Elizabeth J. Pyatt

210 Rider II,
Education Technology Services, a unit of I.T.S

My Life as a Penn State Instruction Designer

Three Dimensional Visuals in Education

Some Examples

History and Archaeology

VRML - Requires Cortona plug-in

VRML allows you to move about freely through a virtual scene

Quick Time VR - Requires Quicktime plug-in

Quick Time VR Allows you to get a sense of place in a way a photograph cannot. Try rotating through a scene to get the full effect

Quicktime Animation - Requires Quicktime plug-in

Essential Norman Conquest Battle - Click timeline to view animation. Who was winning most of the day?

Math and Science


Lately, I've been experimenting with VRML and finding it very useful for some tasks. It's great for instructors who understand the mathematics of three-dimensional spaces.

SUR 351 Project

We've been using VRML and other tools for this course on geodesic surveying (mapping the globe in space). See the SUR 351 Project for updates.

VRML Galleries

Requires Cortona plugin.

VRML Tutorials

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