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Use the comment form to test tools for entering non-English characters into a Web form.

An Entry with Lots of Non-English Characters

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First I will test some phonetic characters, then some script samples.


/fr̩st aj wɪl tɛst sʌm fənɛtɪk kærəktr̩z, ðɛn sʌm skrɪpt sæmpl̩z/

Random Accented Letters

ŵ,ẇ,ẉ,ẽ,ę,ē,ĕ,ş,š,ṣ,ł..../š/ = /ʃ/

Note: Content below based on Wikipedia data

Russian Alphabet (Lowercase)

а б в г д е ё ж з и й к л м н о п р с т у ф х ц ч ш щ ъ ы ь э ю я...and Ҍ ԅ ѭ

Greek Alphabet (Lowercase)

α β γ δ ε ζ η θ ι κ λ μ ν ο π ρ σ τ υ φ χ ψ ω ... and ϖ ϑ ϡ ϐ

Armenian Alphabet (Lowercase)

ա բ գ դ ե զ է ը թ ժ ի լ խ ծ կ հ ձ ղ ճ մ յ ն շ ո չ պ ջ ռ ս վ տ ր ց ւ փ քօ ֆ ու և

Hebrew Alphabet

א ב ג ד ה וּ וֹ ו ז ח ט י כ ל מ נ ס ע פ צ ק ר ש ת

Some Arabic Script

مصر‎, Miṣr or Máṣr = ⲭⲏⲙⲓ, kīmi (Coptic)

فارسی IPA: [fɒːrˈsi] (Farsi) (in Persian)

Some Katakana

マージャン= mājan (mah jong)

Some Chinese

廣州話 / 广州话 Gwóngjàu wá (Cantonese in Cantonese)

Traditional Chinese: 廣州話 or 廣府話

Simplified Chinese: 广州话 or 广府话

Pinyin: Guǎngzhōu huà or Guángfǔ huà

Jyutping: Gwong2zau1 wa2 or Gwong2fu2 wa2

Some Devanagari

हिन्दी or हिंदी, (Hindī)

Winterest Files

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A Math ML Test (Firefox Only)

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Hint: Make sure you are NOT using Rich Text mode.

The goal is to replicate the image below, but with MathML. The Math Magic equation editor exports MathML. This may require a modification to the templates to support MathML


Fraction - a = 27 r squared times T sub c squared over 64 P sub C

Math ML Version

a = 27 R 2 T c 2 64 P c

You tube Science Demo

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Web 2008 Agenda (Elizabeth Pyatt)

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  1. Address Book - Sends e-mail updates on new blog entries
  2. Embed an Object (e.g You Tube, Google Maps, Flickr...)
  3. Sidebar Widget Manager - customize side coulmn
  4. Custom Widget (External Widget)

A YouTube Example

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Remarketing Mary Poppins

keywords vs tags

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Photo in IE7

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Super duper photo lighthouse.jpg

Crop Large Photo

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Super Corgi photo


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