MathML for IE7 Update

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My last write-up on MathML indicated that I was having problems implementing MathML on Internet Explorer 7.

As it turns out I did get a rapid note from Design Science, the creator of the MathType equation editor which explained that MathML could be implemented on Internet Explorer 7 and they sent me a link to their MathML documentation at :

I did want to expand my horizons, so I read their information. First, they did admit that there is no set of code that will work on all browsers (Math ML in IE 7 has a slightly different syntax). Fortunately, they do provide Javascript code for a browser sniffer.

In terms of viewing page in IE 7, you may have to download the MathType plugin. The first time it runs, you will likely get a security warning. You need to right-click and agree to run the Active X control.

IE Math ML Test Page

I did get MathML to run on my version of IE 7 (finally), but it looks like developer will be creating double versions of MathML for a while.

Comment on Future Support

As with any browser war, there is a question of which version of MathML within HTML will be supported in the long run. Both implementations have their annoying quirks, I am placing my bets on the Firefox raw MathML win HTML version. One reason is that it is supported by Firefox and Opera which are known for promoting cross-platform standards. Indeed, the Firefox solution is the one used at the W3C MathML Test Suite. Also It's also the only method which works on any Mac browser at all (and yes there are technical researchers who do use a Mac). If you want Mac & PC, this is the only route.

A key player may be Safari - it would be interesting to see if they developers at Apple choose to implement the Firefox solution, the Microsoft solution or nothing at all.

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