar knot the elderly, said: One day, you

on ......Dandong he knew who the Northeast


I wonder why the old man asked in the process of begging Why not money? The old man suddenly looked at me, said: ... ...

burst into tears after reading a heavy heart! Do not know what to say, we can only hope this post forum posts around the country is full! So that more people know that we

China there are still some people with so!

escape the Red House ,Beats by dre pro
look at your IQ , according to less than 4,000 people around the world come out of this room , house a total of 13 objects , you can open the door after leveling . 0-6 pieces of intelligence to find the absolute low, completely an idiot ! 6-8 pieces of intelligence a bit weak , is mentally retarded ! 9-10 pieces regarded as normal ! 11-12 pieces of a very high IQ ! Are superior intelligence ! 13 and out of the room , according to less than 4,000 people around the world .

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coal, petroleum, engineering construction, real estate, brokerage and other financial sector showed a net inflow characteristics. Among them, coal oil sector ranks first in net capital inflows, the net inflow of 108 million net inflow of China's largest petrochemical stocks, Yanzhou Coal, Shanxi Coking, respectively, a net inflow of 037 million yuan, 034 million yuan, 0.20 billion yuan. Engineering and construction sector ranks second in net capital inflows, the net inflow of 105 million,dr dre headphones sale, the largest net inflow of stocks for the Gezhouba, China's chemical, Sichuan Road & Bridge, were a net inflow of 060 million yuan, 0.19 billion yuan, 013 million yuan. Net inflow of 010 million yuan real estate sector, the largest net inflow of stocks for the Vanke A, the first open shares, Yichenggufen, respectively, a net inflow of 053 million yuan, 036 million yuan, 0.31 billion yuan.

In summary, short-term market trend is still hard to adjust to change, because just yesterday the two cities is only 800 stocks showed a net inflow of capital, net capital inflow of stocks over 40 million home, but the net outflow of funds There are over 91 million stocks, indicating that the market is still a heavy sell-off

At the same time, some of the industry is relatively optimistic about the prospects of the concept of stock funds have also been popular. Such as water conservancy construction, coal chemical, Shanxi, small cap, GEM and other net inflow of funds among the top plate, where the net inflow of water conservancy construction sector 073 million yuan, the largest net inflow of stocks for the Gezhouba, Guangdong Hydropower, Yu saving. Coal Chemicals segment net inflow of 046 million yuan, the largest net inflow of stocks of Yanzhou Coal, Shanxi Coking, China Chemical. Net inflow of 019 million yuan small cap sector, the largest net inflow of stocks for the Alto electronics, Ruikang medicine, silicon Lite-On Technology.

capital flows shows that funds tastes changed. One is concerned about hot money hot money and the lack of performance to support the subject shares, there are clearly financial holdings, such as the recent international board, involved in mining stocks and other stocks with larger decreases. The other is the pursuit of security and the pursuit of growth began to show the characteristics of the coal stocks, the GEM stocks of capital inflow characteristics is the best description.

disk can be seen in the continued plunge in, a number of obvious advantages underestimate the value of stocks or stock to adjust fully, gradual inflow of funds. Such as coal stocks price-earnings ratio is less than 14 times the current dynamic, with the international market valuation of stocks compared to coal, but also quite valuation advantage. The real estate stocks is due to fully adjust, and a large number of real estate stocks to some extent, advances from customers of these companies lock the next two years, its growth trend, it has been favored funds.

Topic: See also Xianger [1 2 All] [url = javascript: copyToClipBoard ()] copy address [/ url] [url = javascript: location.reload (true);] flush [/ url] reported [ ,],[
Douding [7531592648]
that Xianger hospital, my heart always feel uneasy, worried about her condition.

see Xianger from the first to know of her illness, I always think it's impossible. Because of this graceful girl, in any case you can not see from her face will get this disease.

mentioned it many times with her husband Xianger until this time that she had been hospitalized for several days, her husband should encourage more to see next. In fact, I do not want to then why look at it early, but because to see someone, do not explain easily cause misunderstanding with her husband. Fortunately, enlightened husband, take the initiative to let me go.

ago Xianger left over phone to me, but watch the numbers, like home, it is estimated there will be no home should be in the hospital to take care of her, then go to the big G by Ying Xiang Er hospital specific locations, ready to go immediately. But when asked to address a large Ying G, do not tell me to go first, because just in case there are what matter to go, down is called Xianger disappointed. May have been busy since her husband, it is no time to send me, and time dragged on, and that Xianger next week, the hospital, so he called on his cousin, to take a bus together.

LI, had been to several times, because her husband are driving, never felt so much away, but yesterday the car, go to the destination from, actually spent more than two hours. I do not find their way, before his cousin worked in that vicinity, much stronger than I at least know that you can almost take a few road cars to. It may be that, Anliang also left corner, down the car twice, and because a friend called to ask after reaching the hospital.

LI 401 hospitals, previously heard only know our household near the 401, listening to his cousin said that what used to be called the 404 hospitals, 401 are now being merged it. Before I would like to

, Xianger ye live so far away, a hospital, and that the level of local health care can do it, then the remote. To after the discovery, all aspects of the hospital environment is very good, very suitable for convalescence and the like. Hospitals in many kinds of flowers and trees, very pretty.

Xianger live in the PRC,monster beats by dr dre headphones, the floor, a door, unto nurse asked, that live in the 4th floor of 75, then a question, that is leukemia. At that time I have a big head, did not dare to believe she was the disease, the total reported to have a little fantasy, thinking what she should be the other minor ailments. That nurses may be surprised to see my face, looked up and down and asked: Who are you? I do not want is their own friends, it feels somewhat strange, quickly replied that her friend let me see her.

Look at the wall shows that the original here is the tyranny of leukemia, no wonder Xianger placed inside a large urban hospital could not run this coming. Elevator to the fourth floor, according to the label on the door to find 75, knocked on the door, came the female voice which asked: Who. For a time I do not know how to answer, I just said. Open the door, Xianger set of inner peace, recognized me, as I also wrong to her husband of his cousin.

Xianger wasting a lot more than I see when they lost the first two, then arms and legs thin and her law than I did, feel the spirit is relatively poor, pale, feeble, and legs Fortunately, a large piece of ulcer, said that several months have been bad. Look disease

Although the Xianger own feeling some discomfort, always smiling, I can Xianger chatting, no matter that everything seems unconcerned, you would not get her patient to phase ratio. I am somewhat optimistic about life, she laments, but also complained that she was not looking body, foaming.

Xianger that hospital that long, fairly good control of the disease is now ready to leave the hospital the next day, things are almost packed. Looked at the messy room, large and small box tied with a rope, what rice cookers, bowls, pots. Hospitalized patients here, most are long-term, and therefore, the hospital allows patients own cooking, make a special room so that we do, but if do not want their own hands, above, there are canteens.

chat the Council, as also cousin still do, go see a friend in front of the shop, then leave Xianger. Approaching evening, and the wind from the outside, do not want Xianger down the stairs, but she insisted to send to send us.

see Xianger from the door to my cousin left, Xianger expression has been in my mind, though it is sick, weak feeling weak, but look brilliant.

way home, his cousin told me that he was quite impressed that the girl's illness was so severe, life is so optimistic.

Xianger: You can really much attention to the body, take care, protect their own. This is also a family own the best returns.

See Xianger
by Douding [7531592648]

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Q: I am married mm in Shanghai have a set of small rooms, is set to change ward , the small room to send their parents, but consulted , the transfer fee is too high. I ask how costs associated with relief ?

lawyers Re: divorce with her ​​husband , house to her husband , real estate license to remove your name . From parents , husband and mother results , real estate license plus mother name . Then with the mother from her husband , house to the mother , to her husband name, and each remarried , Dad room plus the name of a transfer fee and provincial preferential policies by the first suite . Total divorce married six times, each time fee $ 9 total cost of 54 yuan !

Change anything , will give other things have been affected .
different way of thinking ,Justbeats By Dr Dre, a different mode of thinking under the guidance of behavior , will produce different results .

happiness is their feelings, needs its own carefully to understand. Being the distance, sometimes close, sometimes far away, that on the right close, instant still in the World. A quiet life as a glass of water, drink up and insipid, do not know it was so pristine that it's our life happy, people will know how to live in the flat products of sweet and well-being.

is this elusive happiness, but there are also real. On the happiness of some perception gradually began to see people around, have a happy smile, but also the lonely mood. Look at yourself, is not so, there is happy when there are lonely times. Life for several years, faced with many challenges, and will have a lot to get lost, there are many successes and failures.

, always contradictory subject, often in the hesitation and confusion in the vision, caught in the secular way street, not far away, and go back. Who really is a elusive creatures, always only know their own.

The reason why people live

Why do people feel tired heart, it is worth knowing the reason why people look tired, that is, to maintain and often give up in between the wandering, indecisive. Life will always be some things worthy of our memory, there are some things that must be abandoned. Give up and insisted that everyone face the problems of life an attitude. The courage to give up an atmosphere, the courage to uphold it not a kind of courage, right and wrong, Ming Dao who said it? If we can know how to choose, can do insist that persist, and give up the abandoned, that the more good.

Do not let your heart is tired! Sake should learn to open, bearish, learn to not force, learn to deep.
Do not let your heart is tired! Timely to relax, find vent, the solution to extract the tired soul.

reason why people worry about is the memory is too good. The mind should not mind will remain in the memory. And we should always remember to forget things, forget to remember things. Why do some people say stupid cute, funny, because he had forgotten that people laugh and his indifference, forget the earthly love and hate, forget the worldly fame and fortune, forget all this world so he live in their own world happy with where arbitrary, silly smile.

so people would rather let their unhappy, do not want to do a fool. If you can remember it should be remembered, forget to forget. Or forget the past, to every day as a new beginning, that the more good. However, easier said than done but it is so difficult.

reason why people feel the pain, is the pursuit of too many. Living life, not everything goes, do not often feel that they are unfortunate, in fact, the world's suffering people than we need more. You know that some good can never be achieved, some problems will never be the answer, some stories never end, some people will always just familiar strangers, may still be struggling in pursuit of the, waiting, dreaming.

life can not be plain sailing, fun is a day, trouble, or a day, then why not allow yourself to happily live a day?

tired, just want too much. Physically tired, not terrible, terrible is tired heart. Tired heart will affect the mood, will distort the mind, would endanger the physical and mental health. In fact, everyone has been implicate others, was when his own burden, but some people will adjust in time, and some people have not caught one of their music. In this competitive pressure on society, life has too many problems and troubles, do not want to live a little tired is not realistic.

people of different ages have different mental state, prior to our material life is very poor, but the mental state is good; Today, we improve the material life, spiritual life can be but the lack of. Not every thing is like a dead end, so that their ideas bear a heavy burden, too thoughtful things to consider, which resulted in our live tired.

to find happiness, we will promise some of the promise. But when the time really to do, but found some promise is the hypocrisy lies. But think of it,dr dre beats pro, is that these kind of hypocrisy and lies is full of happiness, let us hope and confidence. In fact, there is nothing promised, nothing is gone, everything of its own fate.

fact, not someone else give you pain, and your own self-cultivation is not enough, without a certain tolerance. You deliberately simple things look very serious, like the simple things too complicated, it looks like you will be very painful. Learn to put down, put down some of the so-called ideological baggage, comfortable with everything, let everything go with the flow, so that you will make yourself comfortable.

reason why people are not happy, that is, care about too much. Not that we have too little, but we care about too much. Do not see other people happy, he would kind of loss and depression. In fact, you only see other people's appearances, perhaps he had not as good as you are happy. People's desires are endless, and everyone in the pursuit of high quality of life, and everyone wants what she wants, and everyone in their own goals, where busy all day, struggle with, has been, happy moment, not the pain I know.

what the world is not perfect, not perfect in fact, is a kind of beauty, only in the constant fight to withstand the constant failures and setbacks in order to find happiness. The reason why people do not know enough

is there too much vanity. Better than the saying goes, but there are a few people can reach such a state. People are not because they have too little, but wanted too much. Wider world of wonders, with too many temptations, we would not be tempted, do not expect the impossible, could not fantasy.

face many temptations, how many people can grasp their own, how many people will not get lost yourself? But then again, with contented heart, which will be self-motivated? As time goes on, life goes on, we need to continue to work hard to pursue, if you just be satisfied with the status quo and blindly immersed in their own content with where, what is the lofty ideal and pursuit of it?

reason why people are not happy, is not contented heart. The feeling of happiness of each person is different and requires a easy to meet, know how contented people more likely to be happy. Have seen this sentence: multi-level, the more intense their happiness. As long as our heart to find 用心去感受, you will find happiness actually is all around us, but so often we ignore the well-being.

First statement: This is one of my friends sent me, I think many people may have the following list of practices, including me (say that five is all I have), I most feel angry is Article 4, if my friends do not tell me, I might have been kept in the dark, spend more money wasted. So I would like to see this post, the people must pay attention to whether there is such a contrast to his habit, and as much as possible to tell their friends, little people fooled.

1, do not wait for dead cell phone battery was charging.
general idea is that we will have a cell phone's battery power to recharge all the good done and basically wrong, because we previously used most of the nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries (NiH) batteries, NiMH the so-called memory effect battery hold complete power and then charge if it will lead to the rapid decrease battery life. Therefore, we will use the last drop of power began to charge. But now the phone and IA products, most of the general lithium (Li) batteries, and lithium batteries, then there is no memory effect problems. If you still run out of power until after the charge, then it will make the lithium battery inside the chemical reactions and life can not be reduced. The best way is nothing to charge it to full grid at any time to maintain the best condition, so that your battery can be used long long time Oh. This is a message from the vendor that has been, and after the test itself derived.

2, when the phone is charging, do not answer the phone!!
because the phone is charging, incoming calls would be potentially dangerous. India has a 31-year-old business manager in the insurance company of young people, ten days ago in cell phone charger when then also answer the phone, and after a few seconds a lot of current through the phone, this young man has been dropped to the ground, family members found, the finger burns, weak heartbeat, and has lost consciousness. By the emergency to the hospital, the doctor announced to the hospital died. Mobile phones are currently the most commonly used modern invention. However, we also have to be alert to the risk of death to the instrument.

3, left a cell phone, do not use
recipient cell with only one cell when compared to 1000-fold difference in emission intensity even more, so often say mobile phones ... ... ... ... to the people Note Well ... ... ^ 0 ^, where yesterday from a National Chiao Tung University professor won a very important message, that is, when you find the phone signal strength only when the next frame, hang up rather not talk about or use public telephone. Do not be endless, muck, Sweetie, let them go, endless ... ... Why? We all know that electromagnetic waves mobile phones has been a worrying problem. The phone is designed for areas where the recipient can still maintain quite poor call quality, will enhance the emission intensity of mobile phone electromagnetic waves when the recipient cell with only one cell when compared to 1000-fold difference in emission intensity even more.

4.17951 + phone number = trap
I also passed the 1860 inquiry, if you put 17951 + phone number stored in the phone book in? rather than a single call? fees will range from 0.7 yuan per minute into 1.3 yuan per minute, they explained that if the phone number stored in the inside? system will not recognize. Therefore, to obtain tariff concessions, must press on the keyboard every time 17xxx. Shenzhouxing users so? M-Zone users, GSM is the same. If you are a user of China Mobile, China Mobile, when you know the trap you set the following time, will no longer be surprised why your calls the same as if they had wings fly away. With 17951 + phone number you can offer, but if you advance the the dial, rather the way of the direct dial billing. If you are roaming, the two billing methods can vary as much as 7 times! When I learned that this billing, I really do not know how to express my anger, then hit 1860 consultation, if not take the initiative to the rule of asking this question,beats by dr dre headphones, the job number for the 6608 Miss did not tell me this billing.

5, mobile phone charges parasites
somehow useless messages set-up is strongly recommended that everyone have a look at yourself in the move, the easiest way to unsubscribe from the monthly fee of parasites to steal your phone ! 3.15 China Mobile was forced to withdraw in a new business, if you are Chinese mobile phone users, type the number SMS system, which, what exactly is that a messaging service, the dark of the monthly fee deducted from your phone; type the number

following one from Amoy Friends justjay supplement, replenish thank the friends, hope to have more friends if you know other secrets about the phone implied, do not mean to make these shady are made public , my first thank you all for it!
add ~
often when we called just in time for 1:00 before the end of glad, but in fact not the case, according to a China Mobile's staff said, in fact, talk to your 0:55 when he has been considered a minute, so 0:55 to 1:00 call time is 2 minutes count your money ~
really black ah ~ ~

girl long eyelashes a bad temper .

If you are sick as an excuse to quibble with someone else's date or skipping the class , then certainly over time and is sick of what kind of panic that gave birth to what kind of disease.

back of the neck is the plight of the mole .

read the diaries of people to turn , turn will be in trouble is not a month ! !

man blessed both legs .

cinnabar mole , that is, past life husband and wife , husband and wife fate entirely.

thick eyebrows who Emotion , eyebrows,monter beats by dr dre headphones, pale people meaner .

palm lines clear and clean, the girls ( right hand ) must be a good life .

eyebrows there are mole people smart.

outside of the elbow to the wrist, right arm between the moles of peach blossom would be relatively poor .

girl to break time with a child before they grow too large .

pale eyebrows enthusiasm of women to men .

eyes big girls love to spend money .

major exams or interviews before, do not cut my hair and nails .

I see is a careless , they were shocked last words , forget much less attitude , turn on the turn it ~ ~

girl's right arm is bound to be a mole Past marriage .

woman left cheek if there was a mole , the proposal should take down . General long- mole here, people are articulate , often guilty of the tongue , and hinder husband .

mole for this position should be inside of the arm toward the body of this side .

the right side of neck , clavicle above that of a mole , is very good for women , the Big Dipper, or will marry your husband .

couple will break up singing Hiroshima Mon .

red purse or even bankruptcy will not have savings ...

black m mole , missed the start that past life , this life to continue .

eyes hurt around the mark . told, this is the good life , God is jealous , I have to leave a trace .

brown woman on his arm , lucky .

If I was Japanese, I would go to Yasukuni Shrine!

I want to find a place to kneel hero --- Ao written on the 60th anniversary of the victory

if I was Japanese, I will visits to the Yasukuni Shrine!

and I am a Chinese!

as the Chinese people, and today I am reminded of the anti-Japanese war and the Korean War with flesh and blood to resist the Japanese and U.S. imperialism, the small machine guns and artillery tens of millions of Chinese ancestors ... I tears, I knelt down and knock ten thousand ring them first ... ... but can not find the tablets! Why

Japanese visit the Yasukuni Shrine? Because the Japanese nation, which are dedicated to: are their national heroes it! In order to honor the nation, the Japanese soldiers flew toward the U.S. warships can be, die! Caesarean section can defeat the collective! Caesarean section!

Caesarean section do you know how? Knife inserted into the abdomen to the chest, forced a profile, and then sideways force knife!


the dignity of the motherland, you dare! Who is willing? ! Not qualified to say that the Japanese did not dare!

Zhang Zhizhong, who?

Qiu Shaoyun, remember?

Korean War battle of two super heroes who?

answer out of it? Do you know their stories? You know how they died? Today we have almost forgotten them, right?

we have evolved, we have no spirit, we do not deserve the Chinese people, a hero of our times rare, rare man! Our ancestors lost face, Chinese history has never been an era like today useless!

course, this refers not to our government, but our generation.

our government know how powerful way, to understand what is bite the bullet, striking, our government set up a great achievement.

and our youth, in addition to like a dog Jiaoji Sheng, cursing few times, nothing.

in the history of our ancestors for thousands of years ahead, how many heroes, many of the most powerful dynasty, the world's great conceit, heroic knight, a gentleman you endless, they can sacrifice justice, open and aboveboard, Loyalty serve the country, and rank can not move, force can bend.

Today for money can not personality, not to mention what the dignity of the nation? !

did not think, today, China has found what a hero!

if any, by officials as vases decorate performance! as a fool by some idiot monkey laugh!

Today is our own people look down on Chinese traditional things, they are the lackeys of the West!

Japanese have a shrine to pay homage, we did not! No one to go!

martyrs bones still, the name has disappeared ... ...

kneel I want to find a place to the hero!

I would ask who I was told the Japanese in China, which had local and bloody Japanese!

but the Japanese sure do not tell me that our heroes have died for decades, Japanese still fear them.

But today, when our money than the Japanese, the Japanese have gone even further spurned us!

not blame them, we probably deserve a:

side of the tail of our Alice was so high, welcomes Japan's second-rate goods in China rule the roost, intoxicated in Japanese film, Japanese star worship, I would rather he worshiped Tojo, the future of China to the east off of the Japanese.

the one hand, many of our children are spoiled, do not look at things seriously, answer any Chinese history, China's future is a lot of Ruan Gutou a coward.

textbooks in elementary school when the Japanese invasion of China completely distorted history, our educators actually do in the discussion of Jin Yong was selected to secondary school textbooks!

Moreover, we do not know since when, not even heroes are cast aside.

this is not sad so simple!

in the national spirit, the Chinese people than Japanese.

Japanese say: Overall, the teams were satisfied that the world's most inferior race. In the overall quality of the South branch and also much better than the northern Na Na ... We support the Japanese (in addition to the few politicians who will kowtow to outside) support countries willing to call you satisfied, do not want to call it China, but We said before the Song Dynasty in China. We are satisfied that people underestimate the support of> a reason ... I was young, my father took me to Hibiya Park, pointing to the spoils of war seized the Northern Navy said to me, Japan is supporting the inclusion of the northern naval defeat only after become the world's major powers. When I came to the branch is satisfied, I found that support inclusion of people than I thought it would be poor, they told me that there is no background of Japanese students bowing, saying that the Japanese are good ... ... When I asked them to support a Na In order to complete the task in the Korean War would rather be burned to death when the hero, they actually said that a fool never have. We have the Yasukuni Shrine in Japan ... we will never forget the Japanese death the souls of the martyrs for the country, the Yasukuni Shrine where they enjoy their deserved respect. When we sang the souls of the country dies, ah, you have to always return to mother's dreams, we will be filled with emotion, unforgettable.

branch is satisfied, we worship at the Yasukuni Shrine, you is not qualified to make irresponsible remarks.

his friends say I have a sense of depth, in future, if I met him on the battlefield, we must first dry cups on the resort!

Zhang Zhizhong heroic death in battle should date, the Japanese high-ranking officers personally carry coffins!

Although the enemy, killing many Japanese, but at least the Japanese know that the hero is used to worship, such a hero, even if the enemy should also be said that extreme respect.

respected hero of the nation the only way to eternity, the Japanese is such a nation, the Japanese are not looking down on China, but Chinese people look down now.

dishonored our ancestors they did not dare.

only those of us unworthy unworthy descendants of their ancestors talent out of things, forget the ancestors of many spiritual and intellectual essence.

respect only the strong Japanese, you killed him, but also respect you.

Japanese cast aside the weak, the more you kneel Huan more he treat you as a dog treat.

and we are weak.

China's history, but unfortunately there are many heroic stories of heroes, and now the story is just nothing. Now even their own people in front of heroes are ridiculed as a fool! Not to mention someone else's hero?

course, I said there is a position, the Japanese hero is my enemy, but even then to destroy the fast, one-third should be respect for their villain traitor, even if the same ancestors, should Heaven and cast aside. Some people look down on

our ancestors, look down on parents that they are old fashioned, but it is in these old-fashioned parents who hope to see the true essence of the Chinese nation, it is their Japan, U.S. imperialism, directly or indirectly the struggle to save his dignity to our last point.

severe form around China today, there are many heroes in shouting BS-ing, so I am really no hope for China, the key is no one wants what we can do?

we want revenge, but just not through your mouth! It will only like fools!

blood to blood also, but we have to learn to respect their respect for the enemy, joy, anger does not reveal the real man, kills.

If, fighting a battle you can play our national spirit, allowing our technology and industry a big step forward.

then we fight!

rogue simply does not recognize the old Japanese invaded China!

ignorance of young Japanese invaded China simply do not know!

shameless militarists say when the comfort women in an honor!

we are comforted in the hope of the Japanese self-conscience!

they think those of us in the Third World poor made up the story to extort their money ... ...

not like if you are a fanatical, radical moderate, then I think you should do is:

to not buy Japanese goods silently in mind this principle, we do not need to have to march with a protest against Japan's shameful or behavior.

we should be silent protest in the heart of our mistakes in Japan and their shameless repudiation of these errors!

This is the Chinese people as the most basic principles, right?

we only need to buy more goods when neglect about Japanese goods, can not buy, do not buy Japanese goods.

believe in yourself, as long as we unite, everyone can do this, and it will hit the Japanese economy, so that they will not dare to underestimate our strength.

If you think I was an idiot, you can look at the following data:

around the world, almost 90% of Chinese with the Japanese Japanese cars and electrical appliances.

I counted all over the world if the Chinese stop buying Japanese goods, Japan's annual loss of 1000-1400 billion to foreign exchange earnings!

and foreign exchange earnings is the source of any one country and power!

the relationship between it and the national economy is driven by eight, or: the loss of a foreign trade income, the loss of eight countries will domestic income. Full-

converted about $ 140 billion in foreign exchange earnings equivalent to one trillion U.S. dollars: Japan's economy one-fifth of GDP.

So, if the Chinese all over the world together, without surgery or a gun, Japan, the system can kill! !

and death is permanent!

we should learn from Jews in particular: a German who collectively refuse to buy products factory, and finally lead to complete bankruptcy of this company!

cause is because the company's president, said some of the so-called Hitler to understand the words!

now the Germans are particularly good for the Jews, you know why?

for two reasons:

one is afraid: because the Jews special solidarity;

second is the ruthless Jewish . Jews never gave up on the Nazis to kill!

found on this planet as long as there is no hiding the Nazis, they will certainly arrest kidnapping if the real

can not succeed, it would kill !

look at our China? !

mercy of the executioner, no doubt is suicide!

begin to take action now!

fellow citizens: many years later, still wait?

begin to take action right:

from me to start!

to start from my house! !

to start from my friends! ! !

various organizations from me to start! ! ! !

as long as we work together:

Finally, I would like to up to 10 years, the Chinese will do all of the world!

can do even half. Japan is also a fatal blow! !

organize a global Jumairihuo revenge organizations around the thread in the thread, okay? !

fellow citizens, begin to take action now! Please realize Jumairihuo


Jumairihuo first Japanese dogs to prevent them from being misled.

some so-called patriot (when it was bought by the Japanese secret pug, head to instigate separation is that we should not have unity of Chinese people), they often ask: Jumairihuo is not may do, because almost all of the cars, electrical appliances, the number of all the Japanese parts. They still come to a halt it!

