A Really Memorable Physics Class

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Here's a page full of quotes from one semester in a physics course.


As you can see, few of them deal directly with physics... except maybe for

"It's like unshooting your anti-grandmother... well, I don't want to get sued by the anti-grandmothers association."

I had a (basic) physics class like this once, and truthfully all I remember now is

  • "If you don't want to do physics...don't come and waste my time."
  • "Coal power isn't as safe as nuclear power, but it can't wipe out the state of Pennsylvania if something goes wrong."
  • "Speed and velocity are different...Velocity always has a vector."

And although I wasn't sure of what I was doing at the time, I did ace my subject SATs in them.

And the guy posting his quotes is still in physics. Something else must have stuck.

So...if you've never had a memorable course like this, you really are missing out on a very important educational experience. Even if you think you don't remember everything.

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