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Strange Reality in Second Life

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Sometimes you find the oddest examples of real life detail in your Second Life fantasy. One is the black & white avatar self portrait found in an high-end jewelry store.


The other is the semi-ubiquitous soda machine found at both the Spaceport Bravo Spaceflight Musuem and the glamorous beach side shopping district Barcelona del Oeste. Granted, this would exist in real life, but drinking is still quite different in Second Life.


Actually .... this may be a case be old fashioned viral marketing. The Coca Cola company is actually sponsoring a Second Life Coke Machine Contest. I don't think I'm ready to ponder the implications of that one.

Of course, if the Penn State virtual campus gets a soda will have to be blue.

Second Life - On Mars

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If you visit the Spaceport Alpha (International Spaceflight Museum island and take the rocket to space, you can take a walking tour of the solar system.

Here I am on Mars. I assume that the developers used NASA photos to create textured walls for the Martian landscape. Thank goodness I don't have to worry about sensible shoes.

Standing in Martian Crater

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Second Life Saturn V

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My latest "hobby" has been to visit different parts of Second Life and take pictures. In this one I went to the space museum at the Spaceport Bravo island and flew to the top of the Saturn V rocket platform (the one used to get the men to the moon).
As you will see it's a LONG way up.

View of other small rocket and planes from platform

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