Jumairihuo What is the intention to stop here?

do Chinese people do not feel so! Japanese do not feel afraid!

they fear that the Chinese public to organize themselves, and thus effective boycott!

therefore the first time in fifty years this is entirely possible to organize its global Jumairihuo an effective campaign, they will not wait to jump out to stop!

Jumairihuo, Which will lead to not like because they say there is a computer or some parts of Japan, I do not buy; the TV, there are several Japanese-made electronic devices, I do not.

Jumairihuo requirements of the world is actually the slogan of the Chinese people, in a choice possible, try not to buy Japanese-made goods such as cars, refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, audio and more!

50 years, Chinese have been unpopular in Japan, but the irony is that without a strong Jumairihuo organization, the reason is because there are too many Japanese dogs from China provoke separation we should not have unity of Chinese people!

fellow China: wake up now,dr dre headphones sale! Do not be such a person then play it!

Jumairihuo significance is huge!

she allows us to not move knife shot to hit Japan at the same time to speed up China's economic development!

she allows us to curb Japan, and then let the Chinese invincible!

she let our children and grandchildren from previous generations of our ancestors and our modern Chinese people suffering!

she eventually let the centuries has always been stubborn, repeatedly plundering the Chinese people, ugly massacre nation suffered the punishment it deserves!

you think this easy to do it? Absolutely not!

This requires the joint efforts of all of us, to let all Chinese people slowly, gradually, first realized, and then can truly be!

As some of the unnecessary worry:

1. Sino-Japanese relations become increasingly friendly.

Sino-Japanese friendship does not exist! Did not, no, never will be!

wake it, do not deceive yourself!

2. Now each of Sino-Japanese trade volume reached $ 60 billion. Will not be because of our global Chinese boycott of Japanese goods, China will suffer?

this is not! The reason is:

a. Japan's exports to China are luxury goods, we Chinese people can refuse;

b. China's exports to Japan is the ordinary necessities of life, it is difficult to resist the Japanese, they are really enjoying our cheap products!

3. In addition, long-term interests from the Chinese, Japanese products to reduce excessive dependence on China's national security is very important, such as Japan, participate in the U.S. NMD, its purpose is an enemy of China!

look at this world , quite a lot of bad guys ! Is not it? ! Some bad health , some bad heart ,beats by dre sale, and I do not know what is bad , but anyway, that is bad .

world there are still such people alive , hey , one day they said it was somehow bad , said there mouth is not clear , anyway, is bad , but worse was interested . Terrible ! Complain about? ! Blame their lot in life ? Complain Hunguan quack ? Face this thing really can only blame my fate is not okay !

easy to handle bad health , minor defects , some medicine trouble. Serious point , a few days the hospital . Too bad the interest , which may not be moving Dong Daozi, which for this change , sewing tied tie , and make do with still live several years longer .

hee hee ! Really big world of wonders . Oh ! What seems to be bad can be , do not bad body ah !

bad heart may be accomplished , and why? Because this world too ! A A C A broken -hearted that , but that A A B C hearted , different point of view , different positions, good or bad is hard to determine , non- tortuous moment can not distinguish . Is not it? The world say there is truth , but who find the truth out? ! A background , money, death can be said to live , no background , no money , even eloquent , diarrhea is also Feisibuke mouth , so it is more bad treatment of heart trouble , now not good diagnostic methods, and no medicine can cure .

Ajisen China Headquarters by the China Cuisine Association Professional Committee issued food nutrition report But the test sample is the Test showed that the bone samples of mud soup concentrate calcium content of 485 mg / 100 grams, according to one kilogram juice can 1600 mg official online show , a difference is huge.

Miss Gu Kezeng told reporters : soup 's flavor , and after will feel thirsty . one thousand Ramen shop salesperson the case said. Ajisen China and Head of Investor Relations headquarters in Ho Ung explained that Ajisen of soup really turned into the concentrate , but the concentrated solution is boiled pig . This concentrate soup from a Japanese manufacturer , concentrate sent to the stores , by store staff by adding water and a few other condiments In general , one kilogram of concentrate can

(Reporter Huangfu Ping ) recently questioned by the media , known as stewed with pig 's Ajisen Ramen soup is to use a special soup, soup modulation out of each bowl of soup cost a few cents ,Monster Miles Davis Tribute, but money. Ajisen China headquarters responsible person to explain this response , the soup is made ​​from the concentrated solution against the system , but the brewed concentrate is derived from the pig .

welcome to comment to comment

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Dr. Li Gang

10, Jin ladies eight white powder
garlic cloves, Tribulus terrestris, white silkworm, Baiji, the 90 grams of white ugly, white tuber, white Poria 15 grams, honey locust (peeled, string) three, little green beans , of research for the fine powder for use. Proper amount of face time on every surface covered after washing it, you can. This is the case when King Arthur's face wash ladies beauty square.
11, Yonghe princess bath beans side
take Baiji, Ampelopsis, Atractylodes, Poria, white tuber, antler 90 grams, Angelica 60 grams, peach, almond, 50 grams of incense 30 grams, honey locust 5 one. Mi Ganshui 2000 ml Jianfei first moment, to make it melt into antler, then add rice, 200 grams, congee, dried this porridge diluted with various drug research for the fine, together with soybean powder 500 grams uniform; the other with honey, white wine of 60 ml, heated in Yaomo mix, dry mix and then adding 1.5 grams of musk, sealed storage, a small amount of surface covered with a short time, then were washed neck, hands and other need of care parts. This compilation of the official party from the Northern Song Dynasty


Created From:
Shaanxi - Xi'an


6, egg mask
(1) egg white attaining: wrinkle
(2) egg + oil-absorbing tissues: Stubbs acne
(3) a quarter cup of vegetable oil + eggs, a teaspoon of salt + a + half cup of vinegar: skin and delicate
7, half a cup of almond + cup + 1 tablespoon warm water + 1 tablespoon honey skim milk: White
8, mung bean flour or green tea powder + water 3, protein (oily skin ) egg yolk (in dry skin) a + a spoonful of milk powder 3 drops of lemon juice (do not too much Oh) + honey cucumber ground into paste + drop about 5 cm. Reconciliation of the above material, then add milk if too thin, too thick then add the cucumber, the average deposited in your face, with two tissues: a post in the forehead, a post to the chin at the moment (do not forget the nose opening two holes Oh!) like dressing 20 minutes, washed with water.
9, nourishing mask
(1) half cup cooked oatmeal + 1 tablespoon almond oil +1 egg pieces
(2) a quarter cup of cheese + a quarter cup of milk
(3) wheat germ powder + + black sesame powder egg yolk.



Dr. Li Gang

7, Pacific Princess Lunar March 3 face drug
mining peach, dried and research to fine; Silky blood taken in early July, late to reconcile with the peach into a paste, the surface covered with the proper amount of time and other parts. Pacific Princess is the daughter of the Queen Empress Wu of the most favorite, this side of her face for cosmetic medicine, not only nourish the skin, promote metabolism and make their skin diseases (such as vitiligo, etc.).
8, days after the party
Ze surface mining in the Dragon Boat Festival, called Motherwort whole plant to the soil dried, small study screening, add flour and water to reconcile and pinch Wanru large egg, and then dried; then buy drugs at Wong Nai stoves (the walls of opening a small hole) intermediate, top end shops charcoal stove, the first to fierce burning 15 minutes after the change Wei Huo, simmer to milky white pills (about 2 hours), remove the cold thoroughly, put porcelain bowl research sieve several times, the thinner the better; then as Yaomo 300 grams, plus talcum powder 30 grams, 3 grams rouge mix thoroughly, in a dry vessel Shouzhu. Take a little powder every morning and evening said, after the wash water wet surface covered. This party is often used by Wu said the beauty side, with wrinkle wrinkle, Ze side effect of their beauty.
9, Yang too real ruby ​​cream
with peeled almonds, talc, light powder of equal parts of research to fine; put steamer and steam over, add a little borneol, musk, blending with the egg Serve . After each wash in the morning and evening said, taking a little rubbed face. Yang Tai-Zhen Tang emperor's concubine Yang Yuhuan, that is. Ruby cream is enriched by her recipe.


2010-4-4 21:50

Fourth, the therapeutic
1, bird's nest bird's nest with rock sugar porridge
moist skin, blood and beauty effect. Normal consumption is: to nest 3 grams of crystal sugar, boil porridge-like can be eaten, they could join with 5 g sweet almond stew, better cosmetic results.
2, egg white fungus white fungus soup
to kidney, and kidney is the primary traditional Chinese medicine beauty of old age. Approach is: Take Tremella 15 grams of water after the stew thick hair, into two eggs,Beats By Dr Dre Pro Detox, add sugar and simmer gently through, you can eat.
3, chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum porridge
contain volatile oil, choline, vitamin A, vitamin B, amino acids and so on. Chrysanthemum porridge not only beauty, but also to prevent high blood pressure and other diseases. Chrysanthemum porridge approach is: first, the rice congee, then add ground into powder mix can be daisy-end of 10 grams.
4, jujube jujube porridge
not contain sugar, protein, fat, also contains iron and vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin E, vitamin B1, which dates hectogram meat containing up to 380 mg of vitamin E , ranking first in average fruit and vegetables. Therefore, eat porridge jujube, make people ruddy, look good. Jujube porridge approach is: 60 grams of rice, increase the dates 10, boil porridge cooked rotten dates.
5, name: egg cake
Method: (1) lamb chop meat, made Rougeng.
(2) surface with egg white, made of noodles or bread, water into the pot and add cooked lobster sauce. Eat MSG and other spices can be put. Rougeng with the sheep to eat.
Directions: Each said bowl for breakfast, sub-effective service.
effect: the United States the skin, prevent facial wrinkles. Can be used for facial wrinkles and body dry wrinkled skin rough embolism.
6, name: egg cake cable (a)
Method: Wash chopped boiled lamb soup; to claims made from egg whites and flour cake, put soy sauce in cooked, add the sheep Rougeng, seasoning.
regimens: fasting warm clothes.
effect: Qi, nourishing, tonic. For wasting weak, weak waist embolism. Long-term take the skin, shiny hair.


Created From:
Shaanxi - Xi'an

2010-4-4 21:51

Dr. Li Gang


Fifth, mask
1, apply
whitening effect: whitening, firming
Material: Angelica 18g, Baiji 18g, Ligusticum 18g, white tuber 18g, protein 1, distilled water and 20ml
practices: the herbs were ground to fine, evenly mixed, add protein, add appropriate amount of distilled water and mix thoroughly as thick, spreads in the face for 20-30 minutes, eight dressing dry cleaning, 2 times a week, oily, dry one.
2, Angelica apply
soothing effect: activating blood, skin moisturizing
Material: Angelica 9g, 3 grams of licorice, Angelica 9 grams of egg yolk one, turmeric 3 grams, distilled water 10 ml
practice: the herbs are ground to fine, evenly mixed, add protein, add appropriate amount of distilled water and mix thoroughly as thick, Fuyu face for 20-30 minutes, eight dressing dry cleaning, 2 times a week, oily, dry one.
3, medicine whitening mask:
Angelica 30 grams, 30 grams Chuanxiong, Angelica 130 grams Motherwort 30 grams, ebony 15 grams. Research can be bought in pharmacies into fine powder, bottling. Night with a once every 15-20 days. Moisturizing skin care products should be the main type of nutrition.
4, ginseng Cream:
ginseng, angelica, bellflower, trichosanthin, Scrophulariaceae, Bletilla, having a good amount of tone pearl powder ingredients (Note: Dry skin can increase peach or melon-jen).
5, the court handed side:
Baiji, Angelica, mung bean flour to 2:1:4 ratio of modulation, can Zhuojia 1 egg or egg white honey, like flowers, can be added together rose oil or dried sweet-scented osmanthus grinding.


Created From:
Shaanxi - Xi'an

Created From:
Shaanxi - Xi'an

Dr. Li Gang





3, lotus leaf porridge
effect was particularly notable.
indications: hypertension, hyperlipidemia, weight disorders and feeling the summer heat, confused, scanty dark urine embolism.
system of law: first a lotus leaf, washed decoction, and then leaves soup Garmisch, a small amount of crystal sugar together porridge. Available leaves Jianshui, Continuous drinking thirty days, once a day, the effect is faster.
4, beauty thin porridge
soy protein 35%, fat 20%, with a variety of vitamins and minerals are alkaline food. Fat soybeans have lower cholesterol, arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure is also very effective. Sesame seeds, also known as flax, . According to the flax bait technique, Juegu eight more than ten years, very few strong, say the line three hundred years. back to black, three teeth off rehabilitation. Have liver or kidney, moisture five internal organs, nourishing the skin, people looking rosy gloss, lowering blood pressure,
blood sugar, the role of longevity and other effects.
Method: beans 100 grams (soaked in water to wash a half-day), sesame Chaojiao powdered (can buy ready-made sesame powder, supermarkets sell) 20 grams. First with soy porridge, soup can be added (also canned), porridge roll before adding sesame powder, season with salt.


7 Name: Double to double winter wine
Method: crush together and pour into Cigang raw materials in the wine soak into three days, then simmer to boil to the degree of black liquor.
regimens: fasting drink, with the amount.
effects: black to be black, to support Yue face. For yin and yang, premature graying, weak gas sperm loss, premature aging and so on.
8, name: eggs lamb face
system of law: first lamb chop fine stuffing for soup, take the egg white noodles made of white flour. Plus the right amount of egg noodles in boiling water, cook noodles until cooked, add spices and sheep Rougeng.
Directions: morning and evening empty stomach.
efficacy: spleen appetizer, Qi tonic, Ze Yan flour. For qi and blood caused by firewood haggard face, complexion who are not Chinese.
9, name: silver carp meatball soup
Source: 1.
(2) Spices: cooking wine, salt, monosodium glutamate, onion, ginger, chicken, lard.
(1) Wash the fish cut into mess, add water, salt and a small amount, into the bowl, stirring until smooth with no sticky when direction, plus a little water and mix well for 5 minutes, add diced green onion, ginger, ham end, MSG, cooking wine, lard, mix into a dried, extruded walnut-sized balls by hand about 20, the wok soup boil.
(2) the salt, monosodium glutamate, chicken fat into a large bowl, add soup made of fish, fish balls and then gently poured into a colander bowl.
(3) fish on top of the ham slice into a triangle, the original mushroom soup with fish balls to do Billy cooked with ham, placed on the triangle into the middle, sprinkle with spring onion and serve.
Directions: food
effect: silver carp of sweet warm, with warm in air, warm stomach, skin moisturizing effect. Containing high protein and the human body needs a variety of amino acids, trace elements. For the frail elderly, chronic illness or disease after blood virtual decline, spleen and stomach, caused by malnutrition, rough skin or skin conditions such as dry withered minimalist most appropriate, can play a role in nourishing tonic.
10, name: persimmon mutton soup
Source: (2) spices: salt, monosodium glutamate, sesame oil, mutton soup.
Method: (1) lamb cut into small thin slices. Wash the tomatoes, cut into pieces orange segment.
(2) soup pot, add lamb, mutton into pieces, salt Shaozhu for a while, add tomatoes, boiled skim foam, put some MSG, sesame oil cream, bowl and serve.
Directions: food
effect: the consistency of soup made with lamb and tomatoes. Nutrient-rich tomatoes, rich in vitamin C and vitamin A, B, hectogram tomatoes contain vitamin C25 mg. Because the protective effect of organic acids in the storage and cooking process, vitamin C is not easy to damage tomatoes, easy to be absorbed by the body. Another 1.5% -4.5% sugar, also contains citric acid, malic acid and so on. Chinese medicine, tomatoes with thirst and fluid, stomach and digestion of the power, and the lamb Qi tonic, warming the temperature of the power coincide, with a total deficiency of stomach and digestion, warm temperature and spleen of kidney function. For spleen and stomach and kidney of the people. Healthy people eat to good health.
11, Name: crisp honey porridge
system of law: first rice wok, boiling, add butter, honey, food to be cooked.
Dosage: 1 per say, adorned take.
effect: five internal organs, benefit qi and blood, moistening the skin. Leishou for frail, withered skin, withered rough. In particular, rough skin, hair, haggard, loss, etc., to better effect.


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Shaanxi - Xi'an


Created From:
Shaanxi - Xi'an


2010-4-4 21:48

Sixth, to lose weight porridge
1, red bean porridge Hawthorn
obesity are expected to have some effect on those who rule the legs swollen, more effect.
Indications: obesity, edema, foot moisture, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, coronary heart disease, angina, or stagnation of food product, meat product Needless embolism.
Method: first half of said Chixiaodou 60 grams after soaking, with Hawthorn 30 grams, rice 50 grams brown sugar 30 grams porridge together.
chronic weak stomach, thin stool often in the elderly should not be taken.
2, corn, carrots, corn porridge
contained corn oil, with lower cholesterol, regulate normal cholesterol and fat metabolism, prevent aging, cosmetic weight loss, constipation and so on, so the treatment of atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, have a certain effect. Carrot, also known as carrot, with its nutrient-rich and nourishing effect, it is also known as the Rich in carotene, which the human body to be eaten soon after it is converted to vitamin A, can play eyesight, beauty emollients regulate metabolism, increase endurance and so on.
indications: hypertension, coronary heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, constipation, dry skin, vitamin A deficiency embolism.
Method: First the corn kernels, diced carrots, washed, together with rice porridge, the weight of corn, carrots, each of a, m two, rolled porridge seasoned with salt, can be added together to cook soup, taste more delicious.


Seven, the ancient square
1, Yurong pill
lead powder 90 grams, white and, Ampelopsis, 15 grams, dry rouge 15 grams, chicken clear amount. Over the first four drugs of research to fine, clear harmony with chicken for the pill, such as jujube, or large can be chicken. To wash, beautify face, makes delicate rosy, and to facial pigmentation, and can cover facial defects.
2, flour side
Oyster 90 grams (burning of powder), Kwa root 30 grams, Baimi amount. First oyster, Kwa root research to fine, and then reconcile with honey. Night for the coated surface in the morning wash with warm water. This side can make the skin white.
3, daughter of hand-painted face side
trotters 2, white sorghum rice 500 grams, white Tuckahoe, commercial land of 150 grams of Angelica, Ligusticum 60 grams, Polygonatum 30 grams walnuts 250 grams of Gan Song, guaiac 30 grams. First trotters, white sorghum rice boiling water, until the trotters Shulan, juice 1500 ml, then add white Tuckahoe end, commercial land at the end, the end of Angelica, Ligusticum ins and outs, Polygonatum end, peach mud, continue to fry, etc. juice reduced to half, the filters to Java, and then blended with nard, guaiac end, stir, with porcelain reserve use. Night to hand painted face, wash away the next morning. Can go hand surface wrinkles, to rid of facial spots, skin Bairun Guang Ze.
4, Lee Khan Pink side
talc 500 g (water fly), violet powder, 9 g, light powder 15 grams, a little musk. These drugs were very fine research, such as its pink flesh for the degree. For the surface covered, you can beautify the face, skin and delicate white-run.
5, Tim capacity
light pink pill, skullcap, Angelica, white tuber, wind and 3 grams. Of the fine, honey for the pills. Each time when the face wash, wipe a few times with the paint, go to bed when the repeated wash wipe paint. To treat acne.
6, Zhang Royal
newborn face cream egg, open a shell hole, to stay clear yellow, cinnabar into Ximo 20 grams; after sealing with wax so that together with the other hens eggs hatch, After the eggs hatch out to be another can access, take a little time after washing the face painted surface. That the emperor's concubine Zhang Chen Chong Fei Zhang Lihua, which she uses face cream recipe. Ancient medical books TOP

Dr. Li Gang

2010-4-4 21:49

A thick black skin whitening cosmetics
by the skin, can only temporarily cover up, treatment table is not a cure, is to introduce you to one kind of treatment table while the real root of the problem can make the skin white whitening recipe, both simple and special effects: 5:1 mixture of glycerin with white vinegar, and often rub the skin (I said two times) make the skin moist, reduce melanin deposition, a months after the soft white skin that is delicate, clean and smooth and elastic, full of beauty. (This side of the genetic dark skin are effective).
Hu Dieban
melon juice, cinnamon class white vinegar the same amount, and mix thoroughly coated face, one said 2-3 times, painted over after 10 minutes and wash. Once a half months that can be inter net.
addition to facial pigmented spots
honey, fresh tomato juice, mixed 5:1, painted face, wash after 10 minutes, once every 10-15 said, can break down melanin, the skin become ruddy .
addition to acne (acne alcohol thorn Qingchun Dou)
equal amount of fresh cucumber juice, white vinegar and mix thoroughly, wash with hot water first and then painted face, one said three times, painted more than 10 minutes after the wash with warm water, used in conjunction half may be more, not after the old.
hair loss dandruff head itch
each with mulberry root bark * 4 money, water jin, boil wash your hair, one said once, washed with water not too far for 5 days , can promote blood circulation of scalp hair-fixing role and governance of dandruff head itch, renewable hair.
hair brightening
2:1 mixture of vinegar, beer, each said moisture with a towel, then cover the hair once, once a half months.

Polygonum black hair, black sesame seeds two or three, along with fried dry pulverization, with the sugar water transfer service, each 3 money, a saying once, even a half months, can kidney health made bogey beans.
dry leaves, dried gourd skin, according to 1:2 with a good, said one or two bubbles per pound or so of hot water to drink, there are thick and greasy to the effect of hand scraper, avoid fat.
lean people gain weight
eggs two, playing in a bowl, a spoon of tomato sauce plus Shengfan and the amount of sugar, with the same amount of open water into a half-cooked food, every once said, the morning flight (can also be eaten rare yellow egg) ate in January, the future will gradually gain weight.

white teeth baking soda with the same amount of salt added into a toothpaste-like tune, saying brush your teeth every 3-4 days once in addition to tooth surface All stains, making teeth white.
Second, in addition to freckles
1, 60 Cox dried melon, and research is not fine, night water-coated surface, wash with warm water next morning. If using honey-coated, but also to facial wrinkles.
2, litharge, and research to fine, paint on the face every night.
3, 1 eggplant, sliced ​​juice of local friction, one said three times, 10 days effective.
4, lemon thirty grams, crush, add borax at the end, the fifteen grams of white sugar, mix well into the bottle sealed, third after the opening day, sooner or later, washed with warm water a little amount of this medicine, wash the affected area once About five minutes after saying a few freckles nature retreat, a continuous period of time, can be completely cured. No freckles who use this drug, the skin delicate rosy.
5, Angelica 9 grams, Radix 9 grams, Bupleurum 9 g, Poria 9 grams, 3 grams of licorice, mint, 1 g, Cyperus rotundus 9 grams, TCS 9 grams, 3 grams oneself, each said Shuijianbi 1 agent.
6, Winter flesh smashed container, coated surface, one said several times.
7, borax 20 grams, 2 grams borneol, plus 100 ml of water, dipped in melted coating the affected area.
8, wash water, add a small amount of vinegar, one said several times.
9, silkworm, white tuber, Angelica, kaempferol, 10 grams of borax, gypsum, talc each 16 grams, white clove, 7 g, borneol 2 grams, research into a very fine powder, or water before going to bed every night milk and mix thoroughly, paint the face.
10, Poria powder, add Baimi reconcile, topical facial night.
11, white tuber powder, add white dense mix thoroughly, coated paper. Wash the face every night before bed, veneer.
12, black cows (a) the end of the egg to reconcile, apply once to wash the night.
13, ginkgo 20, dates 15, Angelica 9 grams, Pearl powder 15 grams, chrysanthemum 9 grams, a pig pancreas, mash and mix well, to honey and mix into the decoction pot steaming. Surface with paint on the affected part of this medicine every night, next morning wash.
14, Almond * 5 money and research into a fine powder, mix thoroughly with the egg, painted face every night before bed, said second wash with warm water early in the morning, one said, once said, 10-15 markedly, after not at all.

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Dr. Li Gang

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Dr. Li Gang

Dr. Li Gang

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Dr. Li Gang

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Dr. Li Gang

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[Beauty] beauty secrets of Chinese Folk Collection

2010-4-4 21:47

2010-4-4 21:49

5, ginger porridge
Chinese often put food into yin and yang, gender, ginger food are positive, Negative input of food to increase energy, increase positive energy output of food. Western so-called The basis of positive absorption of food can increase metabolic rate, because you are at rest, will be able to exclude the extra energy, which is a lot of people eat a lot, but the reasons remain slim. Therefore, weight loss, such as proper food to eat penis, will be able to do more with less.
indications: headache, nasal congestion, chronic bronchitis, colds, obesity, spleen and stomach, stomach pain embolism
Method: ginger 8 Kocse as thin or fine material, date two (cold cold to use light blue two jujube), 100 gram rice porridge soup together, suitable salt, sesame oil and seasoning.
Taboo: fever Jifu.
6, garlic and ginger garlic porridge
as food are both positive, it can cure obesity. Coupled with Modern Chinese Medicine clinical trials to prove that garlic has anti-inflammatory, antidiarrheal, diuretic, blood pressure, phlegm and other effects, and has very strong disinfection capabilities. Garlic porridge not only physical health, but also of the slimming effect, it may be dressed in uniforms. But many people are afraid of their taste, and now teach you how to date. These are the release of imported garlic smell, more effective methods.
indications: atherosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, etc., but also can enhance disease resistance.
Method: Purple 50 grams of garlic, peeled garlic, cook for one minute in boiling water remove and reserve, and then 100 grams of garlic into the boiling water, porridge, congee porridge and then back into the garlic , add salt, ginger, a small amount of oil, cook for five minutes. Cook garlic should not be too familiar with, or reduce the effect.
Taboo: weak stomach can not eat, chronic gastritis and gastric and duodenal ulcer in the elderly Jifu. Convicted of fresh garlic had red eyes and throat.




