Intrigued by Multitouch Computing

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Popular Mechanics has a cool demo of the cutting edge "multi-touch computing" technology from Windows and other vendors (including Apple's iPhone).

Basically it's a computerized table top with a touch sensitive screen that lets you shuffle your digital library collection, zoom in and out on virtual maps and even suck photos from your compatible digital camera. You might even be able to do virtual jigsaw puzzles and board games. In vertical mode, it looks like it can pool off the on the coolest Power Point presentation ever - it would be great for demos.

Educationally, I can see the engineering and digital design folks getting very excited about this. It might be good for some project management tasks as well. If you can implement the digital napkin feature at local restaurants, you might strike creative gold.

As NY Times tech guru David Pogue notes, it won't replace your keyboard or digital pen, but then again the laptop hasn't really replaced my flatscreen TV yet either.

It's definitely the kiosk of the future. I really can see a day when everyone will want one of the smart "card tables" in every house...along with their laptop and cell phone.

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