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Tips for Developing Non-English Web Sites

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This page describes the basics of Unicode for foreign language and what kinds of utilities are needed for foreign language support.

Typing in Other Languages

Install Fonts

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June 10, 2013

New Languages & Scripts

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What's in the Student Labs (U.P.)

  1. The Phonetic Keyboards are installed in the Windows and Mac labs along with SIL Phonetics fonts.
  2. Russian transliteration keyboards are available in the Windows and Mac labs.
  3. Greek Polytonic (Ancient Greek) keyboards are available on both Windows and Macintosh.
  4. The University Park CLC Student labs include foreign language keyboarding utilities installed for both the Windows and Macintosh platform. See the Keyboards section for details on how to activate them.
  5. Microsoft Office products can be configured to allow spell-checking in multiple languages. See the Microsoft Utilities page for more details.
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