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Dr. Li Gang

Third, the beauty of tea
1, name: not face the Lao side
Source: fennel 150 grams.
Method: A total of more than pound drug Qiwei the thick end, and even back.
Directions: Every morning said decoction or boiled water service, each 10 to 15 grams.
effect: adjusting blood, skin, Zi, Bao Chun Yung.
2, name: loquat tea
Directions: boiling water, on behalf of the tea.
effect: loquat into two by lung and stomach. To clear the lung and stomach heat, for lung and stomach in patients with acne have hot food.
3, Name: sesame tea
Method: sesame wok roasted yellow, take 2 grams sesame seeds, 3 grams of tea into the pot to boil.
Directions: tea and chewing slag, 5 grams each, 25 days for treatment.
effects: lungs and blood, nourishing liver and kidney. For rough skin, dry hair.


lasted four years, Paul van Dyk has finally released his fifth album creation In Between.

PvD before the album release was in his official website that the album will be the main emphasis , as well as his past fame subversive tunes such as changes in refining, in which so many fans looking forward to, but also worried, worried that this could evolve out of In Between What kind of a Paul van Dyk.
Sure enough, after the album's release, it attracted some of the artistic vision of the question, nothing more than popular study of its kind, commerce, saliva, etc. rough words.

I think the type of music tracks for the album The analysis here has become less important, after all, everyone has their own understanding of music, the definition of the elements. So let us comment on these artistic vision to a tit for tat eyes of the beholder it.

was In Between some of them mentioned on the dance floor tracks of melody and rhythm, as well as the integration of the popular voice actors, so the only suspected PvD downhill to make some of the market to cater to popular works. Yes, this is indeed a dance floor and the mainstream to create the album, either from the music and production, with the team and the synthesis above, everywhere reflect the dance-oriented temperament, but this does not mean he into the dustbin of pop music in the world! does not explain his asylum seeking mainstream! I want to be that critical eye fell PvD and Justin Timberlake and Jessica Sutta, who co-work on, whether you only hear it popping Vocal, while ignoring the PvD choreographed pieces shot line, draw many long ethereal sound, and completely different from the past of House-Trance drum?

This makes me think of the end of 2005 PvD have organized will be a unique symphonic, where I to a unique word, because at least in my understanding of them have never known other dance music DJ to his work with symphony out in the form of live performance of Music at PvD dressed in tuxedo shirt and collar, together with a large keyboard violin and other orchestral band played the song after classic song, their magnificent situation in the relief of the show the audience.

and less than two years later, he was transformed from Mozart became a Justin, started a popular dance! This illustrates the problem? he Slayers it? or find a symphony out of date? not as a genuine producer of Progressive Trance, I think this can only in a variety of musical styles that he continues to try the above, the symphony and popular music are integrated into their own style which, marked with a P-type to create a brand new concept, which is proved he is currently doing my part in the dance music industry in The first in the world, as you all kinds of music genres, in front of me can only be classified as dominating temperament!

now on the market, everywhere is full of Progressive Trance and Elec Trance type of work, regardless of the Armada, or Anjunabeats, or is it his own Vandit, issued by the two things most of the escape mode, while with Paul van Dyk of the resources, material and experience to make these among the fine should not be difficult, right? then why did he not? I think because he knows, do one of these two types of album creation, while in the breeze, to meet real market, real blindly to please! he did not need doing so, he has done in the past more than enough! and in his live performances which, it is already abandoned the Progressive Trance-based approach, but the Trance, House, Techno, Breaks, Electro and Progressive flexible use to create their own White Lies endless nostalgia, then have to say is Progressive Trance world, dance music and even sad. is not the only way the melody, the rhythm so you can move,cheap Beats by dre studio, and you can not always stay fixed in such a framework ? I admit, this music I like, but I prefer continuing to explore and change the way! and desires!

Indeed, In Between them there is the obvious emphasis on the U.S. market, but what bad? of the European conquest of the way of the future of Europe, why not another way to conquer the United States? to mention them in this album, we can see everywhere the shadow of his former Four years, PvD took four years to complete this one works, is that really the proof of his rough and casual attitude? I think if he intends to open the Asian market since then, maybe his next album which will have a zither, or the sound of the erhu appeared, and then with Faye Wong, or Ayumi Hamasaki singing, so that time would not have commented that his music back hundreds of years out?

He is a good man, stayed on to teach after graduation master. Beautiful and intelligent girlfriend, when the editor in a publishing house. They met more than a year to law-abiding, we must put on the agenda seeing talk of marriage, suddenly , his girlfriend to break.

It was a very ordinary photographs. He and a female student's photo. He frequented an adult education college lectures, each lecture, that female students will sit the front of the classroom, staring at him with rapt attention. Class gave his side a glass of water, and then a bunch of students around him and chat chat East West. He was a pretty good impression of her, and she is also very comfortable together. But nothing more.. Then they tightly pegged to him. Sort of test, have a bit seriously. Soon, it appeared that picture. It was a recess, a student somehow carry the one camera, leaving a few film never completed, students will be facing the wild capture , suddenly saw what he was and she said, then pulled to the shot down. But looks really good: he suffer her face very close, almost touch the forehead, eyes relative, knowing smile. He looked like the warm spring breeze, her looks , such as Yang Yang of spring water. really good. friends, for you, she is also very suitable for you and the reason why she did not have the story, because you're conscious of my responsibility, and thus unconsciously put her out of the loop in the emotional. She is right for me? her eyes, and then carefully look at your smile, you look ... ... you are like her, is not it? He never thought about it. Now hold up , he really does not hate her a little, it can be said to like her. If he intends to continue to extend this love, this love may be turned into like, even love. Sure enough, he and his girlfriend are each photo with some strange jerky, tension, fear and posturing. Same applies the so-called love him and his girlfriend.. This looks like behind the photo of friendship, in fact, full of love untold potential.
two finally parted. When someone asked why, they all remain silent. Yes, say who would believe it? More than a year in daily life and cultivation of even interested in the moment arrived,Beats Headphones, but captured a random photo. Later, he and the girl is really married. As his girlfriend said, he and she did more for each other. He, too, that his girlfriend is emotionally how sharp and smart woman, goes on the friendship he has been self-righteous group photo, is actually one was to see her one and only time in the darkroom can be seen washing the love film.
he had just understand: Sometimes certain things on the mind, in some people's attention, the slightest not hidden.

AO Sun glasses produced in strict accordance with the US Air Force military specification MIL-S-25948, its strong stable structure and high-quality polished alloy frame coupled with tough real color of the lens so that AO flight tools Series sunglasses for all outstanding military leader in the

AO professional-grade sunglasses, strong to resist ultraviolet light, protect the eyes.

most original pilot sunglasses

US military standard

impact tempered glass lens with an effective anti-scratch

strong to resist ultraviolet

special customized safety light lenses protect the eyes

1958 年, AO developed the flying goggles 58, now to the United States Air Force supply original pilot sunglasses (Original Pilot Sunglasses, or OPS) is known. In 1969, the original pilot sunglasses with the 40 years later, the original pilot sunglasses to protect its maximum performance and comfort of the eye is still the first choice for the US military. US pilot is love. In addition to the US Air Force use, but also in many other countries, active duty Air Force equipment!

the world-famous American Optical Company completed Cheer by William, a Connecticut farmer's son, founded in 1833.
William Bi Cheer completed his province in Rhode Island jeweler apprenticeship, came to Southbridge in 1826 He started in the jewelry trade, while also offering frames.
silver frames from the beginning, American Optical Company was soon extended to the market demand in the other frames. In 1843, First Deputy steel frames come out, and in 1848, First Deputy gold frame also come out.
American Optical Company continued to invent, improve the production tools and production technology, which embarked on the road to success.
company continued to expand, to the mid-1880s, the company has its own lens factory, and before that, the company only produces mirror frame, while the lens from that of Europe (mainly from the Netherlands) imports. America's Civil War affected the lens of European imports, therefore, the US optical company decided to produce their own high-quality lenses to compensate for the lack of imports, while the control source.
American Optical Company invented many new methods and equipment used in the production of lenses, some of them later became a lens production basic skills. Quality and production companies have gradually become the world's leading lens manufacturer. The production of lenses becoming more perfect, its accuracy can be up to one inch of 3000000, we are a hair more than 1 / 1500 even smaller.
safety glasses American Optical is also the development of a world leader, the so-called safety goggles is a high-strength glass lenses to block flying objects, thus achieving the role of eye protection. The initial development of safety goggles, and finally the company has become the world's leading suppliers of industrial protective equipment.
with the theory of refraction of light generation, optical instrument for measuring lenses demands more and more urgent. In the early 1900s, American Optical Company was committed to the development and manufacture of such optical devices to meet market demand.
two world wars, the development of the American Optical Company played a significant role in promoting. During World War I,beats by dr dre, in addition to important military optical instruments, the US government provided to the optical total more than 2.5 million of the lens. World War II, only in the 1942-1943 period, the companies important to the military and the industrial sector of the 18.3 million of the lens, over ten million frames and personal protective equipment, for about five one million sunglasses and over sixty-seven thousand of optical instruments.
Sunglasses American Optical Company in the 1930s was the introduction of the Air Force, and since then, that a US military standard, it by the US military bases in foreign countries generally welcomed, other countries have begun to use the armed forces of the United States Optics sunglasses.
American Optical Company, through its many subsidiaries, in the modern cutting-edge precision technology has a place; for example, developed for tracking satellites and missile telescope, called IGOR, it is a reflection of the use of sunlight to track satellites in orbit and ground-based observations to locate the recorder. Meanwhile American Optical Company is also committed to the study of artificial eye, it has a 15 top experts from the department also has an American eye and the world's largest man-made laboratory.
American Optical Company and other companies also developed the TODD-AO system, which is a new visual imaging system, the wide-screen able to produce ultra-clear images of three-dimensional visual effect. Using this technique produced many successful films, including At the same time, the company further and created a series of super-quality public moon sunglasses, named

Water said: I will be sad, will be sorry. -

some people for various reasons can not be together -

Fish said: What if the sea is gone it? -

At this time, she remembered the fish, the fish has long been dying. -

Water: You know my heart that the sea has long been occupied. -

Water said: I will be sad, would die with him. -

says: I saw the sea, he is so handsome and cool, only he was worthy of you. -


Fish said: I like you. -

Fish said: Do not worry, one day, the sea will find you and love you. -

Fish said: that the sea does, you sure he will love you? -

Water said: No! I felt, because now you in my heart. -

says: I do not want to give you a promise that can not be honored. -

reading this story -

Fish said: forget me, and then find a person worthy of your love. -

Water: Do not be silly, you're just a fish. -

Fish said: Do not be silly, the day after, I can not accompany you. -

Fish said: In any case, I have to accompany you to swim to the sea. -

Water said: I only like flowing. -

Water: You know I can not fall in love with you. -

Water: it is because you have not met the people except me. -

fish silent, quietly accompany the water finished the rest of the distance. -

Water said: but I think he is confusing. -

Water: You Is not the most worthy of my love for people? -

Water said: why can not you selfish? -

say you love me, say you want me life after life together. -

Fish said: Really, I kid you not. -

fish and water through a river, only a quarter of the fish's life. -

says: I do not know how far can accompany you. -

Water: it is because you have been accustomed to my presence. -

Fish said: Do not say, as I will go very disturbed. -

Water: Once, there is also a man so in love with me, but I was ignored. You say, you say ah, -

Yes ah, the sea with open minds, broad enough to accommodate hundreds of rivers play in his arms, but no time to take into account the presence of water. -

Water said: Why are you always so good, good to make me feel ashamed. -

Water: it is because you had to adapt to me. -

someone to share the joy is happiness. -

you most want to write one to her / him to say I want to say a word I love: I have the dedication you have the fish love the water, but fish are also tired of the time, I hope you Do not like water, wake up too late!!!

Water said: I believe that the sea is my only. -

Water said: Maybe I'm really wrong. -

finally, they go to the beach. Sea water to see her, but she is not only the sea. -

Water: a fool, that's just a good impression only. -

Fish said: do not. -


Fish said: In the search for you in the end what? -

says: I like your taste. -

Water said: Why am I always so selfish, so stubborn? Why did not I fall in love with you sooner? -

was concerned about the drift is not called stray -

like you can not please people together -

Fish said: Why? You can not try to fall in love with me? -

Fish said: Can not you do for me to stay? -

Fish said: I can not do without you. -

Fish said: Are we in daily life but also more than an illusion it? -

Fish said: Can you love a fool to try to accept it? -

Fish said: No, even at the last second, I will not give up. -

some people can be your favorite people together -

days passed, the feelings of the water the fish are becoming increasingly Duhou. -

Water said: He is my lifelong dream, I will not give up. -

Water said: I would not be grateful to you. -

Water said: I have missed too many days, I can not miss you. -

Water said: go back, this day is not for you. -

hear the voice of their own broken heart ... ... -

Fish said: No, you are so in love with the sea. -

Water said: I really love you. -

Fish said: Do not, I love you right, love me is not your obligation. -

Water said: just get along without feeling the extra memory. -

Fish said: You are my all. -

Fish said: Hello America, I think I love you. -

Fish said: that we can stand together and drive? -

Water: only the sea is warm and my mind only. -


was not called to share the pain of sadness -

Water: a few days you will forget me. -

Water said: No, once stopped, I became stagnant and will never be able to see the sea the same again. -

Water: You would only harm themselves. -

says: I do not want you to face a storm. -

Water: You lost yourself so stupid. -

few days later, the water should continue to travel. -

Fish said: Can you wait a little for me? -

says: I have tears, you see tears of happiness I had it? Oh, I forgot, because I am in the water. -

Fish said: But you can not right away I love you. -

Fish said: No, I will not fall in love with other people than you. -

Fish said: If one day I'll be gone, what would you do? -

fish happily closed his eyes, the arms in the water. -

water and fish through a river, the fish only Half-Life. -

Water said: I do not believe in love at first sight. -

not want to do the sea water around one of many beauties, she decided to leave. -

Water: You is not my only. -

says: I do not want to win your gratitude, I just want to be with you. -

Water: You can never catch up with my pace. -

was accompanied by the cry is not called sad -

Perhaps everyone has their favorite people -

Girls, if you have a boy cried for you
girl, if you have a boy cried for you, please grab his hand
a friend told me that he cried for a girl.

you give him, he will be hard to go back before himself. boy.
first time, I decided to leave him. He said to me, as long as I happy. I saw him choke back tears, I know, turn around, he cried.

second time, I told him that I deceived him. He told me, will forgive me, because he loves me. He hugged me crying, I know he must be very disappointed.
third, Valentine's Day. He held onto me tightly and told me not to leave him. He let me see his face, I knew he was crying. Ultimately, he chose to leave. I know, I feel that he is desperate. Maybe I'm wrong too, everything is irreversible. I also chose to leave, to escape everything here. Phone, he was crying begging me to stay, but I resolutely decided to leave. He cried, the last time for me to cry ... ...
Today, we have changed. He changed and became familiar with in the past, for him, maybe just silly. I have changed, become numb, in the past, for me, maybe just regret.

past my self-willed, he has been hurt many times. Now, he has no feelings seriously as in the past. I know, everything has changed. If, all over again, I will not leave . Not worth a lifetime love of people to leave.

boy, do not cry easily, only to face a favorite person, will become fragile.

boys do not cry easily, only when in love you too, will lay down their self-esteem.

girls, if you have a boy cried for you, please grab his hand, he can accompany you through life.

girls, if you have a boy cried for you,Justbeats By Dr Dre, please do not give him a choice may destroy a person ... ...

Union wants to yoga exercise activities because of financial constraints, limited space can only use the limited time with limited funds to engage in limited activities.
previously established football team, basketball team,Beats By Dr Dre Pro Detox, badminton team we have at least point out the personal equipment, yoga activities, not per person is estimated to repairing a garment, and buy a mat right? Who would often work on the holding pad ah? Not as good as on the unit on. Ever since we decided mat is a necessity, and I accept the purchase of this glorious task.
lazy people like me who naturally preferred + Free online shopping. Taobao while to rummage and find a few relatively modest price the owner is ready to begin the bargain. After several days of haggling down harvest the natural lot, but when it comes to core issues - when the invoice was rejected without exception. Several people have told me online shopping is not invoiced, profits are already low. I do not understand, ah, I said tax invoice if needed, then I take or pay point on the line, the answer is no
Ever since I saw an article previously thought, probably Taobao is the business model that suspected money laundering issues. Makes sense yo! You think, ah, I get a few accounts, and payments for ourselves, as long as people buy more, my money is the legal nature of the. Hey - I am worried that one day I will be silenced the. The other is the tax issue. In fact, many are not selling goods manufacturers, but the consignment model, which I have to store orders, store the orders to manufacturers, manufacturers only need to be responsible for shipping on the line, and then stores the payment received by manufacturers to the reserve price loans on line the. Throughout the sales cycle, money does not exist in any of the parties relationship between industrial and commercial tax, there will not be any quality issues related to the unit responsible for monitoring of Review, even if the damage to the interests of consumers are not consumers association protection, in addition to the store's reputation are little affected. Moreover, manufacturers are mostly online or smuggled counterfeit brand goods, it is not inside me would demand these
finally found the store, mill a few days, and finally persuaded them to give me an invoice, the good points of the tax 6% (for this I have a specialized consulting professionals, said fairly kind), when the invoice store also specifically asked if I can not open the unit to open only the total amount, I said yes, but it is best to freight operators in together. But ... when I received the invoice is really popping, ah, actually sent over or a VAT invoice, 17% point of the kind of tax, price, quantity, total one should be full, with the exception only of goods , no tolls. I really silent ~ ~ ~ ~
back to a question on the Internet to find stores, stores in addition to criticize the accounting firms outside the pig is no other alternative but to withdraw my 20 dollars far enough to pay my freight ah, then think about or forget. For less than $ 100 go freight passing what is not worth it!
but later began to practice yoga, the teacher secretly told me that our cushions are too hard, than their yoga mats even worse, no wonder so cheap. I had to smile ... ... who can guarantee to buy expensive things is necessarily good? Even if the incumbent has the advantage of cheap feel pretty worth it ~

ingredients complete later remembered to do this dish , finally tonight, a handful of practice , please correct me wife Korea Ha ~

preparation :

my approach :

glutinous rice flour + water + kimchi Korean sticky rice bowl of juice sauce transferred back

onions , chopped ginger and garlic make a good

5, add some powdered sugar , even after turning the pan .

spicy cabbage sliced ​​

2, dial next to the meat , under the Cong Jiangsuan until fragrant .

3, under the spicy cabbage,Beats By Dr Dre Studio, and stir fry meat evenly .

4, under the kimchi juice and stir well .

open speculation :

pork thinly sliced ​​

1 , under cold wok oil, stir fry the pork pieces to open and later closed in the fire , stir fry until meat rolled up , out of oil.

; ; outside 冰火两重天, weak pattern is difficult to change
; domestic and foreign 冰火两重天, global stock markets rose sharply on the A-share extremely disappointing. Rising from external factors, Europe, the United States, Japan, Britain and the United Bank of Switzerland to the European top five U.S. dollar liquidity into the banking sector, the EU temporarily weakened investor worries about the debt crisis, China's investors can not buy it, just moderately higher open after all the way down. Of course, not only because domestic investors may be worried about the resurgence of the debt crisis, or extreme pessimism may still spread, so the market one up on selling tickets, severely constrained the market rebound.
While investors worried about a certain sense, but a positive factor for the market or continue to accumulate in the process, including today's central bank on the banking sector to ease bank asset securitization funds shortages, reflecting financial innovation in watershed management step by step, through a variety of ways to resolve the liquidity squeeze predicament. But we must recognize that the current market also has many uncertain factors, like inflation is expected to drop into the European sovereign debt will not break out again, these are the mines could explode at any time, investors are difficult to predict, together with day by day on the National Day is approaching, everyone's risk aversion is more intense. So many people are choosing to avoid strategies. In accordance with historical experience, provided that most people are extremely cautious, the market may not blew out, and this year is ushered in when the opportunity we despair, when at all optimistic about a risk.
from a technical point of view, the Japanese K Line bottom pick-up September 14, and August 9 of 2437 points in needle bottom shape,dr dre beats, even if the trend deviation weak, continuing the trend of weak rebound has not changed. In addition, the weekly amount of the Cross this week to star formation, there continue to rebound next week, the foundation, but taking into account the National Day of factors, may rebound height is limited, and ultimately continue to perform the shock bottoms is more likely. Therefore, there is no need to worry the market will be down directly, and in the face of a rising market next week and do not easily chase, we have come to a rule by doing nothing, waiting for the market uncertainty.

1. get your QQ number of the first 2 with your QQ number is multiplied by five the first 3 to this number with 84 . then multiplied by 20 results 5 If you had a birthday , add 1848 , if not before,dr dre beats pro, plus 18476 . the results of your year of birth minus 7 . now you will get a 3 digit 8 . 100 on digital is your QQ number of the first 9 . ten and a bit becomes a double-digit , with the number 3 is your age plus a . 10 . whether the Right , quasi- bar

Capricorn men
of sound stubborn Capricorn, the romantic love is deep in the heart of the dream, although he seems so strong, a of. Capricorn man is carrying a heavy burden, struggling to climb the big mountain ram. Tradition, responsibility, ideals, and the desire for wealth and social status, all packed in a large burden in that burden, but also urged him upward force.
occasionally even powerful Scorpio men need emotional vent. Capricorn men are always in the end, does not reach the target, not rest.
some girl fell in love with a Capricorn man, surrounded by friends might say: Indeed, the Capricorn man is basically do not like to socialize, he would rather own a quiet way of doing things.
even their favorite leisure activities, is relatively static, such as reading, listening to music, and so on.
Capricorn men because some relationship to the environment, will often participate in social activities, social occasions, he rarely is in the limelight of the most healthy people, he usually silent, so that everyone is very surprised. Capricorn man usually can not give you very rich to stimulate the social circle, which you must be psychologically prepared.
he rarely take the initiative to let others know him, of course, with his personality on the conservative, cheerful innocent girl could make him easier to open the door, if you really know him, he will be very comforting. To his timely encouragement and praise will make him more confident. But if you look forward to his enthusiastic response, I am afraid, a little disappointed, understand each other on into it!
course, just know how to not be so practical and praise the efforts of men. He usually will choose a He attached great importance to the family; most of the Capricorn man, not the one that is not the woman to accept his family home to marry, if he must choose between his family and you, is a very painful thing,Beats Headphones, you usually little chance of winning. So, let his family like you, then you are successful more than half of the.
I said Capricorn is practical, he also has a real future ambitions. Many Capricorn men are married or a social status of his career woman wife help. So even if you are not famous door, at least you have to be appropriate behavior, give him a good impression of the lady boss. Rebellious girl is not a typical Capricorn, at least not as Perhaps in some cases, he will rarely say frivolous, then relax, but that does not mean that he will agree that you have such a performance. Especially in his boss, the boss or employee before, few men pay more attention than the Capricorn man, social status, social evaluation. You do not have to do his stumbling block.
He is stubborn and traditional people, marriage is definitely not child's play for him. Once he determined to marry you, he must have been thin on your observations, in-depth understanding of the actual assessment. Capricorn men rarely an impulsive decision to marriage. His loyalty to the marriage is trustworthy, a better future for the family's efforts in the affirmative. You'd better have respect for this marriage. I have previously emphasized the various things you'd better not forget marriage, or so he turned away, it's hard to have a second chance.
husband to marry a Capricorn, like buying life insurance, although not often listen to the sweet language, but you will get all the most practical care. Most of the men of Capricorn, the wife take good care of their responsibilities, the more you getting to make his wife, on behalf of their career more successful, higher social status. Perhaps your Capricorn husband will ask you to clearly written book of household expenditure, but in fact, Capricorn husband often very generous to the wife, but he wants you to always remember that
He attached importance to social status, also attach importance to their home position. And so his career has been based, he will more and more energy at home, your marriage will be the same as Daochiganzhe, the more the more sweet to eat. Just as I have repeatedly stressed their wealth, the pursuit of fame, because these two things will give them a sense of security, give them confidence when they lack self-confidence arising from the heart of depression disappear, you will see the enthusiasm of Capricorn, humor and romance. That was a desirable man.
help him complete his early ideals, you are always a good wife in his mind, so your golden wedding anniversary at the right time, he might be your bed with roses surrounded, you'll be glad you're a visionary woman.
Capricorn men and But for his girlfriend or wife is different, he often appears to take the initiative and overbearing. **
Capricorn men in general is very strong, and very sustainability, but the lack of flirting skills and creating the mood, if you are a person seeking a romantic atmosphere, the atmosphere of the work that had to master the Mount by you responsible for the.
Capricorn Capricorn father
your man will be a very dignified father. May also have a little bit of dictatorship, he attaches great importance to discipline and respect of his children. Difficult for him to become the child's
course, you do not do in front of the child's face this.

