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This page discusses accent codes needed for most of the Western European Romance languages. See the Romanian page for information on that language.

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  1. What is Pan-Romance?
  2. List of Romance Languages

What is "Pan-Romance"?


The "Romance" languages are those languages which are directly descended from Latin. Although some Romance languages like Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese are national languages and spoken around the world, others are languages (or "dialects") spoken in different European countries which are related to the national languages, but with distinct grammars and cultural identities. These include Catalan and Galician from Spain, Occitan and Provençal from France, Walloon from Belgium, Rhaeto-Romance from Switzerland and Sardinian from Italy. See the complete Romance Language list below for moe details.

Fortunately, many of these languages share a common pool of accented vowels and special characters, so this page will list all the possible accented vowels and letters found in these languages (with the exception of Romanian and its near sisters).

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List of Romance Languages


Romance Languages by Region (Go to Entity Codes)
Language/Branch Name Code Native Name Branch Notes
Langue D'Oïl Branch   Language family of Northern Franch which includes French and its relatives    
French fr Français Langue D’oïl Old French is language code fro and Middle French is frm.
Canadian French fr-CA Quebecois Langue D’oïl French Canadian has diverged from standard French, partly because of British influence.
Franco-Provençal fp Francoprovençal Langue D’oïl Spoken towards the south, but distinct from Occitan (Langue D'oc)
Walloon wa Walon Langue D’oïl Derived from an older dialect French and spoken in Belgium. Not the same as Belgian French.
Other Langue D'Oïl
roa Cajun French, Zarphatic (Judeo-French), Jérrais (Jersey) Langue D’oïl  
Occitan/Langue d'Oc
oc A set of related languages in Southern France. Includes Gascon, Provençal, Auvergnat, Limousin and Languedocien    
  The languages of Spain of Portugal and their descenants    
Spanish es Español Iberian  
Portuguese pt Português Iberian  
Aragonese an Aragonés Iberian Aragon (Spain)
Asturian/Leon au Asturianu Iberian Asturia (Spain)
Catalan ca Català Iberian Northeast Spain, including Barcelona plus France
Valencian ca Valencià Iberian Close relative of Catalan.
Galician gl Galego Iberian Galicia (northwest Spain). Closely related to Portuguese
Ladino/Judeo-Spanish ly Ladino Iberian Spanish of Jewish community (expelled in 1490's)
roa The languages of Northern Italy which are a separate branch from the other Italian dialects. Includes Venetian, Piedmontese, Ligurian, Lombard.    
  The languages of Southern Italy. Often called dialects, many forms are not understood by other speakers so are actually distinct languages.    
Italian it Italiano Italian Standard Italian is based on language of Florence (Tuscany)
Other Italian
Branch Languages
roa Calabrese/Napulitano, Silicilian, Italkian (Judeo-Italian), Dalmatian (Istriot) from Yugoslavia Italian  
  A seprate branch of Romance which branched off directly from Latin.    
Sardinian sc Sardu Sardinian Has multiple dialects
Corsican co Corsu Italian Language(s) of Corsica. Southern Corsican is more like Sardinian.
rm Retorumantsch. Related Romance languages of Switzerland. Also known as Romansh and Rhaetian. Rheto  
Friulian fu Furlan Rheto Southern Switzerland
Ladin ld Ladin Rheto Southern Switzerland
Rumantsch rm Rumantsch Rheto Southern Switzerland

Language grouping data from:

Some groupings, especially those in Italy, may be disputed.

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