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Variations of Penn State Blue

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When you work on Penn State Web pages - you know you will have master shades of blue. You would think you would run out of variations, but not necessarily. Some interesting options I have messed around with

I'm not sure these are going to win any design contests, but I learned some lessons for the future.

Cyberplagiarism - I discovered dark teal with this one, and I notice it's popular on the Web as well. It works well with other colors and isn't as strong as royal blue. You'll notice that I Iike using different shades of the same color...a lot.

Using Cases in Teaching
- This has the traditional navy blue header, but this time I threw in reds and greens.

Gradebook in Excel
- this is a revamp of an older site, which originally had an entirely peach orange background. I liked the color as a marker of identity, but obviously I toned it down. I also kept the old plug graphic which was kind of cute.
Someone else had experimented with changing the color of the subtitle under the teal header, so I made mine orange and added a paler menu. I think this where I started to appreciate using colors from the opposites side of the spectrum more.

Teaching with Databases - Here I threw in dark cadet blue, mixed with the dark teal and shades of gray. I also had fun looking for a suitable number cruncher font. I believe it's Eurostyle which comes with the Mac.

Computing with Accents - the royal blue of the header makes it tricky to work with, but I did learn to change the whites to not-so-white to reduce glare. You'll see that I'm working with multiple shades here (I think I like the extra texture it gives) I also threw a border around the content of the page as a "cheap trick", but was told right away that it made the pages more readable.

Faculty Teaching Showcase - Tilted towards periwinkle. I mixed it up by using different fonts in the sub title and added a tool line to separate the powerful royal blue from the navy and reduce glare. Another designer added the gradient and texture in the title bars for more variation.