. Dé `start forbearance dé` Board. ひ ┈ → Wǒ ┊ .. really Dê Lêwǒ stupid oО governing. so a couple. the girl is very beautiful, very understanding, occasionally some bad ideas from time to time the Dances of the boy The boy is very smart, very sensible, the most important point. a strong sense of humor. always found in two individuals along the way can be funny girl laugh. Girls like boys this optimist mood.
they have been getting along well, girls to boys feeling faint, said the boy as their loved ones.
deep love of boys to girls, very, very care about her, so every fight, the boy will say is their own good, their wrong, even if sometimes really do not blame him when he said so he did not want the girl angry.
so, after five years, the boy is still very much in love girl, the same as the original.
a weekend, the girls work out, the boy had intended to go girl But she heard something, it gave up the idea, he spent a day at home, he did not contact the girl, he felt that the girl has been busy, he is not good to disturb him.
Who knows when the girls busy , also thought the boy, but one day the boy had not received the news she was very angry in the evening home, sent a message to the boys, all very heavy and even mentioned the break when is 0:00.
anxious boy, playing the girl cell phone, hit consecutive 3 times, gave hung up. hit home phone no answer, guess the girl pulled the phone line. the boy grabbed the clothes and went out, the girl he was going home when is 12 points 25.
girls in 12:40, when the boy also received a phone call from the phone call, she gave hung up.
night without it. boy did not give the girl a call.
2 days, the girl the boy's mother received a phone call there tears The boy had an accident last night, police said excessive speed, resulting in brake in no hurry, hit a bad half way of the big trucks. ambulance car to the time, people have to die.
girl sad to cry, but then regret also no use, she can only come from a bit of nostalgic memories of the boy to bring her joy and happiness.
tolerate the grief the girl came to the parking lot car accident, she would like to see the boy spent the last place. car has been knocked completely out of shape. the steering wheel, instrument panel, also stained the boy's blood.
boy mother who was a relic of the boy to the girl, wallets, watches, and that the Ministry of blood covered the boy's cell phone. girl opened purse,dre beats headphones, which has her picture, blood soaked half sheets.
When the girls get from the boy's watch, surprised to find, watch hands stopped at 12:35 around.
girl instantly knew that the boy after the accident also used the last vestiges of strength to call her, but she has since also did not take the gas block. boy no effort to dial the phone 2 times, he took the girl's nostalgia and guilt away.
girls never know, and she said the boy would like the last sentence is . girls understand, will not someone than this boy, but love her!
article you read so you will love me? Dream Angels edge creators ≮ ≯

27, Location: Pro remember the old kitchen (Ouhuazhou Hotel), Wensan Road, Lin'an dishes, features: Cuchao chicken, rice Linan. Corruption Index: 4 stars
28, Location: overseas beach on the eastern section of the text all the way to the mouth, green hotel, Kanto dishes, specialty: chicken stew hazel mushroom, celery, noodles, Kanto shochu, corruption index: 4 stars 29, Location: Old Man Road and Pier Road derivatives segment intersection, real edge of the hall features a large bowl dishes ---- Spicy Chicken, Luhe fish, pickled fish, twice-cooked pork, corruption index: 4 stars
30, Location: Qing Chun Road, Xinhua Road to the invitation to go on this floor features: egg yolk taro, boiled beef, butter Eight row, three new whole fish, corruption index: 4 stars
31, Location: Lee star opposite the alley, Su chicken theater company (Su shop), features: male chicken, pickled fish, corruption index: 4 stars
32, Location: Hangzhou, opposite the Palace of Culture workers Yuewang Road Flower Market features home side do not drink: sticky duck corruption index: 4 stars
33, Location: 18, old-fashioned Tin Shing Road Hotel features: wild mushroom dishes, dried pot corruption index: 4 stars
34, Location: Zhejiang Okawa Ma racecourse spicy fish, features: spicy fish, chicken saliva corruption index: 4 star and a half
35, Location: under the bridge a good dumpling hall mark features: handmade dumplings, thin meat, meat, mustard is the signs of corruption index: 3 Star semi
36, address: country soil Nanxingqiao restaurant features: buck, spicy fish corruption index: 4 stars
37, address: Su theater next to the Jade Unicorn features: Jiangsu, Zhejiang dishes Corruption Index: 4 Star
38, Address: Jiefang East Side, 61 Cheong Kee casserole next to the hotel, features: Jinhua torso bone pot corruption index: 4 stars
39, Address: Desheng Industry big back door, the new Cheers casserole, features: offal pot corruption index: 4 stars
40, Location: Paul Pepper Road, Liu Spicy Museum features: Spicy series of corruption index: 4 stars
41, Location: the text of a poor quality across the West, that store is called the sea offshore wind or clouds can not remember the name, just remember two of the shop, the bottom is selling fried dumplings, features: Hangzhou the best sauce radish, eggplant flavor, spicy crawfish, corruption index: 4.5 stars 42, Location: Intime alley next door, opposite the original Pu hospital sweater market, White Deer noodle, features: bone stewed beans, side dishes cheap, delicious, corruption index: 4.5 stars
43, Venue: Wu Shan Road, Old Beijing snack characteristics: small bowl of beef, Haggis soup, fried bread (not in the habit Southerners might eat), corruption index: 3 stars and a half
44, Venue: Wu Shan Liang Dream House approved Sartre color opposite Christopher Rothermel : $ 18 6-inch pizza, $ 15 sections of the steak, the $ 10 seafood fried rice, a good and affordable dining environment, Western corruption index: 4 stars
45, location, Shuangling Lunan Xiao port 21 Station Road, next to a residential Muslim noodle shop, features: 3 + 5 million yuan Haggis soup lamb skewers, taste really great, corruption index: 4 star and a half
46, Location: longevity Road, Dongyang chicken crock features : Dongyang soil chicken pot, spicy and delicious, corruption index: 4 stars
47, Location: Maarten Hotel Road, the edge of the sun and enjoy the benefits flavor Museum features: shallot noodles (very good taste, and cheap) corruption index: 3 stars
48, Location: 151 North Road, Hangzhou hushu Bridge station next to the yellow woman selling fish noodle shop, features: noodles, corruption index: 4 stars
49, Venue: Man Road all the way to master noodle characteristics: the northern dumplings, braised beef noodles corruption index: 4 stars
50, Location: North Central Fengqi Road, next to the new AC adapter in the commodity market rinse roast features: crispy sheep stick, pickled lamb, lamb pizza , Haggis soup corruption index: 3.5 stars
51, Location: Home Friends of the supermarket across the road Qingchun aunt baked dumplings features: iron grilled beef curry soup dumplings + cheap and delicious, corruption index: 4 stars
52, Location: Xinhua Road, Wenzhou, family friendly dumpling shop in the supermarket opposite characteristics: large ravioli and delicious steamed dumplings, and know the concept of taste is very similar, do not know a master to teach them, corruption index: 4 stars
53, Location: Xinhua Road, north of thirty meters or so family friendly supermarket chicken Yan Qiao family characteristics: Fujian style meat ravioli and baked waffles Yan (Yan-called meat ravioli is minced meat made into starch and wonton skin, packets into the other made ravioli stuffing, baked waffles are Xian Rouga Mo variant, cheap, good taste, corruption index: 4 stars
54, Location: Moganshan Road, Xiaoshan, Posts and Telecommunications Hospital, next to the roadside shop features: Qianlong duck taste emphasis, sweet, fat but not greasy, good taste, corruption index: 4 stars
55, Location: Lane and cooperative edge of martial arts, features: savory chicken, pickled cabbage fried beef, chicken done a good job, to do paper package, coarse salt fried hot simmer and cooked, taste good, though, and extensive co-edge is the same store, but the food does not taste as well eat a lot of this, the environment is also good, corruption index: 4 stars 56, Location: Yan'an Road, near Wushan Square, Lao Zheng ritual salt beef, features: ritual salt beef, cut a pound of beef, dipped with salt and pepper together with two bottles of beer and supper meal on such a solution, the price is not expensive, Corruption Index: 4 stars
57, Location: West Wumart supermarket next to the text of a banana leaf house features: Lotus rice, Cantonese-style Kefan, unique flavor, affordable, corruption index: 4 stars take the opportunity to go ~
58 , Location: Paul Chuan shu road film features children: delicious duck tongue, spicy crawfish, duck tongue tasty, tongue kept fragrant, spicy crawfish, fresh shrimp, shell pine crisp, rich flavor unique, corruption index: 4 Star
59, Location: Ring Road, beside a thick romantic restaurant: Features: cold evergreen, fish head, chop pepper pickles Lao Doufu corruption index 3:30
60, Temple Road, Katsumi mark with three Tesco pond area to cross this road junctions Jinlong Village Guilin rice noodle, features: 4 yuan Guilin rice noodle, the top layer of beef, peanuts, broth, you can ** feeding: chili sauce, sour beans, pickles, brine soup, and then pouring vinegar, spicy and sour to eat well, eat less than half left, go to ** add egg soup bowl, with egg and pork stew and hold like a little salt, the remaining material with a noodle soup to add flavor, very fresh, eating rice money and then spend 2 yuan to buy a bowl Guilin Guilingji cream, cool touch of honey honey, slightly bitter, six dollars you can eat very satisfied! it is cheap So to the FB index: 4 star and a half
61, Temple Road, Katsumi mark stall on the left into the last second, features: spicy crawfish, is a more particular, to the head or tail behind the cut open, with beer soaked three hours, plus special spices fried, soaked in beer and open as the back, immersed in the natural flavor seasoning crawfish meat, shrimp eat up natural tasty, fresh, finished first after-hours, with the first plate of the second set, fry sauce, the taste more fragrant, and the price is very cheap, point two crayfish only twenty plus two bottles of beer, it is a good place for supper, FB Index: 4 stars (but not best to eat spicy crawfish, I shop in Sichuan Long Chao Shou eaten spicy crawfish, shrimp actually mouthful of flavor, we all know why fried with pepper and chili to spicy crawfish is to use the mud to cover up smell, but also to cover up their shrimp flavor, but in the Long Chao Shou although not enough to eat fresh crawfish, shrimp flavor, but very strong, what seasoning is estimated over the mold, so I think this is the best to eat spicy crawfish)
62. Wushan Night Market, there is a Beijing snack, the boss is a group of Beijing, Beijing, Hangzhou considered authentic dishes in the fun!! Street Blues favorite is the sour cabbage (per times to all points 2 pots), and stew the bones. identification is the boss of Beijing, then a tempting, but also in having a large head.
64. Hangzhou First Curry - Chengjiang noodle shop. Tsui movie opposite the city, a small house called the surface of Chengjiang Museum, stimulate my appetite. Palace Seafood Tom Yum soup is a necessary point hot appetizer, the warm stomach acid, as well as swirls of green parsley, with just right the first spoon entrance, kind of sour taste possession of child well, slowly but you can find something along your mouth, nose, throat, hang inside the abdomen into a heat, then sweat on the forehead on the Qin. Chengjiang the head with a pot approach --- Cantonese roast, dry sauce, pork with steamed, real dish fact Dataichangxi fish with meat, wonderful already heard, although inevitably ambiguous, but also inclusive a piece of meat mouth Ai As for less soup, spicy fish head just a lot of natural, smell is gone, do not need ginger, garlic, onions or something to smooth things over, all the irrelevant aside. Finally Curry is playing. Chengjiang some flavor of red curry, yellow curry as estimated already improved, add some sweetness, but it is also suitable for hot ambiguous attitude of the girls. has always insisted on the point of curry beef brisket, I feel this is the authentic Onion , potatoes, red peppers roles, neatly; and is entangled with meat curry, slowly melting in your mouth, like most women love passion after the lifting of Wei Shi, stop, push can not afford, with open arms to accept it altogether Address: City Tsui film opposite. Alone dishes: Tom Yum Seafood Soup Palace, head pot, curry delicious index: 8
65. Hangzhou first small Seafood --- Little Chef (no name, but the windows close to the think of is probably called time to eat, eat three to four dollars two, three or four can eat seafood. not his own boast, if not like us Mateo mouth eats seafood, but also does not recognize such a delicate meat from Zhoushan fish it. fish is very fresh, steaming was also just right. I had this sixteen eyebrow eat only building in Zhoushan, the results ran a chef feel familiar, I asked, even that is out of the building from the Zhoushan. Little Chef also recommend them to our little steamed fish, sauce is very special, tray it will use up 1 dollar. , the aroma of seafood mixed with the aroma of celery, very attractive. very delicious soup, fish head is crisp tender. next to see diners applauded, said, Look at the small fin fish rice it is also tilted, air! Address : Hangzhou one hundred wells near the south side of Zhongshan Square Lane North junction; headed dishes: rice fish head soup, steamed sixteen eyebrow, steamed octopus ... all small fish; delicious index: 8
66. Hangzhou first duck gizzard, duck claws - Shun-min snack bar, absolute obedience is the kind usually passing through, and will definitely miss the shop: a dozen square meters of Shop misplacing house if they had a few tables and chairs, with no difference between street food stalls ; obedient citizens no menu, all dishes are the kitchen to see the material point; obedient citizens do not open the door during the day, and only open until 20:00 every day, the business until the next morning in point of obedience is the most is a duck gizzard, duck claws, octopus, mushrooms, pickled vegetables, chicken ... ... moderate salty marinade, heat just duck gizzard is where the most distinctive, nutty but not too hard, dipped in gravy, too It is also a sign of the wonton king claw rubber duck juice is also very signs, because the cold weather, the marinade has been frozen together with duck feet, duck feet effortlessly gnawing, try a somersault bite too hard, I feel, especially delicious. Pickled mushrooms are fresh, not to put too much MSG is the kind of artificial fresh, I heard their own pickled vegetables are pickled, is entirely the kind of fresh original ecological Address: Niu Jianguo North Road, Double Building, opposite, headed dishes: Luya gizzard, plastic juice duck feet, Pickled mushrooms. delicious index: 9
67. Hangzhou, the first fried shrimp, fried octopus - the bulk (no name, Anyway, we are so called there), the bulk of the fried shrimp, fried octopus Hangzhou is definitely one of the best, all the people to eat this evaluation. the bulk of the fried shrimp pot full of much, all fresh shrimp do. oily look to shake, but the taste is not greasy. one was burst with a thin, crunchy shell. spine is designated in advance at the open shell, stir fry on both sides after the opening, the like a pink apron. shrimp is very sweet, very nutty. The focus of those glowing yellow, deep-fried octopus with a pretty apron, the whole one on your face, you're not cool, but absolutely delicious, succulent and full, there is little flexibility outside that hole in the oil slick, in the teeth but also shed a lot of flavor. Address: Plum monument in the district over the letter (oil side) (Oh, not from the PUC far, if at noon to eat cafeteria food that birds mouth out, you can go there to taste.) headed dishes: fried shrimp, fried octopus, delicious index: 9
68. Hangzhou first chicken company - chicken Wen San Road, the public, Wen San Road, Xixi climb across the Cyberport, the first floor of pride on the second floor facing the shouting: Sound: We aimed at the target speed at Dongkuai, picked up an go out into my mouth, the result is usually too hot to do the tongue and throat raw so faint, but the first one to bite, it has fragrance of fresh chicken pan Love does not address the mouth, so this sacrifice is necessary and worthwhile. male chicken creamy chicken flavored, refreshing dip instead of teeth, eating hot pot soup tasting after tasting spoon bowl is also food for thought. eat There is no restraint to play after an ugly burp, the spirit of times suddenly cool. By the way, where the seeds taste is very authentic. Address: Wen San Road, opposite the Cyberport Xixi, headed dishes: chicken company. Delicious Index: 7 level
69. Hangzhou first wild bamboo shoots - old-fashioned hotel, Jiande, Fuyang's old-fashioned dish is very personal, so whether it is like hot, spicy or not, are all extremely like . old-fashioned hotel tofu is very fresh, with homemade pickled vegetables with a farm, robust bean sprouts, green peppers and pickled off with a block of Lao Doufu waited a long time on the casserole stew, fragrant induced only with the tables diners taste buds. Laodou Fu stew was just the heat, every minute of pore filling with vegetable soup proudly, but not cooking space, where is the most delicious and tender bamboo shoots Ono, in the pan stir dry chilli bamboo shoots are not generally so wild taste, spicy taste with a bit more to stimulate the tongue, it is appetite while others have burned spicy duck, miso soup and a large head is worth a try. Address : Tin Shing Road 19, headed dishes: wild bamboo shoots, and burning hot duck, miso soup and a large head, delicious index: 7

70. Hangzhou dried fish head first - Ou special, are open almost six months, the best restaurant west of the city of Wenzhou is the bamboo shoots to eat dried fish head burning, first raw material is very general - bamboo shoots, and much of Wenzhou is the kind of goods in vain, particularly tender, the kind of dried fish is absolutely authentic purpose nutty meat quality, taste is excellent. the United States after a very large shrimp pan only after a crystal clear, the meat so large, in contrast, bite, a little too easy to stream full of fresh juice on your chin, tasty very. Ou very friendly especially the owner, talk about good wine, bought a bicycle marching immediately bought the meat, scrape into the customer, the rhetoric some. Address: New Road, Fu-Wen intersection, headed food: Maggi River shrimp, bamboo shoots, dried fish head burning, gourmet Index: 7

71. Hangzhou sister of the first fat smelly tofu beans --- Profits star near a rotten beans to sell to pay the stall, the general placed there in 0:00 after a particularly large number of repeat customers, in various forums on the ring are also known, has never seen yesterday is finally found an opportunity to go! wee bit about the way fast, and friends out from the bar who almost invisible Yan'an Road, and turned a corner suddenly, half the street was a small table and put a small stool accounted for! popularity Want ~ taste really bad, but are deep-fried salt very good light, such as taste, smell beans tasted really great pay and quail! (There are many other like duck tongue, chicken wings, the lamb, cauliflower, spinach remember that fat sister passed the booth, Oh ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ there is fat to reveal sister said, and now she rented a stall put on the facade so early, after about half past eight every night to go should be able to eat it! introduced to the nightlife of friends who like it ,

72. Hangzhou First Kebab Kebab Temple --- Phoenix, Phoenix City is China's four major mosques of Islam, but in the eyes of most people talked about the Phoenix Temple will likely be associated with lamb string, the original is placed in a booth on the sidewalk, then a bigger reputation, on the side of the Phoenix has been such a Fanzhuang in a small place. lamb skewers grilled on charcoal gives off when mixed with cumin and suet's rich aroma, several times in the middle of the night walking in the slow lane River Road, a few blocks all the way across on the smell. Kebab varieties can be divided into lamb, lamb chops, Haggis and other several, too fat, different look personal preference. there are always a lot of people before the middle of the night, sat scattered around the late night, food come to know stereotyped, West beer plus lamb skewers. do not know now how the evening at the West Lake Avenue, Phoenix Temple opened after the door is also on the lamb will be put on a string of stalls, and a front door, and where relatively few people a little, but have heard friends say, or before the Phoenix Temple, West Lake Road and the junction side of the house more delicious lamb skewers stall, but that stall recently moved into a room, on the road opposite a small facade, a closer look you will find the

73. Hangzhou Lane, the first string string fried fried booth babe booth, from Hangzhou Shoe other end to about 30 meters into it, anyway, very close, there is a full small store, and sell drinks and pearl milk tea, fried string boss sauce beautifully! pearl milk tea taste very good, the boss also One must, that is popcorn, but because business is busy, not regular customers generally do not give your boss explosion. something very cheap, I only ate once at most $ 30, or four or five individuals it! absolute star and Billy how delicious supper you not much better, are generally open from about 2:00 to about 12:00 pm Officer Dai taste spicy shabu alley, opposite the Xinhua Bookstore, taste good, mainly the price is very cheap, around $ 4 as long as 50 can eat eat, and to ensure fun!
74. true edge of Church Hill Road, in the end about to Wushan Square here, the environment can also, features bowl dishes, like spicy food people must go there to try, cheap affordable, taste very good, 4 about 80 yuan can eat, and people better
75. Triumph intersection Kebab shop is more famous supper Their lamb, I personally feel more mutton taste, put the spicy vengeance, to the people to pay attention not to mention the time to buy buy Ji Chuan, to say how much money to buy, so if you buy 20 yuan can choose their own a 24,5 string.
76. Kwai Lane, there are a casserole Jinhua, taste very good, prices are affordable, the bones of my favorite casserole, but I think the levels show a downward trend, there is no good before. (Jinhua casserole, was reminded of)
77. Wushan road there is a fan shop, the house is very old, as early as my mother had a kid, and I personally like this very special fans,Men North Face Jackets, eat out less, and very cheap 1 per bowl, where the cake is also famous pickles, 2 about 6 dollars you can eat very full, and this store in my memory twists and turns, moving one three locations, but this intersection in Wushan block areas, into the sea is flat, its fans are thick, and hold soy sauce, you see to know, where some of the original Aunt (staff) ferocious, but now seems to be transferred next to the store, and Mother could not see that. (I feel good where the noodles to eat hey ~ Oh
78. As for the tofu I think Lee is not how a star, I've eaten good food in the East Village victory Tesco up a little some of the snack booth, there is a small string of bomb carts, a couple, and their tofu is their own, authentic enough to smell tasty enough, with their spices, great , but not easy to find too remote ah ~
79. Whenever some years in Hangzhou city, eating people, which did not know that the University road shop; noodle shop if it can not remember this word, can not not know University Avenue side of the liver.
80. Qingchun Road and Jiefang road between a small shop, no name, that the facade has been in front of black smoke Xunde seven discredit, the cute face who never care , and they did eat part-time in the Bay to the small shop, which will be called on more than half a bowl of liver surface, only three dollars, even if you are a pig to add luxury to add a poached egg, and as long as 5 dollars. shop door beam reads the word Then you eat something before you will be accurately placed; until you get finished, she look at you, and then accurately report the money to you. out of a lot of people, whether stranger regular customers, are not mistaken

1, Location: Qing Chun Road, opposite the wall of brilliant gold. Name: Chaozhou Beef Shop. Features: beef noodle soup is especially good, with $ 5 and $ 10 for two, the other Chaozhou fish board is made of meat and starch, a very fresh taste is worth a try, corruption index: 4 stars
2 , Location: longevity Road, Overseas Chinese Hotel behind. Name: the big man snacks: specialties: A promise grasping bones. Corruption level: 4 stars
3, Location: Dong Lai Shun Qingtai Street opposite. Name: Tumen skewers. Dishes: pickled fish, crayfish, attached: Here's pickled fish taste particularly good, eaten know! Corruption level: 4 stars
4, Location: Second Light House Lane Tumen baby barbecue. Old Bridge Chongqing pickled fish dishes, pickled fish, pickled cabbage with here are particularly good, corruption level: 4 stars
6, Location: Stadium Road, Zhejiang reported opposite Ngan Hotel, specialties: chop pepper tofu, chicken Cabbage delicious and cheap, corruption index: 4 stars
7, Location: East Road Wanjiafu port. Name: Hongshun dumplings. Here's a very good variety of cold dishes, especially chicken feet, salt water peas, salad bamboo shoots. Corruption levels: three and a half
8, Location: North Stadium Road and the intersection, Fook Kong Japanese cuisine, features: self-turning life wire, there is a small pot, 45 yuan / person. Inside the lounge there 68 / place of the package, 68 yuan to eat 68 vegetables, corruption level: 4 stars.
9, Location: Fire Building, Wenhui Road, Xinyu City Hotel 21F (opposite the traffic police command center). Name: Polaris Naxi food bar, features: Brazilian barbecue. Price: Self-58 yuan / person, corruption level: 4
10, Location: Ping Hai Luli star next to Tiffany's across the intersection, fat sister shared, 0:00 or so started selling tofu, is said to be Hangzhou the best tofu, and fried chicken tip, corruption level: 4 stars
11, Location: Kaixuan Qingchun Road and the intersection, name: buck files, features: Quzhou three beat up, buck , duck head, head, and dry chili pork fried green beans, corruption level: 4 stars
12, Location: Qingchun door features: mutton, lamb chops. . . Hangzhou good place for supper. Corruption level: 4 stars
13, Location: Zhongshan Middle Road intersection with West Lake Avenue, Phoenix Temple, features: mutton, lamb chops, lamb called Hangzhou the best string of corruption level: 4 stars
14, place : Dong Zhaohui Road, next to a KFC store seven districts, Quzhou buck and duck head cook is quite good, flavoursome, corruption level: 3 stars and a half
15, Location: Man all the way and College Road intersection, north of Guizhou Kentucky Huaxi beef powder, taste good, the table is a dried chili seasoning grilled, pepper is very authentic; corruption level: 4 stars
16: Location: Hangzhou, Woolen Mill Road, mark the back door of the alley the night before appearance of the street vendors do a casserole, features: Pig casserole, tasty, stuff it! Corruption index: three and a half
17, Venue: Tsui four districts across the road from poor quality supermarket, the supermarket posted Wanjiafu home next door to the surface of Chengjiang Museum, features: Guangdong dishes, porridge, and a variety of fried rice (recommended bitter melon beef, NSW fried rice, curry dishes, 皮蛋瘦肉粥 ...), corruption index: 4 stars
18, Venue: Man 2 on the road, next door to a home on high the company posted Juanjuan snacks, features: Sichuan. (Recommended Saute Spicy Chicken ...), corruption index: 4 stars
19, Location: City high-tech computer family noodle shop across the alley, features: Xinjiang noodles and meat, plus steamed, corruption index: 4 stars
20, Location: Stadium Road bridge over a little good azalea Paul restaurant: Features: Eight as the belly (pig stomach in the fed dog), Stewed lamb, corruption level: 4 stars
21, Location: Australia feather Town Station Hotel, features : Hangzhou duck, think the best duck in Hangzhou, corruption index: 4 stars
22, Location: Hangzhou Wen Third Street, opposite the boiling fish Township Building experts, features: boiled fish, corruption index: 4 stars 23, Location: Wen San Road, boiled fish, sunflowers, specialty: boiled fish, meat, toothpicks, corruption index: 4 stars
24, Location: Road and faculty Wen San Road, a little less food in August City, features: Yunnan Qi Guoji, fried bacon, and that bacon is really good, very thin, very crisp, very fragrant, corruption index: 4 stars
25, Location: Fengqi Qiutao Road intersection, joy, features: soil bean curd, elegant environment, soil vegetable Road, clean, and the key is particularly cheap, Xinhua Road, gears than 25% lower prices, better service did not have to say, corruption index: 4 star and a half
26, Location: Finance Wenyi College entrance westbound 50 m clock boat features: Dongbei - beef, lamb chops, chicken pot out of a product, and corruption index: 4 stars looked under the online evaluation of this hotel, not bad - look like free to eat .

