Mac Office 2011 DOES Have Alt Tagging for Images!!!

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One of my back burner issues for accessifying Microsoft Office docs is that, until recently, only the Windows version of PowerPoint, Word and Excal had the tool to add Alt Tags (the text that reads a description of an image or other object). This made it difficult to ask anyone on a Mac (which includes lots of instructors these days) to fully accessify their documents

No more! As of Office 2011 for the Mac, the ALT tag tool is available. To tag an image in Office 2011 (Word, PowerPoint and other Office applications), do the following:

  1. Click on an image to reveal selection handlebars (blue dots on the corner).
  2. Right click or control+click on the image and select Format Picture.
  3. In the "Format Picture" window left menu, select Alt Text (at the bottom)
  4. Enter a short Title.
  5. In the Description field, remove the file name and enter appropriate descriptive text as needed.
  6. Click OK.

By the way, these instructions for Windows Office are similar to these.

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