The Organization is still in the URL

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One issue we keep wrestling with in ITS is how do we hide our organizational structure so that our Web presence can be more seamless to the non-ITS savvy user.

An interesting case is Studio 204. I must say it is a well-designed site and nowhere does it mention that it's tied to ETS, TLT or even ITS. It just says it's a video studio any student or instructor can access. order to access the site, I MUST know it's a part of TLT because of the URL (see that little "tlt" between "studio204" and ""?). My first guess was "", but alas I got a 404 error.

I'm really not trying not to play a blame game here (in fact I can hear some of you grinding your teeth an muttering "I know I know"). I also know that you do have to go through "channels" to get a URL like "" - although I also know that it's not especially burdensome.

But if you're ever wondering why people can't find our valuable resources - maybe it's because we've made some of our URL's more exotic than people can digest.


I thought we fixed that by going to:

Most of our new services that are University-wide are trying to embrace a more direct, non (traditional) University approach to namespaces ... another few that come to mind:

The Studio 204 of yesterday is now Digital Commons ... maybe the issue isn't a URL but our own inability to communicate. You work in the ETS space and next door to the people who make these resources go. I am embarrassed ... what do we need to do better to help jump this gap? I am honestly all ears on this one!

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