According to Columbia University professor of psychology STANLEY COREN around the dog with 208 experts, 63 small animal veterinarians, and 14 of guard dogs and guard dog breed experts in-depth interviews of the famous observation, and Vancouver Dog Obedience Club offers a large number of very valuable information, fill in a questionnaire very large complex of dog obedience and intelligence work were ranked, ranking rankings are announced as follows:

1. Border Collie 2 Poodle 3 German Shepherd 4 Golden Retriever 5 Doberman Pinscher 6 Shetland dog 7. Labrador Retriever 8 butterfly dog ​​9 Lowe took 10 in Australia 1-10 cattle dog dog

ranking: 5 Most hear the new directive, it will easily understand its meaning and remember, the owner issued, they observe more than 95% chance of In addition, even if the owner is located far away, they will hear the instructions in there within a few seconds after the reaction. Training their people even if lack of experience, they learn very well.

11. Wales coqui the dog 12. Mini Schnauzer dogs jumping 13 UK 14 15 the history of the Belgian Teflon dog dog Pike / Billy the history of Shepherd 16. Collie 17 German Shorthaired Pointer 18 English Cocker / Standard Schnauzer 19 Brittany 20 dogs. American Cocker 21 Weimaraner 22. Bernese Mountain Dog 23 Dog 24 squirrels Irish Water Spaniel 25 26 卡狄肯威尔 Sike Ji Wei Zila dog dog dog

ranked 11-26: about 5-15 times to learn to learn simple commands, they comply with the first instruction chance is 85%, sometimes complex instructions for a little bit slow reaction of some, but you can eliminate this practice as long as spare delay situation. When the master far away from them, their reaction may slightly slow some, but even a slight lack of experience training staff, there are ways to teach these dogs a very good tune.

27. Chesapeake Bay pick out the dog / Polly Dog / Yorkshire ridge 28. Giant Schnauzer 29. universal ridge 30. Briard 31. Wells jump Hound 32 Manchester ridge 33. Sa Moye 34 Newfoundland dogs dog / Australia ridge / American Staffordshire ridge / Gordon squatting hound / Bearded Collie 35. Kane ridge / Kelly Blue ridge / Ireland ridge 36. Norway Mi hunting dog 37. monkey face ridge / Silky ridge / Mini product dog / Pharaoh Hound / Retriever Clumber long-haired lop 38 Lowe ridge 39. Dalmatians

ranked 27-39 dogs: on the part of the level of instruction in the repeated 15 times until the reaction showed the half-comprehended, requires a lot of extra practice, especially in the initial stage. Their response to the first order probability is 90%, performance hinges on the amount of practice time. Overall, the performance and ranking as good as a dog before, but not so smooth and consistent action, and reaction time is a little belated, if the owner stood a little away, they may not respond to the master's instructions, if the lack of trainers experience, or harsh or impatient, the performance of these dogs will be very poor.

40. Bennington ridge 41. Irish Wolfhound 42. Kuwa Zi dog 43. Salu Ji Hound 44. Knight King Charles dogs / 45 canine Germany bristle direction. Siberian sled Dog / Bichon Tibetan mastiff dogs 46 / Ling Tai / British fox hunting dogs / American Foxhound / Griffon 47 West Highland White ridge 48 boxer dog / Great Dane 49 Dachshund 50 51 Alaskan sled dogs. Shar Pei 52 Rhodesia 53 dogs spine Ireland ridge 54. Boston ridge / Akita dog 55.

Skye ridge top 40-54 dogs: they are intelligence and obedience moderate degree, in the learning process, in practice 15-20 times a basic understanding of the task after the fishes, if you want to get satisfactory performance, may need to exercise 25-40 times, if not practice, may have learned to forget action. They respond to the first instruction of the probability is 50%, but the prerequisite is you must repeat the training. If the master station very close,beats by dr dre, back to better their performance, if the distance increases with the owner, the dog's performance will be poor. Higher out of training can teach these dogs adjust as good and smart dog, but inexperienced, or lack of patience who could get these dogs can not.

55. Xili Han Skye ridge 56 ridge 57 Pug 58 French Bulldog 59 Dog 60 Mar economic Adams Italian spirit embankment 61 Chinese crested 62. Dundee Dingmeng ridge / ridge in Tibet 63 British old-sheepdog 64. Pyrenean Mountain Dog 65. Scotland ridge / St. Bernard dog 66. Ngau Tau ridge 67 Chihuahua 68 Lhasa dog 69. Bull Mastiff

ranked 55-69 in the dog: For instructions to achieve the perfect performance, may need to exercise 40-80 times. Even after so much exercise, or can not become a permanent habit, if the practice interrupted for a while, they are shown like never learned these actions, after practice, the dog's response to the first instruction of the probability is 30%. Most of the time, these dogs are easily distracted, and feel happy only when it will execute the master's instructions, if the host stand farther away from the dog, they must spend much time they shouted, as they are likely ignore them. Generally, these dogs were evaluated as Experienced dog, as long as willing to spend a lot of time, kind of dog betting firm and attention these dogs can make an immediate response to commands, but their performance is unsatisfactory at best, only just.

70. Shih Tzu 71 Basset Hound 72 Mastiff / is high dogs 73. Beijing dog 74. blood embankment 75 Russian Shepherd 76. Chow Chow 77 Bulldog 78 See 79 raw guitar dog Afghan Hound dog

ranked 70-79, to allow them to remember instructions, usually hundreds of times to learn to practice after some practice, otherwise they will forget This action like never learned, like, even if the habits, and they are still no way to respond to each owner's instructions, the first response of the chance is 25%, and sometimes they will deviate from the head master, the owner would like to ignore , or a deliberate challenge to the authority of the owner. When they respond to instruction, operations are usually slow and uncertain, or reluctantly. Some dogs must wear a collar was obedient, one off the collar on the lawlessness. Ordinary trainers may not control the performance of these dogs

mother of her son walking on the road

to comfort his son, Shen Xiao Lin said he had had the money, in fact, she who had no money. Afraid to send their son to the station revealed the secret, the morning of April 15, Shen Lin Xiao son out to take advantage of a pack rat when the sentence to the next door neighbors left after a man set foot on the way home.

until 11:00 the day before yesterday, in Fuling and 10 km away from the long tunnel at the Grassy Wong Fu highway, city highway law enforcement officers found seven brigade walked leisurely Shen Xiao Lin.

camped live culvert begging

foot 18 days Jiefang Xie worn out

day before yesterday morning, highway law enforcement team to take her to Fuling.

Shen Xiao Lin

Mother to visit her son could not bear to let it dig toll walk 18 days returned home May 5, 2010

Although very hard, but in order to go home to visit his wife at home alone, her vapid fresh every day to go, really tired, just rest.

Unfortunately, until the third night, Shen Xiao Lin found himself wrong, went to the Chongqing-Guizhou Expressway on. Shen Xiao Lin one asked, did not know he had to secure Qijiang town.

Shen Xiao Lin found that more cars on the highway, very fast, so go the more dangerous. So she turn to the highway, the path along the highway to go outside.

from Chongqing to Fuling, if you only need to travel more than an hour. Therefore, Shen Xiao Lin thought to spend two or three days, walking can be asked to go back. But her first trip to Chongqing city, the road do not know, she found that as long as high-speed road along the way to go, it will certainly be back in Fuling.

Morning News 52-year-old aunt, Shen Xiao Lin first visit to Chongqing Fuling pack rat from a living son, leaving his son to save the fare when she walked. In fact, Shen Xiao Lin who has no money,beats by dr dre headphones, just a two-hour drive, she was walking away for 18 days, night live culverts, hungry to the farmers at home to discuss porridge to eat.

night, Shen Xiao Lin, who lives in a farmer under the highway, and dined at this farmhouse. This is her first time in three days enough to eat, sleep a good sleep first. The family farm owner told Shen Xiao Lin, she needs to go back, to get to Fuling.

carefully immediately stepped forward to ask the law enforcement team, this was informed that the mother has been camped a strong days.

me in tears, looking haggard and thin the mother of the photos is really only moving and sad, our parents worked hard for 20 years, we can not let them continue to suffer for us, and I want to say after several Let us take care of you in it. I have a wish of good hope the world can be happy, I hope all parents have a filial child

can not remember his son as a phone call home was not any phone Fuling, law enforcement officers can not get in touch with her family. Ren Jiang Ling Jiang and colleagues used patrol cars to take her to the Fuling Yangtze River Bridge, and donated her $ 20 fare, let her go home as soon as possible.

day before yesterday morning, law enforcement officers discovered the highway Shen Xiao Lin, and sent her to Fuling.

Fuling horse Wuxiang Xing Long, who lives two groups aunt Shen Xiao Lin, 52, early April to go to Chongqing to visit her 25-year-old son. This is her first time away from the main city of Chongqing Fuling. Shen Xiao Lin found some days, the main city of the cost of living is too expensive, a meal of money, enough to live in her home for several days.

went the wrong direction Qijiang stable

Jiang told reporters, as Shen Xiao Lin way only know to ask his way home, as she walked all the way up where she could not say. She just said that the culvert at the time lived in the nearby leaves to find point cushion, but still feel cold.

At this point, she was gone for 18 days, wore Jiefang Xie had worn two or three toes are exposed. Can see from the walking posture, she was already very tired, his face filled with haggard.

Shen Xiao Lin decided to go home early, in order not to give a pack rat living son to add more of the burden, leaving when she did not accept her son gave her one hundred yuan toll. She felt her son every day around a pack rat, too hard, but also earn some money.

3, light Indian faces, repeated about 5 to 6 times.

moisturizing body bath oil: bedtime might come to a aromatic bath oils, skin is both decompression can be a good way. You can choose to moisturize the skin has always been known for the roses, or the right amount of milk (milk bath can also be fine) and, of course, has the effect of various aromatic moisturizing oil is preferred, such as rose oil, sage oil, wheat germ oil and almond oil, etc., can take advantage of the natural ingredients for the body to provide a good skin moisturizing effect.

free to choose the right beverage: the plane flight, you should pay attention to drink plenty of water, especially mineral water, to supplement the water, thirst soothing. Of course, you can empty servants to have some more soda water, on the one hand to neutralize stomach acid, protect the stomach, on the other hand it's diuretic effect can prevent foot edema.

convenient facial spray: it can be very directly sprayed in the face, the skin contains a variety of trace elements required for the sport supplement at any time during the loss of skin moisture.

Dry Index :*****

more exercise is also very important. I refer here not intense anaerobic exercise, it would only make you grow muscles; I mean, some gentle exercise, like cycling, brisk walking, etc., the best combination of performance and everyday life, it is easy to persevere. For example, take the bus to advance one or two stop, then brisk walking home; Over time, the body naturally does not lose shape. Who says beauty must pay a high price? Simple and can be very beautiful.

moisturizing massage: massage can promote blood circulation and skin metabolism, increase oil production and improve drying. Care in the evening may wish to join this practice - the use of moisturizing massage cream massage the face, so that your skin is less susceptible to air and dry air

emergency wash method:

high pillow to sleep - to deal with find fault

5. wrap Mask: adequate water supply, allowing the skin to increase elasticity, the normal metabolism of the pores in the old dead skin cells, oil stains

3, then with hot water (38-40 degrees) wash for 20 seconds, and back to warm water rinse for 20 seconds, repeated three times so. If you use the shower better about face from the nozzle blow far side of the spray face (with hot water), while the belly with your fingers tapping the face. Then spray the water thermostat 20 seconds.

7, embarrassing moment: carnival into the night, get up the next day and found swollen bags under the eyes, but also to work it! How to do?

skin care program to add classes vitamin A

rain waving Chinese air-conditioned room - gym

Emergency secret: buy a bottle of clear drying nail polish quickly, drops between the cracks in the nails, to prevent the situation getting worse. And then use transparent tape to bandage or wrap the nail tip.

3, moisture: To avoid multiple emulsion oil should be used fresh type of cream or lotion, you can replenish moisture. You can also use special effects acid class care. Magic acid to balance the skin oil secretion, inhibit the formation of acne, but also can reduce wrinkles. Of course, with the acid product, and then coated with a layer of emulsion formulations containing sunscreen protection, avoiding tanning sunburn. Although oily skin are more sebum secretion, but also prone to the phenomenon of water, add moisture to the skin of any type are very important.

Emergency secret: To eliminate eye puffiness can be a few pieces of ice with a towel and wrap it in the eye, can immediately reduce the swelling state. Or use tea bags, cucumber slices deposited on the face. Point on the concealer, other eye makeup not too much, you can wear sunglasses at work pretending to be cool. Next home drunk, do not forget to drink plenty of honey water before bed, a pillow and cushion in the back of the head, eyes the next day not too swollen.

lip is very fragile, lips gently cast protective equipment to help reduce dark black lips sink phenomenon. But this seems not enough, because sometimes the lips become thin, in fact, this is caused by the sun sign of the missing collagen. Although collagen injection lip skin can recover some strength, but no health benefits at all but, it will comply with European and American skin care expert usually crush advice, use water-based lip gloss in order to achieve a good repair.

to face,

Vitamin C can effectively remove free radicals and help slow down skin aging, so that effectively repair damaged cells, it is usually the case, many cosmetics are less spots to add a vitamin C. To this end, the beach can crush this feature of vitamin C to help reduce light brown skin spots, skin to get deep moisture. Facts have proved that a lot of beautiful beaches in the use of vitamin C-containing skin care products, I've been greatly improved levels of collagen, the skin more resilient and shiny. Therefore, experts suggest, try some of the beach with the sun crush the efficacy of new skin care products, such as SPF 15 Revlon Vitamin C Cream isolation.

Editor: Mei Mei summer can be very exposed to wear, good body filling, but the sun is too strong, the temperature is too high, resulting in skin oil, large pores, acne ridden, spots become more! Rest assured, if the pores and get rid of acne problems, you can live very nice summer!

Note: You can not use cold water to wash your face, because the summer is often sweating, his face full of sweat, skin temperature is relatively high, the sudden cold stimulation, can cause facial skin pores, making the pores in the oil, sweat are not adequately cleaned out, the consequences of doing so is to expand the pores of the skin, sensitive skin and may even be so acute inflammation! The oily skin will be prone to acne and acne. The correct way is to use warm water. This will not only ensure that the pores fully open, and not leave the skin's natural moisturizing oil too lost.

* within half an hour after exercise, the face will sweat, do not immediately on the makeup, if necessary, in forty minutes before the best of the makeup.

hot water deposited lip - against peeling

speed: 1 day

Many people think that oil will run into problems of adolescence, it is not. According to a survey showed that among women in Asia, oil production problems caused by an average of 37.2 years reached a peak. Peak 5-7 years later, the excess sebum will cause the pores to expand. This situation if not controlled early, the case of large pores with the passage of time will continue to deteriorate.

self-defense strategies against dry:

13, embarrassing moment: no makeup, but suddenly there for customers. Only have a lipstick.

1, to prepare a towel, soap and a piece of gauze;

1, sensitive: There are congenital and acquired distinction. The former is mainly concerned with the genetic and physical fitness; the latter mainly related to improper maintenance, misuse of cosmetics, sun exposure, wind and percussion, skin and other factors.

1, the soap in the palm of your hand rub with warm water from the foam, then carefully placed in the bubble of the basin filled with warm water and gently mix to form the vortex;

(1) have a good attitude: we must first understand the allergy is to represent this person is not suitable for such products does not mean that the product is poor; may be allergic to any cosmetics; any person, in some cases are likely to allergy.

self-defense strategies against dry:

self-defense strategies against dry:

oil 3 large errors

acne scars

(d) prevention and treatment measures:

10 分钟 Mask: If conditions permit, the movement can do a complete clean skin with a moist and maintenance of the efficacy of mask, the face after exercise can prevent the dust and sweat mix blocked pores and acne grow, but also use this time to achieve a good strong absorption of the skin condition and maintenance.

3, then the index finger, middle finger and ring finger are put on, scrub lightly stained soap bubble cheeks, forehead and chin;

If you have two or more symptoms, in addition to promptly clean the skin, preferably to the hospital to deal with it.

Editor: life comfortable, no matter where are air-conditioned to take care of the skin seems to be pampered with, in fact, was secretly destroyed, Xiao Bian proposal can not have air conditioning, try to not let the skin breathe free air , put on moisturizing spray and drinking water, anytime, anywhere to their pay, every time you move around, doing massage to the skin, a lot of little habits that can protect your skin

5, his eyes swollen, the available water or tea, potato chips, spreads fresh eye, to eliminate puffy eyes have a certain effect.

5, mid-face method to wash once every two days the first week, wash every other day the second week, third week wash once a day.

.6 sun do: UV damage to skin is the original compact, accelerated aging of the accomplice, the more sun the more the pores loose

AndreRougier that The main killer black, UV rays include rays UVA and UVB, UVB protection before we thought that as long as you can, so the large number of commercially available sunscreen protection can only UVB, SPF is that people often hear the index, but recent research that ultraviolet rays in the UVA is the enemy of skin problems, it can directly penetrate the skin's dermis, the skin accelerated aging, so a professional skin care brand of sunscreen products, must be able to prevent two kinds of UVA and UVB ultraviolet light, can inhibit melanin deposition, to prevent tanning and aging, such as sunscreen products can be considered as very safe and effective.

According AndreRougier description: of SPF15, SPF20 UVB rays is to prevent the standard, while the rays UVA, is most in need of protection, because UVA is not blocked clouds, can penetrate the human body into the dermis, causing skin aging. UVA indicators currently in use the Japanese standard, that is, people are now common PA standards, such as PA +, PA + +, there are some other products are beginning to use PPD identification, such as pharmacy professionals sell products La Roche-Posay, through the conversion come, PA + + + = PPD8. like lifu spring sun protection products PPD28, than the highest value on the market PA PA + + + SPF is much higher.

1, for sensitive skin prone to allergies should avoid eating the food and use of drugs and cosmetics; avoid contact with heat, alkali, electrical stimulation; not excessive friction; prevent ultraviolet radiation. Usually cold or warm water wash available.

If you find that cream is not enough moisture, you can add a little cream in the vitamin E oil, applied at bedtime. Because sleep is a good time to break the skin, in particular, easily absorbed cream nutrition, and vitamin E have reduced the effectiveness of wrinkles, one night before an appointment with the most appropriate.

speed: 5 days

B, anti-UVA critical

to keep the face clean and fresh: If you could best make-up on the front of the plane does not keep the face clean. Cleaning is the first element of beauty, then cleansing cloth, wet paper towel can be useful when it contains a combo Cleansing Lotion, points on both sides with one side rough for makeup, smooth side to wipe.

closed air-conditioned rooms - air economy class

They are a large number of OL

refreshing moisturizing lotion: In the face wash away the sweat and dust, the cast features a moisturizing anti-aging products (including private eye and lip care products), in order to avoid premature aging of skin. If skin is oily, you can use some of the T-zone oil control products, to adjust the facial oil secretion.

lemon Fuyan - to deal with bags under the eyes

summer oil control

4, the final dry with a towel or repeated pressure suction face of the water.

effect of copper mining

1, first prepare a clean, soft, dry towel and a small irritant neutral soap;

fated air-conditioned rooms - office

speed: one night

hormones that affect one of the factors secreted by skin oils. The male hormone testosterone in dihydrotestosterone really, will promote the secretion of sebaceous glands, so that his face oil increase, so the most obvious characteristics of male skin is more out of fuel. Therefore, more men than women need to pay attention to oil.

in the morning skin care program, at least with three moisturizing products such as moisturizing lotion, moisturizing eye cream and moisturizing lotion, etc.

cure: deep color, scarring may ask the doctor to give you a stronger prescription drug. During the day you can use non-fat and amino benzene SPF15 sunscreen. Skin experts say:

quick make-up remedies: first with a small brush swipe scar, and then cast a little light than the color of concealer, and finally painted with color similar to the foundation.

emergency only way, in order to no longer be embarrassed, we should pay attention to the usual!

2, the soap lather in palm and rub with a toothbrush dampened with a little;


cleansing method in the application of three minutes a month, whether or not to reduce acne, can be transferred to this law, which is a mid-face technique:

exfoliating facial massage: after exercise,beats by dre sale, often use some of the ingredients of products containing mineral mud massage or surface covered, you can effectively clean the skin, aging skin surface cells to help in time off, to promote the facial blood circulation, enhance the absorption of moisturizing ingredients , making the skin shiny and elastic. Massage method is: first, the face painted some of the massage cream, facial skin with your fingers along the bottom of the circle-type texture massage, massage every ten minutes.

in long-distance flight, the airline will provide flights of about an hour after meals, after the cabin lights will be dimmed to facilitate passengers to rest, this time you can take advantage of light dims after you plane beauty courses.

Emergency secret: once to buy a small bottle of anti-dandruff shampoo shampoo packaging, there are no conditions will be wet hair, then dressing the hair tail.

may be allergic to new products, so the use of new products, the best test of whether allergic
of skin itching, always wanted to scratch a few; some large parts of erythema or flushing; skin burning or pain; local apparent swelling; grow a small lump on the skin, but unlike acne; a string of small blisters appear; local skin ulceration

have dark circles eye massage effect, if, when painted cream, the way the eye massage 15 to 30 times, will accelerate the blood circulation under the eyelids, dark circles and even in time by the black dark red, Give it a try!

study shows that in the case of unprotected skin sun longer, more frequent, especially in childhood, adults, the greater the risk of skin cancer later. Therefore, experts advise: to keep skin healthy and beautiful Chinese people, we must pay attention to the behavior in the sun, especially during outdoor activities for children.

3, the appropriate selection of some of the eye skin care products, such as eye cream, eye makeup remover liquid. The skin of the eye proper massage.

apply moisturizing mask once a day, the fifth day, the skin's moisture content should become more moist. Of course, a good moisturizing mask is very important.

3 分钟 cleansing method

DIY oil to mask

3, embarrassing moment: taking pictures that day woke up to find a long nose teeth acne.

1, ready to soap, towels and a white cotton gloves (thin texture and good), and to which a glove finger, index finger and ring finger at the cut to form a three finger;

super wash method:


4, the last on the gauze around the index finger, dipped in soap bubbles and gently scrub the eyelids, under the soft skin irritation or if you feel pain to stop. If you still feel pain the next day, that is the reason scrub too hard. At this point at least 4 days to implement

======== skin care: Sunscreen Chinese women new scientific insights ====

2, allergy: skin allergies, skin hyperemia, redness, itching, rashes and even acne severe allergic peeling, edema.

specific steps to control shine

carrot juice to acne - to deal with the sudden appearance of acne

Do not fear the body water and drink plenty of water before going to bed, or the next morning you will see a swollen face and eyes.

hot summer, hot, air-conditioning is the only savior. However, when Allah and enjoy the cool air indiscriminately, while they ignore the fact that: take away the body heat in the air and also took on very little skin in the water. Facing rising temperatures and growing increasingly dry skin, after all, Allah choice dilemma.

speed: 30 seconds

2, first a small piece of folded gauze, dipped in soap bubbles, wash the forehead, chin, nose, etc.;

2. Apply acne skin care products: in particular, both the easy oil, acne skin and good hair, the proposal should use the full range of anti-acne skin care products are exclusive to avoid indiscriminate use with, but to stimulate inflammatory consequences. According to the day, night different needs, Clinique has launched to provide antimicrobial protection film, to the effect of treatment and prevention of the Conditioning Gel

3. forbidden to eat spicy food: it bound about your appetites, hot pot. Foods such as accelerated lit, will emerge from the body acne Push head.

have bags under the eyes of the! Do not worry, as long as it can help you reply with lemon eye But remember to apply before you dip in water for a lemon, give the eye covered with gauze, put two of lemon to wait 5 minutes.

(1) put on some massage cream, and then use the middle finger to press the way from the upper eyelid outward by the internal repression temple, then press the temples along the lower eyelid to eyelid and nose connecting office, so back and forth a few times, can effectively promote blood circulation around the eyes.

easily get rid of acne entangled!

Dry Index :****

fire umbrella high Zhang, UV Index daily verge of come up. Do not worry, make the appropriate maintenance measures, even the orange girl, flower girl pox family, but also towards the beauty of the road.

Emergency secret: use cold water with no additives or cleaning facial cleanser, the new product from the skin to erase, it is not completely dry when coated with a thin vaseline water with some ice in the face, will be able to quickly calm the skin.

4, with a dry towel to wipe the water face first, then gently pressed face water.

half life time is spent in the bedroom, which has become an indisputable fact. The heat of summer, heat in order to avoid disturbing the sleep, a lot of people like air conditioning in the bedroom has been open until dawn ... ...

1, embarrassing moment: when they were crying and saw my colleagues, happened to mascara is not waterproof.

sun consequences: turn dark brown scars; depressed scars will be greater.

speed: 1 day

1. remover to do daily cleaning work: the residual cosmetics, dirt will hide pores, helping to acne formation.

1, surface covered cucumber: cucumber, chopped out of sauce, wrap it in the face, with gauze slightly adsorption, to prevent drops of drip, 10 minutes after the wash.

around three in the afternoon, you can add an apple to nutrition, as well as boost the spirit, nourish the skin effect.

* take off wet clothes immediately after exercise, or shoulder, back, chest acne sweat clothes in the friction re-emerge next. In addition, the sweat on the skin adhesion, easy to acne.

intermediate wash method, after one month, if the effect can be transferred to this Act.

Emergency secret: in this case should be immediately bagged a cup of tea with milk, apply to the face, the skin can be relieved immediately.

cure: deep color, scarring may ask the doctor to give you a stronger prescription drug. During the day you can use non-fat and amino benzene SPF15 sunscreen. Skin experts say:

quick make-up remedies: first with a small brush swipe scar, and then cast a little light than the color of concealer, and finally painted with color similar to the foundation.

carry a bottle of water: Games, heavy sweating, consume more than the usual water, need to replenish, not to mention the water will be excreted with urine or sweat, while the body of toxins will be excreted along with. So, drink plenty of water not only conducive to sweat detoxification, more conducive to smooth the skin breathe. It is best to carry a bottle of coffee or fruit juice without water, energy and add salt if the sports drink the better.

