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About Somali

Somali (or isiSomali) is a Cushitic Afro-Asiatic language spoken in Somalia. Because the Somali writing system is based on the English alphabet and has no accents, no special accent codes or fonts are needed.

Somali Links

Osmanya Writing System

An alternate writing system called Osmanya was developed in the early 20th century, but was later replaced with the Latin alaphabet. Osmanya is encoded in Unicode 4.0 and some fonts and utlities exist.

Older Somali documents were written in the Arabic script.

HTML and Somali Language Code

Language Code: so

No special codes or fonts are needed for placing Somali on the Web, but language tags are suggested so that search engines and screen readers parse the language of a page. These are meta data tags which indicate the page of a language, not devices to trigger translation.

Visit the Language Tag page to view information on where to insert it.

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