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Latin (with Long Marks)

This page describes how to type Latin with long marks/macrons or combined letters æ,œ.

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  1. Long Marks in Unicode
  2. Fonts with Long Marks
  3. Windows Typing Long Marks
    1. Windows Māori Keyboard
    2. Windows Word Alt Codes
    3. Windows Char Map New Page
  4. Macintosh OS X Extended Keyboard Accent Codes
  5. iPhone/iPad or Droid (New Page)
  6. Web Development
    1. Language Codes: la (Latin)
  7. Links

Long Marks and Unicode

Unlike other accent marks (e.g. á, ä), Latin long marks are not a part of the older Latin 1 encoding set used for Spanish, French, German, Italian and other Western European languages, but they are a part of Unicode.

Therefore, they are not supported in every font or software program. Nor are there simple accent codes for these characters. However, programs with basic Unicode support can generally support long marks.

Fonts with Long Marks

The following fonts include long marks in Latin

Windows and Mac Fonts

The fonts Arial Unicode (Windows) and Lucida Grande (Macintosh) include long marks even in the older versions of these fonts

Microsoft Office Fonts

The most recent versions of common Microsoft Office fonts include long marks. The list includes

Note: If your version of one of the font listed above does not include long marks, make sure you have a recent version of Microsoft Office or Windows installed if possible.

Freeware Fonts

Additional freeware fonts can be downloaded the sites below. These fonts are designed for medieval or ancient scholars and may include specialty characters for some forms of scholarly work.

Windows Typing Long Marks

Windows Māori Keyboard

Recent versions of Windows include a Maori keyboard utility which allows users to easily type long marks from the keyboard.

Character Map

The Windows Character Map also includes the ability to insert vowels with macrons/long marks.

Windows Word Alt Codes

The following numeric codes work only in Microsoft Word, and you must use the numeric keypad. More detailed instructions about typing accents with ALT keys are available. 

Word ALT Codes for long vowels

Capital Vowels
Vwl ALT Code
Ā ALT+0256
Cap long A
Ē ALT+0274
Cap long E
Ī ALT+0298
Cap long I
Ō ALT+0332
Cap long O
Ū ALT+0362
Cap long U
Ȳ ALT+0562
Cap long Y
Æ ALT+0198
Cap AE lig
Cap OE lig
Lower Vowels
Vwl ALT Code
ā ALT+0257
Lower long A
ē ALT+0275
Lower long E
ī ALT+0299
Lower long I
ō ALT+0333
Lower long O
ū ALT+0363
Lower long U
ȳ ALT+0563
Lower long Y
æ ALT+0230
Lower AE lig
œ ALT+0156
Lower OE lig

Macintosh Extended Keyboard Codes

For long vowels, you can switch to the the Extended keyboard then type Option+A, then the vowel.
Note: You can also use the Hawaiian or Māori keyboard for macrons.

Mac Extended Accent Codes
Macron ā, Ā Option+A, V
AE Ligature æ, Æ

Option+' (singequote) = lowercase AE ligature
Shift+Option+' = capital AE Ligature

OE Ligature œ, Œ

Option+Q (singequote) = lowercase OE ligature
Shift+Option+Q = capital OE Ligature

Unicode Accent Codes for HTML

This section presents information specific to Latin. For general information about developing non-English Web sites, see the Encoding Tutorial or the Web Layout sections.

Unicode Encoding

If you use long marks, Unicode (utf-8) is the required encoding for Web sites. If the following encodings are used instead, you may encounter display problems:

Avoid These

If possible, you should transition to Unicode.

Language Tags

Language Tags allow browsers and other software to process text more efficiently.

Language Code: la

The HTML Entity Codes

Use these codes to input accented letters in HTML. For instance, if you want to type bōnus with a long O, you would type bōnus. These numbers are also used with the Windows Word Alt codes listed above.

NOTE: Your page should declare utf-8 encoding or else the characters may not display in older browsers. Because these are Unicode characters, the formatting may not exactly match that of the surrounding text depending on the browser.

Unicode Entity Codes for long vowels

Capital Vowels
Vwl Entity Code
Capital Long A
Capital Long E
Capital Long I
Capital Long O
Capital Long U
Cap long Y
Cap AE lig
Cap OE lig
Lower Vowels
Vwl Entity Code
ā ā
Lower long A
ē ē
Lower long E
ī ī
Lower long I
ō ō
Lower long O
ū ū
Lower long U
ȳ ȳ
Lower long Y
æ æ
AE lig
œ œ
OE lig

Freeware Fonts

Type Macrons (Māori)

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