1, ready to soap, towels and a soft type of toothbrush for children;

9, embarrassing moment: broken nails, nail polish is also split mottled spot, the most beloved sweater also hook broke.

speed: 5 days

self-defense strategies against dry:

6, fine lines, wrinkles, eye bags, dark circles, puffy eyes, the skin is most prone to eye problems, these problems have sometimes due to lack of water, or poor circulation caused by moisture accumulation, or often in the computer before typing, wearing contact lenses increased eye fatigue, eye aging. This in addition to relying on improvements in skin care products, with the lifestyle is very important.

8, embarrassing moment: In the plane to Europe to participate in the exhibition, due to a long flight, significantly affect the skin, and has begun to surface of the skin redness.

deposited protein - to deal with Black

acne always uninvited, but also a long bunch of their friends, in addition to wiping drugs listed in the professional dermatologist, acne skin people, and even skin care products should be adjusted to two-pronged approach, effective anti- pox.

pot of tea rose moisturizing: the office is essential tea, but with the same water, as a pot of tea with a better cosmetic moisturizing effect. Cornflower or Huang Jinju roses plus the 2 g amount of honey, the 400cc water after boiling, add all the floral taste, soak in water after drinking. It said tea with nourishing liver function, regulate blood circulation effect, you can ruddy skin, moisturize the skin more supple.

========= Skin: Four scenarios response moist air-conditioned room =========

1. remover, cleaning products, to be replaced: the greasy summer moisture still in use cleaning products? No wonder the acne will be stimulated to grow back. For example, Clinique's Cleansing Mousse net pox, pox soap net, net pox cleansing cloth membrane, the skin to provide gentle acne cleansing power, and antibacterial anti-bacterial, soothing irritation inflammation

====== care: rapid elimination of acne wash method ======

6, embarrassing moment: just finished skin care, face even emerge a rash.

2, lemon egg surface covered: Take a little baking soda and egg yolk mix, add 12 drops of lemon juice, mix well enough in the face and wash after 15 minutes.

After the first three methods applied

■ Myth # 2 adolescence to oil

vitamin A is a class with different vitamin A are both relevant and material, and its trade name RetinA or Renova. Vitamin A on the skin type is very effective, especially the skin cells can enhance the epidermal growth factor (EGF) that stimulate the skin's natural growth hormone responsiveness. So the class can make the skin cells, vitamin A production in normal working condition. If the skin care program to add classes vitamin A, a month later, the skin will be significantly improved, the skin will be more flexible, reduce wrinkles, shallow scars, pores decreases.

important pre-date a natural acne are considered unfortunate, but there are emergency treatment: that were not bacterial infection, can be coated with hydrogen peroxide in acne, the next day, swelling the situation should improve. Is said to deal with carrot juice is also very effective in acne treatment. Ground as long as the skin fresh carrot juice, wrap the affected area, 15 minutes and then washed with water, sooner or later, 1 times, detoxification and decomposition of acne role of fat.

2, so the pot of water is about to stop spinning, face immersion, so that the natural flow of foam washing the face, so 20 seconds. Then another with a clean face immersion in warm water in the basin, the foam dip net, and 20 seconds. So three times, each time changing the water and for foam;

feel particularly when the skin is dry, you can re-use disposable cleansing facial cleanser, or a piece of cotton wool dipped in latex, use it to wipe the face again, apply some moisturizing lotion to keep the face moist and fresh.

2, put soap in warm water (22-23 degrees) in the rub foam, foam the better. Foam hands holding up the wash, wash 1 minute. Do not be too hard, if they feel the pain to stop.

acne should not occur in a time of, really nice, distressing thing, in order to avoid such embarrassment, Allah should not appear in acne when attention to clean skin.

Emergency secret: do not often make the skin, often on the makeup If your skin is sensitive, and always prepared around a number of functions with ease tension in the skin lotion is absolutely necessary, a painted face, painful skin can be restored immediately fresh, exposed at the foundation of this with some lotion, point to the light blush and powder, leaving only the eye and lip make-up, to spend the sad moments.
12, embarrassing moment: when there is no make-up eyelash curler, eye seemed listless.

International Conference on the skin, the disclosure of the latest research results.

Dry Index :***

before makeup, you can start with milk wash. Tender milk whitening effect, many people immediately after washing the face becomes smooth, so easy on the powder. However, before washing with milk, apply cleanser cleaning of dirt, over the water after the wash with the milk.

These small tips can help you to alleviate the situation:

(2) understand the reasons for allergy: stay away from allergens, also by scavenging free radicals, regulating immunity, improve their allergies.

senior wash method:

light ultraviolet radiation the most important, the most common form of radiation, so while adding UV sunscreens A and B of the absorbent is very important. Available on the market only the first generation of sunscreens can prevent sunburn caused by UV-B, according to these results, people need to use the same protection against the ultraviolet A and B of the new sun protection products.

sun consequences: turn dark brown scars; depressed scars will be greater.

======== skin care: skin, such as lychee-like tender =======

environmental characteristics: often run around in the land of beauty, one to the sky, look like? If you have had a similar experience, then you will know the woman to the United States on the plane, will be a long time to dry, dehydrated and pale Huarong endure mental and physical exhaustion. Because of severe dry cabin air does not flow - no matter what your daily skin care how good, are not overlook a few hours of flight time.

======= skin care: sensitive skin and allergy care have not ======

really experienced, really a lot of makeup items can be common too! Coffee eyebrow pencil a more wonderful with beautiful natural

4, embarrassing moment: keep away dandruff can happen to wear black clothes.

1, sensitive: sensitive skin if care is not enough, often red, hot, itching and other symptoms, or outside the trial medication containing hormones, is transformed into skin allergies.

arbitrary air-conditioned rooms - bedroom


excess oil, acne hoarding, is the main reason causing the maximum coarse pores! Often squeezed to remove acne, over time, but may make the skin pores bi hurt, more relaxed. To keep the skin clean, avoid the accumulation pores grease, dirt at the same time, tighten pores coated with a skin care products, there is definitely a plus effect.

4, took off his finger, only the index finger to retain finger, dipped in soft foam gently scrub the skin under the eyelids, the final rinse, towel dry.

Band-Aid or Scotch tape are found, it is better to buy nail scissors! The sweater has been broken hook, and quickly break at the knot in it!
10, embarrassing moment: I am a makeup artist, found in a particular time to do make-up models mascara actually been done. Too ashamed friends.

3, oat milk, surface covered: the oatmeal with milk into a paste, apply to the face after 10-15 minutes wash with warm water, then cold water rinse.

4, pears almond oil surface covered: the six pears cooking, cool, crushed, plus 1 tablespoon almond oil, stir well enough in the face. Oily skin can become tender, and can be rid of acne.

, embarrassing moment: to see her boyfriend, but the cosmetics counter is painted like a Fengchennvlang, only 10 minutes to remedy friends.

4, Care: Choose a mild exfoliating cream or scrub product, 1-3 times a week, you can clear out the pores of dirt; reduce acne caused by excessive fat production, but also can make the effect of moisture skin care products more effective, easier to acne can be used for the T-zone T-zone skin care products to complete the conditioning of the refreshing effect.

========== thirteen beautiful little secret ========
aid too red blush, nail damage, it is important to meet sudden acne ... ... the embarrassment when caught off guard when the time comes, some of the magic formula to help you over the girls emergency beautiful.

such a group of women, their place is the most common aircraft the economy cabin. They need to immediately rush to the next plane after a meeting or a banquet of a field conference site, at which point they must face not tired of radiant color. Thus, in a few hours on the plane, they do not allow your skin by any suffering ... ...

3. Tightens pores using the product: for repair has been done to improve the formation of large pores, such as use Clinique Pore Repair Lotion, exfoliating added exclusive technologies to keep pores clear, no blockage problems generated. Magical light refraction technology, so that the pores appear immediately invisible. Because of age, loose thick skin pores are also applicable, with the soy protein extract, to stimulate new collagen, loose re-tighten up pores and weak

paper membrane pour moisturizing essence: a point to three in the afternoon this time, due to dry skin are particularly vulnerable to fatigue and appears lifeless. At this point, you can quit work, out of fifteen minutes, will usually have a moisturizing effect with the liquid down on paper the essence of the membrane, gently apply to the face off after 15 minutes, will feel his face Shui tender, if you want to keep longer, the water quality to be immediately coated with moisturizing cream.

1, first wash the face with a cleanser dirt.

* Do not sweat and hot and immediately to the air near the airconditioning, otherwise this will cause skin irritation.

do not think the air humidifier in the winter it only need it at this time in order to maintain the humidity in the air the bedroom at night, to avoid over-drying skin, or need to be placed in the bed of a small humidifier, room humidifier according to to the appropriate value.

deposited with high-quality cream: moisturizing care at home at night easier and thoughtful, and relatively cumbersome to use, but the wonders of the deposited cream can come in handy at this time. Mask will be like thick cream to apply to the face, easy to dry in parts, such as cheeks, chin, etc., can enhance the use of mask bit. And then close their eyes a break of 10 to 15 minutes, preferably in bed, the feet flat. This allows the mask of moisturizing ingredients to fully penetrate.

to coarse pores that Bye-Bye!

airplane air is too dry coarse hair scattered confused.
emergency recipe: In a thick layer of hair rubbed ointment saws, and pull hair in the back of the head of a hair, dry hair can prevent chaos. Just need to rush to the hotel saw the ointment will be cleansed.

Mask necessary before makeup - to deal with dry skin

(b) the characteristics and clinical performance:

Emergency secret: coming to another counter to some makeup and skin care products milk trial makeup, face makeup to the bathroom to wash. Best around a wet towel, and quickly point to another counter on the foundation, then a little lip gloss enough.

minimize the temperature difference between indoors and outdoors, if the air temperature is adjustable, place it controlled at 24 degrees Celsius.

aircraft in the dry air can make your hair becomes rough, indicating that your hair is usually very dry. Therefore, it should focus on hair care routine, to the hair a healthy

Emergency secret: If acne has white pus head, heat, then gently squeeze the acne break with a tissue. If pus is not prominent skin surface can be coated with vitamin E ointment, and then at the acne concealer brush, apply foundation, then dip your fingers gently to the excess foundation, and finally, rushed in and the same honey color powder, blush played a bit thicker.

Editor: Mei Mei summer can be very exposed to wear, good body filling, but the sun is too strong, the temperature is too high, resulting in skin oil, large pores, acne ridden, spots become more! Rest assured, if the pores and get rid of acne problems, you can live very nice summer!

1, to overcome some of the usual bad habits, such as like frowning, squinting, and staying up late and rich facial expressions too.

all washed the grease not oil can. Many people will not help to always face the summer, hoping to wash the more the less oil. In fact, the normal skin secretion of the oil and water should be in a state of equilibrium, if you will simply wash away the skin's surface, or siphoning off oil will cause imbalance in the secretion of water and oil, but will stimulate the sebaceous glands secrete more oil. In this sense, water is the key to oil. In addition to oil products have therefore chosen to emphasize the effect of oil, but also must consider the moisturizing effect of the product itself, not only to provide appropriate oily skin moisturizing, conditioning the skin to the best balance of water and oil, can we truly say goodbye shiny . Clean the skin makes the skin over the oil situation is more serious. When the skin feels dry, the skin oil glands will secrete excessive cleaning will make a lot of skin glands secrete more oil, skin oil which is more serious reasons.

2, first dipped in soap bubbles intact gloves gently scrub the face. Delicate skin who can wear in the index and middle finger, dipped in bubble clean of the whole face;

Emergency secret: the soft bath brush to brush the skin cells die of old age, then a more moderate milk shower, warm water shower. And other skin not dry, wipe moisture lotion, rub a little more. If possible, close to the dark skin of the foundation evenly covering the spending of the skin.

Emergency secret: to find the dressing room, picked up the side of the lip balm, hand cream like lotion, rub a little at the moment, then gently wipe off with tissues. If you do not cream it? Take a tissue wet mouth, you can easily makeup of. Secret is to spend in makeup before treatment.

2, in the event of allergy will have to pay attention to:

also moisturizing make-up: For those who often need to make and easy to dry the skin and the office of women, choose a moisturizing effect make-up (moisture-based makeup), as make-up of dry skin caused by certain mitigation. Moisturizing makeup, including lipstick, eye shadow, blush, etc., in which the moisture particles to avoid skin allergies and dry.

(a) reasons:

(2) use of heat, wash your face the way the use of hot towels, cover the eyes, apply more than a few times, just boil for complete elimination of fatigue, night or two particularly effective.

Dry Index :****

gauze face France:

5, and finally coated with convergence of the make-up water, coated feel a sense of tension, can be painted many times.

Emergency secret: it has a cotton swab, or spoon, as long as it is flat on the eyelashes with the following, to withstand eyelashes, Wait, and immediately had the look of the eyelash curler.

could not drink the water before going to bed if you can try to sleep a high pillow, water is not easily deposited on the upper eyelid, swollen eyes and swollen the next day are not afraid, seems listless up.

4. local oil: T word always seems the most coarse pores, the reason lies in the oil more than the average, even with make-up cover, but also all of a sudden out bare. Clinique Pore with T-gel topical oil, oil-free gel texture, to help put on the skin like a gentle mist cloak, eight hours convergence Oil

high-density woven Mask: After cleansing, in order to quickly improve the skin's dry, the best way is to apply a moisturizing disposable high-density mask, most of them containing plant extracts, vitamin E, collagen, elastin and moisturizing factor, not only eliminates the need for cleansing of the trouble, save the skin and can quickly dry the verge of crisis, slow moisture loss, while the skin soft and bright.

They are the city's most fashionable women, they have elegance and slim body. But they still love and insist on at least three times a week indoor fitness. In their eyes, the movement also cool than sex, but after sweating in the gym, the skin should be smooth and delicate but full of the air-conditioned gym not the angry ... ...

3, with the stained foam brush gently scrub the forehead, chin and other parts of coarse texture; then wash face with water and foam, and finally with a clean dry towel face of the water.

specialists found that white by the sun and red color, yellow spots formed on the skin by the sun, so the Chinese women at any age, whether on the number of spots all over France women. Among them, the Southern women there face, hands stain is much higher than the proportion of women in the north; in population over the age of 26, the proportion of facial pigmentation occurs more than 80%; rural women than urban women stain.

beauty of the girls will always be with makeup to seem more spiritual. Can not make-up girl than a lot more risk, such as those above the embarrassment. Can not have both fish and bear's paw, and only reached a pinnacle in the accumulation of makeup techniques it! In addition, the transparency of this popular cosmetic surgery, will reduce a lot of trouble.

TIPS: Tips gym Hydra

This method not only for acne, wrinkles and face higher number can also be applied. In general, acne is oily skin who, if excessive use of degreasing soap, then make the skin dry, very sad. At this point, we use this law to deal with.

dry and peeling lips easily, only to find that lipstick, do not tear up the hand? No! Some blood, also easily lead to allergy symptoms, it is best to first coated with a thick layer of lip balm, cotton pad soaked with hot water deposited on the lips for 15 minutes. Then brush lightly with the lips, lip skin can be washed off.

2, Firming: You can choose to contain some of the alcohol content of toner, which evaporate quickly in the skin surface, the heat away causing the pores, hair follicles discharge mouth of the dirt, sebum, etc., deep clean pores, the skin fresh and cool clean. Containing trace amounts of alcohol astringent, not only can shrink pores, inhibit oil secretion, can also adjust the pH balance of skin, helping to add moisture lotion can be used on cotton use. If the skin is sensitive, it is best not to use alcohol-based astringent.

TIPS: Tips Hydra bedroom

2, the amount of milk into the basin, a towel stained with milk (do not towel drying).

======= care: say goodbye to summer coarse pores and acne skin =====

painted cream massage - to deal with dark circles

During the meeting, the women are generally concerned about skin and sun protection issues, as guest speakers, one of the La Roche-Posay skin care laboratory medicine research director AndreRougier received a number of media reporters interview.

A, from children to the sun

4, the eye can not scrub the skin, so as not to damage the soft sand of the skin, making it easier for aging. Carrot juice can also add some olive oil coating the eye and eye wrinkles, or at bedtime in these parts apply to vitamin E oil to enhance the skin's anti-power, reduce or mitigate the formation of wrinkles and deeper.

milk face wash - against his face dull

If acne persists, you can use this method. The formation of acne scars people have been more applicable.

Although no money to buy skin care products, but still need to take the facade; they can simply start from everyday life, the simple little trick can make you beautiful.

Emergency secret: I use the thumb to lipstick painted on the face, more than any make-up are useful. Rosy blush will immediately face up, spread your fingers out of the feeling is so smooth, natural, and more lasting color will be retained. Eyelash curler do not find the time, with a spoon while it can help you solve this problem.

■ Myth # 3 oil is a woman thing

2, to drink plenty of water, regular consumption of some of the gelatinous material, such as trotters, chicken feet, so as to keep the skin moist.

sun consequences: increased freckles. In the sun a day is enough to make it worse, freckle expanded color depth.

* before exercise and after exercise, you need to eat plenty of help to improve the quality of movement, body-energy food supplement, such as milk, white meat, whole grains and nuts, etc., while beneficial to the skin orange, tomato, etc. fruits and vegetables can also help you get good skin

drink enough water, drink at least 8 large glasses of water a day. If you go out, it is best to carry a bottle of mineral water.

If you are an endless stream of acne trouble, you certainly tried numerous methods, and effective? The wash method you tried it? Might be just the solution for your acne is a big helper too! A bit complicated, but the system, look carefully myself!

In addition, water is the most expensive health drinks, so drink plenty of water is a must. General sugary drinks will only make you fat, and water can promote the body metabolism, so that you healthy and beautiful.

not not prepared moisturizing spray: spray moisturizing essential thing is the plane, a short flight or if the skin is not dry, it can be used at any time to add the loss of skin moisture. Recommended every 30 minutes during the flight, go out into the face of a moisturizing spray spray.

try moisturizing repair: repair moisturizer is suitable for mature skin moisturizer. Dry skin moisturizing skin care products no matter what, the effect is always short-term limited, as protection from and improve the skin's own moisturizing capabilities to achieve better results. The removal of the skin with a cuticle moisturizer moisturizing function to promote the ability of the skin especially vulnerable to injury in the summer, and allow new skin cells at night to play a natural moisturizing capabilities, improve the skin's moisture level

homemade moisturizing spray: Use two teaspoons of raw chrysanthemum against the glass of water, after cooling thick foam filter, plus a teaspoon of salt placed a cup of cold water, stir well, poured into a nozzle of the container, can be sprayed at any time to supplement water, and combined with the skin surface film, with a moisturizing effect.

speed: 1 to 2 days

c) the relationship between the two

Emergency secret: Jizhongshengzhi think of ways - using Vaseline instead of mascara to make. Later found that the eyes of God look more and more moist, bright and sexy. This kind of thinking that I benefited in future work, I will often use lip gloss or cream applied to the eyebrows, so that the eyebrows look even more shiny, and it will have unexpected results.

repair using water-based lip gloss Lips

========== care: give you a pair of beautiful eyes ========

have a pair of young, beautiful eyes, everyone is yearning for. However, the eye is most likely to face the aging of the parts. How to protect the skin around the eyes do?

quick make-up remedy: Use colored lotions can be effective even face color, natural and have the skills to cover the face of freckles

red nose so hard on the makeup, black is definitely not the day to go to an appointment to do, of course, it is best to do day in advance. Method is to wash after cracking an egg, the protein coating in the nose, and then loaded with the film (does not contain a soft cotton) deposited in the above paper face wash, face wash 10 to 15 minutes until the paper is dry, pull the cotton from the bottom paper, most blackhead effect, but remember, tissue removed, be sure to take on the alcohol-free toner.

11, embarrassing moment: I once participated Party, just to be ready to go, I suddenly felt just on the makeup of the skin feeling tingling, uncomfortable, have a little itch, or even to touch to touch the flowers to get a makeup.

improve skin metabolism: As the air-conditioned environment is not easy circulation of air, oxygen content in the air down, which will also affect the skin of normal metabolism. Then need to select to improve the skin metabolism of skin care products, special maintenance of the skin. Some highly effective beauty role Lotion to moisturize the skin, preventing air-conditioned environment of the skin caused by aging.

points, according to Asian skin aging studies have shown that not only UV-B can cause cancer, UV-A can lead to mutations and basal cell and squamous cell carcinoma of the solar keratoses, but the latter does not cause sunburn. UV-A radiation is the day

2. exfoliating regularly: at least every week to help the skin to time clean-up, use exfoliating products, especially T-extended to the nose cheeks skin, massage can be slightly strengthened to avoid dirt accumulation deep acne

environmental characteristics: Although the air-conditioned gym is full, but a lot of heat generated due to movement so that movement itself is still feeling very hot, then many people will choose to stay away from the air last place, so that sweat evaporates quickly, the result is also in the process of evaporation of moisture away the skin, the skin is more dry.

speed: 5 minutes

always use moisturizing lotion: lotion moisturizing products contain the ingredients within the skin easily saturated, allowing the skin begins to have the ability to store water. Some special moisturizing lotion can be any time of day to use at any time, give the skin to provide deep moisturizing effect.

is a state sensitive, allergy is a symptom. Sensitive skin is fragile, vulnerable to the effects of various stimuli; allergy refers to a variety of allergens by skin irritation resulting from a red, swollen, hot, pain, itching of the phenomenon.

3, then the index finger and middle finger in gauze wrapped around his head two fingers, dipped in soap bubbles, gently wash the cheeks with gauze and the entire center of the face;

Law must be morning and evening. On the early, middle and late effects of acne are apparent. Following wash method is an extension and continuation of this Law.

wash with milk can help you in 5 days Do you believe it? Expensive natural skin care products has its value, natural products Quefei flat goods, no good, both Mix & Match, produced as a masterpiece!

environmental characteristics: very few people will wake up at night will be off the air conditioner, so most of the time the skin to withstand more than eight hours of air winds. The bedroom itself, the humidity is relatively low, if accompanied by air conditioning to sleep again, this result is to escape the heat of the invasion was being diverted to the dry trap.

out, should try to avoid sun and wind, will minimize the risk of exposure to tobacco and alcohol

four air-conditioned rooms, include dry skin this summer, all the reasons, and the skin's moisture will work from here!

speed: 15 minutes

cure: to restore the skin can even use a retinol cream color, in addition to help fade freckles. But if your freckles darker color, are advised to use a strong effect of rosin ointment. The best way to prevent freckles grow is: Wear wide-brimmed hat, coated with titanium dioxide or zinc oxide, and coated with waterproof sunscreen SPF15 sunscreen index.

3, the third rinse, the basin of warm water in a few drops of moisturizing cream, and then soak for 20 seconds;

4, so that the milk in the face deposited 3 minutes, then rinse with water.

special night cream moisturizing cream: moisturizing during the day only to do the work, to sleep the night before is to enhance skin moisture. Skin care products in the night of the absorption capacity beautifully, so take advantage of the job, the best way is to use highly moisturizing night cream, not greasy, moisturizing effect class.

acne scars

■ Myth # 1 frequent face to shine

2, allergy: allergy skin allergies may be caused after occasionally, but most of the early allergic skin more sensitive skin symptoms.

TIPS: Tips Office Hydra

family, their work so that all manual workers envy me. Their daily eight hours or more time at the fine decoration of the winter is not cold not hot in summer high-end residential and commercial office buildings in the CBD, not wind, no sun, like delicate hothouse flowers as beautiful. But the fact on the contrary, because of their skin and become less vulnerable to wind and sun, and summer in the office all day long without intermittent central air conditioning to the skin of it is not just / p>

environmental characteristics: In the hot summer, the office air-conditioning is generally lower than the average outdoor temperature of 15 degrees or so, so much of the difference in temperature makes the skin at least twice a day out in alternating hot and cold environment, suffering from neglect suddenly hot cold stimulation. At the same time, dry air leads to the office humidity drops, the dry skin is inevitable.

2, allergy: from food allergies to see if the original factors, seasonal factors, drug factors, chemical factors, genetic factors; from the point of view is the root cause free radical oxidation basophils and mast cells, immune system damage caused by .

cream and vitamin E - against wrinkles

because of the dry rough skin, see a simple little secret can make the skin become smooth and delicate: glycerin and vinegar in a 1:5 ratio of paint on the skin tone is good, then holding it a try with this mentality secret; think of only three weeks time, my skin becomes smooth and detailed.

2, embarrassing moment: you want to wear backless dress, like a ceiling, like dry and scaling skin, and tan shades.

1, clean: Choose a mild cleanser refreshing, not only wash the skin can also remove oil residue and dust cosmetics, face of the order, clean the forehead and nose, chin and cheeks and then, according to from the up, the order from outside to inside, you can thoroughly clean the skin.


5, nursed back to health: eat less fat, sugar, fried foods, avoid alcohol and other irritating foods. Eat more vegetables and fruits, available lily, green beans, stewed white fungus, etc. Some cool down summer drinks.

Do not ignore the eye and lip skin, must be applied before going to bed with the efficacy of eye cream and lip moisturizing cream, eye lip so as not vulnerable to fine lines due to dry skin.

but usually, coated with Renova, cause skin thinning, increased skin sensitivity to sunlight, so the European and American experts suggest that the skin, a little light by the sun burns the beach to a pharmacy to buy herbs can crush more moderate, more effective than slow non-prescription vitamin A alcohol. Or no trace of skin Cream L'Oreal anti-wrinkle cream or every 3 days with time, and with vitamin A alcohol use, the better.

1, sensitive: sensitive skin thin skin, fragile capillaries revealed, easy to redness, and flushing was uneven, when the itching and small rashes appear.

