English 202C Students Create Screencasts for Blog Help Documentation

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Students in Jeanette Novakovich's English 202C class used one of their assignments to creating amazing help documentation for the Blogs at Penn State! I've been working with Jeanette to implement the blogs platform into her course for the last two semesters. Last semester's pilot class enjoyed it so much that they actually had a number of advanced questions that we (blog team) didn't have documentation for. Jeanette suggested we think of creating an "Advanced User's Guide" to help interested users.

Well that request evolved into me pitching the idea that HER students be the ones to start the guide. She loved it and we sat down and created a list of most commonly asked for help. The students then split into groups of two, chose their topic, and tackled creating step-by-step instruction sets.

But that's not all...

After creating the print instructions the students used the Jing software (see my last post about Jing) to create screencasts for their instructions! Now, not only do people have the ability to read instructions, but they can watch the short clips and see the students walk them through each click on the screen!

Check out the site the students created to display their work. Keep in mind the final products are not due until next week so some may not be finished or polished.

Best part of this project? The students are giving all material to the Blogs@Penn State for us to add to our collection of help documentation! We'll be making everything into a guide as well as adding all screencasts to a tutorial page.

Talk about community in action! A HUGE THANKS goes out to Jeanette and her AMAZING students for making this all possible. I'm VERY impressed with all of the material so far!

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