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You may have seen this news already from my Twitter feed or the TWT Hub, but I am very excited that three TWT Certificate recipients were also awarded one of ten 2011 Harold F. Martin Graduate Assistant Outstanding Teaching Awards.

We can't know what the TWT process contributed, but the nomnimations do mention the use of technology for one instructor David Agler (Philosophy):

Using technology in innovative ways in his classes, Agler has established a professional website to post not just lecture notes and the course syllabus, but also digital tutorials that he designed for students at their request. He also uses blogs for students to post ideas and reactions to the material, allowing him to cultivate philosophical conversation that filters back into the classroom in positive ways. "These innovations," a nominator said, "enhance the ways in which students can plug in and take ownership of the class."

This is exactly the reason why instructional designers get excited by technology - because of it's ability to improve teaching.

I also want to recognize Rachel Mennies (English) and Jason L. Weigle (Rural Sociology) who also won Martin Awards. Their use of technology was not mentioned, but their commitment to their students was cited, and that commitment is also a part of what makes a great portfolio as well.

TWT Presentation for Comp Lit

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