5, honey and garlic facial: Wet face with water first, then gently wipe with a honey-garlic dip a little more oil parts of the face, can remove fat. Throughout the course of 15 days, the first day of the wipe 15 times, 14 times the next day ... ... and so clean, wipe the last day 1, after also become a

some metals is also necessary for collagen synthesis, such as copper. When the skin cells within the copper content increased, the collagen protein synthesis. However, copper is a toxic metal, so now there's a patented copper peptide is not only not toxic, and can promote collagen synthesis, wound healing, to effectively remove wrinkles. Therefore, on the market in Europe and America has a good permeability of the blue copper flexible repair cream and Neutrogena Firming Night Cream is a good choice beautiful beach.


two, with scissors close to the stem end at the grapes one by one to cut down, you can leave some stem end, so as not to hurt the skin; do not go hand pulling grapes, grape Jiuxia possible injury to the skin; Any hurt to peel grapes aside, keep eating, do not it make wine. -


This is crush the grapes. Twelve pounds of grapes I put two half kilogram of sugar, I like a little sweet. -


home brewed taste of pure red wine, cheap, without any additives and preservatives, clean and not toxic, drink up especially at ease. In recent years, I listed every time a large number of grapes, red wine will be brewing. In my lead, almost every yard we have brewed red wine, my classmates and friends have also joined the ranks of wine. Today I bought twelve pounds of grapes and brewing wine. -




; This is what I bought the grapes, a total of 12 pounds. -

an acquaintance a few years ago, where I tasted the wines of her own, felt more than in the supermarket to buy wine taste better; home immediately bought a grape on the suit. -

I brewed red wine following the methods and precautions brief, interested friends may wish to try. -

the bottle is two pounds of capacity, can be installed eighteen pounds of grape pulp. I am only twelve pounds of grapes. -


three grapes to cut a good rinse after ten minutes with a light brine, which is to get rid of pesticides on the grape skins and other harmful substances (mentioned earlier grape skin Do not hurt to brew wine, is afraid of salt water dipped fruit soaking went inside and affect the quality of wine). Then rinse again, then -



drain the water. -



First, the grape must of the summer market to buy a lot of natural ripe grapes, do not buy in-season greenhouse planted grapes. Buy ripe purple grapes (try the taste, sweet is the maturation of the general); look at the stem end, if it is green, and the taste sour, it could be played This grape is best not to buy. -




Fourth, the grapes down in bowls of water, put them in a crush by hand, grape skin, grape seeds and pulp are all left in the bowl, and then six pounds of grapes according to the proportion of a pound of sugar (like sweet little can be more appropriate to put a little), mix well, so sugar is completely melted after clean installed in the bottle. Note, do not overfill the bottle, set aside one-third of the space, because the grapes in the fermentation process will be expanded, will produce large amounts of gas, if filled too full, the wine will overflow. In addition, in order to prevent outside air into the bottle with a plastic bag wrapped around the best tight. -

time of year I make wine slightly a bit late, now only 20-degree temperatures, may have stuffed twenty-six seven days. -


will use these two tools to filter grape residue. -

the grapes from a place close to the cut stem end, careful not to damage skin. -




; with brine grapes, about ten minutes. -

five, high summer temperatures, too twenty-one days of wine on the wine good; if the temperature is low (less than thirty degrees) can be more stuffed a few days. It should be noted that the longer the brewing alcohol more concentrated; good wine after wine,Dr Dre headphones, put the longer, more concentrated alcohol. I do not like too strong wine, so even if the temperature is not high, I opened up twenty-six seven days on the bottle residue. -

we look, this is my last year brewed red wine, how, can it! Wine, just wine is good, down-light, but put some time later, a very strong alcohol odor on. This year's red wine, I can only drink two cups (the smallest glass), a little more on the -

six, after the wine is good wine, make grape seed, grape skin, and made a fermented fruit are filtered out, which would be residue. Residues of the tools I bought drain pans (see Figure); Some people can also be filtered with gauze; anyway, crude, home, what can be used to remove waste, on the indigenous methods, best use, leaving the wine on line the. It should be noted that residues of the tools must be sterilized, not to go inside the bacteria to the wine, oh. -


wine health beauty, are particularly effective in prolonging life, interested friends, fast hands to do it! -


; the grape's water drain -

Introduction: There are many owners believe that a deep understanding of car insurance, only an accident and car insurance will be dealing with, but as a layman's owners can not get a clear idea how the water car insurance deep, and how to deal with in order to become the greatest beneficiaries of it? Do not worry, there are already many experienced and experienced owners as we summed up their experience, we can just read the collection as a hedge on it, this is a common Moreover, owners will be able to read the car insurance provisions, to ensure that make you a better understanding of auto insurance and claims, Who is not? Buy insurance to save money and worry on the map!
insurance policy refinement solution (a) third party liability insurance
caustic VS Let's first talk about the most caustic and liability insurance. Caustic and liability insurance, vehicle insurance, basic insurance, the primary compensation and the loss of the insured vehicle by the insured vehicles in use to a third party losses!
You probably think even the loss of vehicles due to natural disasters, according to the insurance company paid the wrong! Words of the half, most of the losses caused by natural disasters are lost, but only the same except - Earthquake!
Case 1: If your car had the honor to be building in the earthquake hit it, ha ha ... ...
approach: Do not rush the end of the earthquake an application for compensation, so a few days after the earthquake and then apply for compensation.
dangerous condition of the statement: probably due to the loosening of the wall caused by the earthquake, and finally fell in one day, smashed your car, remember: Do not mention the earthquake escape from danger.
Case 2: If your brakes in a car, the car's windshield, causing things to fly to the glass broken, you say?
If you are honest insurance company said: ) impact suffered losses, insurance companies do not pay! but people crashed in another matter.

Case 3: If your car on a trailer collided with another car, how do?
response: Ignore the fact that there are a number of things ... ...
dangerous condition of the statement: Do not mention you or by others in the towing vehicle towing, or whether you have responsibility for the accident, the insurance companies will not pay.
Case 4: If you are in an accident, breaking his glass on the glass and no insurance, you will the insurance company claims?
not find people on the glass insurance claims work? Line, the absolute line! Glass insurance name is: glass breakage alone, is the use of parking and damage caused by the glass, and glass damage caused by the accident should be caustic to be responsible for payment.
If you are not on the glass insurance, when you find yourself up in the morning the car glass do not know which bastard was broken, how do? ? Oh, the old tactics: when the brakes caused the car, but also the fault of the head! (Remember to find a similar height to a friend as a shield ah), if it is the side of the glass is broken, said sliding head when a good hit, Oh!
Case 5: If your car crash, broke a small light, how can you do?
find insurance companies, he definitely did not dare not lose you, then you thought it was make it? No, actually you probably sum up, lost money.
not understand it? Tell you about the vehicle of all risks between 2500-5000 (more high-end cars will be more expensive), if you are not in a year during the period of insurance claims, you will get next year when 10% of the insured NCD, this account that you do the math, if the claim amount is too small, hey, so forget it, as a 10% discount to reality.
------------------------------ ------------- gorgeous split ------------------- insurance policy refinement solution (b) Diuche - how to minimize the loss of points?
vehicle parking and use of the process would inevitably give people worry about things, which is the most unfortunate thing 丢车, but, as I said, if you do, your losses will be reduced to a minimum .
remember ah, once Diuche, the first thing is to do what? Alarm? Wrong! Car has been lost, which so easy to immediately find ah, you too a bit overestimating the ability of Chinese police, or think about how to reduce the loss of it!
reduce losses? Which so easily ah, the car is lost, how cut ah? Do not forget, there is me! ! ! !
First, remember to look at their insurance policy, there are no vehicles on pilfer. What, no? Unfortunate that you think it, is useless to me, buy one now!
If you are on a pilfer, first of all, I want to congratulate you, your losses can be minimized, but, be careful ah! Then you have to do is Bijin your mouth, the sense of reading my post, otherwise you will regret it!

Case 1: pilfer the provisions of the insured loss of driving license, car original invoice, certificate per vehicle purchase surcharge of 0.5% absolute increase in a deductible. Lost car keys, the absolute increase of 5% deductible. These provisions in the insurance policy using the lightest color print, do not believe that you can take a closer look at list, certainly in some inconspicuous corner can be found in this passage.
So whether you have a spare key was lost, or that you are to start running in the car with a key, please remember to forget this, otherwise ... ... the loss of your own 5% carry set up!
Case 2: If your car parking charges or commercial repair shop in the stolen, the insurance company liable for it?
answer is: do not lose! ! Because these places the responsibility of the vehicle are kept in custody, the vehicle due to damage caused by improper care custodian, lost, the custodian should be held accountable. Insurance company is not responsible for compensation.
Therefore, the correct way is to claim to find parking, so every time I remember when parking parking fee receipt ah well received, although the loss of the above printed matter, but according to China's contract law provisions of the contract on the format, which is a single aspects of shirk their responsibilities! You may rest assured bold report that he is good, Oh, give you a good news, has been winning such a lawsuit, so the principle of the case traced back, after the trial of cases to verdict in accordance with this case, ha ha!
Case 3: If you, your friends car park is open, or you find out from the side to the parking lot can not afford your car payment, you can consider a change Diuche site? Haha, I can not say what ah! You go on her own.
Case 4: Again, if you are a boss, because of some problems on accounts and friends fall out, and your friend is a villain, he secretly stole your car, you guess to the meeting that he had done, you will find the insurance company to compensate it?
tell you, the insurance company may pay compensation. Because of provisions: the insured person and others by civil and economic disputes caused the vehicle was robbed, stolen for the liability exemption.
So you can forget your big economic disputes, reporting directly to the Public Security Bureau and the courts, and remember, do not say that out of your suspect, otherwise you will pull the financial problems came to the efficiency of the Chinese court You probably get a taxi within half a year to go out!
Case 5: If you bought a new car, on all risks, but did not have time for a license (now the traffic control regulations: inspection after 15 working days before they receive license plate), after a dangerous condition of the insurance company is responsible for compensation?
not responsible for compensation. Because in dangerous condition, the insured vehicle must have two conditions, one must have insurance, vehicle traffic administration department issued driving permit or license plate, and second, the public security within the required period traffic management department inspection. But generally by the public security department under special agreement for the insurance required to be issued after inspection of the new plate can be responsible for the caustic-home vehicles and liability insurance. Therefore, responsible for compensation pilfer 丢车 not effect, nature, and you can not get compensation.
appear if you are not relied on guts to change about the lost time, buy a new car even if given away! I can say nothing but ah!
Case 6: If your car recovered, the insurance company how to deal with compensation?
was robbery insurance vehicle back, if not indemnity insurance company, the vehicle should be returned to you, but during the whole car was looted, the damage to vehicles or vehicle parts, loss of necessary ancillary equipment reasonable costs of repair, the insurance company to pay compensation. If the insurance companies have compensation, you should return your vehicle, and recover the appropriate compensation. If you do not want to recover the original car, all the rights and interests of the vehicle owned by insurance companies.
-------------------------- ------------------- gorgeous split ----------- insurance policy refinement solution (C) is a crash crash
as long as the insurance company now lost it? Certainly not as long as you carefully look at the hands of policy benefits Disclaimer know, there are a lot of insurance companies do not lose things, trying to minimize the loss, or come to me, ha ha!

Case 1: Suppose you are a novice, just take a car (of course, chances are the rental car), on the road Lianju time to hit your brother, you know this car have liability insurance, you will find the insurance company claims?
Answer: If you go, you're crazy, the insurance company will kick you kicked out, why? ?
First, you need to know what is liability insurance, full name: third party liability insurance.
So what is the interloper?
third party defined in the insurer and the insured person outside, because the insurance vehicle insurance vehicle accident resulting in lower damage to persons or property under the victim in the car. Popular third party is excluded from four kinds of people talk about: the insurer, the insured person, the car accident when the driver and their family members, the insured person's family members.
now understand you as a driver at the time, hit your family, insurance companies do not pay, well, you know how to do it! What? Do not know? Mad at me, do not hit another driver on the end Well, really, what harm I say out.
Case 2: If you were fortunate enough to hit his car, and they are all your responsibility, the court sentenced you to compensate the other party that you guarantee to pay compensations of economic losses, mental suffering, disability damages ... you how to handle it? ? But also how to give money for it!
wrong! Wrong!
you should consult other family members, to increase economic damages and loss of disability compensation, as the spirit of the minimum compensation, without of course the better.
Why? You asked me why? This is not the five horses for six sheep thing.
man, you are wrong, the insurance company is not complete and unconditional commitment to The terms clearly defined, because the insurance accident caused damages of any spirit of exclusion of liability. Therefore, whether the court was whether an insurer should be compensation for moral damages, the insurance companies are not responsible for compensation.
understand? ? Other insurance companies pay for you,Beats By Dr Dre Studio, regardless of spiritual losses, so rather than give each other money, they should not promise the spirit of compensation, in short, the insurance company's money Kang Bai, Ha ha!
Case 3: If you are fortunate enough to crash then, and this time is not your responsibility, and the other party do not want to lose money, you can find insurance claims?
Answer: Yes, but you must first third-party claims, possible to obtain compensation insurance companies. If you give up claims to a third party the right to claim directly to insurance companies, insurance companies do not pay. Because you give up the right of recourse to a third party, while the insurance company will give up the right to claim compensation.
So, remember, remember, we must first find each other lose, it is best to have the court enforce the failed attempt to prove, then you can confidently look for insurance companies, leaving them clean up the mess go though, Who they are received each year so many of your insurance too!
Case 4: remember that there is a bad driver under the command of the police to help criminals escape police stops are, crashed into the criminals, the results of the two vehicles collided, and what a Cana, his insurance company will pay you ?
certainly will not do that, plainly written in the insurance provisions, the driver of the Oh, before you consider a hero! ! !
--------------------------- ------------------ gorgeous split ---------- insurance policy refinement solution (d) claim - a must-read, because you've probably heard of

★ Insurance Case one: A friend lost car, has been all risks, find insurance claim, failed, insurance company exclusions reasons: to check the Vehicle Administration, not the car inspection.
Case Study: Insurance Company said and done, very reasonable, also in accordance with the provisions of the insurance contract: the insurance take effect only on qualified vehicles, inspection of vehicles for not only as a failed vehicle, even if no matter how good your maintenance useless, the result can only be lost white throw, white on the insurance but also on, at most, to return the insurance cash value.
Case Conclusion: your car, be sure to schedule the annual inspection, after the extension must not, otherwise, a fine is a small matter, exclusions something big, then even if the third party losses caused by traffic accidents, will also be your own responsibility , White bought the insurance!
case solution: schedule the annual inspection, even if one day, nor night; if it happens, unfortunately, do not have to remember to report immediately, as soon as possible to spend money and then filled the inspection procedures for reporting claims procedures!
sorry, just a burst of dizziness, I did not speak? Said is nonsense.
★ Insurance Case II: with the similar, without making the driver please note the annual review, you drive all the problems occur, the insurance company is not liable for reasons similar to the previous example, without repeat.
★ Insurance Case III: This is a frequently asked question: I just bought the car, not on the license, the insurance is effective?
explanation: the vehicle in dangerous condition, the insured vehicle must have two conditions, first, insurance, traffic management vehicles to the public security department issued a driving permit or license plate, the second is the provision of traffic management during the public security department inspection.
but generally agreed upon by the special provisions required for the first number plate issued by the insurance after the inspection of new vehicles could be responsible for caustic and liability insurance, so when your car lost even luck, Han also hit people count make do with the insurance company you wore, it is now clear of it!
★ insurance claims that material principles: (because there are N people ask this question, so the answer in this together)
insurance claim after midnight several situations
1, after the accident to come forward to solve the traffic team: penalties issued by the traffic team single or mediation by the court, the verdict can be used. These materials are absolutely so, certainly in the way insurance companies the green light. Well, rest assured claims
2, in the district of accident:
major incidents: the serious damage a vehicle, or to open to traffic team proved very troublesome;
general rub: the certificates to the residential property because often suspected, generally a lot of trouble;
Therefore, the best way to report on the Times in the city, or else ... ... you are exhausted!
3, minor accidents occurred on the road, including stopping the rub
need to prove such a principle is: Does it involve a third party? Involving third-party payment, or need to transport teams to prove.
accident between the parties, such as a broken, you can specify in the claim: accident third-party self-study, and then press the caustic self-blame in the claim, the insurance company if the team allows you to transport the certificates, you must have to bite the Do not let go, say no to child away, and Insurance companies generally will not be too seriously. You must promise to open that, blame me not to remind you that you ran go, uncertain enough money to pay the oil money!
4, most people back:
if hit by another car after the accident vehicle to escape, unable to find. The situation is more serious trouble, through the traffic team to solve, by the insurance company for recovery.
not serious, it is best to resolve the claims is to blame, but also on whether the body in the claim, noted that there are other car paint stick, and the direction of collision, must be justified, or you out!
finally remind you: when a report must be reported within 48 hours, or they may be directly exclusions! ! Remember, remember, do not have to say that within the 48 48 ah!

accustomed to her every night all the way there , her body is in space, the other end .
accustomed to think of her heart the pain that unsteadily , her heart is another heart warming for the winter.
used to eachother once immersed in ,cheap dr dre headphones, warm savory words , but forgot to pay the real responsibility and Kulei .
accustomed to thinking about suicide , but still remember I still have my mother .
When will I get rid of these habits , as long as I do not like her every night do not want to let my loyal materialist here devout prayers --- God , Please help me .

Fat cats hit cows ,monter beats by dr dre headphones, cow -mannered and say hello , but make fun of the cat cow , said: Yeah !

Read the title do not misunderstand ,cheap dr dre headphones, I am here on the map is Teddy guests , colleagues , and only 2 months, so small , called moly, see the stranger not daring to move , exactly like a toy dog ​​, super adorable . She is her mother bought to jerry ( also a Teddy ) When a child bride , just like jerry, jerry can make with it, both quiet and harmonious married life .

; is wearing her mother's socks dig three holes transformation
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very professional , comparable to the magician's pickpockets ,Beats By Dre Pro Detox, pickpocketing live performances , never let you stunned ! ! Even people wore underwear are stolen , not the general master ah ! ! The existence of magic thief really ah ... ...

Professional thieves live performances , comparable to a magician ! [,]],,

A good habit can allow himself to enjoy life
1. Punctual
buy alarm clock, so you wake up on time. Snooze and not punctual, you will become a stumbling block on work and career, ever the same. Not only to learn on time, but also to learn in advance. As you traveled to a place, beautiful scenery along the way, you can not help but get off the look, although you still arrived later in a certain place, but not on time. only a simple " " alarm signs and tips, and truly flexible, practical time, rests in every human heart.
2. Do not minced
If you do not like the current work, or quit, or shut up without saying. Inexperienced, often unrealistic expectations, Xingaoqiao, events do not, little things do not want to do. Do not pick and choose to develop the habit. Do not bother rain umbrella, umbrella is not afraid of rain, have demonstrated their discontent. Remember, do not do already, what must be done.
everyone has to endure lonely lonely time. To learn to endure loneliness, this will mature. Young people laughing and joking, fooling around accustomed to a strange environment, face-shaped form ** of people and things, suddenly overwhelmed them, and sometimes even a place where you can not cordial talk. At this time, do not impetuous, learn meditation, learn to endure loneliness. In solitude thinking, thinking about the mature, in a mature distillation. Do not be lonely and a loss, and do silly things useless, wasted valuable time.
to look to the future to do when the bad luck to prepare. One day, a fox went to a vineyard, see the inside juicy grapes fabulous. However, there are fences blocked off the outside, not inside. So it is a cruel hunger strike three days, lose weight, finally got into the vineyards meal. When it is satisfied to leave the vineyard to the fact that they eat too much, how can not fence the drill. I believe that anyone not want to do this kind of fox. Retreat is equally important. Saturated with dry food, clear umbrella, and accumulate, a matter of course. Some things that today seem worthless, but one day will be worth perhaps a hundred times.
5. learn to be strong
not as fragile as glass. Some people always staring at her eyes, see not grow so far; always like to complain, but also very tired people. There is no hardship, there would be sweet sweet? Not as fragile as glass, but should be as transparent as crystal, brilliant as the sun, bloom as strong. Now open your eyes to enjoy the cool wind, do not blame the wind, small grains of sand.
6. Guanzhuziji mouth
resist the temptation of mouth. Do not talk about yourself, not to talk to others. Often arrogant about their own hypocrisy in the misnomer of losing oneself. Others tend to talk a non-trivial tongue caught in the tangle. Every day after work and your colleagues and friends who drink and chat is not a good thing, because this will tend to talk among colleagues and friends as a topic. People always talk bad behind, especially argumentative people's weaknesses, which will lower your personality.
opportunity to seize the opportunity lost from not " ", you are lost, people will get their own. Do everything in the day, sit back and wait, not hope " opportunity ". Opportunity is only relative to the fully prepared to create opportunities for people who are good at speaking. Perhaps you are and regret for the loss of an opportunity, complained that when the opportunity is being across from you that the same " " Cooler to seize. No chance, we must create opportunities, with the opportunity, we must skillfully grasp.
8. learn to communicate with others
If the phone does not ring always, you should break out. Very often, the phone will give you unexpected results, it is not a vase, just as largely irrelevant. New friends, do not forget old friends, friends, and more good one. Communication is a major trick is active. Good karma good word of mouth, often to help your career to a higher level.
attention to love because they do not have to age for marriage and hasty marriage. Want to get married, you and your soulmate will find a complementary partner Xiangxie. Do not indulge and games and love, because love should not affect the work and career, not to fail due to a hasty marriage leaving life blocked. Emotion often runs the risk of
Write memos to write your life to do, to list on the wallet, often out of view. Have goals in life, have a plan, there must be reminded, a sense of urgency. One after another to string together a small target, it becomes your life goals. Prosperous, and environmental improvement, and do not forget the wallet list goes on seemingly thin.

In fact, I did not want to write this article, as written will certainly lead to war of words, and I do not want to go and people arguing about. I once said that if I want, I can go to subvert the values ​​you twenty years to form, because life seems a lot for granted in your ideas are wrong, but then immediately deleted this sentence, because I do not want to attract controversy, and to correct your understanding of this world for me without any benefit, and not I can not.

Southwest drought, nearly 200 days without rain, the lives of the people of the Southwest created a very bad influence Ever since, the majority of the people once again emerged in the spirit of love, donations donations, donations of water donated water. This is the Wenchuan earthquake, people across the country to mobilize the enthusiasm of another thing. Donations to donate water, love and behaviors are, is a noble act, itself is not a place you can blame the contrary, it is our people a great manifestation of national cohesion. But I want to say a good starting point can not bring good results. Surface, a lot of people the charity is to help people in the southwest, but I want to say that you love the characters move to the disaster the government retreated from the behind the scenes, but your behavior does not give the Southwest drought has brought much help. In a way, you are helping the people of Southwest disservice.

I do not know that a problem is not that China's hazard is suddenly upon us, and suddenly appeared in front of people across the country. I can understand if the earthquake, then dry I can hardly understand. Dry form is not formed by one or two days, until the media attention has more than 180 days when no rain, and I do not know why the media is not concerned about the 170 days time, why not in 160 days when the concern, but had is only 180 days after beginning to pay attention, and is uniform concern. Do not wait 180 days after drought, can be dry? After 180 days of drought can have an impact on people's lives? The first two years of drought in the same Henan, Henan and other crops to crops, the government all of a sudden jumped out and said to save drought. I would like to ask the government what to go back? A few days ago when the two sessions of the arid southwest of how no one to pay attention? Less severe when drought how not to pay attention? Crops when the crop is not how no one to rescue dry? Now out to save the drought, to have much effect? This is entirely the government's default, and your enthusiasm to cover up the government's breach of duty. And this is not the default result is investigated in the future, this kind of thing will continue to occur. Sichuan earthquake is a vivid example, after the earthquake, the responsibility of relevant officials investigated and finally to nothing, even after the earthquake, the Sichuan school buildings may be a little strong than before, but I want to say, when the next earthquake is no longer Sichuan, and another elsewhere, the tragedy in Sichuan will still reproduce.

remember reading an article, the reporter interviewed a donor, ask: If you donate money will be corruption, you will donate it? The man replied: Yes, if I donated 100, was embezzled 90, at least there will be 10 yuan to reach the hands of people who need help, and if I do not donate, those who are not even a penny. Report is issued, a lot of people moving mess. On the surface, is this. For such people, I can only be described as good, but not known who contributed to the community. I said, a good starting point does not necessarily bring good results. If you think that affected people get after you donate the money which you have successfully helped them, I can only say, you really are ignorant, although a good man. Because your contributions to that point was not to help them, but indirectly harm them. Because there are things to do by the people, the effect is really minimal. I remember watching the history of the Ming Dynasty, often find four or five thousand of the hundreds of thousands of soldiers chasing bandits run, many people do not some of the forces on the Great. NetEase users say: five provinces in the central to southwestern drought funds allocated 155 million yuan. NetEase users said that five southwestern province allocated 155 million yuan, that want to laugh, and at least five provinces population is 155 million people, ideally an average of a dollar, a bottle of mineral water are not enough on the Shanghai-Hangzhou maglev hundreds of billions, just to save 10 minutes, the Shanghai World Expo, has spent 400 billion. What then? Not then, I only know that it is divided into 5 parts in 155 million, Guizhou get even less! Government can come up with 400 billion to host the event, hundreds of billions to repair the maglev, has brought 155 million to rescue dry. You can come up with much money to help save the Southwest drought? The ability of a government do? Since the Government can come up with so much money to drop support in the face of those things, it shows that the Government simply does not short of money. If you do not donate money, the government may come up with more money to save drought, because it is its responsibility, it can not stand the media questioned the southwest injured people survive the final government. And that part of the money you donate to the southwest of the people simply can not bring any substantial help, but can not make up the government's lack of responsibility. And your contributions to the government saved a lot of money, that do not live up to their responsibilities. So, without your contributions, Southwest may be able to get the people of each $ 100 donation, and with your contributions, you may only get 10 yuan per person donation. You really

here have to say a drought-related topics - education. Hope to do after so many years, the Midwest is still not completely solved the problem of education is very sad. Compulsory education, regardless of country, are the responsibility of the government must do in China is an exception. Germany in the 17th century began to implement a universal compulsory education, while the Japanese Meiji dynasty in the compulsory school attendance rates than China's compulsory school attendance rate in 2000 is higher. So, early on when other countries become developed countries, while China is still a Do not tell me that China's national conditions are different, I do not know for such a large population of Japan, the land is poor, resource-poor There is no reason, but they did, there is nothing. For those others count the money. Similarly, in the Hope Project with the help of our government's investment in education in the world, ranked last. Is the same reason, you should assume the responsibility of the government, but not from the government's role, indirectly the western afford school fees for children. So, when our then someone says,

I remember accidentally read a post online, said the United States seven years ago successfully predicted the drought in southwest China, and this is my prediction before the This is not the focus, the focus is that the forecast said the drought in the southwest will continue for ten years, and in your view, what is quite a drought, which passed. I am unable to prove this prediction is true, and I also think that continued years of drought it is impossible. However, not even last ten years, is two to three years, the consequences are disastrous. Those contributions were, if unfortunately arid southwest will continue to do two or three years, you can continue to donate two or three years of watches? Even if you can, if we want to really dry 10 years? Donate money to donate water can really solve the problem? In addition to natural disasters in arid southwestern do, there is no little man-made? Southwest itself not responsible for the destruction of a bad environment? Eucalyptus amazing destructive power of the land do not affect the drought? Large-scale paper mill pollution of water sources should not be responsible for the dry? If it is precisely these things is the culprit arid Southwest, are donated water to solve drought problems? Just as a person, but after it had hoped skin If not, it should be taken by the river diversion, improve water use to ease the drought, rather than to donate water and other such methods to solve drought.

before a certain period of time, I am the future of this country is desperate, because I found the key to the country always make a choice when the choice of the wrong direction. But not now, but not because this country changed for the better, but accustomed to despair. I remember everyone online, read Can be said that many of you still stuck in the way of thinking before the Republic, because the long-term TV series and movies for you to establish a sense, three thousand years, are repressive rulers, soldiers are people's pressure. So relax a little when pressed this point, you would think they live in the best of times in history. So you do not know the money hanging Chongzhen emperor said: Army to protect students, would prefer to completely annihilated. I was too aware of this emperor surgery, and when you will long-term suppression of group of people in hunger, and occasionally fed them once, they will be grateful to you. North Korea is so, so despite the bitter Korean people live, but they are still to thank Kim Il Sung, and definitely from the heart, and I'm sure, because in their view, there is no Kim Il Sung, which they even Dayton fed all eat. Similarly, when the floods come suddenly upon the earthquake, the PLA red in the first line, this is normal, but not normal is that some people treat it as a noble act. You know, no matter in which country, the government disaster relief is only right and proper thing, is their own work, when it happens in China has become a noble thing. If it is a disaster in the United States, the United States, fire brigade, as the first line in the disaster so that people's first line, he did not want the President. People's Liberation Army in the first line of relief, it is his responsibility. No one in real life will do a good job working as a noble work.

