França Antártica: A Forgotten Colonial Era Brought to Life

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A development team from the UFF (Federal Fluminense University) in Brazil has created an action-adventure video game which brings a forgotten era, France's attempt to establish the colony of "French Anartica" near modern Rio de Janeiro to life.

Unlike other most other historic action games though, the hero is a native Brazilian man Jeró, the son of a Portuguese father and an Tupiquinam. He is multilingual in all the local languages and familiar with the environment.

Adventures include saving saving Duran de Villegaigon (which earns him the job as interpreter) as well as French maiden Justine (did anyone say romance?), but he'll also have to deal with civil war among the Catholics and Protestants, riots due to lack of women, the search for drinking water, and of course the restles (Tupiniquam) natives.

This sounds like an intriguing game full of traditional action, but one which will present Jeró an interesting dilemma faced my many early Brazilians. When the French, Portiguese and native populations come to blows...which side will Jeró take? No easy answers there.

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