I hate one kind of moving, moving on to establish the death. I remember after the earthquake in Sichuan, Yu Yu Master said: victims should continue this move. After I listened to was very humiliating, because I very much like high school when he wrote the article, but I do not know his personality could be so despicable. Moved on to establish the death of disregard for life, this move is temporary, and the families of the damage is permanent, no parents want their child's life with a noble in exchange for moving these things. So, when I encountered one day in the future I need to lower river to save someone drowning, I made it clear, do not save, because I am under no obligation to take their own lives to be responsible for the mistakes of others. More importantly, this built on top of moving behind the death is the default, and moved to cover these. Sichuan earthquake caused so many people been able to casualties, because the relevant departments of the earthquake to do the work is poor, the corruption of greed usually much more. The reason why there are not many Japanese earthquake casualties in the fire because the government people to do good work, so Japan does not have touched so many people's stories. So, let's use this move when someone says something, I just want to say, I do not need this moved.

irrelevant to write such a thing, just want to tell you, is not a good mind can bring good results. If you really want this country is good, so that everyone can live up to their responsibilities like, and want to help Southwest drought, supervise the government do their job, play the role of public opinion, which is best for the people of the southwest help

Comments Old Chinese fruits ~ ~ ~ too useful, the first collection picture collection 1:

apple a day,
doctor away
type of chronic diarrhea, stomach Deficiency required wrapped with aluminum foil, simmer and cooked most food
with fructose, organic acids, pectin, trace elements 1. pectin: is soluble fiber, to promote cholesterol metabolism, lower cholesterol levels, promote fat excretion;
2. trace elements: K expansion of blood vessels, enabling patients with hypertension; zinc deficiency can cause blood sugar metabolism and decreased sexual function .
3. can be structured stomach: fibers, helps excretion; also has the functions of diarrhea.
4. apple + a few slices of ginger Hot water: You can stop vomiting.
5. can reduce cold pear, strengthen the lungs and stomach Run.
lungs fall dessert: apple / pear Lily + number + 1 two Dendrobium 9 grams almonds 15 grams +

Photo 2:
papaya fruit

Wanshou sweet natured, slightly cold
protein enzymes.
1. contains enzymes similar to human growth hormone, eat more to maintain youth.
2. Protease helps break down protein and starch on the digestive system of great benefit.
3. aid digestion while can be refreshing thirst, lungs cough, expectoration of colds, constipation, slow bronchitis helpful.
ripe papaya + persimmons decoction, to cure asthma, cough instigate
of ripe papaya, peeled + steamed + honey, raw papaya governance Dryness cough
pay juice or dried powdered, can be de-worming .
papaya cooked fish or pig's trotters, to promote milk secretion.
Picture 3:
nature of cold watermelon

Wei Han, pregnant women, the body of a little virtual person hot not cold base.
excess heat, strong person fit.
see halo accidentally eat a lot of nausea, can be rescued with a ginger.
Picture 4:

mince were
heat to share nature with cold
physical Deficiency, cold cough should not be eaten raw, must be steam, or put the soup, or fried with herbs.
Swan pears, pear, pear slightly cool tribute; skin thick pear and pear imports more cold.
eat a lot of sore throat
almonds, pears (with cold) + Tremella (slightly cool) cook sugar, dry mouth sand sound governance. However, with the excess heat is more suitable for themselves, or virtual fire needs heat person.
almonds, pears (with cold) + Fritillaria 9 grams boiled sweet, strong lungs gas.
almonds, pears (with cold) + lily boiled sugar, nourishing yin and soothe the nerves. Picture 5:
should not eat mango

have medicinal value
of peace is sweet, thirst-quenching fluid.
with poisoning caused by nature, a skin disease or cancer, avoid eating
(eczema / pus / gynecological diseases / edema / athlete's foot - wet from further eating mangoes will increase)
possible treatment of immature allergic Asthma taboo.
few fruits rich in protein, one to eat more satiety.
1. beneficial eyes, moist skin.
2. detoxify Xiaozhi, buck.
3. vomiting, nausea rule the waves. Pregnant women, nausea.
Picture 6: kiwi / kiwi

anti-cancer proper way to eat
cough may be worse.
1. Vitamin C 20-80 times higher than the apple, citrus 5-10 times higher than, that antioxidants can effectively prevent carcinogen formation of nitrite in the body safe.
2. Tune in next gas. Nourishing the physical, heat diuretic, Qingwei moistening.
3. upset heat treatment, prevention and treatment of scurvy, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, cancer and so on.
4. for the treatment of gastrointestinal cancer and lung cancer do not marketer. Picture 7:

of nature to cold to cold
physical Deficiency can still eat, not eat. Do more with watermelon, soy milk, beer, cabbage, mustard greens, bitter melon, winter melon soup and other cold objects with lotus leaves to eat.
accidentally eat too much, cook brown sugar, ginger tea with a solution of. Picture 8:

fluid nature of heat and stomach.
trachea or bronchus-sensitive patients quit drinking.
need salt water to dip some organic acids decompose, reducing its toxicity.
1. rich in fiber, can stimulate the intestinal tract. With convergence, will not be modest diarrhea can help stop diarrhea.
2. spleen and stomach, solid strength. Pineapple abdominal break down proteins in the stomach to help digestion.
3. feeling throat after eating allergy symptoms is required to drink a glass of salt water dilution of allergenic ingredients. Picture 9:

Deficiency tonic properties of heat and stagnation with
cancer or patients, skin or liver yin deficiency heat by dieting
physical Deficiency impotence help can eat fire.
postpartum Deficiency do supplements.
eat too much immediately eat some mangosteen resolve Picture 10:

real hot stuff hot Yin Huo-wang (skin, dry mouth , insomnia) should not eat.
gout, diabetes should not eat.
physical calm or Deficiency may Baoxiang.
who eat too much, eating cold watermelon or a bowl of lotus leaf water melon picture 11:

mild /
coconut meat can be yang fire, strong body, for weakness, limb weakness, easy fatigue were.
Heat are not the body.
fat and protein content.
coconut sticky rice with chicken, a tonic effect.
Radix + coconut water + lily + Dendrobium = heat Yin
coconut water + melon sub = Xiefei fire
of cold coconut water + white fungus or clean up the yellow ear picture 12:
lemon fruit

women are advised not to lemon tea.
1. warm water + lemon juice + salt = expectorant effect, stronger than the orange and orange.
2. cold early: lemon + honey flush = relieve sore throat / dry throat does not reduce
3. may tocolysis [should mother and child], beauty, speckle, prevent pigmentation, improving the uterus forward , uterine ligament laxity or amenorrhea
4. clear lemon can lower blood pressure cholesterol, improve cardiovascular. Picture 13:

nourishing people Yichi
inhuman heat, pyrophlegm should not eat.
gout who eat too much cause joint swelling and pain.
itself with asthma who eat hot lead Hyperactivity cough
hot, skin, bloating should not eat.
1. dried nourishing the nerves, for lack of effort (heart rate for no reason, easily tired of those) who have a great effect of insomnia. Picture 14:

stomach body is a treasure sweet, cold /
frail, spleen Deficiency, Exogenous cold bogey. Peeled and ate the best anti-iron absorption.
1. vitamins and sugar contained in fruit and 1-2 times higher than normal.
eliminate hot to bother, thirst-quenching fluid, lungs and phlegm, heat treatment of cough.
2. Shidi attending hiccups, nocturnal enuresis.
3. persimmon leaf tea contains a lot of vitamin C, blood pressure, cardiovascular protection, the treatment of insomnia.
4. persimmons nature of the peace, lung qi.
5. persimmons on the icing: the cure for throat throat and stomatitis Picture 15:

buck purge
sweet and cold /
for hot people .
physical Deficiency, Spleen lag diarrhea, cold cough should not
(Wei Han / nephritis / pregnancy swollen feet should not be)
starch rich.
1. Qingre intestines, promote gastrointestinal motility.
2. potassium-rich, lower blood pressure.
banana stew candy = treat Cough picture 16:

dehumidification diarrhea
sweet nature /
should guard against constipation and liver heat, to eat or with nuclear fiber-rich fruits such as grapefruit.
thirst, Chufan diarrhea, deworming, regulate urine. Picture 17:


pure heart and lungs with cool itself, physical Deficiency not to drink.
Black sugarcane: a moderate tonic, throat and Heat were not;
Peel sugarcane: sweet and cool, Hyperactivity and gastrointestinal thermal solution.
Han Tan persons (white and thin) do not drink.
1. throat fluid, lifting mind vexed hot, thirsty
2. measles, chicken pox in children, when the water brewed into tea. Sugarcane + Rhizoma Imperatae
Peel carrots boil water = heat + photo 18:
melon (melon)

cough cough again got Lanzhou Melon / Melon more cantaloupe America / crepe skin melon cold. Will be very hot or cold on the heat add cold.
easy to see, dizziness, menstrual and vaginal discharge quantity bogey
physical Deficiency / asthma are advised not to. Picture 19:

nourishing the physical
protein, sugar-rich. Through the blood vessels, lowering blood pressure.
vitamin C content of fresh dates 10 times higher than the lemon.
dates: blood and the strongest, but also more dry
Nanzao: biased Yin blood.
axillaris: nourishing.
fresh candied / gold candied: lungs / stomach
chronic hepatitis side: boiled red dates and soil capillaris Herba Abri picture 20:

health ambassadors
flesh calcium can cure ulcers, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, manganese, zinc, boron variety of essential minerals and trace elements.
1. the main clearing the throat, opening mediastinoscopy, phlegm stagnation
2. five hemorrhoid swelling, pain, frequent Jiantang smoked, to take effect
3. accelerate wound healing, ulcers of the digestive tract efficacy.
4. treat hemorrhoids, colorectal cancer has a supporting role.
5. containing antioxidants, anti-aging.
6. containing pectin and fiber, intestinal absorption of toxic substances, detoxification effect.
7. and Apple, two-way adjustable stomach, spleen to stop diarrhea diarrhea lag can eat; constipation eat laxative.
8. Training dry milling help ulcer healing. Picture 21:
tomatoes appetizer but poisoning caused

sweet and cool thirst, stomach and digestion /
but the nature of the wet and the carriers of the virus, not suitable for gout, rheumatism, eczema and skin diseases, cancer patients.
rubella quit eating crabs, tomatoes
gastrointestinal Deficiency diarrhea, cold cough (sputum white throat itch) are best eaten cooked.
1. rich in vitamin C, cooking is not easy to damage, easily absorbed
2. hypertension secondary therapeutic Photo 22:

blood Gushen champion
temperate fill /
Firelight, excessive hot flashes sore throat who eat less suitable.
1. the highest iron content of fruit can be blood. Su suffering from anemia, low hemoglobin, or to be aphrodisiac liqueur Lee belly after eating.
2. Cherry triggered virtual fire, drink the juice solution.
3. the whole body is a treasure, approved through the hair of measles, the virus will not be trapped in the body.
4. solvable venom leaves, roots can be worms.
now picture 23:

strong physique champion blood Gushen
with the more moderate
cherry cough, lung deficiency, fetal irritability, nephritis patients, especially for grapes or grape juice supplement.
skin and flesh, and nuclear are very useful, contains Victoria E, B12, P, C is very beneficial for the heart. Chemical pollution, the more sweet taste, the smaller the affected sub deeper application of salt flooding 5-10 minutes to eat. Picture 24:

warm blood beauty
eat would cause excessive body heat, bloating chest
1. Rich in iron, increased the number of human hemoglobin.
2. containing more fat and protein
3. Walnuts beauty
4. peach promoting blood circulation, cough and asthma, but not excessive, and passing through the period.
5. Peach gum is a blind diabetic comes out of magic, can be strong tonic to regulate blood sugar levels.
6. Peach can Hot water wash, bathe, drink.
7. peach juice + Taomi Shui face wash to moisturize the skin. Picture 25:

lungs cough
nature of the peace, lungs and cough.
1. rich in fiber (natural laxative), vitamin C (natural laxative), vitamin P, the promotion of intestinal peristalsis.
2. Pectin may contain cholesterol-lowering, Victoria P increases elasticity of blood vessels, vitamin C can cause constipation and fight aging free radicals.
3. juice contains substances similar to insulin, lowering blood glucose.
frequent colds, cough, tracheal sensitive: fresh grapefruit to stay just north of the skin to the core + apricot, Fritillaria, without dyeing white fungus 30 g + honey of a stew, strong lungs Picture 26:
orange citrus

anti-cancer foods
phlegm shun gas.
heat cough (sputum Nongzhuo dry mouth) most Yichi orange citrus
cold cough (throat marks are) to be evasive.
1. Vitamin C rich, increase endurance, a real well-being of antioxidant protection.
2. shun gas phlegm,Beats by dre solo HD, heat fluid, spleen appetite.
3. Citrus: Vitamin C and carotene more than flesh, containing essential oil to promote gastrointestinal motility, remove fat in lowering blood cholesterol. Fujian dried tangerine peel is more peaceful, increased gastric secretion, promote sputum sent, Xiaoyanlidan.
cold nausea nausea: Citrus ginger porridge.
cough, sputum: orange peel boiled almonds (sugar) Picture 27:

body care
nature of the peace, lungs and thirst
1. fresh apricots Rich in protein, carotene, Victoria AC, calcium, phosphorus, iron, catechins, may help for anti-cancer substances and free radical attacks.
2. almond paste help defecation, cough lungs.
3. ginkgo also contains a small amount of hydrocyanic acid, not a lot of raw. Dozen raw grains, a heat effect.
4. Ginkgo has cholesterol-lowering, Gu Shen, cough effect.
Deficiency: The ginkgo simmer cooked dispensing
nocturia by: stew cooked dipped in honey
vaginal discharge Ginkgo by: stew cooked boiled eggs, sugar
yuba ginkgo ginkgo eggs with sugar: not in the body Deficiency

Comments of the old Chinese fruit ~ ~ ~ too useful

24, duck the hour of midnight, the smell of urine on both sides of beans, duck tail removed, more delicious.

in and faces, each 500 grams of flour mixed with an egg, dumpling skin Tinggua not adhesion.

55, boiled milk, paste, and put some salt, taste better after cooling.

* the shell of the walnut twenty-three washed into the hole;

* 1 kg of water to boil, add lamb, 1 kg, 50 g of vinegar, boil, remove and then re-add water, add spices.

14, cook the noodles, add a little salt in the pot, cook the noodles easy mushy.

* along with the carrot and lamb pot, and a half hours after the removal carrot;

66, with a vegetable fried peanuts no smell, the smell of delicious dishes Stir, and make salad.

59, food too spicy, put an egg fry.

50, do slide film or spicy diced pork, 50 grams of meat according to the proportion of 5 g starch, sizing, as fresh and delicious dishes.

25, cook bacon: there are many with a dozen holes drilled walnut cook, remove the smell.

39, fried eggplant, in Guo Lifang vinegar, Stir the eggplant color is not black.

49, make balls of 50 grams of meat 10 grams of starch ratio modulation, into a dish Ruannen.

45, when the salt is too early Pork dishes slowly, preferably in the salt when cooked in the pan before plus a few drops of vinegar, fresh and delicious.

43, Pork slices: plus sliced ​​meat, soy sauce, butter, starch, into an egg, mix well, causal; other meat color, together with a few fried a little seasoning, the meat delicious, fresh.

* put half a pack of hawthorn tablets;

5, boiling broth or pork ribs soup, put a few pieces of fresh orange peel, is not only delicious, but also reduce the greasy feeling.

18, boiled tripe, do not be the first salt, then eat when cooked such as salt, or pig stomach will shrink like a tendon as hard

35, fried egg, the point spread in hot oil in the flour, eggs will be fried too nice Huang Liang, oil pan is not easy to spill outside.

23, stewed duck: In a few snail Guo Lifang easy overripe.

38, scrambled eggs by adding a few drops of vinegar, Stir the eggs soft shiang.

67, blowing some of the food residue left after oil becomes cloudy and can be white radish cut into thick discs, using chopsticks to poke a few holes carrot, into the remaining oil in frying, the residue will attached to the radish slices, and remove to remove residue, then again into the pot, fried, turbid oil variable clear.

62, soup is too salty and not watered down, can put a few pieces of tofu or a few slices of potato or tomato to the soup; also a handful of rice or flour into the soup together with the cloth.

51, to make bread, if a small rub in the lard in baking, steaming out of the bread is not only white, soft, and shiang.

61, bitter vegetables, drip a little white vinegar.

1, boiled dumplings, put an onion in the water or in open water, add salt, add dumplings, dumplings and delicious non-adhesive;

10, boiled ham before, will put some sugar on the ham skin, easy boiled, taste more delicious.

4, stewed chicken: Wash the cut, stir into the hot pan, dry fry until the water, into the amount of vinegar, then quickly stir fry until chicken crackling explosion sound when issued immediately heated water (not too chicken), and then Wang fire ten minutes, you can add spices, then boiled on low heat 20 minutes, topped with sesame oil to pan;

71, pickle jars put pepper or a little more than a dozen grain malt, to prevent produce white flowers.

60, food too spicy, put some vinegar can reduce the spicy.

68, first when cooking hot wok, then pour the cooking oil, then add the vegetables.

13, noodles, cooking oil when you add a small spoon, pasta will not stick with, and prevent the soup from the foam, overflow the pot.

* 1 公斤 lamb curry powder 10 grams;

36, with fried eggs, sheep, shiang no odor.

26, braised beef, add a little potherb mustard, meat is delicious.

37, scrambled eggs by adding a small amount of sugar, protein denaturation of the solidification temperature will rise, thereby delaying the heating time, plus the sugar with water retention, which can become bulky soft egg products.

-plus-two thirty in the pot stew with beans, cooked fast and fresh flavor;

70, boil lard: the electric rice praise by putting a little water or vegetable oil, then add pork suet or fat, is plugged in, can automatically refining the oil well, do not splash, do not paste diesel, pure oil.

44, fried beef: chopped, salt, sugar, wine, cornstarch (or eggs) mixed look, plus health Youpao marinate for 30 minutes and then fried, fresh and delicious.

6, bean curd, add a little fermented bean curd, or juice, aromatic taste.

8, boiled water, add a little vinegar when the anti-crack the shell, add some salt can advance.

53, steamed buns from the base to put more yellow, as in the original pots 2 to 3 tablespoons of vinegar water, then steam for 10 to 15 minutes to white.

42, when fried spinach should not be stamped.

57, cooking, put down the vinegar sauce, if wrong, can put a little sprinkle of baking soda, vinegar can be removed.

41, fried bean sprouts, the first add a little butter, then salt, to remove the beany flavor.

20, cook beef and other tough, hard meat, poultry and game, add a little vinegar to soften.

69, when the pot temperature reaches the maximum when adding wine, easy to make the wine evaporate and remove the smell of food.

32, first, the chicken marinate for a while, sealing the cuticle into the refrigerator, to be removed again when fried, crispy and delicious chicken blasted.

19, cook beef: Beef stew to make fast, too bad stew, add a handful of tea leaves (about the amount of a pot of tea, wrapped with gauze) cook, soon rotten meat and delicious .

56, placed the food too spicy chili or fried peppers add a little vinegar, spicy greatly reduced.

30, fried potatoes before the first cut on the water boil for a while potato chips, potato skins surface to form a thin layer of gelatinous layer, and then fried.

* put the green beans 5 kg lamb grams, boiled for 10 minutes, the green beans with water and poured;

47, fried sweet and sour fish, sweet and sour outer leaves, etc., should be the first sugar, then salt, or salt of the light.

58, food is too acid, will an egg smashed into.

54, a small amount of alum and salt into the water, immersed in the cut ten minutes of raw sweet potato, washed and cooked, to prevent or reduce bloating.

65, rapeseed oil has an odor, can be put into the oil pan after the amount of ginger, garlic, onion, cloves, orange peel with fried moment, the oil can become fragrant.

48, meatloaf and meatballs to do when, one kilogram of meat, put 2 tsp salt.

* 1 公斤 lamb cut open the sugar cane 200 g;

16, new shoots easily with boiling water cooked and crispy; make boiled bamboo shoots are not reduced, can add a few mint leaves or salt.

* put a few pieces of orange peel better;

34, fried eggs, put enough oil in the pan, heat oil slightly egg pot, slowly getting cooked eggs, the appearance of the United States, non-stick pan.

9, when kelp add a few drops of vinegar and cook easily broken; put trees spinach will do.

15, porridge or boiled beans, do not put base, otherwise it will destroy rice, beans in nutrients.

7, the green beans fried in the wok and cook for 10 minutes quickly boiled, but be careful not to Chaojiao.

good stew should be in the soup, the temperature dropped to 80 to 90 degrees Celsius or salt before eating. Because the higher moisture content in chicken, stewed chicken with salt first, chicken soaked in salt water, out of water penetration within cells, produce coagulation of protein, so that chicken was shrink and tighten, affecting the nutritional solution to the soup, and tend to hard-cooked chicken, the old, rough texture.

2, stew, with a few pieces of orange peel in a pot, in addition to smell and greasy and can increase the flavor soup.

3, boiled bone soup when you add a teaspoon of vinegar, makes the bones of phosphorus and calcium dissolved in the soup, soup can be stored in the vitamin.

11, lamb to the smell of mutton:

22, the old with the fierce heat and simmer for poultry, meat, hard is not good; if with cold water and a little vinegar before taking a dip in 2 hours, then micro-cook, the meat becomes tender and delicious.

46, well after the meat cut wire on the baking soda solution dipped about fry, especially osteoporosis and delicious. No matter what sweet and sour dishes, as long as the sugar by 2 copies of the proportion of 1 part vinegar to deploy, can be moderately sweet and sour.

12, boiled dumplings, add a little salt in the pot, the pot when the water does not spill open.

28, fried food,Beats by dre solo HD Graphite, Guo Lifang a little salt, oil does not splash outside.

or kill the old chicken before filling a tablespoon of vinegar to the chicken, then scrapping, Simmer stew, it will cook thoroughly cooked;

27, do the Pork before marinate the meat with a little bit of borax, burned out of fat but not greasy meat, sweet and delicious.

52, when mixed with a little steamed buns orange Pisi, can increase the fragrance of bread.

40, fried potatoes, vinegar, to avoid burning, and biodegradable potato toxins, and to color, taste affordable.

21, the old chicken stew:

63, Tom was too tired, a small amount of seaweed and roasted on the fire, then thrown into the soup.

or put 3 to 4 Hawthorn, chicken easily broken.

64, peanut oil Zhashu, poured into a dish and serve hot sprinkled with a little white wine, cooler and then sprinkle a little salt, place a few days and nights are crisp Jesus ever.

31, pork cutlet, the tendons in place with 2 or 3 incisions cut, fried pork chops will not shrink.

17, tripe cooked, cut into pieces, placed in the bowl and then add some soup steamed for a while, tripe will be thicker than doubled.

33, fried egg, the yolk will congealing in pouring a little cold water, make the egg yellow and soft.

29, the spring rolls in the amount of stuffing mix to add some flour, fried to avoid the process of filling paste pot within the juice out of the phenomenon.